Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset Review

If you want your child to enjoy his time with a complete playset, then the Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset may be the best purchase. This is a large tower that includes all the necessary ingredients for your client to have a ton of fun.

From swings to a slide and a trapeze bar, all of these things add up to a lot of enjoyment for your entire family. It really is a delightful time and you will enjoy it quite a lot.

Lifetime Adventure Tower

Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset5 of 5 Stars

What we liked

  • The coated metal doesn’t rust
  • A good price for all the items
  • You can get it in neutral colors
  • It’s a sturdy and heavy product, doesn’t require any installation with cement
  • Small footprint
  • Great combination of activities for kids.

What we didn’t like

  • The directions are not entirely accurate
  • It’s not suitable for toddlers
  • It can take a lot of time to assemble it

Product Information

Very durable

The thing that makes the Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset stand out is that it has a rigid hardtop roof. Not only that, but this is also resistant to intense skylight. So even if you have to keep this in the sun for a very long time, the Playset will last without any issue.

The impact resistance is incredible as well, a testament to the build quality and the immense value that you can obtain from this high quality product. The product is weather resistant, so it will not splinter, rot, warp or crack.

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No need for any cement

The installation is very simple. You have a free standing product that doesn’t require any cement for its installation. As a result, you will not have to deal with any maintenance issues either.

That being said, painting is very easy to do as well, and the product can easily be customized according to your child’s requirements if you so desire.

Lots of activities

That’s what your child wants to have from this sort of product. When you want to get the very best results, you always want to have as many activities as possible for your child. And here you get a wavy slide, 3D climbing walls, a trapeze bar and 2 swings.

All these things will get the activities going and they will help your child have fun for a very long time. Thankfully, these are very durable and they are some of the most impressive products that you can find on the market.

The attention to detail is huge here, and the fact that each one of these activities is carefully assessed for safety is very important.

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Increased value for your money

By purchasing a playset like this, you won’t have to spend money on an additional product or a sleuth of products. Instead, you get to have a single purchase that includes a multitude of items.

And thankfully, each item receives the ultimate attention to detail. But the true benefit is that the Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset looks amazing and it seamlessly integrates everything.


Question: How long does the assembly take?Answer: 8-16 hours.

Question: Does this get very hot in the sun?Answer: The slide does

Question: Does this need to be anchored to the ground?Answer: Yes, and the anchoring kit is included.

Question: What is the recommended age range for this playset?Answer: 2-10 Years

Question: What is the weight limit for each swing?Answer: 200lbs

Closing thoughts

With so many great games and the ability to customize its color, the Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset does offer a lot of value and quality. If you add to that the fact that this product is weather resistant, you will definitely appreciate the sheer quality and value you can acquire this way.

Overall, the Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset is well worth the investment and you should definitely consider getting it for your child.

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