Zuo Modern Office Chair Reviews

The Ideal Chair for the Home or Office

It’s always important to have a good chair to use for your home or office. That’s easier said than done though. With the numerous chair manufacturers saying that they have the best chairs, how in the world are you going to choose from hundreds of options? Well, you’ll have to make sure that you know where you’re going to place the chair and who’s going to be sitting on it. It would also help in forming a decision to buy if you have an idea regarding how much money you or possibly your employer would want to spend on a chair.

Zuo Modern

A company based in California, Zuo Modern has become one of the most recognizable names when it comes to office and home furniture. The company offers chairs that are not only hip and trendily designed but are also affordable and durable. So whether it’s for your home or office, you can always expect Zuo Modern to give you unmatched options.

Now, if you’re someone who wants a chair that’s fully functional but you don’t want to spend too much money for it, then they’re the best company to refer to. You’re never really going to go wrong with a Zuo Office chair.

The Zuo Director Office Chair

The Zuo Modern Office Chair might look really simple but there’s really more to it than meets the eye. First off, it has a sturdy steel frame and aluminum arms that are cast with a chrome coating. Like other chairs out in the market right now it is also possible to adjust seat height using locking tilt mechanism on it.

In terms of aesthetics, the chair is pleasing to look at and is also easy to clean. All you need to do when you see the seat is dirty is wipe it with a clean cloth. It’s that easy. It’s also relatively comfortable which is important for a lot of people.

Zuo Director Office Chair Product Features

  • Size: Hi-Back | Color: White
  • Classic, hi-backed cushioned office and home chair from Zuo Modern
  • Padded back and seat covered in leatherette; very sturdy come with chrome steel frame with chrome cast aluminum arms
  • Adjustable height locking tilt mechanism for seat heights from 17 to 19-1/2 inches; 5 capped chrome wheels for mobility
  • Cleans with wipe leatherette seat clean with a damp cloth; available in variety of colors and regular height model
  • Measures 20 inches wide by 26 inches deep with 42-to-44-1/2-inch height; and with a
  • Great limited 1-year warranty

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 23 x 44.5 inches ; 39 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 43.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Zuo Director Office chair Product Description

Transfer the your office or home a retro 1960s regard with this svelte office chair from Zuo Modern. The hi-backed Director chair offers a 25-inch high plush comfortable back and seat covered in washable leatherette seat. For added comfort, the chair appearance chrome cast aluminum arms. The chair’s chrome-plated steel frame with its back bar soundly provide for} the user’s back and body. To alter the height and tilt of the seat, users advantage from the chair’s an changeable height locking tilt components which allows seat height difference from 17 to 19-1/2 inches.

The swivel chrome aluminum base rests on five chrome capped wheels for mobility. Consequent to arrival, the chair requires some easy putting together}. This office chair comes in black, white, and espresso hues, and is appropriate in a standard height model. A limited one-year warranty covers this item.Standing from 42 to 44-1/2 inches high, the office chair measures 20 inches wide by 26 inches deep with an 18-1/2-inch seat depth. The chair weighs 44 pounds upon freightIn our investigation of reading all the reviews of the Zuo Director Office chairthe majority of reviews were very positive many of the reviews mention pleasantly surprised how comfortable and extremely easy to put together the chair’s is, and assembly roughly had been between 10 and 15 minutes to assemble the chair. Several of the reviews remarked that the chair does not feel like a cheap chair and also commented it has the feel and look of will of one of the expensive designer chairs.

A few of the same reviewers said they were very skeptical on ordering the chair and on receiving using the chair for a few weeks they were extremely satisfied they made the comment that you weren’t buying a chair that cost 10 times more even though they were pleasantly surprised . Several other comments were made on how smooth the operations of the chair were as respected of the tilting and swiveling of the Zuo Director Office Chair.On the neutral side or negative side of the reviews one consumer mentioned they could only give it four stars out of five due to the fact although the armrest were very good-looking but they were a tad bit low or short. Also another reviewer commented the white seat over time seem to get dirty but clean up very well with some spray that the consumer used on it.

Just one other reviewer that comment that he had trouble with the casters not lock into position and staying where not sure whether this was just defect on that particular chair due to fact no other reviewers have this complaint about Zuo Director Office Chair.

In conclusion of our investigation after reading roughly 90% of the reviews were very positive in our experience with the percentage is that high it usually means that it is a good product with this being said we can strongly recommend the Zuo Director Office Chair to our readers.

Warranty is Limited

Possibly the only letdown of this chair is its limited warranty. When you have chairs from Herman Miller which have 12 years warranties, you could say that what Zuo Modern has to offer is a bit lacking. However, you’ll need to remember that the discrepancy in the prices of these chairs is like night and day.

Take for example a Herman Miller Mirra or Aeron series chair. These usually cost five or six time more than a Zuo Office chair and as such would be covered by more comprehensive warranties. The Zuo Modern Office Chair might not have this kind of warranty coverage but this doesn’t mean that it is of lesser quality.

Still one of the Best Chairs for its Price

There’s no doubt that the Zuo Modern Office Chair is the best chair for its price. If you want a no-nonsense chair for your home or office then it would be best that you check this out first. The fact that it’s very affordable should also be a good selling point for you especially if you or your company is hoping to get a great deal but don’t want to settle for chairs that have sub-par quality. If you’re raring to get a Zuo Office chair, then it’s time that you get in touch with the company.

PS: I forgot to mention an overwhelming majority of these reviewers commented they had searched the Internet for the best price on this chair and came back to Amazon to buy it they had the best price and also have a great reputation of being a trustworthy company on the Internet.

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