How to choose the perfect bike

If you practice cycling, sporting or recreational, choosing the bike most appropriate for your characteristics will determine the quality and comfort of the exercise. These tips will help you make the right purchase.When buying a bike, especially if we are neophytes, we can get lost in a myriad of technical details, marches, materials or accessories. Although it is always advisable to consult with a specialist, so as not to get dizzy with technicality, and to make the choice easier, we guide you in the process by indicating the basic aspects of the bike that you will have to observe, analyze and choose according to your needs to hit on buying the perfect bike for you:

The handlebars of the bicycle

When further progress in the perfect bike for each person another feature that visually attract more attention is the handlebars so different they are. The usual thing is to meet:

  • Flat handlebars, which give a more erect position, making it more comfortable and less back. They are more prepared for routes and long walks, where you do not specifically seek speed, and enjoy the surroundings.
  • Handlebars of competition, which give the possibility of having several positions to give muscular rest to the body in long sessions.
  • Triathlon handlebars, which have an extension that makes the posture lower and aerodynamic, perfect for high speeds in short or medium distances.

Bicycle Wheels:

Finally, another common doubt when buying a bicycle is the wheels. There are several sizes, and you have to know which are the most appropriate for what is going to be rolled:

  • For short journeys, it is better that the wheels are small, because they better support the speed changes typical of urban environments, and are less heavy and easier to move.
  • The more wheels large are suitable for long routes because you can get more speed, and keep it with less effort.
  • With regard to the cover depends on the surface by which it is going to circulate:
  • If what is needed is a grip for country trails, the best are wide wheels with deep grooves; the speed is lower, but the safety is greater.
  • On the other hand, asphalt is more suitable the narrow and practically smooth wheels, which provide more sliding, thanks to which speed is achieved.
  • Finally, there are the mixed, the perfect wheel for urban and hybrid.

Optional extras

Beyond the bike you have to take into account some details such as making sure you have (or buy) at least a holder for the water bottle, and lights if you intend to ride at night, to make sure you are seen by the Cars. Even if it is not the bike itself, it is important to buy a helmet that protects the head in case of possible falls. Not only will avoid scratches or small injuries, but large brain injuries, or even death in a collision or a bad fall.

Video reviews on choosing the best bike:

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