Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table Reviews

For the ultimate in a home inversion machine the Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table fits the bill. With its well-padded backrest, multi-angle control, and the ability to lie face up or face down you can’t go wrong. One of the great things about this machine is that you can lie face down and receive a massage while inverted, which greatly helps to relieve stress and decompress your spine.This table is so well built that massage therapists use them for clients in their professional practices, and although designed for therapy centers this is available for you to have in your own home. You can stimulate your blood flow, reduce back pain, and improve your posture – and all in complete comfort and safety.

The Health Mark Pro Max is the only non-motorized inversion table to offer a unique design allowing you to lie face up or down, and features a well-padded head rest in a semi-circle, and is constructed along the same lines as a professional massage table.

Build Quality Assembly

The frame of the Pro Max is constructed with heavy gauge cross-braced steel tubing, and is powder-coated for a tough-wearing finish. The height adjustment and ankle clasps are made from chrome-plated steel; the table bed and head/face rest are padded with good quality foam, and the tough covering material has a suede feel for extra comfort. The bed has a nice feature of being able to twist slightly thanks to a pad on the cross-member, and this allows you a greater range of motion when stretching.The bearing assembly is very well engineered on this table with nice tight tolerances, and the table will pivot effortlessly for many years without any squeaking or binding.As far as assembly is concerned it can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending on your handy skills. Some basic tools are included, however it may be made a little easier if you have your own metric sockets, open-ended spanners, and allen keys.In the box many of the components are zip-tied together to ensure nothing is lost or damaged in shipping, and some of the sub-assemblies are already completed by the factory; making the bag of bolts minimal. Reviewers comment on the ease of the instructions – with easy to follow color photographs.

Base Stability

The Health Mark Pro Max is the strongest frame out of all available non-motorized inversion tables, and can support a bodyweight of up to 600 pounds safely. This makes the Pro Max a very steady table, and gives a sense of safety and security to users of any size.

Ankle Locking System

The Pro Max has an easy-reach handle that operates the Latch and Lock Ankle Bracket System – giving you perfect control over how tightly the ankle locks hold you in. The handle itself is quite long, saving you from having to reach all the way down to your ankles to unlock after inverting, and is a feature of the best inversion tables that is often overlooked. Your ankles are held in place by 4 high-density foam rollers, and in contrast to many other inversion tables there is a nice large platform for you to stand on while you lock yourself in.Also featured on this table is a rolled thigh and knee support that is fully adjustable both in height from the ankle clasp assembly, and how far it protrudes from the frame.

Height Tilt Adjustment

In terms of height range you really can’t beat the Pro Max, and it accommodates users from 4′ 10″ through to 6′ 9″, with 25 height graduations available. Height adjustment is simple, with a spring-loaded pull pin that locks the shaft into place at your desired setting.The Pro Max offers 6 pre-set angles of inversion, with a bar that you simply place at the desired location, and provides a solid base for a massage therapist to work on you at any angle. This table can invert you right through to a full 180 degree inversion, and has full-arc padded handle bars making and easy return to the upright position.Danger: one important thing to note is that the headrest MUST be attached to the table, as without it the table can flip right around.The Health Mark Pro Max provides the unique ability to lie face down or face up, allowing massage therapy with traction, abdominal exercises, and also back hyper-extension exercises – giving you many options for using this machine.

Dimensions / Storage

The Pro Max is not designed to be folded away, which is one reason it can handle so much weight without wobbling, so you will need to have a permanent space where you can leave it set up.When it comes to moving it, you will probably need 2 people since it weighs 96 pounds, although if on a hard floor surface you can wheel it around quite easily via the small built-in wheels.

Extra Features/Accessories

  • product Dimensions: 77 x 28 x 75 (HxWxD) inches
  • product weight: 96 pounds
  • height range: 4′ 10″ to 6′ 9″
  • 25 total height settings
  • inversion range: 180 degrees
  • Sure-Beam Angle Adjustment System for 6 pre-set angles
  • supports up to 600 pounds
  • Heavy Gauge Tubular Steel Construction
  • Easy to Operate Latch and Lock Ankle Bracket Assembly
  • Non-slip foot plate
  • 2 rear castors for easy mobility
  • foam padded massage table style bed
  • Designed for face-up and face-down inversion
  • Face-down inversion allows for inverted massage treatment
  • Comfortable, easily accessible front and rear rolled ankle bracket
  • Rolled thigh and knee support
  • Crescent-shaped, foam padded head/face rest
  • Detailed User Guide


  • Stimulates blood to release stress, compression fatigue and back pain
  • Relaxes back, decompresses spine, and improves posture
  • Complete Ab Workout Including Inverted Oblique Crunches and Torso Twists
  • Back Hyper-Extensions to Strengthen Muscles of the Lower Lumbar Region

What we liked

  • large circular handles are always within reach
  • Comfortable to use
  • High weight capacity
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable

What we didn’t like

  • Not made to fold away, and fairly heavy to move on soft flooring.
  • A couple of people think the head padding is too thick, and causes their neck to bend too much.

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