Presto 06626 Electric Skillet Reviews

Perfect skillet for smaller kitchens

From the time I moved to my own apartment from my parents’ house, cooking meals have been one of the most problematic fact for me. As my kitchen is congested most of the time I feel like I am being trapped while cooking a meal for my family. Because of very little space I could not afford having large cookware or too much cookware.

As I am a food lover myself and love to cook various meals for my family members and guests, I had to buy different kind of grills, skillets and pans to cook the perfect meal. I was cooking happily, but inner I was not happy at all. Cooking in that little kitchen with so many cookware seemed as a bitter experience from which I wanted to get out, but I knew it was not the solution. So I started searching around for a skillet with which I can:

  • One. Prepare all sorts of meal with just one skillet
  • Two: Easier to the user and makes the perfect meal each and every time

After looking around for days finally presto 11 inch electric skillet caught my eyes, and I saw that it has all the necessary qualities which I was looking for in a skillet.

What is so perfect about presto 11 electric skillet?

  • This skillet is mostly favorite to its users as because with it you can do all sorts of cooking like grilling, frying etc. As a result, now you can get rid of your excess cookware and can free the kitchen as I have done. Now you can easily prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner with just a single skillet.
  • Presto 11 inch electric skillet reviews has made it clear that cooking with this cookware is very easy as it has a beautiful see through a glass. This helps in checking the food time to time to prepare the perfect meal.
  • Presto easy to use heat knob helps the new housewives or newbie cooks to prepare the perfect dish with just the right amount of heat. Temperature points are printed over the knob so that you can quickly change the temperature as needed.
  • Premium non-stick inside and outside surface of the skillet helps to make it easily washable. The non-sticky inside surface also helps to distribute even heat all around the skillet while cooking it.
  • Presto 06626 is also a great energy saver. As most of the people avoid using skillets for their high utility and maintenance cost, this money saving skillet is much more energy efficient than 120 and 1000 volts regular range burners.

Why any cook will love presto 11 electric skillet?

As I was looking around the market and through the internet to find the most perfect skillet that can solve my problems, I saw there are hundreds in fact thousands of skillets from various manufacturers. But I was disappointed to see that almost all of them lacked one option or another. I also came across some skillet sales persons who suggested me to buy different skillets with different design and options to fulfill my need. But I found the solution very silly and started going through catalogs and sites of various cookware manufactures product catalog to find the perfect cookware. Truly speaking it was presto with their presto electric skillet reviews made me feel that this was the solution I was looking for. I did not find any other skillet that was so versatile that you can use to cook all sorts of meals with just a single skillet.To me buying presto 11 inch electric skillet is one of the best buying decisions I have made till today. As a cook and a food lover I had to buy various cookware every now and then and what presto brought to me is truly impressive. The presto 06626 electric skillet 11 inch has the dimension of 11 X 14.5 inches with handles which is perfect for a small kitchen found within city apartments. The power cable is long enough to use it freely with nearby outlet.What will impress you most about the skillet on the first look is its impressive design. This skillet has been made keeping in mind the needs of the cooks who will settle for nothing but perfection. The tempered see through the top glass over the base helps to check the meal time to time. The top also has perfectly designed pressure and heat release points which is very important if you want to save yourself from unwanted accident by glass cover blasts while cooking.Presto has always held the goodwill to produce the best quality non-stick skillets in the market. Their cookware has the surface which perfectly distributes the heat all around the skillet and the skillets are very easy to clean also.

What home cooks are saying about presto 11 inch electric skillet

The presto 06626 can be said as the all in one skillet as because you will find all your skillet needs fulfilled by just a single skillet. Not only the outlook but the presto 11 inch electric skillet reviews that I have found on are very impressive indeed. This best seller skillet has been rated 4.5 out 5 stars among its categories. I have found that among 142 customer reviews, 96 of them has rated it 5 star which is also an attractive value creator of presto 06626.“Saved a lot of my kitchen space plus it helped me to get rid of my unnecessary cookware” -Palimpsest“Never gets too hot to handle, I can cook the meal for two adults with this cookware perfectly” -T Steiner“I wanted the famous presto 16s but in a smaller size. Presto 11 inch just the one I was hoping to get” -SanjosemomWhile browsing I have also come across some of the not-so-good reviews of presto 06626, where the customer was dissatisfied about assembling the parts of the product. But on the later conversation he also made it clear that he never followed the instruction provided with the product as a result, assembling the product became tougher than usual for him.I love this cookware as it makes my cooking experience a breeze. Now I can comfortably cook in my kitchen and do not have the congested feeling among cookware which I used to have. This is the skillet which delivers what it promises. Because of such service you will find an infinite number of impressive presto 11 inch electric skillet reviews which are clearly referring this skillet to others.

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