Everything You Need to Know About Different Types of Roofs, Styles & Benefits

Going to work from Monday to Friday, face the peak hours of the city, go out on weekends to freshen up a little bit of the daily routine or stay at home … under a roof. That you have dedicated time to customize with your style with a unique touch that represents you, or get used to living under an uncomfortable ceiling that has no style or is modern, one that lacks identity and that you reject to be a meeting point in special moments with friends.It is important that you enjoy your routine and feel inspired by the place where you sleep every day. Where you enjoy your time of relaxation and the place of origin of the primordial ideas to give direction to your life.The houses and apartments are not only a place where “living”, they are also a meeting point with your loved ones. Above all, it is a space where you can have moments of peace and tranquility with yourself, even a place where you can work independently.Maybe it is time to renovate your house! Start with the roof. Think about your needs, the times you can spend for this renewal and of course, for how long you will enjoy this one in case you want to move and of course, in your budget.Therefore, we share a list of roof types that you can use to renovate your home, and you take care of the interior design.

We help you with a list of options so you know what type of roof materials is the most convenient for your home.

Roof tiles

The tile dates back to the time of the Greeks, its shape varies according to the type of climate of the environment. They are great acoustic and thermal insulators. Because they are capable of channeling rainwater, hail and even snow. A material does not go out of style and always stand out among others for its aesthetics. There are different types of tiles: traditional ones, Renaissance type, Welsh ones, English ones and flat bark tiles.

Solid cement

It is one of the most recurrent materials to give structure to the ceilings. It has absolute strength and durability. It is economical compared to other materials such as wood and tile. Besides that, the realization of the mixture is not complicated to effect, it is very easy to mold when it has not solidified. Cement is a material that can be very useful for hot environments, because it will keep your home cool.


The wide variety of laminates is an option of aesthetic ceiling types, with which you can take advantage of natural light. The great diversity of materials to create sheets has been increasing, from those made with plastics such as polyurethane to metallized. These options allow novel and creative designs that can exploit to the maximum the qualities of the architecture of the space.


One of the materials with special prominence in the structures of the architecture of the roofs. Wood has many qualities, such as strength, aesthetics, durability, practicality and solidity. With the required care, a wooden roof will look good over time.

Stone or masonry

They are made with stone; they are supported by wooden beams and recently by metal beams. This type of roof is common in homes; they usually have a flat and clear surface, and are easy to decorate, as they are accessible. Stone roofs provide protection from external agents and offer an additional bonus to hypo or hyperthermic insulation.


Straw is a material that cannot be used in any space or environment. In fact, straw cannot be the only element in a roof, it usually covers a solid base. So its function is above all aesthetic. To give a relaxed touch to places like cabins located in green or natural spaces. In addition to its aesthetic nature, thatched roofs provide a very effective ventilation. So we see them in common spaces with high temperatures and humidity.

Remember that within the odyssey to choose a type of roof, you must analyze the climatic conditions of the place where you live, the characteristics of the neighborhood, the structure or architecture of your home, as well as the budget.

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