Best Office Chair Under $200 – Buyer’s Guide For 2021

How long have you had your chair? If you’re not feeling comfortable sitting in it, then that would be a sign for you to start looking for a new one. Back problems would usually manifest in old age and you wouldn’t want to not enjoy your retirement years because of it. You’ll have to be mindful when choosing a new chair though.

There are a lot of things that you should take into account prior to buying one. Since there are literally hundreds of them now your major consideration would be the reputation of the company that you’re buying the best office chair from.

Our Picks For Best Office Chair

Best Office Chair Reviews

#1. Playseat Office Chair Alcantara | Gaming and Office Chair

Our Product Review

Spending time in front of the computer or doing office work is stressful and can strain your back and eyes. Sometimes you’ll feel lower back aches or neck strains from spending too much looking down on your paperwork. A great way to relieve these stressful aches and pains from sitting is by having a comfortable yet a sturdy office chair. This chair should be able to give you freedom to move around when necessary and to also let you recline to get a little rest. A comfortable chair should always be a priority especially if you’re working in a stressful office environment.

Playseat to the Rescue

Playseat actually started making chairs for gaming purposes. These had controls and mounting plates but eventually they ventured out to making office chairs as well. They decided to cater to the business sector and made Playseat Office Chair for the busy executive. With its luxurious white synthetic leather it can easily complement a contemporary office. A lot of the people who bought this chair were satisfied not with only with its comfort levels but also with its intuitive controls. This chair is perfect for your home or office regardless of whether you are a gamer or not.


The Playseat Office Chair (White) is made of synthetic leather. It has soft cushions and it’s designed to look great in a professional setting. The backrest can be reclined and the seat is foldable. This is just one of its unique features though. It also has a swivel mechanism that makes it easy to turn and swivel around. This feature is made of powder-coated steel. The chair’s height can also be adjusted to suit the height of your desk as well. For ease of mobility, the chair makes use of caster wheels. Finally, the armrests provide support for your arms with their soft-touch cushions.

The Right Fit

The Playseat Office Chair (White) is a must-have for your office not just as a piece of furniture that you conveniently sit in. It’s a chair that can help you work with ease and comfort. You need not worry about head and back support because it also has you covered in those areas. The firmness of this chair is just right to ensure that you don’t slack off during your work at home or in the office. If you have visitors invite them over and let them take a seat on this chair. They’re guaranteed to be blown away by the experience. The combination of flair, firmness, and comfort is unmatched by any other chair in the market right now.

What we liked

  • The chair’s white finish makes it very stylish as not all chairs can carry an all-white appearance.
  • It is comfortable and can easily be put together without any hassle.
  • Great for tall people as the headrest supports the neck and head without straining.
  • Reclining mechanism is controlled by your fingertips if you want to return back to its sitting position.

What we didn’t like

  • Not advisable to sleep on it due to some design limitations.
  • If you plan to get this for gaming then you’ll have to buy the mounting plates separately.

#2. Pitstop Furniture F08000R Office Chair

Are you looking for a chair that offers great back support and allows you to move with ease and comfort? Sitting down for hours on an ordinary office chair can make your back ache. It also limits your movements and can be a major cause of a decrease in work productivity on your part. Have you ever considered having a chair that gives unmatched back support and which can also help improve your health in the long run? If you’re like thousands of other people who’ve thought this way you might want to check out Pitstop Furniture. Their chairs can help improve posture and health at the same time.

Pitstop Furniture has the Perfect Solution

Designed by European Henri Lenterman, the Pitstop Furniture F08000R Red LXE Office Chair offers something that’s never seen before. It can be described as both visually breathtaking and exhilarating. The chair helps you go through your day in full speed so that you’re not missing out on the action. This results in you finishing more work in no time at all. Many customers have raved about what this fantastic chair has done to them. It has helped solved their back problems and inspired them to do more with their life since they now have free time.


The Pitstop Furniture F08000R Red LXE Office Chair’s main feature is its ergonomic lumbar support system with four settings. This system supports your lower back and prevents aches and pains even while sitting for hours. It has adjustable armrests with embossed tire treads. Looking at it will really remind you of how similar it looks to real tire treads. It is equipped with a suspension spring and a brake caliper kit that’s made of aluminum alloy. These make up the base of the chair. The shift knob which is also of billet aluminum allows you to change gears for different seating positions and height adjustments. It also has 5 stylish racing wheels for ease of mobility.

Race your Way to Comfort

You’ll feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of sports car with the Pitstop Furniture F08000R Red LXE Office Chair. Protecting your lower back is easy with this ergonomically designed chair. If you want to have a more active lifestyle, you should definitely consider having this stylish yet comfortable chair in your office or at home. You can expect a more productive day and it will also keep you in the pink of health even while sitting down for long periods. Make each working day an adventure with the F08000R.

What we liked

  • High quality aluminum alloy base which is built for durability and can last for a long time.
  • Takes care of your lumbar area by providing four ergonomic settings for comfort.
  • Armrests keep your arms in place and the embossed tire treads on it helps prevent your arms from slipping.
  • Fashionably designed. Looks really stylish and will add life and color to any place where it’s situated.

What we didn’t like

  • The wheels can only take up to weights ranging from 250 to 300 pounds.
  • Might not look appropriate for a conservative office environment.

#3. NCAA Notre Dame Chair

Sit like A Champion

More often than not most licensed equipment and merchandise turn out to be either substandard cash grabs or expensive but mediocre products. The NCAA is quite different in its licensing policies though. You can always expect great quality in the products that it gives out an official license to. One such product is the NCAA Notre Dame Fighting Irish Leather Office Chair.At first glance you might think that it’s the same as other chairs out in the market right now save for the Notre Dame logo on the headrest. However, once you’ve sat on it you’ll realize how comfortable it really is compared to other more expensive chairs.


The main reason why it’s so comfortable to sit in is its contoured lumbar support and the extra padding for the seat. The contoured lumbar support eases the pressure from your back’s lumbar region which means that no matter how long you stay seated you’ll still maintain good posture. The seat’s extra padding will ensure that circulation of blood going to your legs will not be limited. These features are especially important if you’re using this seat for work or if you’re on a March Madness marathon. In addition it also comes with tilt tension adjustment and a single lever control option with locking mechanism for adjusting seat height.

What Works and What Doesn’t

You’re probably wondering whether these features work or not. The truth is that they actually do. The licensee, Wild Sports, has actually done a great job of ensuring that the features of these chairs really work. The construction and materials used are of the best quality. A lot of customers have also commented on how sturdy it is. Their most common comments have been about how easy the chair was to put together and the high level of comfort that they felt while seated on it.Of course there were some criticisms about it particularly with regard to some issues with the lift adjustment mechanism for the chair. These can be easily avoided by following the proper instructions for assembling the chair though.

Is it For You?

Remember that this chair is not just for sports fans or alumni of Notre Dame. Even though you might be an alumnus of another NCAA school you can still appreciate how comfortable sitting in the NCAA Notre Dame Fighting Irish Leather Office Chair.With its features and the kind of comfort it offers to anyone who uses it you’d think that it has an outrageous price tag. The thing is its even cheaper than a lot of chairs that have the same or even lesser features. Regardless of whether you’re going to use it for work or for leisure, you can expect only great things from this chair.

What we liked

  • Contoured lumbar support is good for posture and relieving pressure on the back.
  • Padded seating promotes proper blood circulation throughout the whole body.
  • Will not take hours to assemble. Also comes with detailed assembly instructions.
  • The best value for your money chair in its price range.
  • Really comfortable to sit in.

What we didn’t like

  • You might encounter issues with the height adjustment option if you don’t follow proper assembly instructions.

#4. LexMod Pillow Office Chair

What you should look for in a chair

There are lots of chairs out in the market right now that claim to be comfortable. The sad fact is that not only are these the opposite they’re also extremely expensive. Some would even cost thousands of dollars. Should you really pay that much for a chair? Well, that’s really up to you but you should know that there are better always better options.There are chairs that aren’t really that expensive but have extremely good specifications and features for the price. A great example of one such chair is the LexMod Pillow Office Chair. What’s so good about it is that these features can be had for a fraction of the price of much more expensive chairs.

The LexMod Pillow Office Chair features

Probably the most telling feature of this chair is the cushion rolls for the back. They’re actually more comfortable than what a majority of chairs have to offer and they offer a massage like effect on one’s back. It’s perfect for relaxing as well as for working on a project that has its deadline coming up. Aside from the padded and height adjustable arm rests, you also get a padded leather seat. Just like any other chair out in the market right now, the height of this chair is also fully adjustable. Regardless of how tall you might be, you’ll undoubtedly find this to be a comfortable chair to sit in.

What customers think about this product

The chair has a lot going for it. Aside from its unique features it has also gotten a lot of positive feedback from people who’ve bought it online. A lot of these buyers lauded how comfortable the cushions were. Some were actually put off by what they deemed as a cheap gimmick but when they eventually got around to sitting on it, they’ve changed the tune of their reviews to praise the innovative design of the LexMod Pillow Office Chair.There were some complaints about it causing back pains for some people though these were really isolated cases. This complaint actually stemmed from the back of the chair being too high. A lot of those who complained though didn’t use the height adjustment option for the back hence the issue they experienced.

A stylish and comfortable chair

If ever you were in need of a chair but are hesitant to buy those overly expensive ones then the LexMod Pillow Office Chair is a great option. By all means it’s not a perfect chair but it is as comfortable as other chairs that cost thousands of dollars. You won’t find any problems with it in terms of ease of assembly and usage. All you have to do is follow the instructions provided in the assembly manual and you should have the chair of your dreams in no time at all.

What we liked

  • Great value for its price.
  • Innovative design and use of cushions for the back.
  • Height adjustment options for the back and the seat itself.
  • Extremely comfortable. Lumbar and neck support makes this a great chair to sit in.

What we didn’t like

  • May cause discomfort if back is not adjusted accordingly.

#5. Proline II ProGrid Office Chair

Why Your Chair Should Promote Good Posture

If your back is constantly aching and you always feel tired after work then you’re probably using a chair that doesn’t provide good lumbar support. This in turn would lead to bad posture which could then get more complicated once you’ve reached your 50s or 60s. This is one reason why a lot of companies nowadays are investing lots of money on ergonomic chairs that promote good posture and provide lumbar support. Another one would be the fact that individuals tend to work better when they’re sitting on a chair that is comfortable. The majority of these are also ergonomic chairs so for a company investing in these is hitting two birds with one stone.

What You Should Look For in a Chair

Choosing an ergonomic chair would be more difficulty if you don’t have the finances of your company backing your purchase. These chairs are not only expensive but there are also plenty of models from different manufacturers to choose from. You should definitely evaluate your needs first prior to settling on one company and on one specific chair to buy. Of course, the first thing that you’ll need to evaluate would be your capacity to buy one. Once you’ve decided on a budget, it would be much easier to narrow down your choices. For those who are looking for a quality chair that’s affordable, Proline II’s catalogue is usually a good place to check out first.

The ProGrid from Proline II is a Good Choice

The Proline II ProGrid High Back Manager’s Chair might just be the chair that will ensure that you don’t have bad posture as you grow old. The ProGrid Back on this chair is breathable and the built-in lumbar support is just what the doctor ordered to promote good posture. If you want to adjust the chair’s height, you could do so with just one touch of the pneumatic seat height adjustment module. The armrests are also adjustable as well as the tilt tension for the back. The great thing about this chair is that it’s relatively easy to assemble needing only a maximum of 30 minutes if you really followed the setup manual.

You Might Also Want to Check Other Options

Try not to limit your choices to the Proline II ProGrid though. You might also like what Lorell has to offer with their High Back Executive Chair. It’s about half as expensive as the ProGrid and has numerous adjustment options. There are still questions about it quality-wise though. In terms of durability the ProGrid is still much better because of the premium materials used on it. There’s also the high back multi-function chair from Alera that you might also want to check out. It is similar to what Lorell has to offer though and is just cheaper by a couple of dollars.

A Chair That Is Sure to Promote Good Posture and Give You Comfort

When the time comes for you to choose a chair, there’s really no better option available than the Proline ProGrid II. You could argue for the two cheaper alternatives from Lorell and Alera but at the end of the day these will never last you a couple of years unlike the ProGrid. Although you’re going to pay a bit more for it, you’re also going to be able to enjoy its features for a longer span of time.

#6. HON 2191NSR11 Office Chair

Can you rely on HON?

One of the more popular chair manufacturers nowadays is Hon. Whether you’re looking for a chair that you can use for your home, office, or wherever you might be thinking of, they are sure to have it. From basic chairs, sofas, to ergonomic chairs, you can always rely on the workmanship of Hon’s research and design teams. These chairs aren’t only full of features they also happen to look extremely classy. Additionally, if you think that the chairs they produce cost a fortune, then you better think again. Not only do their chairs look good and perform better than a majority of the chairs in the market, they’re also priced just right.

The HON 2191NSR11 is a Great Chair Priced Right

This is evident with the HON 2191NSR11 Executive High Back Chair. At first glance you might dismiss it as an ordinary chair but once you’ve taken a seat you might not want to stand back up. It reduces stress to your pressure points because its seat cushion uses memory foam. The strain on your back also gets reduced because of this chair’s lumbar support. The base is also made of steel covered with hardwood caps to give it that formal and elegant look. Of course, you can get all of this at the fraction of the price of other high back executive chairs in the market, especially those from Herman Miller, such as the Herman Miller Aeron chair.

Issues You Might Want to be Aware Of

Even with these features, the HON 2191NSR11 has issues that you need to know about before you truly decide on purchasing one. First of all, there have been issues with its pneumatic lift. A couple of people who bought it have complained about the fact that the chair gets lowered all the way down when they fully recline on it. This issue seems to have only been observed on a couple of chairs though and could possibly be just isolated cases. In any case, you can always rely on Hon to help you deal with this issue if you get in touch with them through their website.

Make Sure You Check This Chair Out Now

You really don’t have an excuse not to buy this chair. The HON 2191NSR11 is a chair that is ahead of the competition when it comes to quality and aesthetics. If you factor in its price then it’s even harder to look for one that could compete with it. You owe it to yourself and to your back to check out what this chair has to offer. Whether it’s your first time to buy a chair or you’re upgrading to a new one, Hon is a great company to start looking for chairs that would fit your lifestyle and line of work.

#7. Boss B991-CP Office Chair

Comfortable and Durable Chairs are hard to find

Although there’s an overabundance of chairs these days, you’ll still be hard pressed to find ones that are durable as they are comfortable. Well, it’s definitely not an impossible task but it can be a pain if you don’t know what to look for. There are chairs that might feel comfortable to sit in at first but after a couple of months or so, you’ll find that they’re not serviceable anymore. If you’re getting one for your work, whether it’s at home or at the office, you’ll need a chair that’s not only comfortable but one that could last you a couple of years.

Boss Office Just Might Have the Chairs for You

Boss Office Products is arguably the best company that you can refer to for this. They have been making chairs for use either at your office or at home for more than a decade now. Whether it’s an executive chair or a double plush chair you’re looking for, it’s always worth looking at what they have to offer. The good thing about their products is that you won’t feel like you’ve been ripped off when you buy them. The quality and design, although not really up to par with more expensive chairs from other companies, is actually more than good enough when compared to the competition in the same price range.

The Boss B991-CP

Of course, the chair that we’re talking about is the Boss B991-CP heavy duty double plush chair. As its name implies, it has double plush cushions to ensure that your bum and back won’t get fatigued when you’re working. Additionally, this feature allows for a more comfortable lumbar support. With a maximum height of 22 inches and a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, big individuals would find this chair to be on the right side of comfortable as well. This chair is also extremely durable. Everything about it from the armrests, base, to the pneumatic lift will make you realize that it’s going to last a long time even with daily use.

Minor Issues

Not a lot of people have the patience to assemble a chair like this so you better expect to devote thirty minutes to about an hour for setting it all up. However, you should remember that this isn’t caused by unclear instructions on the manual but due to the fact that it is a big chair after all. When you do finish setting it up though, you can go right ahead and use it immediately. Unlike other chairs, you also wouldn’t have to worry about the Boss B991-CP tilting or wobbling on you. If anything, the only issue you’ll really ever encounter with this chair is the one mentioned earlier.

Solid Performance for the Price

The Boss B991-CP is truly a chair that’s worth getting just for its durability alone. There truly aren’t many chairs right now that are as durable and that could provide the same level of comfort. The chair is also ideal for people who don’t have the money to spend on much more feature-packed chairs from companies like Herman Miller. Even though it is affordable, you’ll see that Boss Office Products didn’t compromise on the quality of the materials they used on this chair. If you value comfort and quality, then this chair definitely has a place in your home or office.

#8. Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

The Embody Chair from Herman Miller holds an exquisite design that has nothing to envy from the most modern office chair models. A design that is supportive without being too firm or too soft and is easily adjustable, and moves along with your body movements in such a way that it seems natural.This makes indeed for a very impressive chair. We will analyze each one of the usual points.

Herman Miller Embody Chair Price

The Herman Miller Embody Chair is on the same price range as the Aeron Office Chair, being the reviewed one a bit more pricey (the Embody chair is around the $1,199 price tag). However, it’s important to note that both chairs are really premium desk chairs and they’re worth the price for those who can afford it.

Embody Chair Warranty

The warranty on the Herman Miller Embody Chair is practically the same as with the Aeron Chair. You should always get a 12-year warranty when you buy an Embody Chair from a Herman Miller authorized dealer. It’s really important to note that you have this warranty in case that you experience any kind of problem with the chair. It’s only natural that Herman Miller will take care of any problem that any of this chair parts has.If you buy the chair, for example through this link, you’ll get the 12-year warranty, and if you decide to buy a used one, you ought to get the remainder of the warranty transferred to you.Don’t remove the sticker on the bottom of the frame underneath the seat (the sticker is about 0.5” x 0.5”). This sticker shows the Factory Order Number and the Born-On date, that you need to take advantage of the 12-year warranty. Write down the numbers shown on the sticker on a separate paper, try to keep a duplicate record of these. Take note of these details as if you have any problem, when calling the local technician, they will probably only ask for the number on this little sticker mentioned.

Size and Dimensions

Herman Miller Embody Chair General Dimensions :

  • H:42–45″
  • W:29.5″
  • D:15–18″

Embody Chair Assembly

Just like the Aeron Chair, in case that the chair didn’t come already pre-assembled, it’s important to note that it isn’t hard to assemble all the pieces together. You will also have the help of the chair manual that will have all the instructions of the assembly. It should not result in more than a 30 minutes work, although it will probably take around 15 minutes.

Embody Chair overview

Buying the Herman Miller Embody chair, you will have a supportive chair made with real leather with a base of heavy metal. It’s solid and supportive and you can adjust your height to the lumbar and arms rest. It has a standard lift and lean so you can use it easily if you have operating experience in desk chairs. The quality of this product parts is good enough to last for a long time in most cases.

Some of the Herman Miller Embody Chair features:

  • Enables and promotes healthful movements.
  • Lets blood and oxygen flow more freely, enhancing the ability to stay focused.
  • Conforms to body’s movements in forward through reclined positions.

The Herman Miller Embody Chair is an excellent opportunity if you’re the kind of person that works a lot of time in front of the desk or with the computer and want to take care of your health. If you can afford it, this product is just perfect for you. It has an ergonomic design, it’s comfortable, solid and sturdy, practically a need if you spend many hours on your home computer or at your office.

#9. Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

For the review of the well-known and really well-made Herman Miller Aeron Chair, we will start with the most important aspects that you might be wondering about.You’d never guess an office chair like the Aeron chair would be this expensive from only looking at one in person. Yet you have to realize that it costs less than most true ergonomic chairs available on the market. Unless you’re into fashion and have the budget, forget about almost all competitors to this chair.It’s also worth noting that almost two-thirds of each of these chairs are made out of recycled materials, and almost the entire chair —94%— is recyclable. If you are self-conscious of the world’s environment and want to learn how this helps the environment.You’ll soon notice by looking for chairs with similar characteristics that it is hard to to find a worthy competitor to this chair with at least equal value.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Warranty

You always get a 12-year warranty when you buy an Herman Miller Aeron Chair from a HM authorized dealer. You have to always remember the fact that you have the warranty to this product. If you buy the chair for new, for example through this link, you’ll get this 12-year warranty, and if you buy used, you ought to get the remainder of warranty transferred to you.Don’t remove the sticker on the bottom of the frame underneath the seat (the sticker is about 0.5” x 0.5”). This sticker shows the Factory Order Number and the Born-On date, needed to take advantage of the 12-yr warranty. Write down the numbers shown on the sticker on a separate paper, try to keep a duplicate record of these. Take note of these details as if you have any problem, when calling th local technician, they will probably only ask for the number on this little sticker mentioned.


They come in A, B or C size. A is the smallest while C is the largest one.

Below are the different sizes of the Herman Miller Office Chair:

Aeron chair size chart

  • Size A
  • H:41″
  • W:25.75″
  • D:15.75″
  • Size B
  • H:42″
  • W:27″
  • D:17″
  • Size C
  • H:45″
  • W:28.25″
  • D:18.5″

The waterfall-like edge of the seat shape on all Aeron chairs is intended to easily allow blood circulation when seated and it has been proven that it works efficiently.

Assembly Process

In case that you have the chair didn’t come already assembled, it’s important to note that it isn’t hard to get all the pieces together, and will not result in more than a 30 minutes work, although it will probably take around 15 minutes.


In case you are still wondering if it’s really worth it: well, it all depends on the amount of time you have to spend sitting in front of a desk. If you spend a large amount of time sitting in front of the computer, at least more than 4 hours, the position of your body will have an important effect on your health. The lumbar support of this chair is a good way to avoid these problems on your body.Also, you’ll probably notice that you can focus better on your work when you are comfortable. Thus, getting an office chair that gives you this kind of comfort will make you more productive.

#10. Boss Multi-Function Mesh Chair

Why would a Comfortable Chair be important?

Believe it or not, a comfortable and ergonomic chair will help a lot in terms of boosting productivity. There’s no doubt that people who sit on a chair that they’re comfortable with produce better results whether it’s at school or at work. This is probably why the demand for ergonomic chairs has increased in the last couple of years. The increase in demand has also resulted in the deluge of chairs from different manufacturers. If you have plans on buying your first chair, then you should definitely try out what Boss has to offer. Their B6888-BK Multi-function Mesh Chair just might be the last chair you’ll be sitting in.

The Boss Multi-function Mesh Chair

What makes the Boss B6888-BK a great chair to begin with? Well, it all starts with its design. At first sight you might mistake this as just another generic chair that’s marketed as ergonomic but there’s actually more to it than that. This chair uses a pneumatic gas lift system for adjusting the height of the seat as well as an ergonomic mesh back. The user also has the option to adjust the lumbar support which is a great feature. Boss has been in the business of making office chairs for a while now and their B6888-BK is mainly targeted for home and office users.

The Advantages of Using It

Another thing you’ll notice about the Boss Multi-Function Mesh Chair is the fact that compared to other ergonomic chairs aimed at the same target market, it’s actually more affordable. Basically you’re getting more or less the same features at about half or a third of the price if you opt to buy this chair. Set-up and maintenance of the chair also isn’t a problem. Setup usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes. For issues regarding missing or broken parts, it’s extremely easy to get in touch with someone from Boss’ customer helpline. No matter what your height or size might be you’ll find sitting on this chair to be comfortable.

Possible Issues You Might Encounter While Using It

It’s not like this chair doesn’t have any issues though. There are trade-offs in terms of the quality of materials used for this chair considering its market price. For a lot of people, the plastic armrests on the Boss Multi-Function Mesh Chair might be a bit of a turn-off. There are also instances where customers complained about malfunctions with the pneumatic gas lift or with the chair’s wheels. On the other side of the argument though, there are more customers who have had a positive experience with the B6888-BK. There’s a high probability that the complaints of hardware malfunctions are just isolated cases.

A Great Investment

To sum it all up, the Boss B6888-BK Multi Function Mesh Chair is a great investment for your health and work. The fact that it has a mesh back and seat means that you won’t have to worry about sweat or heat build-up. Lumbar support for your back and adjustable armrests make working or studying more comfortable. The price you pay for this kind of performance and comfort should be a factor to consider if you’re looking to buy other ergonomic chairs. There should be no reason for you to not get this chair considering that it’s practically a steal especially when it’s sold at a discounted price.

#11. Humanscale Freedom Chair

The Freedom Chair by Humanscale is a winner all around. In fact it has won ten design awards to date. Niels Diffrient has made a evolutionary leap in Task Chair performance. It’s synchronously adjustable armrests and weight-sensitive recline make for unmatched comfort. The design has also been proven to lower risk of long-term injury from prolonged periods sitting improperly in front of the screen or work area.Other features of the Freedom chair include, a automatic headrest that cradles your head as you lean back, and gets right out of the way when you lean forward. Contoured cushions are sculpted to fit the body and cradle it, rather than let it lax into a un-healthy position. It minimizes irritation by spreading the load of your body evenly across the chair. The responsive backrest adapts to the position of your back as your position changes as you work; compared to a traditional chair that has uncomfortable pressure points because it locks your body in on position. Parts of the chair can be adjusted for a truly custom fit. To top it all off everything is nicely balanced, no matter your, position, height, or weight.For the environmentally conscious one would be happy to know that the chair is 90% recyclable, and ships in 85% recyclable packaging. It weights only 35 lbs which is surprisingly light for such a complex design. The cushions are, completely, and easily replaced, for added life; and also assembles and disassembles easily and with more than 100 less parts than other chairs.The Freedom chairs are a top choice for desk-bound designers, engineers, and drafters, amongst others. Try one today to feel the difference.

#12. Celle Chair by Herman Miller

The Celle Chair from Herman Miller is a gem in the office world. It is, a revolutionary, affordable, 99% percent made from recycled material masterpiece for the office world. It assembles and breaks down in five minutes! We could go on, but just know it is awesome, and you won’t find anything more comfortable in its price category. Basically The Celle Chair has an innovative support system that gives one a levitation like feeling, while providing unmatched comfort to, the back, and glutes.The levitation feeling and comfort start with the Cellular Suspension System. The cushion is a framework of cells that mimic what it would feel like to sit on top of water without sinking like a stone. 1,578 polymer cells make up up this unique cushion and no two are alike. The framework is set-up to allow air to flow through the bottom, keeping, your skin, and body nice and comfortable. Patented PostureFit provides the levitation like effect. It is hard to describe, but basically it lets, your back, pelvis, and hips move and pivot naturally as if floating. This assures your spine stays in perfect alignment to the rest of your body. Pretty nifty ehh? The Herman Miller Celle Chair also has an effortless 28 degree tilt range.With, its affordability, and many design options this is an optimal chair for nearly every application; from, office, to conference area, to, classroom. The Celle Chairs are great chair for mass use. It can conform to nearly every environment. Although it won’t be for a great deal of time, when the chair’s useful life is over, and it’s time for an upgrade; this chair is almost entirely recyclable, and it disassembles in five minutes.From, beginning to end, top to bottom, this chair is designed, to save money, and increase productivity, and morale. Herman Miller; along with all of their products, have poured a massive amount, of research and development, into making this product, as effective, and efficient as possible. All to give you piece of mind that your investment was well spent.

#13. Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair

The Embody Chair by Herman Miller was designed from the beginning, for comfort, and productivity. This is not your typical office chair made with ridiculous amounts of plush fabric that doesn’t really ever seem to take care of that knot in your back. Most office chairs are made with soft fabric to fool you. Eventually it looses its firmness, and you begin to feel uncomfortable at various pressure points.Herman Miller has addressed this fundamental problem with a great deal of, research, and development, resulting in the Embody Chair. They realize that an uncomfortable body, seated in an uncomfortable position for a long period can have many potentially unknown/disclosed health risks. First it appears one is just not that comfortable. However Herman Miller has done research that shows one is much more than uncomfortable. Fatigue sets in much quicker when not comfortable, as does the desire to get up and move about; to combat the fatigue. This for obvious reasons will decrease productivity. The research has also shown something much more fascinating.The key item being that apparently incorrect posture leads to decreased oxygen levels to the cells of the body. In order to be functioning at its optimal level, all body parts need to be adequately oxygenated; amongst many other things, like a healthy diet. The body also must move waste (Carbon Dioxide) out. This is also greatly effected by how one is sitting. If one’s pressure points, and veins are being pinched, blood, oxygen, and carbon dioxide are not flowing properly. Over the course of the day that takes its toll. For starters one needs to stand up, and move about to get one’s blood pumping properly again. For obvious reasons that will greatly reduce productivity; especially on a large scale.So what has been done in the Herman Miller Embody Chair to address these fundamental sitting problems? Perhaps the two biggest developments are as follows. The first being the design for greater movement. When we move about whilst sitting, we put great stress upon our bodies tissues. The Embody Chair’s back-rest, and arms are placed, and shaped to give the user the greatest range of free motion; without being forced into awkward positions by your chair. The second and perhaps most important innovation has been in the cushion design. Many chairs will try to sell you with, “memory foam” or some knock off. That stuff is great for sleeping. But a thin little pad of it on your chair will flatten very quickly and offer you very little comfort. The folks at Herman Miller have developed a cushioning system designed to apply different pressures to different parts of the body; rather than contouring to the body and forcing it forward uncomfortably. H.M. calls this zone support. The cushion targets different, “zones” (thighs, glutes, upper/lower back etc…) and applies different pressures to each zone to give the user, a unique, more comfortable much longer, sitting experience.The Embody Chair by Herman Miller, along with other office products from Herman Miller, like the Celle, and Mirra chairs, are a great choice for employers of all sorts. Smaller companies might be a little cold to trying a chair with a higher price tag, however follow-up research shows increase, in productivity, and morale in many circumstances. This chair can pay for itself with the morale boosting factor alone. Imagine all of your workers getting a surprise new chair day, and then they discover these are no ordinary chairs!

#14. Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair Review

What to say that hasn’t been said about the enormously popular Mirra chair by Herman Miller? Well, for one, that while the Mirra is considerably newer than the Aeron (also by Herman Miller), the Mirra is by no means directly comparable to the Aeron in terms of comfort. “Outrageous!” you might think, but it’s true, especially when given the simple fact that the Mirras are designed to offer ideal comfort in the upright position whereas a fully loaded Aeron with headrest extension is ready to swing into recline or as I like to call it, “chill mode.”Those whose work compels them to sit upright will notice that both chairs offer optimal comfort and some individuals actually prefer the more affordable Mirra to the Aeron. With that said, those who enjoy a nice recline every now and then will likely find themselves more comfortable with the slightly more expensive Aeron. Whichever chair you choose, both are top quality ergonomic chairs that are well known for being both comfortable and healthy. For anyone concerned with their posture or having back, neck, or shoulder pains – an ergonomic Mirra chair can help maintain proper posture while reducing pain associated with poorly designed chairs.

How The Mirra Chair Helps With Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain

Mirras come equipped with patented lower back support systems that allow for the lumbar area to be adequately supported regardless of the position of the sitter. In fact, this system actually allows the support to glide naturally with the users movements, providing comfortable support in any position. Ask yourself, does your current office chair do all this?

#15. Herman Miller Caper XR Green Multipurpose Chair

The Caper Chair by Herman Miller is a new type of stacking chair, focused, on design, an comfort. In the past it was all about making chairs that stack and that’s all. The Caper Chair stacks very nicely, but it is also surprisingly comfortable for a conference hall style chair. Its unique design, and many color options also brighten up a potentially dull area. They easily moved about and fit into tight spaces, allowing for unrivaled collaborative work, and ease of movement from one space to another (example: cafeteria to conference space) This can greatly save the buyer money, as one does not have to buy separate more permanent sets of chairs for each space. In turn this will also reduce building clutter.People are now doing less work at their offices, they are moving around, and collaborating more than ever before. Secondary seats throughout the workspace often end up becoming the primary seating arrangement. As it would be impractical for businesses to make every chair under their roof a $1,500 plus Embody Chair, or Celle Chair it is important to make the so called secondary seating arrangements as comfortable, and portable as possible. Caper Chair’s easily, fold, stack, and go on a cart, for, quick, effortless transportation, and storage.These chairs have a ton of uses! The design on these bad-boys of stackable seating is so ingenious, you can’t find it in another product. The legs of the Celle chair have knobs and slots for them to slide into effortlessly allowing for a variety of connection options. And they really do just pop in and out with amazing ease, no hassle, no fuss. Basically it is a unique hinge device that allows for either, solid (straight line) style connection, a circle, even a wavy line. The circle is especially useful in, an education, or church meeting style environments. The ease of storage and moving is also a huge factor one should consider when purchasing a Caper chair set for a small area. Since they fold so nicely, one can turn a relatively small area, with limited storage space, into a higher capacity area.The Capers are a great compliment to a workspace. It uses space efficiently, and makes a good compliment, or secondary workspace chair. The Mirra Chair by Herman Miller is a particularly good compliment to the Caper, as it can be easily folded and stored to make a small office or cubicle larger; and brought right back out again to meet with a client.This chair is, small, light, portable, store-able, affordable, well designed, COMFORTABLE, breathable, and earth friendly! You just aren’t going to find a worthy adversary to this chair at the time of publication. It is an incredible buy for, the largest of industries, to the smallest churches. As far as stackable chairs are concerned, the Capers by Herman Miller are no doubt the best ergonomic stacking chairs on the market today.

#16. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair

Those intrigued by the concept of acquiring the best ergonomic chair must investigate the Aeron chair by Herman Miller. This amazing chair is well crafted, award winning, ergonomic, comfortable, eco-friendly, super adjustable, comes in three different sizes, utilizes a cool mesh design, and boasts innovative Herman Miller patented lumbar support technology fondly referred to as PostureFit. There are a billion reasons why this outstanding ergo chair is one of (if not THE) best ergonomic office chair ever created.Since its creation, Aeron chairs have sold all over the world and generated well over 1.5 billion dollars in profit which has lead to considerable amounts of research and development in office ergonomics. Studying the way the human body interacts with the environment and manipulating the environmental factors to create a work place that is both healthy and comfortable. By facilitating a healthy work environment, workers are able to stay focused on the task at hand as opposed to the allocation of attention towards discomfort associated with an inadequately designed office space. In the long run, happy workers will result in an increase in worker efficiency which consequently means higher profit margins and ultimately more money in your pocket. Who would have thought an ergonomic chair could be such a worthwhile business investment?The only foreseeable downside to purchasing a Herman Miller Aeron chair is the price-tag which is a little bit on the outrageous side with fully loaded Aeron chairs fetching in excess of $800.00 (US). On the other hand, some of the other chairs by Herman Miller such as the Embody and Mirra are even more costly ranging well above $1,000! When shopping for the best ergonomic chairs, always shop safe and be smart and search for the cheapest prices.

#17. SPACE Air Grid Mid-Back Swivel Chair, Black

Product Description

Contemporary styling combined with durable Air Grid® mesh delivers office seating that is comfortable yet stylish. Breathable Air Grid® mesh offers strong support for seated tasks. Soft polyurethane padded arms for enhanced comfort.

Product Features

Color: Black

  • Breathable Air Grid® mesh offers strong support for seated tasks.
  • 2-to-1 synchro-tilt allows user to adjusts back and seat angle together.
  • Wheels are specially designed for carpet use.
  • Casters supplied with this chair are not suitable for all floor types.
  • Alternative casters are available to meet your specific needs

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 25.6 x 41.6 x 25.6 inches ; 41.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 40 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.

Black Mesh Back Swivel Chair 5500 by Office Star Reviews

Black Mesh Back Swivel Chair 5500 by Office Star has received great ratings from buyers. Most of the reviews we were very positive, with most reviewers being pleasantly surprised about the value they got from their chair. Several reviewers mentioned how easy it was to put together one mentioned it was about ten minutes. Roughly 95% of the reviews of Black Mesh Back Swivel Chair 5500 were very happy with the look of the chair after receiving it . Other consumers were very pleased with the large cushion and the height adjustments of the chair all the reviews commented of the mesh backing keeps very cool and comfortable . After reading all the reviews almost all of the reviewers were very satisfied with the quality of thechairfor the price.On the neutral side or negative side of the reviews on the Black Mesh Back Swivel Chair 5500 one reviewer commented they wish he would tilt forward a little bit more. A few of the reviews commented they didn’t have enough middle to lower back support but this complaint was not across the board. Another consumer that bought the chair used it commented that the arms only just up and down and not in out. After doing so many reviews ourselves we have found this option is only found in more expensive chairs. Another reviewer commented they wished it could adjusts just a little bit lower due to fact they have short legs they were on to say if it was in the office where they have shoes on their would be no issue but this particular reviewer was using it for a home-based office where they can relax with slippers on. Another comment from my reviewer mentioned they had been using the chair for five years and found it fairly comfortable this particular reviewer commented they had removed the arm that the chair for greater mobility in their home office this review went on to say that the adjustments of the chair of very easy to use.In our conclusion of reading the reviews of the Black Mesh Back Swivel Chair 5500 by Office Star we can recommend this chair . If you’re going to use this chair for your home desk where you spend less then four hours each day sitting in it seems to be a great chair and of and great quality for the money.

#18. Alera ALE YR Series Executive High-Back Swivel/Tilt Leather Chair

A Sturdy Leather Chair

When it comes to comfort and style, ALERA tops the list. That’s why they have satisfied customers going back to them time and again. This High-Back Swivel/Tilt Leather Chair, Black from ALERA is simply sturdy and comfortable. Nothing more, nothing less! The chair compiles all grounds while choosing a Swivel Chair.

A quick feature list would include:

  • Good and comfortable height – Dimensions are 35.8 x 26.6 x 15 inches.
  • Swivel range- 360 degrees.
  • Not too heavy – Approximately 55-60 Lbs.
  • Easy assembly – Takes less than 30 minutes for assembly.
  • Material type – metal body with leather padding.
  • Back Height – 32 1/2 inches.
  • Locking- A tilt lock installed.
  • Order Processing time- 3 to 5 days.
  • Average Customer Rating – 5 star.
  • Warranty – 5 year warranty.
  • Load – Has capacity to take load of 300 -400 lbs.
  • Set up- Easy to follow instructions and product with Illustrations.
  • Efficient after sales customer support.

We have found in our research that has the best price on computer chairs including High-Back Swivel/Tilt Leather Chair from ALERA.The product is good and strong. The High-Back Swivel/Tilt Leather Chair, Black gives a look of class and elegance at the same time. It is ideal for offices, a study, a library etc.The tilt lock ensures safety and is easy to use. The mechanisms used are of high quality so the price does not seem steep. Ensure that you do not fit all the screws and nuts tightly at the first go as some of the parts slide in between later. The wheels roll smoothly and are carpet friendly.It can definitely do with some more cushion padding but still it’s not too much of a flip side, considering the overall comfort. If the chair comes with a few color options it will be surely see higher sales.The High-Back Swivel/Tilt Leather Chair, Black from ALERA is one of the durable products available in the market today.

#19. Z-Line Executive Chair with Deluxe Memory Foam

Product Features

  • Contour seat with built in lumbar support with deluxe memory foam
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Luxurious black genuine waxed leather on all seating surfaces
  • Decorative contrast stitching
  • Waterfall seat edge provides enhanced leg circulation
  • Product Dimensions: 28.5 x 26.5 x 45.8 inches ; 39.7 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 48.1 pounds

Product Details

Product Dimensions: 28.5 x 26.5 x 45.8 inches ; 39.7 poundsZ line designs receives an impressive amount of positive reviews online. Wright off we noticed a strong trend that most reviewers were saying they had very little wear and tear after using it for several months.Many other reviewers commented that it was excellent chair for the price. Most reviewers commented that the assembly of the chair was very easy and it’s very comfortable especially when rocking back on the chair. A few other reviewers commented on The height of the chair and the armrests both can be adjusted for your convenience. This makes it very customizable for each person.On the neutral side or negative side of the reviews one consumer mentioned that the chair was lacking in lumbar support for some reason you need portion and a lower portion of the chair.A considerable amount of reviewers mentioned that they spent several hours at the computer. But they still had high praise for the Z-Line Executive Chair with Deluxe Memory Foam.In conclusion considering the cost of the chair and the reviews it has received we can recommend the Z-Line Executive Chair with Deluxe Memory Foam. Within all our reviews there is always a certain amount of negative reviews with all products is always has to be taken into consideration.

#20. Alera EQ Series Ergonomic Multifunction Mid-Back Mesh Chair Review

Technical Details

  • Arm Adjustability – Angle
  • Arm Color – Black
  • Arm Material(s) – Soft Polyurethane
  • Arm Style – T-Bar
  • Arms Included – Yes
  • Item Weight: 62 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 62 pounds

Product Description

EQ Series Ergonomic Multifunction Mid-Back Mesh chair features a mesh back chair, mesh fabric seat and ergonomically designed mid-high back for the natural curvature of a person’s back. Arms adjust in height and width. 1-Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment, 10-Dual-Action Tilt, 11-Tilt Tension, 12-Tilt Lock, 13-Posture Lock, 14-Multi-Task Control, 4-Seat Glide Mechanism, 5-360 Degree Swivel

  • Back Height Maximum 24 1/2 in
  • Back Width 20 1/2 in
  • Seat Depth 18 1/8 in
  • Seat Depth Maximum 18 1/8 in
  • Seat Height Maximum 23 in
  • Seat Height Minimum 18 3/8 in
  • Seat Material(s) Breathable-A-Grade Black Mesh
  • Seat Type Waterfall Edge
  • Seat Width 20 1/2 in
  • EQ Series Ergonomic Multifunction Mid-Back Mesh Chair, Black


The EQ Series Ergonomic Multifunction Mid-Back Mesh Chair, Black received a substantial amount of positive reviews online a few reviews mentioned whether your a tall individual or short this chair will adjust to make each individual very comfortable. All reviews mentioned the excellent quality of the construction of the chair. One consumer that purchased and is using the chair wrote a review a few weeks after they had received the chair remarked they had a bad back like a lot of us. But there back was very severe mentioning they had spent six months in a body cast not just the average bad back. They had commented that the chair with its adjustments gave them excellent lumbar support. This review went on to say they spend many hours at the desk for work so it goes vitally important to have a chair that was comfortable and also not contribute to any other health issues of their back . Other reviews that we had discovered online commented that they had cheap chairs in the past several years and they were not skipping this time around. The reviews ranged from one week to 90 days after purchasing the chair which they all raved about the chair.One consumer mentioned after ordering the chair and received a call from the manufacture asking the reasons for purchasing this chair. This we are assuming was a product survey.In conclusion of the EQ Series Ergonomic Multifunction Mid-Back Mesh Chair so many positive reviews and no negative or even neutral reviews of this chair we can only come to the conclusion that this chair is of high quality and very comfortable so we give it a thumbs-up.

#21. Lorell High-Back Chair Mesh Black Fabric Seat, Black

Product Description

86000 Executive high-back chair features a mesh back chair, mesh fabric seat and ergonomically designed high back for the natural curvature of a person’s back. Arms adjust in height and width. Seat height from floor adjusts from 17” to 21”. High-back chair offers a nylon five-star base, pneumatic seat-height adjustment, back height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, tilt and asynchronous three-lever control. Available in black frame only.Meets the CA117 fire retardant standard.-Executive High-Back Chair.-Mesh Fabric.-28-1/2”x28-1/2”x45.-Black

Technical Details

  • Assembly Required: Yes, Base: 5-star Nylon, Color: Black, Dimensions: 45″ Height x 28.5″ Width x 28.5″ Depth, Frame: Black, Product series 86000, Seat: Fabric – Black
  • Features: 360° Swivel
  • Sold as 1 each

Product Details

  • Item Weight: 48.4 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 52 pounds
  • 86000 Series Executive High-Back
  • Chair, Mesh Fabric, Black

Product Reviews

The 86000 Series Executive High-Back Chair received a substantial amount of positive reviews online even though a few reviews mentioned for a tall individual the maximum height of the chair was a little shy for them but both of these reviewers were in a six-foot range. Most of the comments remarked that the fabric is very durable including the mesh for the back support .All remarked ease of assembly roughly 15 minutes without any of their own tools. A few other reviewers commented that it had the feel and look of the more expensive chairs without that price. One particular comment that we uncovered stated they had ordered one for the office and was so pleased with the 86000 series.They had ordered several more. Several reviewers commented that they like the three way controls which gave them ease of finding the right position for comfort. All the reviewers commented on delivery was very fast and they couldn’t find a better price on this particular chair anywhere online. A few of the review said that they were skeptical about buying a chair they hadn’t sat on before purchasing, but they all said they were very pleased with the comfort of the chair.On the neutral side of the reviews one consumer mentioned that the armrest seem to be a little flimsy but got job done but they also stated that this didn’t stop them from giving the chair the thumbs-up recommendation . We at best office computer chairs can also give our recommendation to you on the 86000 Series Executive High-Back Chair due to the overwhelming amounts of positive feedback we uncovered.

Best Office Chair Under 200 – Ultimate Buying Guide

What is an ergonomic chair?

Finding the right ergonomic chair that suits your needs isn’t easy, as there are many ergonomic chairs available on the market but it can be a mistake to purchase one only because it is labelled that way. You might want to get one of these for your home, your workstation, as a present for a friend or your family, but it’s important to know that the ergonomic chairs are designed to suit a range of people and there is no guarantee that they will suit every person in particular.To put an example, an office chair could be way too big and the arms rest could be way too far apart for a person of a short size. An office chair will be considered ergonomic only when it specifically suits a person’s body dimensions, his/her particular workstation and the tasks that must be performed. With further research, you’ll probably notice that finding the right chair isn’t as easy as it seems.

Why choose an ergonomic office chair?

If you stumbled with this website, you will most probably the reasons why an ergonomic design is important on your life and body health. In this article we will be presenting the most important points on why you should choose an ergonomic office chair over other non-ergonomic designs.

Why is finding an office chair with correct ergonomic design so important?

Today, in most industrialized countries, many people keep seated from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep again. They sit while having breakfast, lunch or dinner, while going to the office in the car or on the bus, in work meetings, and at home while watching television or using the computer.There are also many people that sit at work operating machines to do manual work and may require a chair with an ergonomic design with more priority than other workstations. Although sitting requires way less physical effort than standing or walking it puts a lot of stress on lumbar area that might be hard to notice until problems arise. If you combine the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and a job that requires to be seated during all the working hours, this can lead to many health problems.

Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re sitting in an office chair hunched over in front of a computer. If you find yourself sitting in this position often, you’ve probably found the nerve to do a little research on the internet and somehow ended up here on this website. One of the first things to take into consideration is whether or not the chair has been ergonomically designed to fit your particular body. After buying numerous chairs and failing to find a comfortable one, even after spending a hefty amount of change, I finally got to thinking: Perhaps I’m simply TOO BIG or TOO TALL for most of these chairs. Standing roughly 6 feet tall, I’ve been astonished to find that nearly 90% of the chairs I’ve sat in fail to provide any sort of support to the rear of my head and neck. Even chairs that claim to have “tall backs” have failed miserably in providing an adequate amount of support in the form of a headrest. If you’ve experienced this issue and are concerned with not only your posture, but quality of life, continue reading.Another very serious factor to take into consideration is whether or not the back reclines. A common misconception exists when it comes to reclining backs. Some chairs are able to rock back and forth, somewhat creating the illusion of the ability to recline without actually doing so. The back must be capable of reclining, moving backwards, independently of the rest of the chair. If the chair you’re looking at does NOT recline, this is not a good investment in the long run as it’s definitely an important factor when it comes to resting comfortably for hours in your ergonomic executive office chair.Executive typically implies a greater overall quality as well as much higher backs than non-executive type office chairs, providing upper-back, neck, and head support to taller individuals. I would imagine heights as short as 5′7″ would benefit, but mostly, the taller folk (6 foot and taller) would benefit most from the extended back and head support provided by executive office chairs.I’m assuming if you’re still absorbing this information, you’ve some knowledge of ergonomic chairs and their benefits. Their benefits can really only be utilized if the chair conforms to your body’s particular form. In order to achieve this, a wide variety of adjustments are necessary in most cases. All people are simply not created the same. The various adjustments provided in the form of knobs, levers, and switches allow for the chair to adjust to conform to many different body types.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Are you one of the many, like myself, that spends hours each day on the computer? Have you noticed increased tension in your lower back, neck, and shoulders after a long day in the office, or at home, on the computer? If so, there’s a high probability that you’re using the wrong office chair. For years I suffered from increased back pain and neck pains which were attributed to the rather ridiculous amount of time I spent sitting in a cheap “adjustable” office chair. After careful research and consideration, I concluded that a regular exercise schedule, appropriate food, and a new fully adjustable computer chair were all that I required to stay healthy and feeling good. As I was already exercising regularly and my food intake was quite healthy and very reasonably portioned, by process of elimination, I realized that my inexpensive office chair was likely the culprit and decided that I would immediately conduct some research in order to determine what options were available to me.The first thing I had to take into consideration was how much money to allocate towards purchasing my new chair. As most days are spent working on the computer, I figured it would be a wise decision to disregard price as long as the purchase was not utterly outrageous. Outrageous for me would be in excess of $2,000 or so. So that was my limit, about 2k. Next it was time to research the various styles available and sift through consumer reviews in order to determine the most commonly considered comfortable style of office chair for prolonged or extended use.Shortly after beginning to research the best ergonomic office chair on the market, I stumbled upon an ergonomic kneeling chair that looked interesting. It claimed unrivaled comfort at no cost to your spine’s health, which after further review of numerous customer complaints, I decided was probably not my best bet. Some of the complaints referenced the lack of adjustability and improper distribution of weight ultimately causing pain attributed to pressure around the knees, shins, and ankles dependant on manufacturer and style.Overall? Kneeling chairs are anything but comfortable for heavy use. To their credit, they appear to work quite well for a small percentage of individuals whose bodies conform well to the design. For me, this simply will not do.Thinking about it, those kneeling chairs don’t provide any support to the back of the head which I’ve found to be incredibly important when it comes to my comfort and health concerns. After sitting in countless varieties of office chair, I’ve noticed that most do not provide a headrest capable of providing any form of support for those who are over 6 feet tall. As the average human is not nearly this height, it would prove inefficient to manufacture chairs designed to provide head support to those residing over 6 feet in height. For which reason, it would seem that a high back executive chair might be what I’m looking for.Another thing to consider when trying to determine which of the best ergonomic office chairs is really the best for you is whether or not the chair reclines. I’ve noticed many of the cheaper models will simply rock back, but, the back itself is incapable of reclining. Seeing as recliner chairs are generally more comfortable and provide increased range of adjustability, reclining will be deemed a necessity in my pursuit of the best ergonomic office chair.Lastly, what type of material should we go with? As I’ve had experience with mesh, I can say that it’s quite comfortable, especially in warmer climates, but on the downside, it seems to stretch out of shape and eventually loses its form. As my chair will be somewhat on display to potential clients, co-workers, and the like, I figure leather would prove most adequate as it seems to convey a sense of class and elegance, refined throughout the ages. So I’ll go with leather, the color I’m not so particular on but most any will do. Browns, reds, and blacks are my personal preference, but, as it’s not particularly important, I won’t spend anymore time on the topic.Now seeing as over the years I’ve grown quite fond of this wonderful Tempurpedic material, I think it would provide the perfect padding for my chair. On a side note, Tempurpedic house slippers are most definitely worth acquiring as they’re simply the most comfortable “shoes” I’ve ever worn. Anyways, back to the topic at hand, the last truly relevant factor to take into account is adjustability. For example, you want your lumbar support, but the question is: how much? So make sure that the chair you ultimately decide on offers a wide range of adjustability from the height of the armrests to the recline in the back of the chair, all attributes must be adjustable to provide a chair that truly conforms to the unique contours of YOUR body.

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