Oster CKSTSKFM-1216R Electric Skillet Reviews

Large Electric Skillet for whole family

Last week it was my sister’s birthday. She is just starting her married life. She loves to invite guests to dinner and loves to cook wonderful meals for all. Just after I got the birthday invitation I thought to myself what would be the best gift for her? I made a list of some items and a beautiful perfect skillet came on top. So I gave her Oster 12-Inch by 16-Inch Electric Skillet. Today she called me to tell that it was the best gift ever.

Why I chose oster 16-inch electric skillet?

As I made my mind to give my sister a beautiful skillet for her birthday I started browsing through the internet to find out a skillet which should have all the qualities of a perfect skillet. By visiting numerous sites of leading cookware manufacturers and reading blogs and forums about cooking enthusiasts, I decided to go with oster 16-inch electric skillet. Let me tell you why I went for an oster electric skillet:

  • This is an extra large electric skillet that comes in 12 by 16 inch size. If you are looking for a large skillet with which you can comfortably cook the perfect meal for guests and family members then this is the skillet you should go for.
  • Every corner of the skillet proves that it has been designed keeping usability and elegance in mind. The skillet has a beautiful finish and the heat controller is removable so that you can serve the skillet in the table as a buffet server.
  • The skillet comes in red color, where most of the popular skillets come in black or aluminium coating. If you want something unique and eye-catching for your kitchen then this is the thing for you.
  • The skillet is dishwasher friendly. As thus no-need to spend extra time to cleaning the skillet after cooking dinner or lunch.

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Pros and cons of Oster 12-Inch by 16-Inch Electric Skillet?

The most positive of this skillet is that it is made by Oster who are producing quality cookware for more than 92 years. Till today this is one of the cookware manufacturers who have sustained a great reputation in the market for providing cooks cookware made up of top quality stainless steel. But there is no product without cons. Here are some of the major pros and cons of this oster electric skillet:

What we liked

  • 12 inch by 16 inch extra large electric skillet that is perfect for preparing a meal for four
  • Beautiful red design with special features like removable temperature control and cool touch handles.
  • Heats up quickly and the skillet bottom distributes heat evenly
  • Dishwasher friendly parts

What we didn’t like

  • In case of any unwanted accident the parts are not easily available in the market. You have to contact Oster with warranty card about it
  • Only comes in red color.

These are some of the most discussed pros and cons that I have found on Amazon.com.If you are interested to read more of the reviews you can get them by visiting amazon.com. It is highly recommended to read at least 10 reviews to get the perfect picture of the skillet. If you want to look for only pros then you might miss the cons and after reading at least 10 reviews you will be able to get a picture of how much value you can by buying this Oster electric griddle with the money you spent. I have collected all the major attributes about the skillet in the review so if you ask my suggestion I would say this review is enough for making the decision about getting an Oster 12-inch electric skillet to cook the perfect meal for your family.

What Oster electric skillet reviews say?

It is always a good idea to search for what current users have said about a cookware before making the decision to go for it. I have always gone through this pre-buying process and it has never let me down. As I was eager to know more about the quality of this skillet I searched for oster electric skillet reviews on this extra large electric skillet. On amazon.com I have found that this skillet is one of the most favorite skillet ofthe cookware lovers mostly for its beautiful design and unique qualities that none of the other skillets possess. Oster has always made top quality skillet that is unique and far better than their competitors and in the case of this Oster 12-inch electric skillet they have done it again. On amazon this skillet is rated 4.1 out of 5 and has 46 customer review where 31 of them rated at 5 out of 5. Here are some of the Oster electric skillet reviews that I have found to be highly useful and trustworthy:

  • “Great skillet. Highly recommended to anyone who loves perfection” – Judy Kenaga
  • “One of the most attractive skillet in the market”-A. Faillo
  • “Colorful and very useful skillet”-Kyle J. Becker

Beside this many positive reviews I have also found some not so good reviews where one customer stated that the product caught fire. I have read the review thoroughly and found out that such incident can happen to any electronic skillet that is not properly cleaned or dried before using. As it heats up quickly for perfect cooking it is highly recommended to look for sparks and smokes coming from your skillet if you heat the skillet for too long.This skillet is one of the most sold skillet in amazon.com with impressive reviews for a reason. And from what I have found the reason is that this skillet delivers what it promises. Top quality cookware that looks beautiful to be used as a server on the buffet table. Among all the reviews that I have come across most of them recommended this skillet as for the ones who are looking for the perfect designer skillet that would make their cooking a breeze and would also compliment their home decor. If you have made up your decision to get an Oster 12-Inch by 16-Inch Electric Skillet then below is the link where you will find the latest discount of the product.

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