Herman Miller Sayl Chair Review

A Good Chair Increases Productivity

There are many reasons why people can’t seem to be productive at work. One of the most obvious is the chair that they’re sitting on. More often than not, when individuals are uncomfortable with their chairs, they’ll usually spend less time working and more time looking for a means to feel comfortable.This results in lessened productivity and increased idle time. If you’re rushing to finish a job before the deadline, obviously this isn’t going to help. The obvious solution to this problem is to get a comfortable chair. However, it’s not as cut and dried as picking up the most comfortable-looking chair around.

The Herman Miller SAYL Chair

When it comes to office and work chairs there’s no doubt that Herman Miller is one of the most recognizable brands in the market right now. The company has constantly come up with chairs that are not only comfortable, but functional and ergonomic as well. One of their best sellers, the Herman Miller SAYL Chair is probably the chair that you’ll need to boost your own productivity.

If you’re a manager or an employer, having your people sit on these chairs will undoubtedly improve not just their productivity, but also their morale. So what are the features that the SAYL Chair has that other chairs don’t?

A Blend of Good Design and Unmatched Functionality

It’s an understatement to call the Herman Miller Sayl Chair’s design as beautiful. You probably have not seen anything quite like it. Designed by Yves Behar, a renowned designer based in San Francisco, the chair is absolutely stunning. It features two revolutionary design and structural innovations. These are the ArcSpan and Y-tower.

The ArcSpan provides the basic shape for the back and is where the suspension fabric is anchored to while the Y-tower provides support and stretches out the fabric. The chair’s design also allows for fewer parts which makes it easier and more convenient to move and transport. There’s nothing more that you could ask for in a chair.

A Chair for Power Users

If you’re a power user then there’s no better chair for you than the Sayl Chair. You might be tempted to use it as a chair to rest in but that would be selling short its features. The back of the chair isn’t as tall as others which will ensure that you won’t feel too comfortable sitting on it.

Is this a bad thing? Actually this will help you focus more on the job at hand. A chair that’s too comfortable will make you want to rest rather than work. The mesh on the other hand is breathable. This means that you won’t have to worry about sweat dripping from your back.

Setup Is Never Going to be An Issue

If there was one thing about the SAYL Chair design that’s truly exceptional it would have to be the ease by which one could assemble it. Unlike a lot of manufacturers who assume that the majority of the people who buy their chairs are engineers, Herman Miller likes to keep their instruction manuals clear and concise.

Additionally, since Yves Behar had a major hand in making this, you could expect the simplicity of his design aesthetics to carry over to the chair’s assembly. Regardless if it was your first or nth time to assemble a chair, you’re not going to have any problems with the Sayl Chair. There’s also no need for constant maintenance because the parts used in making the chair are all of the best quality.

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Lightweight and Recyclable

Speaking of build quality, the majority of the materials that were used for making this chair are recyclable. For a lot of companies, going green is not really an option because of how expensive the whole process can be. A majority of these companies still rely on archaic manufacturing processes that are bad for the environment.

The rest on the other hand think that going green is not as cost-effective as their current manufacturing processes. Herman Miller found a way to provide their clients with an eco-friendly alternative in the Sayl Chair. Although this isn’t the only eco-friendly chair available in the market right now, it is without a doubt the most affordable. Of course when it’s compared to the price of regular chairs it’s still more expensive.

Might Take Time to Get Used To

One thing that you can expect with this chair is that it takes time to really get used sitting on it. It might be because of its peculiar design. Dealing with this issue is really simple though because all you have to do is sit on it for an extended period of time. The more time you spend on it, the more comfortable you’ll become.

There have also been complaints about the noise that this chair generates. Other than a few cases of this happening though, its performance has been stellar among those who’ve had it for more than a year. The reports can be considered as isolated cases.


What are the other options aside from this that’s available for you? You might also be interested with another chair from Herman Miller. The Mirra Basic Chair is a couple of hundred dollars more expensive than the Sayl and it shows in the features that it has.

Although it provides total back support like the Sayl it does not allow for any adjustments which can either be good or bad depending on one’s preference. In terms of how it looks the Mirra lacks the simplicity and beauty of Yves Behar’s design aesthetics on the Sayl. If you have a little more money to spend then the Mirra Chair might be a better deal but you’re not going to lose out on much if you choose the Herman Miller Sayl Chair either.

The Right Choice

The Herman Miller Sayl Chair is not cheap. Yves Behar took three years to design it and the quality of its design makes it a premium product befitting a premium price. However, Herman Miller chose to give it a very competitive and reasonable price. This means that you’ll have no excuses to not buy this chair.

Additionally, as mentioned above the manufacturing process that the chair goes through limits its carbon imprint which means that not only will you be saving money by buying it but you’ll save the Earth as well.

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