Best Electric Skillet Reviews 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Looking at the electric skillet for an all-in-one appliance to save some room in the kitchen? The great thing about the electric skillet is that you can practically cook anything in it. All you need to do is set the desired heat, put in the food and leave it in for a few minutes according on what you’re cooking.If you have been doing some research you’re probably wondering which one you should get. Especially if you search online, there’s a TON of selection out there and sometimes it’s a bit difficult to choose what exactly you want, especially since you can’t really ‘try’ it out.

Our Picks For Best Electric Skillet

Best Electric Skillet Reviews 2020

#1. Presto 07113 Electric Foldaway Skillet

All in one cooking solution

Have you ever felt deprived of a skillet that is so versatile that you can use it to prepare all sorts of meals from roasting a chicken to making casseroles? Recently I realized the fact that I am using too many skillets and grills to prepare meals for my family and guests. I was not only getting tired of cooking but also wasting a lot of time than necessary. I started looking around for the perfect skillet and finally got what I was looking for.The presto electric foldaway skillet is the most versatile skillet which fulfills my needs perfectly. Its gorgeous design and easy to use detachable base with a beautiful glass top made it an instant buy for me.

Why Presto 07113 Electric Foldaway Skillet?

As I have said the main reason I purchased this skillet as because I was tired of using too many skillet in my kitchen. What attracted me most about this skillet is that the Presto 07113 Electric Skillet is designed in a way so that you can cook all sorts of dishes with this skillet. And there is no need to use a different skillet each time you cook a different meal. How cool is that? Here are some of the features that are unique about this presto foldaway skillet

  • The first thing that will pursue you to buy a National Presto 07113 is its unique design. This skillet comes with fold down handle and detachable base which is a very rare design specification in skillets these days. These features are a must to have if you tend to use the skillet as a meal server at the table as well.
  • This is one of the largest skillets that are available in the market ranging from 12-inch to 16 inches. You can easily prepare a meal for four members using this single skillet.
  • With Presto 07113 Electric Skillet you can roast, bake, fry and even make casseroles for your guests and family member. Surely this is the most versatile cookware in the market. If you are annoyed by so many skylights in the kitchen then I highly recommend this one for you.
  • Control Master heat control, the popular temperature controller technology used by Presto is used in this skillet. As a result, the skillet automatically controls the skillets current temperature depending on the current state of the meal.
  • All parts of 07113 are dishwasher friendly. As a result, there is no need to clean them part by part. You can fully immerse the pan and cover in the dishwasher and let the washer do the cleaning for you while you can enjoy quality time with your family.

What current owners are saying about Presto 07113 Electric Skillet?

I always do a research before buying a cookware to find out the experience of the current users of a product. While I was browsing to find reviews I found very helpful reviews on Presto 07113 12 inch Electric Skillet on By the time I am writing this review this skillet is rated 4.7 out of 5 by 207 customer reviews which is very impressive indeed. I also saw that 172 customer among 207 rated it 5 out of 5.What is there to say more about a skillet that scores so high in customer reviews? To make this review complete and perfect here I have attached some of the reviews I have found very helpful:

  • “Cook faster, easy to clean up. A compact cooking solution-Lynn Debolt
  • “Using for 6 months. No problem at all. Gave it a 5 star and higher recommended-K. Houseman
  • “Great value for my money. Worth every penny-Donald L Grotjan

Beside these praiseful reviews from highly satisfied customers I have also come across some of the not so good reviews where the customer complained about the difficulty of using this skillet. To get the solution of this problem I have visited several sites including the manufacturer ones and all of them strongly suggest that as Presto 07113 Electric Foldaway Skillet uses a new type of temperature controller technology thorough reading of the manual is given high preference.There is more than one great feature that one will get with a presto foldaway skillet. As thus you will find lots of positive National Presto 07113 Electric Foldaway Skillet review from the current owners of this skillet. As like them I highly recommend this skillet for those who intend to cook the perfect meal each and every time.

#2. Presto 06620 11-inch Electric Skillet

Perfect cookware for the family of four

I was tired using different pans and skillets to prepare my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not only it took me a long time to cook but also it was very much time consuming. I was spending a lot of my cooking time on searching for different skillets, grills and pans and preparing it for the cooking session. I was on the ledge of a bust, and I decided to look around for a perfect skillet that will:

  • One, Cook all sorts of meals and dishes for a family of four
  • Two, Will be easy to use and clean

After browsing online for the perfect skillet I found that presto 06620 11-inch electric skillet is the most praised and talk about skillet in the market. Not only current users are writing very good presto 11 inch electric skillet reviews in their blogs and reputed online e-commerce sites, but I have found it has all the necessary specifications and functionality that could fulfill me want for the perfect skillet.

Why presto 06620 is so impressive?

  • A versatile skillet, means that you can grill, fry, cook even bake meals using this magnificent cookware. No need to buy extra pans and grills for each type of cooking. From cooking bacon or pancakes for breakfast to cooking chicken roast in the dinner, you can easily use 06620.
  • The inner surface, from pan bottom surface to the top of the lid cover has a very wide space. As a result, you can now roast a whole chicken using the skillet only. The space also helps to prepare the perfect meal for a family of four. It is also a mentionable fact that the bottom of the pan has been designed in a way which distributes heat evenly. So you will not get any imperfect meal.
  • Presto has used state of the art technology to design and produce EverNu cover, which is very efficient in heat and pressure control. The mentionable specification of the cover is that it helps to distribute the inner heat and the pressure so you can make the perfect tasty meal. It is also a mentionable fact that even lid will not bend or lose color because of the heat and pressure.
  • Presto has the good will to manufacture the best quality non-stick cookware and with presto 06620 they have taken it to the next level. The inner and outer surface is non-sticky and very smooth, which makes it easier to wash. You can easily clean it after using it as it is dishwasher friendly.
  • Presto 06620 11-inch electric skillet has a 2-year warranty, which is pretty rare to find for skillets in. I have also found that there is a special offer going on for the interested enthusiastic cooks how wants to buy the skillet immediately.

What made presto 06620 an instant buy?

So what do you exactly get while buying 06620? A very nice skillet with a solid lid to ensure proper use of heat and pressure to cook food to perfection. Since the day, I got the skillet it seems that the taste of my food has increased tremendously. If you have read the attractive features that I have mentioned above in this article I understand that you are looking for more detailed information about the skillet to make your decision. Below I am going to give you only the important aspects of why I am recommending this skillet to you every cook who loves cooking and looking for the best skillet to buy.

Most versatile skillet ever

With presto 06620 you can bake, fry, roast, and grill for a family of four. You can also make casseroles with it too. Now you do not need to buy or use different skillets to do these things as this skillet can do it all. Moreover the temperature control of this skillet is designed in a way so that you can control the heat in any ways you like to make the perfect meal for your guests.

Best value skillet

If you are a cooking and cookware enthusiastic like me you will also agree that there are a very few skillets in the market which provides a complete package. I have found that many of the cookwares from leading manufactures lack one way or another. Before going for presto 06620 11-inch electric skillet I read numbers of presto 11 inch electric skillet reviews in numerous sites and reviews from current owners are truly impressive. The best thing they have stated are:

  • Large skillet to cook a meal for four
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Using for 1 year or so still no problem. That means it is designed for long lasting service.
  • Nonstick surface for smooth and easy cooking

After going through this review I instantly got the latest offer in 06620 and using it for almost six months, and no complains at all.

What current user’s thought on presto 06620?

At I have found the most elaborate and descriptive reviews of this skillet. By the time of writing this review the skillet was rated 4.4 out of 5 from 87 customer reviews. You will be amazed to know that 57 of customers rated this skillet 5 out of 5. Here are what some of the skillet owners are saying about this skillet:

  • “Very versatile skillet. Heat up quickly“-dough
  • “Makes perfect meals every time. Worth every penny“-Suzan
  • “Lightweight and cooks up evenly,Highly recommended“- Pat

I have also seen reviews of some of the not-so-satisfied customers who stated that it is harder for them to cook cakes and baggies on the skillet. On other cooking sites, I have found the solution to be minimizing the heat of the skillet as different cooking methods require different temperature.Versatile, beautifully designed, easy to use skillet what is more there to say about presto 06620 11-inch electric skillet. I have written this review based on what current owners have stated about this skillet on their presto 11 inch electric skillet reviews. From my 6 months of using this skillet, I highly recommend it to any cook and skillet shoppers who are currently looking for the perfect skillet for their kitchen.

#3. Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet

World’s #1 skillet plus buffet server

One thing I have learned from my 10 years of cooking experience is that presentation is as important as how the food tastes. Thus, I always take special care while serving the dishes to my guests. Often I hear my guests praising about the tastes of my meals, but it was not enough from me. I wanted to serve them the meal in a way that will impress them with both taste and presentation.After going through online research I found out that the best attributes of a skillet and buffet server should have:

  • One: Detachable handles or tops that can be attached during the cooking session and can later be easily detached for serving
  • Two: It should be warp-proof and easy to clean.

What made presto foldaway skillet an instant buy?

  • A magnificent skillet and a buffet server, All-in-one .Now I can cook the meal on the skillet and quickly serve it on the table. No need for extra plating and serving.
  • Removable base folds easy to use because of the down handles. I can fix it while cooking the meal and detach it easily to serve the meal on the table. The removal base also has a beautiful glass cover with tiny points for heat and pressure release.
  • Both inside and outside surfaces are non-sticky. Plus presto 16 inch electric skillet is dishwasher friendly. So no need to worry about cleaning it up after a meal as it is easy as it can be.
  • Easily replace unnecessary grills and mini skillets as you can prepare a whole meal for your entire family with a single presto 16 inch electric foldaway skillet. The 16 inch surface helps you to prepare food quickly and easily.
  • Easy to use heat control knob helps you to make the most delicious food with perfect heat.

After reading the impressive features and attractive services I decided it would be a great mistake if I do not order it instantly. As till today it was one of the most perfect buying decisions I have made.

Why home cooks love presto foldaway skillet so much?

If you search online, you will find lots of skillets plus buffet servers which lacks many of the features which presto 16 inch electric foldaway skillet provides in a single item. What most skillets lack is the facility to detach the top surface as it is needed. I have also found many branded skillets that were not non-sticky at all which made them dishwasher unfriendly and also tough to wash. In addition, many of them lacked a heat controller knob which made it difficult to cook the perfect meal in a glass covered skillet.I have found my perfect solution in presto 06857 16-inch electric foldaway skillet. Not only it perfectly delivers what the manufacturers of this amazing product as presto promises, but it also provides many of the extra facilities that made me take the buying decision instantly. For instance, the skillet surface is designed in a way which distributes equally all around. The attached heat controller enables the cook to change the temperature as needed. This option comes very handy if you are dedicated to preparing the perfect dish for your own family as I am.You can also call it presto foldaway griddle as it will also fulfill your cookware as a griddle. Now you do not have to have numerous griddles and skillets in the kitchen to prepare different kind of fries and grills.

What are current owners plus experienced cook’s say about presto foldaway skillet

What makes presto 16 inch electric foldaway skillet one of the best selling products of Presto and top selling skillet on is good will to provide what it promises. In fact, this is one of the few products in its category that has the most impressive reviews which will make any skillet manufacturer and user of skillet from other brands jealous. As thus makes it the most perfect cookware to refer to the once who will only settle for perfection in cooking and nothing else.At the time of writing this review presto 06857 16-inch electric foldaway skillet has been sold for more than 193 times and have been rated 4.7 stars out of 5. I was very impressed to see that 159 buyers from 193 has rated the product 5 stars with pretty impressive reviews. Costing only $49 for the current special offer this beautiful buffet server plus skillet has already impressed the buyers who have taken the buying decision on their first look.

  • “It cooks the food evenly. This skillet does not have cold spot or overly heated spot”-Lynn DeBolt
  • “Cooks evenly and the non-stick surface makes cooking and after cleaning easy”-K. Housman
  • “Very impressive and perfectly working cookware. Non-stick surface helps to cook things easier and again the design is Awesome”-Annemarie Lobo

Again with all these highly impressed cooks telling the true experience of using presto 16 inch electric foldaway skillet, I have also found some not so good reviews about the skillet. Only one customer complained that his food was not evenly cooked. But another expert cook said that as a cook, you have to know how to place the ingredients properly in a cookware making them cook perfectly. As different ingredients need different time limits to be cooked properly.

In short

I am truly amazed to see that presto 06857 16-inch electric foldaway skillet delivers what it promised, which most of the renowned brand lacks now a days. With excellent design as a skillet plus a buffet server, this skillet also tops my list as the most easily washable skillet I have in my kitchen. Not only me, maximum buyers of this very useful cookware have praised it utilizes highly in amazon and made it highly referable to the cooks and cookware lovers who will only settle for perfection and nothing else.

#4. Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

The # 1 time saving electric skillet on the market

After spending a lot of time in the kitchen full of griddles and skillets, I realized that it is time to go out there and find the solution for a healthy and comfortable kitchen. I started looking around in supermarkets and online in online stores to find the best cookware that can help me make my cook a lot of food at once plus takes minimum kitchen space. I love cooking food for my family, and I enjoy buying the latest cookware to make my cooking an enjoyable work. What I have learned from my 5 years of experience is that you have to two very important qualities in an efficient cookware to make the right buying decision.

  • One: Option to check the food’s status time to time.
  • Two: Option to cook more food in less time perfectly.

After searching among more than hundreds of cookware from various manufacturers I finally decided to go for Presto 06852 16-inch electric skillet with glass cover.

Is the presto 16 inch electric skillet right for you?

Here are the Features of the Presto 06852 electric skillet with glass cover:

  • Tempered Glass cover helps to check the current status of the food easier. This also makes cooking easier for newbie’s.
  • Less time. Presto 06852 electric skillet is highly recommended for those who have a stuffed kitchen with lots of skillet and grills.
  • Flat surface for even heat distribution provides benefits to cook food to perfection. Even heat distribution helps to avoid side of the pans burning the foods or having to eat raw foods in the meal.
  • Best and very reasonable price among all the skillet of its kind. It provides the best quality Glass cover with easy to control remote and non-sticky surface at the most economically friendly price. You will not get all of these options in a single skillet in such an amazing price.
  • You can easily wash the skillet in a general Dishwasher So no need to clean it separately. Plus you can serve your meal on the skillet straight at the dining table, saving the time to serve it on plates.
  • The round heat controller is very easy to use. The knob with clear temperature indicator printed over it helps to control the temperature as needed. Now cooking delicate dishes is easier and the fear of foods getting burned is over.

Why choose Presto 16-inch electric skillet?

It is not only a cookware but also a cooking solution that provides ease of use and excellent cooking experience. With presto 06852 electric skillets, I got both of my needed functionality within a single cookware. As you know controlling the heat and taking the food out of the heat essential while grilling, braising, roasting. I never liked the skillet with steel or aluminum covers as because you have to roast with it depending on your consciousness. Because of the glass cover I can easily check my food in presto 06852, and it helps me a lot to cook my food perfectly each time before it gets burnt. The glass cover also helps to keep the fragrance and flavor intact within the food.Cooking more is easier with presto 06852 electric skillet. Now I can cook more in less time with less cookware. Before buying prestoI needed various kitchen wares such as electric griddles and skillet to prepare the perfect meal for the house guests. Now I can cook the perfect meal and serve it like a buffet dinner on the table with ease as presto 16 electric skillets with glass cover 06852 has a 16 inch cooking surface. Because of its evenly distributable heat surface food remains hot and tasty for a longer time.

What users are saying about presto 16 electric skillet with glass cover 06852:

Presto 06852 electric skillet is an excellent and one of the highest sold skillet in the market. Presto electric skillet reviews are very impressive, and the numbers of high appreciation are very overwhelming too. At the time of writing this review this all-rounder skillet has been sold over 600 times in With 601 customer reviews. This product has the rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 which is very impressive. 434 customers have rated this product 5 stars which prove that this product delivers what it promises.

Here are some of the highly satisfied owners of the presto 6852 skillet 16-inch electric:

  • Excellent cookware. This skillet delivers what is promised and worth every penny- Anna Lee
  • Attractive, elegant and very easy to clean up quickly- Beach Baby MEB
  • The best electric skillet on the market and highly recommended for any cook and kitchen- Sandra Kane

We have also found very few reviews from not-so-satisfied customers of presto Wok. They were dissatisfied about the glass cover which was not as fixed d as general skillets have.In the later discussion following this complain I have found that this option has been deliberately provided in the skillet so that it becomes easier for the cook to check the foods current condition at times during cooking. By taking the lid of checking the food time to time also helps the inner pressure and heat of the skillet to release which also helps to save your glass lids from getting damaged as well.At the time of writing this review this impressive presto 6852 skillet 16-inch electric is available on for $29 only that saves almost $30.99 as the list price of the skillet is $59.99. With free shipping option available, the numbers of presto wok owners are increasing every day. With 1-years of warranty and sustainable customer satisfaction, it is clear that Presto 16-inch electric skillet with glass cover delivers what it promises, and that is what makes it getting recommended to all by its users.

#5. Oster DuraCeramic Electric Skillet CKSTSKFM12W-ECO

Designer top quality 12 inch skillet

During my recent visit to the local cookware store with my friend Catharine, Oster CKSTSKFM12 12-Inch Electric Skillet, Black. If you are bored of regular looking skillets and cookwares and looking for something unique and exceptional then this non stick electric skillet is a must buy for you.As a cook, I find unique cookwares a must have thing in my shopping list. I am not so easy to impress as I find every detail about good and bads about a skillet before buying it. There was no exception while buying the Oster CKSTSKFM12. I did a thorough research on this oster 12-inch electric skillet before making the decision to go for it. Today I have put on a short review on Oster CKSTSKFM12 12-Inch Electric Skillet, Black for all who are interested in buying designer skillets.

Benefits of buying Oster CKSTSKFM12

Oster is a renowned brand in local cookware store for their innovative designer cookware. Where most of the skillet producers concentrate on producing skillets of different sizes, Oster heavily concentrates on the concept of bringing easily usable, long lasting skillets that looks stunning and attractive.

Unique functionality

Almost all the skillets these days looks almost the same. It has been almost a year since I have noticed any drastic design changes in the skillet industry. But Oster skillet are the ones that have brought design variety in their product. The skillet which we are talking about today is a 12-inch large skillet which is best for cooking a meal for two. This non-stick cookware has been designed in a way so that it heats up quickly and evenly. So no more cold spots or burn spots in the meal, that’s for sure.The unique thing about this skillet is that its temperature control probe is removable, which is very rare among popular skillets found in the market. If you use the skillet top on the dining table as a server on the dining table it looks beautiful. It also makes cleaning and using the skillet easier than ever. So if you ask me this is one of the easy to use skillet which I have in my kitchen.

Stunning design

The first thing that will attract you as a skillet buyer about this oster 12-inch electric skillet is its stunning design. You will not find another skillet which is designed so delicately keeping the art and passion of cooking in mind. From top to bottom it has the elegance factor all over it.The first thing is the tempered glass lid which is designed in a way so that you can easily check the status of the meal without opening the lid. I have seen a lot of skillets that has tempered glass lids which gets covered by heat within 1-2 minutes of cooking, making it impossible to check the current status of the meal getting cooked in the skillet. The lid used in oster 12-inch electric skillet is designed in a way does not allow heat smokes together on the upper portion of the skillet lid. As a result you always get a clear view of the meal during your cooking session.The next thing is the removable temperature control probe. It makes cooking and cleaning the skillet after cooking easier. I should mention that this is one of the very skillets which have temperature control probes that are easily removable and adjustable. I should also clear out that such type of temperature controller is perfectly capable of heating the skillet evenly as like the fixed one.Last but not the least is the designer skillet handles which are a thing that will catch your eye. There are two beautifully designed cool touch handles on both sides of the skillets which makes it easier to grab the skillet and move it as needed. It does not heat up and it is very comfortable to grab.

Perfect skillet for home cooks

If you are a home cook this non stick electric skillet is perfect for you. It is very easy to cook meals with it and it takes very little time to cook it perfectly. As I have already mentioned it heats up evenly and cooks the perfect meal every time without leaving any hot spots. The interior of the skillet has been designed so that the heat from the bottom is distributed evenly.In addition cleaning this skillet is very easy. The whole skillet is dishwasher friendly and as thus there is no need to clean it by hand. If you want a thorough clean then you can put the skillet and the lid separately and both of the parts will not wear off or get accidental scratches as because they are dishwasher friendly.

What oster ckstskfm12 users are saying

The reviews that I have found about oster ckstskfm12 in forums and blogs are highly impressive. For the best reviews on skillet I always go for amazon electric skillet reviews and this time what I have found about this electric skillet oster made this one an instant buy for me. On amazon this skillet is rated 4 out of 5 by 51 customer, where 27 of them rated at 5.

  • “Great skillet. Cooks fast and heats up evenly.”-Darren T. Yarbrough
  • “A versatile cookware”-Rita Schlosser
  • “Best buy for the price”-Theresa

These are some of the buyers who are very happy with their decision to buy this oster skillet. As you can see most of the customers highly appreciated the value of this skillet and recommended it to others.In recent times cookwares are not only for commodity but it is also a fashion ware that can increase the beauty of your kitchen decor a lot. From the day I bought this non stick electric skillet from amazon , I was simply amazed to see how good it complimented my kitchen. Beautiful design and cooking perfection, what more you can you desire from a skillet. From my experience of using Oster CKSTSKFM12 12-Inch Electric Skillet, Black I highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for a perfect skillet for his kitchen.

#6. Zojirushi EP-PBC10 Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet

  • Perfect non-stick titanium skillet for versatile use
  • It has been a long time since I have written reviews on the hottest and demandable cookwares in the market. As thus I visited several retail stores and also some of the e-commerce site to find out the top skillet that is enjoying a number of satisfied customers in the market.

After reviewing more than 20 skillets I have found Zojirushi EP-PBC10 Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet to be the top of the top class skillet line that is highly recommendable by the cookware enthusiastic. So today I have a short review on what the things you must know before buying a Zojirushi electric skillet ep-pbc10.

The Zojirushi gourmet d expert electric skillet- The origin

Zojirushi has been producing top quality long lasting skillet for more than 80 years. Not like general brands their skillets have a unique design and quality. What I have heard the brand value of this company is so trustworthy that in many cases people buy Zojirushi skillet just hearing the name of the manufacturer or looking the logo of the company on the package.Zojurishi has brought unique designer skillet in the market which is a mentionable sales strategy which most of the skillet producers still lack. While most skillet producers are still producing skillets that have general look, the Zojirushi electric skillets has the x-factor in them that pursue the customer to buy it on the first look.By keeping the busy lifestyle of today’s cooks in mind most of the Zojirushi skillet is designed in a way so that it can be easily used and makes cooking experience a breeze. If you want proof of their skill in producing modern skillet just get a Zojirushi electric skillet ep-pbc10 and you will understand how serious Zojirushi is in terms of continuing their legacy as the top quality modern skillet producer.

Features of Zojirushi ep-pbc10

When I read the reviews and specification of this skillet, I have found that there is more that what meets the general eye. Not only this skillet has been designed beautifully but the specifications embedded on this skillet proves that it has been designed to make the cooking experience of the skillet user as easy as possible. Here are some of the features that caught my eyes about this cookware:

  • Large 13.9 by 14.2 inch skillet that is suitable for cooking a meal for a regular family of 4.
  • A versatile skillet with which you can stew, grill and also prepare your favorite fries as well
  • It has an adjustable temperature controller which is highly helpful while you are cooking and want to turn the temperature high or low. The controller is very smooth and responsive. As a result you will not find any dilemma while controlling the skillet heat with the controller.
  • For easier handling the outside handles are made in a way which keeps them cool all-time. So it is easy to grab the skillet to take it from one place to the and also to remove the cooking pan quickly and safely.

On the feature list provided with the skillet, there was no mention of how easy or difficult it is to clean the skillet after cooking. By reading the user reviews I have found that this skillet is very easy to clean as there is no difficult corner on which it will be tough for you to reach.

Pros and cons of ep-pbc10:

Zojirushi EP-PBC10 Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet is one of the most sold skillets of popular retail stores and e-commerce sites. This has happened only because of its quality. But all product in the market have positive and negative things. Here are the pros and cons of ep-pbc10 which will help you to make a buying decision about the skillet.

What we liked

  • Top quality versatile skillet
  • Large skillet to prepare a whole meal
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Heats up evenly
  • Free quick start recipe guide to help new skillet users

What we didn’t like

  • A temperature controller is more responsive than usual skillets. So reading the manual and recipe book carefully is highly recommended.
  • Does not have designed and color options like general skillets to choose from

If you are a cookwares enthusiastic like I am, you must know that it is always suggested to read at least 15 reviews before making the decision before buying a skillet. I have always followed this advice and have always succeeded to point out the perfect skillet in the market. By looking in the review for customers currently using a Zojirushi electric skillet, it looks like spending the money to get a Zojirushi skillet worth every penny.

What current customers are saying about Zojirushi ep-pbc10?

I have found that this skillet has been rated 4.6 out of 5 by 30 customer reviews where 21 of them rated this skillet 5 out of 5, which is very impressive. Here are some of the reviews that I have found very helpful and trustworthy:

  • Heats up evenly. Now I can cook my meals quicker than ever-Drew Gagliano
  • Nothing like your general day to day skillets. Highly recommendable-Nika S
  • Best versatile skillet ever. Planning to buy another one-Ollie

Beside such reviews from current enthusiastic customers I have also found one mediocre review where the customer suggested that he is having problem with the auto shut down button which is supposed to work, but currently not working. What I have found in other reviews customers got everything what they were promised. So in case of such unwanted accident. It is highly recommended to contact the Zojirushi customer support As soon as possible.From grilling to making mouth watering stew you can cook anything with this skillet as this has the perfect functionalities of a versatile skillet. While I was reviewing the stores with all of them I found Zojirushi electric skillet ep-pbc10 nearly out of stock. Such scenario proves how much popular this skillet is. And by reading all the reviews it is proved that if you are looking for a complete cooking solution this skillet is for you.

#7. Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d’Expert 1350-Watt Electric Skillet

Large skillet with multi-functionality

My friend Sharron was not an expert in cooking but her days was going really well as she used to cook delicious cook for both of them. Last week her friend moved to another place and suddenly Sharron was in a lot of trouble. She came to me for advice on what would be the best skillet for her to get so that she can cook her meal easily. I remember one of my coluge getting Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d’Expert 1350-Watt Electric Skillet for herself recently and told me that it made her cooking like an expert in no time. I suggested Sharron to go to Zojirushi ep-rac50 gourmet d’ expert as well. The first thing she asked me what is so great about this skillet? Today I am going to tell you exactly the thing I should her that day which made her getting a Zojirushi electric skillet ep rac50 instantly. If you are interested to know more about this versatile skillet, let’s begin

Features of Zojirushi ep-rac50

Why prefer Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d’Expert 1350-Watt Electric Skillet as a general skillet for the newbie cooks is that it is designed to suite the once who wants to cook easily and quickly. Zojirushi has designed this skillet keeping general cooking in mind.

Here are some of the features that will make cooking with skillet a breeze:

  • 1350 watt skillet is popular for even and perfect cooking experience. It is both energy saving and also helps the skillet to cook and also to keep the food warm enough to be stored and served in later time.
  • Titanium ceramic has been used to produce this skillet as thus it does remain cool
  • It comes with coated flat plate so that you can easily make a grill. If you are grilling lover this is a huge money saver for as you do not need to spend extra money for buying grills
  • If you are more into soups than it is highly recommendable for you as it comes with deep dish inner pan that is very much suitable to prepare fondue and soups. If you browse on the internet for Zojirushi electric skillet ep rac50 then you will see how amazing it looks when you prepare soup using this skillet.
  • The temperature controller is very easy to use. In most skillet like this that I have seen in the market temperature controller is too complicated to use because of the shape. In this skillet it is very easy to use.

Why should you choose ep-rac50?

Easy usability

As I have said this skillet is designed to make cooking easier. From size to shape this skillet has it all as it is a complete cooking solution. This is 15 by 17 inch large skillet so you an cook your food easily with this skillet. It saves a lot of your cooking time and it heats up evenly so that you get your meal ready to eat on time.Another maintainable fact about the usability ep-rac50 is that it is very easy to handle and cook with it. Most of they buyer of Zojirushi electric skillet ep rac50 at first thinks that it will be difficult to hold and move from one place to another. That is where they are wrong. The handles of the skillet stay cool always. As a result you can grab the handles any time during your cooking session.

Best value purchase

This is not only a skillet but a cooking solution. This is a versatile skillet, from fondue to soup you can prepare anything in this skillet. As I have mentioned in the skillet you will also get a nonstick coated flat plate from grilling as well. To help you startup quickly this skillet comes up with a recipe book where you will find easy-to-follow instructions on how to cook delicious cook with Zojirushi ep-rac50 gourmet expert.By looking into the vast usefulness of ep-rac50 it is proved that Zojirushi has always continued their legacy of providing top quality skillets with Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d’Expert 1350-Watt Electric Skillet.

What cooks are saying about Zojirushi ep-rac50?

In my cookware buying process I always spend some time browsing on forums and cookware sites to see the reviews provided by the current users of the product.I have found that this skillet is rated 4.5 out of 5 among the top-class skillet section and have 40 customer reviews till now among which 30 of them rated the skillet 5 out of 5. Among this review here are some of the reviews that caught my eye and helped to make the decision to buy ep-rac50.

  • Best value purchase ever. I’ll buy another one soon-Jeremi
  • Great performance so far. Heats up quickly and very easy to use. R.S Pommet
  • Multi-Tasker. Perfect for small and medium size kitchen-KYP

Among all this 5 rated reviews I have found only one review with 1 rating where the customer was dissatisfied about the size of the skillet. He wished to have a smaller skillet in his small kitchen and highly recommended to all those who are looking for a perfect skillet to cook the whole meal in a single skillet for their family of four.You might wonder why I haven’t written anything bad about this skillet. I have not because there is not any. A large size skillet that is easy to use and perfect for multi-tasking and delivers what it promises. My friend is using the skillet for last 3 to 4 days and she is loving it. As I have seen the skillet in action I know how perfect it is. So like all others I am also suggesting Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d’Expert 1350-Watt Electric Skillet as a perfect cooking solution for you.

#8. Beautiful Cucinapro 1454 Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

The skillet for simplicity and perfection

I have learned to cook from my mom and to me she is the best cook ever. She loves cooking and have been preparing some of the most wonderful dishes I have ever tested in my life. Recently I visited her and we cooked a lot together. I saw my mom continuously using the cucinapro 1454 to prepare meals for our family members and friends and when asked about how this cucinapro electric skillet is, in one word she said “Very nice skillet, you should get one”.After hearing the compliments from my mother and watching her cook meals with perfection every time I got curious about the CucinaPro 1454 Stainless Steel Round cookware and googled about it to know more about what it has that makes this skillet so perfect.

Why cucinapro 1454 is a perfect skillet

There are lots of best electric skillet reviews where the review writer suggested residential and commercial cooks to go for cucinapro electric skillet. I searched more and more to know more about the details of this Classic Electric Skillet 16 Inch. And here what I have found:

Design and quality

CucinaPro is a leading and renowned cookware manufacturer in the market who are widely popular for their beautiful and long lasting cookwares. They use the highest quality stainless steel to to produce the product and also keeps design details in mind. As for the CucinaPro 1454 Stainless Steel Round they continued their legacy to produce top quality Classic Electric Skillet 16 Inch with stunning design.There are different types and standard of stainless steels which has been used in producing cookwares but not stainless steels ensure longevity and quality. The 18/10 polish stainless is not only ensures longevity and quality into the product but it also brings an elegant look for the skillet as well. The interior surface of the skillet heats evenly removing the chances preparing an undercooked meal to serve. My mother is using this skillet for almost a year and still the color did not wear off and she added that there was no bad steel or metal odor in the meal, that one might get while using cheap quality steel cookwares for preparing meals.As I have described the first time you will lay your eyes on the you will realize that the skillet has been designed keeping customer usability in mind. This is one of the largest skillet in the market and it has been designed in a way so that you can cook the meal for four at once. The borders of the skillet are smoothly rounded. As a result it is easy to pour sauce or any liquid from the skillet without accidental extra dripping. There is a simple light transparent glass cover on the top which completes the overall look of the skillet. The glass cover helps to monitor the state of the meal while you cook. I should add that this skillet is so beautiful that you can also present it on the dinner table as a buffet server as well.


A cucinapro electric skillet is designed and produced keeping usability and customer satisfaction in mind. While researching all the best electric skillet reviews regarding cucinapro has praised their expertise in making amazing cookwares that make cooking easier than ever. The cucinapro 1454 has two rounded handles that make grabbing the skillets easiest. The heat controller is placed outside the skillet border as such it is easier to control the skillet heat while you cook the perfect meal for dinner or lunch.The top quality stainless steel helps to heat up the skillet quickly and perfectly. As a result you will be able to cook your dishes quicker than ever. The skillet comes with temperature probe technology that ensures total control over the skillets temperature.

What best electric skillet reviews say about CucinaPro 1454 Stainless Steel Round

I have found this skillet to be one of the most highly recommended skillets in cooking forums and cooking enthusiastic blogs.This skillet got 4.3 out of 5 rating from 71 customer reviews. I have collected some of the reviews from real moms and cooks who are using this skillet for long. Here what they say:

  • “The perfect skillet to use in deep fryer and crock pot.”-FNU MNU LNU
  • “Delivers what it promises, cucinapro is the best”-Gus
  • “Best and most prettiest skillet ever”-Patsie

Beside so many good reviews I have found one or two not so good reviews about this Classic Electric Skillet 16 Inch cookware. Some of the customer told that there skillet did not work after 1 year. At first I was shocked to see such review and then when I read the whole review I found out that they company provided necessary services to solve the problem which the customer was having with the skillet and the problem was solved quickly. This is also a nice example of helpful service cucinapro provides to its customers.

Why I bought a cucinapro 1454?

I love cooking perfectly cooked meals for my family like most perfect cooks love to do. I love the smile I see on my guests when they eat my tasty meals and praise about my cooking. I saw my mom cooking perfect meals with CucinaPro 1454 Stainless Steel Round. I also came across best electric skillet reviews where all are highly recommending this wonderful cookware for others. With so many good words how can I resist getting a cucinapro 1454? I am using the skillet for almost a month and like all others I have also fallen in love with this Classic Electric Skillet 16 Inch. I highly recommend it to those who love cooking the best meals each and every time.

#9. Precise Heat KTES4 Stainless Steel Surgical Electric Skillet

#1 top quality Skillet within budget

Not all skillets are expensive, and it is not necessary that you have to spend a fortune every time you shop for a skillet. Now with precise heat 16-inch rectangular surgical stainless steel electric skillet you can get a beautiful surgical stainless steel skillet below $100.I am a big fan of skillets as it is easier to prepare a meal for them and it is easier to clean. But as I was going through some branded skillets in the local retail shops I found out that most of the good skillets require a fortune. With all the information and offers I almost got annoyed by the concept of the skillets as they were too expensive. Then I started cooking using pans which was more of a pain than pleasure. So I started browsing through the net to find a good quality skillet within my budget. I searched for the best skillet deal. And as always it did not let me down. I found precise heat stainless steel electric skillet which was within my budget, and I was very satisfied with the decision I have made to buy this skillet.

What I get with precise heat 16-Inch?

With every purchase of precise heat electric skillet, you not only get a top quality skillet but a complete cooking solution. How is that? With each purchase of this beautiful skillet you will get:

  • 16 inch skillet which is made of industrial top quality surgical stainless steel. Not all skillets are made out of great quality steel. As thus this one ensures long durability and freshness of your meal.
  • Easy to use heat controller is very helpful if you want to cook the perfect meal for your family and guests. The heat controller is easy to place, and the knob is precise and handy. As a result, you can easily change the temperature of the skillet as needed.
  • This 16-inch stainless steel electric skillet is Electrical Testing Laboratories marked, which means that this skillet is one of the fastest growing cookwares in the market. And it is a common trend in the market for only the best products to enjoy an increased number of customers at a high rate.
  • This skillet comes up with 5 year warranty which means that you get cordial support from the manufacturer if something goes unintentionally wrong with the skillet

These are some of the major reasons why this easy to use large size / big size stainless steel electric skillet was an instant buy for me.My experience using a precise heat electric skillet is a breeze. For me, I think this is one of the cookware buying decision that I have made. I am using this stainless steel electric skillet without non stick coating for almost a year and here what my experience has been

Why surgical stainless steel is so important?

I have found this skillet to be one of the most sold in budget 16-inch stainless steel electric skillet in the market. This is happening because all the other cookwares and skillets within this budget have a cheap quality stainless steel used in the making. They are light and lose its color and temper very quickly. As a result as a cook I don’t recommend them at all. What is worse is that the cheap quality aluminum and lightweight steel tempers the fragrance and taste of the meal prepared within. As a result, many of my colleagues have complained about getting bad odor or UN soothing fragrance and taste from the meals they made with cookwares made with low quality steel.Precise heat 16-inch rectangular surgical stainless steel electric skillet is made of industry top quality Surgical stainless steel, which is refined in a way so that it does not lose its tempers and stay beautiful as much as possible. My experience in cooking with this precise heat stainless steel electric skillet was highly enjoying as I have never found any bad odor or imperfect meal while cooking with this 16 inch large skillet.

What is Etl and why it matters?

Etl or the Electronic Testing Laboratories mark ensures the industrial quality and fastest growing product in the market. There are very few skillets that have ETL certification and this large size / big size stainless steel electric skillet from precise is one them. This certification is only given to the skillets that maintain the industrial quality production and also have the potential to become the best-selling product of the year. I saw the Etl certification mark on the top of the skillet’s packaging and I browsed in the internet to know more about it. When I learned what an Etl certification represents this skillet made into the top of my buying list.

Best skillet for the money and time conscious cooks

If you are looking for a skillet that will save you a lot of cooking time and help you get rid of any of your extra cookwares then precise heat ktes4 is the one you should go for. This is a very large skillet so you can cook the whole meal for your family at once. There is no need to prepare the meal part by part using different cookwares.There are lots of cookwares that cost under $100. But I have found most of them made out of cheap materials and from numerous brands which are not trustworthy at all. I love the smile I see in my family members and guests face when they enjoy a beautifully prepared meal which I prepare with my precise heat stainless steel electric skillet. As a money saver, I bought numerous economically friendly skillets before and none of them are as good as this one.I found this skillet highly versatile. From grilling to frying you can do it all using this Large size / big size stainless steel electric skillet. So now you can also save more time that you used to waste in cooking dozens of cookwares.For below $100 budget cookware, precise heat 16-inch rectangular surgical stainless steel electric skillet is surely an instant buy. You will never get a skillet amazing as this one in so least price. From my experience I highly recommend this versatile precise heat stainless steel electric skillet for anyone who is looking for a perfect skillet to prepare a family meal within budget.

#10. Precise Heat 3-1/2-Quart Surgical Stainless-Steel Oil Core Skillet

Perfect Oil Core Skillet for your kitchen

Among all the general designed skillets Precise Heat 3-1/2-Quart Surgical Stainless-Steel Oil Core Skillet caught my eyes. Not only for its unique design but this skillet is also the top favorite of oil core skillet for Wok lovers. From the world renowned skillet manufacturer Precise this is an excellent skillet that is currently leading the US skillet market. I have found lots of great detailed reviews of this skillet and thought of compiling all of them in a single review. If you are excited about this oil core skillet as I am let’s get started.

Precise Stainless steel oil core skillet

The main reason to choose an oil core skillet is that it is high versatility. Because of such options you can fry, roast, broil and braise your meal using this one skillet. These skillet heats up quickly and puts a touch of elegance in your cookware. Another reason for many people opting for oil core skillet over the electric ones is that they have a distinctive design which most of the electric ones lack in general. Here are two of the most popular reasons why many people are choosing Precise Heat 3-1/2-Quart Surgical Stainless-Steel Oil Core Skillet over popular electric skillets.This Precise skillet is made up of surgical quality stainless steel which is highly rust and corrosion protection. Not only are that as a common feature such skillets well renowned for their highly polished layer and high longevity as well.Oil core functionality is the second reason why this skillet is highly popular among skillet shoppers. Oil core means that this skillet has been designed using a layer of liquid silicon oil that is injected within the outer and inner layer of the skillet with precision. This layer of silicon oil helps to heat up the skillet quickly and evenly, as a result making your cooking more efficient. Because of this layer the inner heat of the skillet stays longer than any other general stainless steel skillets electric.

Features of Precise Heat 3-1/2-Quart Surgical Stainless-Steel Oil Core Skillet

This 18 by 14 inch, 14 pound oil core skillet has some magnificent features which makes it a unique skillet in the market. Here are some of the features which I have found to be highly useful to the cooks who loves perfection

  • The oil core helps to heat up the skillet quickly and evenly making the cooking period shorter.
  • Equipped stay cool handles and knobs makes usability of this skillet easier
  • The main element of this skillet is the surgical stainless steel which is highly beneficial for grease less cooking. If you more into cooking a juicy meal this skillet is for you.
  • Beautiful mirror reflection layer makes this skillet one of the most beautiful oil core skillet in the market.
  • Extended 5 years product warranty on electric component makes using the skillet more comfortable.

Pros and cons of 1/2-Quart Surgical Precise Heat skillet

I have gone through a lot of websites and forums to find out what customers have to say about this oil core electric skillet. By reviewing almost 40 user reviews I have found some of very positive and also some negative points of this skillet.

What we liked

  • Most beautiful oil core electric skillet in the market
  • Best quality oil core skillet in the market

What we didn’t like

  • Difficult to use than a normal skillet. As this skillet is made of oil core rather than general steel based heating cores. So it is always recommended to read the skillet manual before using it for the first time

Customer review on 1/2-Quart Surgical Precise Heat

This 12¼ skillet has some of the most impressive customer reviews in the market. By the time I am reading this review this skillet has got 43 customer reviews and 28 of them rated at 5 out of 5 on Amazon rating. In total this skillet has been rated 4.2 out of 5 which puts this skillet on the top its category. After reading half of the reviews posted on by the people who have bought this skillet from, here are some of the reviews which I have found pretty helpful in making the decision of buying this oil core skillet.

  • “A great versatile oil core skillet. You can cook all sorts of meal by this single skillet”-Lee
  • “A heavy duty skillet. Cleaning and cooking has become easier than ever”-Cheri Harmon
  • “Learning to cook with it seemed difficult at first. Now it has become a breeze. Best electric cookware in the market”-Wayne Hoover

Beside this highly positive review I have also found some reviews where they have mentioned some of the not-so-good sides of this oil core electric skillet. Some of the customers have said that they have found grease marks on the inner bottom of the skillet which was really hard to get rid of. They used hot water to scrub the stain off. Another group of customer complained that they have found the usability of the heater knob difficult than normal skillets. In later discussion they have strongly suggested to read the manual thoroughly before using the skillet.Every skillet that I have found or brought from the market has good sides and bad sides. I am sure that you will also agree with me that there is no product in the market which does not have in flaws only positive sides. But for this oil core skillet the positive features of this skillet seem to be much more useful and attention grabbing then its negative sides. Most of the reviews of this fine oil core electric skillet which I have found all through the internet was highly positive. Another major point is that most of the current users of this stainless steel electric skillets, highly recommended this cookware to others as the most versatile skillet and a top of its class.

In Conclusion To Best Electric Skillets:

We know that it’s not an easy job to find the best electric skillet from e-commerce websites when you have to choose one and best. Every brand claims that they are the best but who will tell the truth? We will, and we have already.We created this list of top electric skillets just to make your job easy. We hope you chose your piece. Now, thanks for walking with us till here. Thanks Bye.

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