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Aroma afp-1600s Electric Skillet Reviews

Top quality pan shaped skillet

I am always a fan of light pan shaped cookware as they are easy to use and also have a beautiful outlook. Not that I am against the popular skillet, I just prefer going for a lightweight skillet that’s all. Recently I ordered aroma afp-1600s gourmet series stainless steel electric skillet and thought of writing a short straight forward review of it so that people who are looking for a high quality electric skillet can make a better buying decision.

From leading cookware brands like Aroma you demand nothing but excellence and top quality service. That is exactly what I felt when I laid my eyes on aroma afp-1600s. I instantly bought the skillet and truly speaking it did not let me down. With its superb versatility and perfect cooking assurance I am using it always and still now no regrets at all.

Top quality 18/10 skillet

As I have said I was looking for a skillet which did not have a non-stick coating like general skillets. I have several non-sticky once was interested in trying something new for a change. While I was going through the skillet category I found out that finding a cookware which is does not have a non-stick surface is very difficult to find. As a result, I found aroma afp-1600 to be the perfect skillet for me to go with.

This is a large 18/10 skillet which is as I have said already built with industrial top quality stainless steel. All the cookwares which claim to be made of stainless steel are not as qualified as it said. I have bought a skillet 1 year ago which said to be made with stainless steel brake and wore off just after a week of use. As a result, now I only settle for only top quality stainless steel cookware and nothing else.

How you know which one is best? Well you have to become an expert on this skill by using various kinds of stainless steel cookwares. Now days I can easily tell if a stainless cookware is top quality or not and I assure you that aroma afp-1600s gourmet series stainless steel electric skillet is exactly what it is said it would be. I am using it for a year and still it is as good as new.

Perfect cooked meal each and every time

What most skillets these days lack is an easy to use heat controller that makes your cooking an easy. I always prefer skillets which have heat controller in a flexible area where you can easily use the knob without getting burnt. The heat controller that comes with aroma stainless steel electric skillet is placed outside the skillet radius, which makes it easy to use anytime. You can control the heat of the skillet from 225 degrees to 425 degrees which is the idol temperature limit for cooking a meal for your spouse, family members, relatives and guests.

The top quality steel used in producing this stainless steel electric skillet 11 inch helps in distributing the skillet heat evenly around the skillet. This helps to remove the chance of preparing a meal without having cold spot or burnt areas.

How about the design?

The first thing about an aroma stainless steel electric skillet is the beautiful finish with ideal cooking and serving option. This large 18/10 skillet has a transparent glass cover on the top to make monitoring the meal while cooking easier than ever. The border of the skillet has a perfectly smooth finish which helps to avoid any unnecessary accident of spilling a dripping.

The outside layer of the skillet has a reflective aluminum finish which is very eye-catching and highly representable as a buffet server on the dining table. The handles are also perfectly designed so that you can comfortably grab the skillet as needed.

Pros and cons of aroma afp-1600s

I always do an online research before buying a product to know more about a product before buying a cookware. It helps me to get a clear idea about the pros and cons a cookware. Here is what I have found exactly about aroma afp-1600s gourmet series stainless steel electric skillet

What we liked

  • Large skillet made from high quality stainless steel that is made to last long
  • Gorgeous design to make it an instant buy at first sight.Highly recommended as a buffet server
  • Flexible and very easy to use heat/ temperature controller to ensure perfectly cooked meal each and every time.
  • Highly flexible skillet with which you can prepare all kinds of fried and grilled meals
  • Easy to clean and cook.

What we didn’t like

  • This is a large 18/10 skillet so if you have a small kitchen surface to cook then you will face difficulty to handle it nicely
  • This is not a non-stick cookware. If you are looking for a non-stick cookware then I recommend you to take a look at best selling non-stick skillets.

What users are saying about aroma stainless steel electric skillet:

As I have said I always do a pre-buying online research about a product before buying a cookware. While buying aroma electric skillet there was not any exception. Frankly speaking from an experienced cook’s perspective the customer reviews of aroma electric skillet which I have found on popular e-commerce sites are very impressive.

“Beautiful skillet and a versatile one too”-R. Curtis
“Great skillet. Easy to use and truly delivers what it promises”-Judi L schwartz
“Another great product from Aroma.”-Nina Newcomb
I have found that this stainless steel electric skillet 11 inch is rated 4 out of 5 by 70 customers, where 38 of them have given a 5 star rating for this product.

Besides having such great reviews I have come across a very few not so good reviews where customers have stated that this skillet heat up very quickly. From my experience and from various online cooking experiences I have found that the problem is that the heat controller has a 445 degree temperature set up by default when you unbox it. So I suggest everyone to take a look on the heat controller before preparing a meal on it.

Should you go for it?

Of course, you should. From my past 5 years of experience in cooking, I strongly suggest this skillet if you are looking for a perfect skillet which does not have non-sticky surface. If you love perfection and interested to cook the perfect meal each and every time then this skillet is for you and if you look online you will lots of happy customer reviews who are having a great time cooking with aroma afp-1600s gourmet series stainless steel electric skillet.

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