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IronMan Atis 3500 AB Training Inversion Table Reviews

The IronMan Atis 3500 AB training inversion table is one of Paradigm health’s higher-end models, listed just below the 4000 AB model. There are several reasons why we like this model (many of which are the exact same reasons why we like the ATIS 4000 as they are almost the exact same machine with a few small differences we will discuss below), but mainly we like it because of the easy to reach ankle locking system (good for those with bad backs and can’t bend over) and because of the ability to perform a variety of inverted exercises. You don’t typically get both of these features in one machine.

What we liked

  • Variety – the table is good for everyone. If you can’t bend over you have the easy ankle system, if you want to do inverted sit-ups or other exercises you can. This is great for homes where more than one person wants/needs to use the inversion table but has different goals in mind than the other.
  • We like the thick foam back rest – it’s very comfortable for those who need it.
  • Ankle ratchet system is easy-to-reach, which is good for limited mobility issues
  • ‘Smart Gear’ locking system lets you preset any one of 10 different max inversion angles

What we liked

We have three main issues with this table, which prevented us from ranking it above the Teeter inversion tables:

  • NOT UL 1647 TESTED. Yes, the table is rated to support people up to 320 lbs, which we like. However, we wish that Paradigm would put their tables through the same testing as Teeter does.
  • Difficulty setting up – expect to spend more than 1 hour putting this one together
  • No fold-up capability. This isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just not optimal for someone who doesn’t have a dedicated fitness room / area where they can put the machine because it’s BIG (good for sturdiness, but not for storage).

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When it comes to ease of use, we really like what the Atis 3500 does in terms of making the table easy to use for those who:

  • Have back problems and can’t bend over very well
  • Have no problems and want an extreme inversion workout

Having both these features makes the table very easy to use no matter who you are – and that wins points with us. Just like the the Atis 4000 model, the 3500 does a great job with both of these functions. With the easy to reach ankle locking system you don’t have to bend all the way down to your knees to lock yourself in. The ankle supports are comfortable (but not as comfortable as the ones you get with the 4000 model).

In terms of workouts, it’s extremely easy to stretch out in unique and safe ways using the handles that are built into the base of the machine (unique to Ironman BTW). It’s also very easy to set the exact angle you wish to invert to using the “Smart Gear” system (however, as much as we like that system, it still makes us a little nervous in terms of what would happen if it failed, but just a very, very little bit). The reason why the Ironman 3500 did not get perfect marks for ease of use is simple:

  • It doesn’t fold up, meaning you have to have a fairly large space to leave this set up in
  • It takes more time than what we would like to spend in putting it together

The Ironman ATIS 3500 AB inversion table is very similar to the 4000. There are however a few key differences that we thought important to highlight upfront:

  • The ankle locking system and padding is just a little bit different – and by different we mean not quite as good (the 4000 model comes with what they call ‘comfortor’ ankle holders
  • No ‘accessories’ mini bucket attached to the side (i.e. a place to put keys or cell phone) – we think this is kind of stupid in the first place, and not a big deal at all

Other than that, the 3500 comes with the following features:

  • Oval tubing steel frame that supports up to 320 lbs of weight
  • Ability to adjust for heights up to 6′ 6″
  • Patent-pending “Smart Gear” system that allows you to lock in any one of 10 different inversion angles and prevents you from ‘falling’ all the way to full inversion
  • “Ankle Ratchet” system that easily and comfortably locks in your feet, and is easy to reach for those who are mobility challenged
  • Extra padded back rest (2.5″ thick foam) that is quite comfortable and nice when not fully inverting or performing inverted sit-ups and crunches
  • Ability to invert and lock in the full inverted position (180 degrees) for more intense inversion therapy and exercises (we think this is a MUST in an inversion table)
  • Hand grips on the base of the platform that allow you to do even more stretching than normal (we love this feature)
  • Safety handles that make it easy to come back to starting position safely
  • Rubber foot stabilizers to ensure non-slipping and stability

This is a very strong, sturdy machine. With the ability to support up to 320 pounds it can do the job for just about anyone. We also like it’s wide base and extra thick steel tubing. However, We still don’t like the fact that the machine is not as thouroughly tested as the Teeter models are. The Ironman ATIS 3500 AB is NOT UL 1647 tested and proved. So, while we like how the table feels, it’s hard to really tell how it would hold up over 10 plus years of usage, which is why we only gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Almost everyone who buys the Ironman ATIS 3500 AB Inversion system loves it, with average rating above 4 stars. Those who haven’t like the machine typically don’t like it from the start – the very start that is: assembly. Not only can this model take longer to set up, but some people have been missing parts (that or they are easily lost). Do yourself a favor, and make sure to check everything before you start putting the inversion table together.

Bottom Line on the Ironman ATIS Inversion Table:

The bottom line is that we like the Ironman ATIS inversion table (which is the name this model is most commonly known as, even on the manufacturers website – they don’t usually include the ’3500′ part, although it’s one and the same). We really like the ‘cross inverting’ (as we call it) that you can do in terms of stretching/therapy and core workouts, and love how it’s a table built for everyone.

However, we do prefer the Ironman 4000 AB inversio table simply for the extra padding/better ankle locks….but if your looking to save a little bit of money, then that should bother you too much.

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