The 10 Best Swing Sets In 2021 for Your Backyard – Swing Set Reviews

These days it can be a struggle to get the kids to leave the house and go and play outside, but if you have any of the best swing sets 2018 outside, you probably will be struggling to get them to come in. These are not just for fun, they can also help develop the kids’ coordination and physical strength.

If you are new to the whole world of swing sets, this guide will help you get more information about this and hopefully decide on which would be best for your child or as a gift for a child you know.

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Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

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Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set

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Lifetime 90630 Products Adventure Tower Deluxe Playset

How To Choose The Best Backyard Swing Sets?

If you have enough space in the backyard, a best children outdoor playsets is a smart investment and this will become your kid’s favorite space. A swing set has many other features for hours of playtime. Swing sets come in a number of different sizes and materials.

Do we have many questions: what age will the kids be able to play with this until? How old will the children be when they start to play a swing set? How much space does it need? How much room do we have in the yard? What is the price? How long will it last?

We will help you to get the best deals on swing sets of your backyard entertainment investment. You need to read these helpful points to ensure the safety and happiness of children and choosing the right play set for your family:

It can be a bit overwhelming when you go through the best swing sets reviews and you are trying to make a choice. Well here are a few things to take into consideration to make the pick much simpler.


Safety features

Safety should be a major concern when buying anything for kids. When it comes to swing sets you want to see that there are guard railings on raised platforms to prevent the kids from falling down.

Hard edges should be covered with protective material and if the swing has chains, it is best if the part where the kids will be holding is covered to avoid pinching.

We could write an entire article on safety but the bottom line is think of anything that may pose a safety threat to your child, it could even be a material that your child may be allergic to.


How Much Space Do You Have?

As much as you may want to have a lot for your kid to enjoy, you need to be able to accommodate this on your yard or wherever you intend to have it installed. Find out the dimensions of the unit and see if it will be possible to fit in the space you have.

Sometimes you may need to sacrifice a particular feature, for example, a slide or monkey bars so that you can have the unit fit into the space or you just have to choose a different one.


Choose Ideal Features:

Think of what you think your child will enjoy and what they are old enough to engage in there are a number of features that are added to swing sets right from club houses to telescopes, driving wheels and hoops for ball games.

Naturally the more the features, the more you will have to pay so you may need to consider if particular features are worth the expense or you can do without them.

You should also consider that your child is growing up so you may want to have features they will not outgrow too fast since you are spending a lot of money on it.


Choice of Materials:

You should have some research about the material before you buy one. In most cases, you will have to choose between wood, metal, and plastic. Each of them will have their pros and cons and it comes down to what you prefer or consider best for your child. Here are the most popular materials that you should consider to look for your choice. The most popular materials are listed below in the order of preference.

Wooden: If you want your backyard to have a more “natural look” feel then a wooden play set may be your best choice. The beauty of wooden swing sets has a natural look. It has amazing features that no other material could give you. Wooden swing sets on the market today are treated to prevent rotting and insects from destroying the wood.

Repair? it is easier to replace or repair if part of the swing set breaks. You don’t have to wait for a replacement piece from the manufacturer.

Maintenance. You should frequent maintenance updates, the swing sets need to be painted every year.Build time. It takes you many hours putting pieces together.

Plastic: There are also many reasons that you want to buy a plastic swing set. We will provide some ideas to help you to make the best decision for your choice.

Price, when we buy a plastic swing set, the price tends to be cheaper than a wooden swing set. Plastic sets are expensive but also least sturdy. With a plastic swing set, you don’t need to do maintenance frequently. And it’s very easy to clean, and it will be instantly cleaned.

A wooden playset makes many parents worried about their kids getting splinters. But with plastic, it’s much safer than wooden.

According to us, plastic swing sets may look colorful but during a long time, the colors also tend to fade of exposure to sunlight. Also, it may have a lower maximum weight restriction so as your kids grow older they may not be able to use it. It is usually limited to some swings, a slide, and maybe a little house area.

Metal: Metal swing sets are long-lasting strength and durability. They are available in a variety of colors. A metal swing set requires touching up scrapes and scratches in the metal to prevent rusting. So, it will last for years! The parts can be put together easier and faster than a wood.



Many people have ordered swing sets based on what they look like already installed but they later find out it is not so easy to install them. it is a good idea to read reviews to see what other people are saying about the process of installing the different swing sets.

If you are good at doing such tasks, it may be no problem for you or if you are able to hire someone to do it for you, again it will not be hard. Sometimes even by looking at the unit, you may see if you will have the time or patience to put it together.

But at the same time do not deny your kid the chance to enjoy a really good swing set just because you are too lazy to install it using the directions provided.

When it comes to installation, you just need to relax and read the instructions carefully and if you have someone else who will be helping you with the installation, let them also read the instructions then you can both share what you have understood.

When you are choosing the site for the set, on top of the area covered by the unit itself, you will want to allow for a radius of 6 feet or more all round the structure to allow for tumbling, swinging and running about, so naturally you should not put it so close to the fence.

Before you start putting it together, lay all the parts out and see that they are all there because you do not want to start and find out you need to wait for another part that was not included.

If the parts are not well marked or numbered, you can do it again according to a system you find easy. Also, do not rush, make sure everything is done well even if it takes days.

Other Factors to Consider

  • Think of the number of children who will be using it and if the one you want to buy will have enough activities to entertain all of them
  • You can also take yourself into consideration, will you once in a while want to sit on the swing? Then maybe you should get one that can handle your weight and size
  • Think of the price, swing sets range from 100 dollars to 5000 dollars, will you be able to afford the one you have your eye on or should you look at something cheaper?
  • How long will it take for it to be delivered? If you are targeting a particular time of year, you need to order at the right time to allow time for shipment
  • You may also want to involve the kids in making a choice since it is for them, you do not want to make a choice which they will not be happy with.


I have spent countless hours to research and analyze top rated swing set available in market, and finally built a list of swing set that you check. I’m going to review these best swing set brands . I know you will enjoy!


Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge


Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge

  • Comes with a 2 storied play house with climbing and hiding space
  • 2 person strap swings with maximum weight of 75 pounds and sliding area with climbing ladder
  • Hanging climbing rope on one side and a hoop for basketball on the opposite side but the ball is not included
  • The upper level has fun steering wheels with space for 3 toddlers max

4.5 of 5 Stars

This Adventure lodge can help develop a child’s imagination; it is designed with a number of fun activities which include 2 swings that can carry a maximum of 75 pounds, a slide and climbing ladder. The club house can be used for a number of activities like imaginary driving, secret children meetings as well as a hideout.

For a family with many kids or if your children like to have their friends come over and play, there is enough space for many children and different activities for fun and adventure. And if they would like to engage in ball play, there is a hoop at the side. It could be for basketball or any imaginative game they can come up with.

Read full review here

What we liked

  • The unit is spacious with many activities so many children can have fun on it at a go
  • Set up is quite easy and quick as long as you follow the instructions and have all the parts available
  • It is a sturdy unit which can withstand strong winds as well as really active children
  • The material seems to be durable so there is no need to replace parts frequently

What we didn’t like

  • The club house has a low roof so most kids over 4 years become a bit too tall for it and need to bend
  • It has a ball hoop but does not come with a ball
  • There have been some cases of some poles missing from the shipment


Backyard Discovery Skyfort II


Backyard Discovery Skyfort II

  • Climbing wall leading to the raised clubhouse complete with balcony and crow’s nest with telescope
  • 2 belt swings and 1 two person slider all suspended by metallic chains
  • 10 foot wavy play ground slide with monkey bars adjacent to the slide
  • Picnic table on the lower deck

4 of 5 Stars

The Skyfort II clubhouse may be the favorite for the kids with its different areas that include a balcony and a crow’s nest that has a telescope. The slide on the set is one of the highest of the different best swing sets and it is wavy for extra excitement.

On the ground level there is a picnic table where the kids can sit to have snacks or just have a chat. There are monkey bars and a climbing wall which will improve the child’s coordination and physical strength as well as 2 swings and 1 slider.

The structure is made from cedar wood which has been treated to ensure it is durable and able to withstand different outdoor elements. This set can provide activities fro as many as 10 kids of different ages. Read full reviews here

What we liked

  • It is made from cedar wood that does not rot and is durable
  • There is a lot of activity to keep the kids entertained for long
  • The fort is very spacious, allowing for the kids to move about freely in there
  • It is strong and can carry the weight of older kids as well
  • It has a telescope which kids love playing with

What we didn’t like

  • There are so many parts to put together so assembling can take days
  • The swings seem a little too close
  • It needs to have a fire extinguisher since it is made from wood
  • You do not get a choice of different colors so you would need to paint it if you want a different color


Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set


Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set

  • 9 foot climbing frame that leads up to a 9 foot wavy slide and stable frames
  • Monkey bars with trapeze & gym rings at the end of the bars
  • Plastic cap covering on the edges for protection from injury on hard edges
  • 3 belt swings suspended on metallic chains
  • Recommended maximum weight of 640 pounds (approximately 6 children)

5 of 5 Stars

For the child who likes to climb like a monkey, this is a adventure swing set that they will appreciate. it is made from strong steel that is coated with material that can prevent rusting. The chain is also covered with plastic grips to protect the child from getting pinched as they swing.

3 children can swing at a go and even adults can swing on this as long as they are not heavier than 650 pounds. The slide on this set is made from plastic that also has a protective layer to ensure it does not lose color. Its wavy design makes it more exciting to play on. There is also a trapeze bar for the kid to try out a few gymnastic tricks.

What we liked

  • It is made from strong steel material which is resistant to weather, which makes it durable
  • The wavy slide is fun for the young ones and its height increases the thrill
  • Climbing bars are not just fun, they improve the kid’s physical and mental abilities
  • It is quite stable and you do not need to use cement to keep it firm on the ground
  • Even adults can play on this swing so the kids will never out grow it

What we didn’t like

  • The slide seems a bit flimsy and could have been stronger
  • Installation takes long but that is the price you pay for stability
  • The monkey bars seem a bit too close to the swing which can scare a kid on the bars if they are being used at the same time


Kettler Home Playground Equipment


Kettler Home Playground Equipment

  • The height of the swing can be adjusted
  • The poles are coated in rust proof powder for durability
  • Monkey bars and climbing rope that can also be used for swinging
  • The anchors need to be driven into cement for stability
  • Recommended for kids between 3 and 8 years

3.5 of 5 Stars

This swing set is painted in bright colors that are sure to attract the attention of your children and give a mood of enjoyment. It is made from strong steel to ensure the stability of the swing as well as durability. For extra precaution, it has a coating that will protect the steel from rust and different weather conditions.

The set has a climbing rope which will make good practice for gym class. To make it stable, you need to use cement but once those anchors are in the ground, even the most hyper active child cannot bring it down and it will stay standing in the most hostile weather,

What we liked

  • It has enough climbing options for kids that enjoy climbing
  • The length of the swing can be adjusted so as the child grows you can adjust accordingly
  • It is designed to be rust and weather resistant and that contributes to its durability
  • Its different colors makes it look good in the yard
  • It is good training for your kids gym class

What we didn’t like

  • Since it is recommended for the maximum age of 8, when your child is older it will become useless
  • Installing it is a bit of a burden since you need to anchor it into concrete.
  • There is only one swing so if you have more than one child there may be fights over who gets to swing first
  • The instructions are only in picture form, words as well would have been great


Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set


Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

  • Safe and stable frame designed for kids of all ages
  • 2 swings with belt seats and 1 trapeze with gym rings
  • The frame is constructed with weather resistant coating to make it durable and keep it looking good
  • Rubber grips on the chains where the child will hold to avoid pinching
  • It can stand freely without use of cement

5 of 5 Stars

It is a well constructed swing set that will ensure the safety of the kids while providing lots of fun at the same time. Set up should not be too hard as long as you follow the given instructions. The Heavy Duty Metal Swing Set is suitable for kids of different ages and has 2 swings and a trapeze with gym rings.

The swing has protective grips to prevent pinching of little hands as they swing. You can leave it out all year round and not have to worry about damage by the elements since it has a protective coating. There is also no need for cement since the unit can stand firmly on its own.

What we liked

  • It is very strong and functional and your kids can use it for many years
  • Assembly is easy since there is no need for cement
  • Its construction makes it durable in whatever weather
  • It has been designed to be safe with rubber coating that avoids pinching from the chains
  • 3 children can play on it at a time which makes it good for families with many children

What we didn’t like

  • It is only a swing without climbing frames or play house
  • When the children swing high, the frame begins to shake which is worrying
  • Some parents have complained that the chains are too short
  • The poles are heavy it is not easy to install it on your own


Suncast Vista Outdoor Play Set


Suncast Vista Outdoor Play Set

  • Double storied clubhouse with option of climbing wall or ladder to get to the top
  • 7 foot slide on the side exit of the upstairs clubhouse
  • 2 swings suspended on chains and a trapeze in the middle with gym rings
  • The roof is 64 inches high so most children can stand up straight
  • Ground level club house has magnetic door

4.5 of 5 Stars

On this Suncast Vista Outdoor Play Set, you can switch the positions of the ladder and slide as well as the climbing wall. It is made from a combination of raisin and wood which adds to its beauty in your backyard. There is a club house that has real doors that can be closed using a magnet.

The slide stands at 7 feet high which is enough clearance for kids to have fun playing on it. There are also 2 swings and a trapeze with gym rings which provides exciting fun activity and helps to improve children’s coordination and strength. It will be able to maintain its color for many years to come.

What we liked

  • The slide ladder and climbing wall can switch positions in case the kids a bored with the setup
  • The ladder has flat steps which is easier for younger kids to climb
  • It is durable and easy to clean and it maintains its color
  • It is a combination of raisin and wood which makes it safe and sturdy
  • The wood comes with the holes already drilled so no need for a hammer

What we didn’t like

  • It is quite pricey especially if you are buying a new one
  • The slide is 7 feet which makes it suitable for really young children
  • The magnetic door can be blown open by strong wind
  • Setting it up on your own may take days or the whole day


Flexible Flyer Backyard Fun Swing Set


Flexible Flyer Backyard Fun Swing Set

  • Seesaw for 2 kids between 3 and 10 years
  • 2 swings and 1 glider with a trapeze and gym rings in the middle of the swings
  • 6 foot wavy slide with UV protection to prevent it from fading
  • Can carry a child of max weight of 105 pounds and between the age of 1 and 10 years

4 of 5 Stars

If your kids like to play on a seesaw, then they will like this backyard fun swing set that comes with one. There is also 1 glider which is a bit like having a seesaw and then there are 2 swings.

It is quite safe and recommended for children as young as 1 year old and up to 10 years. If the kids would rather swing in a more physical way, there is the trapeze in the middle of the 2 swings and there is a 6 foot slide as well that will not lose color thanks to its UV protection.

What we liked

  • It has a number of options so it can entertain many kids at a go
  • It is strong and durable, even a very heavy kid and swing on it
  • It does not lose color since it has UV protection, it can also withstand different weather conditions
  • It has a seesaw which not many swing sets have
  • It is reasonably priced in comparison to a number of similar swing sets

What we didn’t like

  • The installation instructions have been a problem for some people
  • The seat for the swing is not very comfortable
  • There is a risk of collision if the swings and trapeze and being used at the same time
  • The slide is only 6 feet so children from 8 years upwards may not have that much fun on it


Backyard Discovery Saratoga


Backyard Discovery Saratoga

  • Clubhouse on the ground with realistic windows and door and an upper playing deck
  • It has a multipurpose bench outside with a shelter over it
  • 2 belt swings and one, 2 person glider with sufficient space between the swings and glider
  • Strong monkey bars to improve the kids strength and coordination
  • 8 foot speedy slide

3.5 of 5 Stars

This backyard saratoga swing set makes a good argument for your kid to stay outside and play. It has a number of fun activities like monkey bars that will challenge their physical strength and coordination, swings, a club house and a speedy slide.

The clubhouse is on the ground floor and there is a bench with a shelter which can be used for resting or having snacks as the kids decide what to play next. There is ample space between te swings and the unit is stable enough even for vigorous play.

What we liked

  • There are a number of activities to keep the kids entertained
  • The outdoor bench is a nice touch as the kids can sit there and eat their snacks or just take a break from playing
  • The slide is smooth and fast which the children will enjoy
  • It has features that you would usually find on much more expensive sets
  • Many children can play on it at the same time

What we didn’t like

  • Putting this together takes a long while
  • Some people who bought it complain that it is not as sturdy as they would want it to be
  • It seems a bit too pricey
  • The clubhouse should have been up for a better view


Lifetime Adventure 90630 Tower Deluxe


Lifetime Adventure 90630 Tower Deluxe

  • Easy installation with no need for cement to keep it stable
  • Storied clubhouse with drivers wheel at the top and climbing wall on the side
  • 2 swings, monkey bars on the side and fireman’s pole
  • Wavy slide that does not lose color due to its UV protection

5 of 5 Stars

One of the most attractive features on this Tower Deluxe Swing Set is its fireman pole. Many children enjoy this as an addition to the monkey bars. There is also a climbing wall for adventurous kids and a lookout point on top of the club house.

Which can be used as a fort as well as the kids expand their imagination. The unit is stable and durable and the different activities are positioned well so that nothing gets into the way of the other. Read full review

What we liked

  • You do not need cement to keep it firm on the ground
  • The hard edges have been covered to prevent injury to the kids
  • There are a number of activities for the kids which increases the enjoyment
  • It is durable and there is no need for repainting since it is UV protected
  • It is possible to swap the ladder and the slide to face wherever you prefer.

What we didn’t like

  • The packaging is quite big, you need to have extra help to carry it to the place you will install it
  • It should have had more than just 2 swings
  • The monkey bars need to be anchored for over vigorous children
  • The price is a bit much


Flexible Flyer Metal Swing Sets With Slide


Flexible Flyer Metal Swing Sets With Slide

  • 2 swings and 1 trapeze with a slide as well
  • Suitable for ages 2 to 12 with max weight of 105 pounds each
  • Coated metal to prevent rusting
  • Comes with anchors for extra stability

4.5 of 5 Stars

This Flexible Flyer is a very basic swing set and it is appealing because of it s affordability. Despite being affordable, it still offers exciting activities for your kids to enjoy and it is easy to install. It is suitable for kids between 2 and 12 years and it will last long even after the children have outgrown it. Read full review

What we liked

  • It is incredibly affordable in comparison to other swings
  • Installation is quick and easy as long as you follow the instructions
  • It is able to withstand different weather conditions
  • You can keep 4 kids busy at the same time

What we didn’t like

  • The slide is short so older kids may not enjoy it
  • When the kids grow up you may need to replace it since it is quite low
  • It doesn’t have as many activities as other more expensive swing sets

Some Frequently Asked Questions


A: There are pros and cons for both materials it would depend on what exactly you are looking for but in terms of durability, most manufacturers take caution to ensure that their products will last long so you can be happy with either.


A: It depends on the type you choose, if you opt for an elaborate set, you may need more space but if you have a 6-foot radius space, you should be able to find a swing and slide that will fit there.


A: Most of these best selling swing sets are safe for kids from the age of 2 years, you however also need to take precaution like providing a soft play area around the swing using material like sand or saw dust. You should also check the instructions for the recommended age.


A: No the parts are shipped in boxes and you will need to do the assembling on your own. If you are unable to follow the instructions, you will need to spare some money for a professional installation.

Tips to Make Your Swing Sets Safe

You may want your kids to have fun playing, but their safety is always a concern. Even when you invest in the best quality swing sets, it is important that you follow certain safety procedures. Here are some tips on that.

  • Set safety rules: Before you allow the kids to start playing on the swings, you should ensure that they know basic safety procedures like they should not stand in front of the swing as someone else is using it.
  • Supervise them: This does not mean you will always have to be around while they are playing, but a certain degree of supervision is important especially when you are getting them used to using the kit.
  • Have soft landing around the play area: You can choose to have sand all round the play area because when the kids are jumping or sliding, they can easily fall so it is important that the area is soft. Grass is also a good choice.
  • Respect the manufacturer’s recommendations: If the recommendations say not more than 3 children or whatever number should get onto the unit at a time, you need to follow that. Such recommendations are for the safety of the kids as well as durability of the product.
  • Correct installation: You need to be very careful when installing these products, a missing screw or a loose bolt could cause an accident, you may also want to install anchors to keep them stable. If you are not able to follow the instructions, please have a professional do the installation.
  • Make sure the surface is level: When choosing where to install the swing, make sure the surface is level especially for the kits that do not require cement. If the surface is not level, you may have to level it yourself before you install the set.


Even though many best swing sets reviews will tell you how durable a product is, many times this will also depend on how well you maintain it. Here are some tips to keep your swing set looking as good as new.

1. Do not exceed the max weight limit:

Some time you may realize that even if the instructions say not more than 5 people, you have let 6 or 7 on it and nothing happened. This is not a good idea, the truth is while it may carry the excess weight once or twice, you are weakening the frame and the swing may eventually give way so just do not experiment.

2. Tighten loose nuts and screws:

As a result of constant use as well as expansion and contraction, screws and bolts may become week, it is a good idea to periodically check for loose screws and tighten them since if they are left for long, they can cause the entire structure to collapse.

3. Stain and seal wooden parts:

Although a number of the swing sets come already stained, some may not be stained so you should do it immediately after installing it or within 60 days from installation. This will help to keep water from sipping in and causing rot it also prevents it from losing its natural wood look.

4. Clean it regularly:

If you would like to keep your set looking nice, it is important you clean it regularly. This will help protect the material but also keep the paint looking fresh. You may need to see the manufacturers recommended method for cleaning and what solutions to use.

5. Remove movable parts during winter:

Parts like the seat, the slide and ladder can be removed during winter to shield them from extreme weather. While some sets may be able to withstand the weather, it is not a bad idea to remove such parts since you are not going to be using the set in such weather.

For whom this product is used?

According to us, when you first start to think about buying a swing set you probably have a toddler? You want to encourage your kids to spend time outside in healthy, physical activity, burning off energy. You live far away from the local park? Your child is still too young to play in the local park? Do you have a large backyard for your children to play in? etc.

We’re sure that you have so many questions, right? Now we will give you 2 great reasons for buying a swing set – why every home should have one. Let’s get going, shall we!

It Promotes an Active Lifestyle for you kids:

Nowadays, Healthy kids are happy kids! When we were young, there wasn’t any video games or internet, we spent time outside very much, we run, catch, jump, and more. My parents often had to scream to get us back inside.

But sadly, today this is more difficult, our kids having a different life from ours. They are getting on iPads and cell phones earlier than ever, and we know, they spend the outside time is decreasing !! 

Don’t get that become their habit! Our good news is that having a swing set in our backyard, our kids will not only easily be able to go outside and play, we think they will want to go outside more! We all know that the benefits of exercise, especially for children.

When a child having a place to play that’s so great for them. Your kids will healthier if they increase activity outside!

It Saves your time

We’re sure that if you stay far away from the local park, you have so little time for picking your child go out! Let’s think that your kids play in your backyard, there’s less worry about where they are or what they’re doing. Your children have free time, they can play outside for hours.

But you have so many things to do or watch that TV show, have that glass of wine, and get more of that sleep you need! We think that’s the main reason. So, you need the best swing set for your kids in your backyard immediately.

When is The Best Time to Buy Swing Sets

A quick answer to this question would be that swing sets are available all year round so the best time depends on you.

In most cases, customers are interested in knowing when they should purchase the item so that it is installed by the time the kids are home for summer break.

In most cases, it will take between 3 to 4 weeks for it to be delivered so you may want to plan at least a month before you want it installed.

You may also want to get discounts and these are common during the holidays, just keep checking for discounts with different sellers.

Final Thoughts

There are obviously a number of considerations you will have to take when making a choice but all factors considered, I would recommend the Step 2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge which seems like one of the best swing sets for the money. This swing set has the potential to entertain not just the kids but even the adults.

Alternatively, if you are looking to save money, I suggest you go for the simple ones like the Flexible Flyer or the Life Time 906030, they may not have an elaborate clubhouses but I notice they will still be fun for the little ones.

A best swing set can offer you and your children years of enjoyment when you choose correct materials are used. There is a lot of information about swing set in this article that serve as the beginning foundation of your research. You need to consider choosing materials, sizes, safety, and price.

From here, you will be able to determine which swing sets best fit your family. It’s not the best inexpensive swing sets but it best fit your backyard, right?

Buying a long-lasting wooden swing set is an important decision.I hope this post will useful for you.

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