How To Build A Simple Wooden Shelf Easy, Inexpensive, And Lovely Way

It is something simple to solve and achieve to improvement space by taking advantage of the wall. That allowing us to organize books, ornaments, tools and objects of the most varied handy things. We tell you how to make a wooden shelf in a few steps and add a shelf or storage place to any room in your home.

How to make a wooden shelf

You do not need to be a carpenter or an expert in crafts to make shelves or build a shelf. Just take a few minutes to understand step by step and collect the necessary materials and tools to join the β€œdo it yourself” (the famous Do it Yourself) and improve your spaces with a minimum investment and little effort.

Materials for making wooden shelves

The materials you need to have are:

  • Wood or tables for shelves: you can buy solid wood or other boards. Later we tell you the options.
  • Screws
  • Metal supports
  • Wood or metal stops
  • Carpentry tools
  • Brush, paint or varnish if you want to paint the shelf and improve its appearance.

Types of wood for shelves

Using the proper construction techniques, a stable shelf can be built.There are different materials and ways to make a wooden shelf, depending on the use we want to give it. The type of wood to build shelves will depend on how nice you want it to look and how heavy are the objects you will place on it:Soft wood: you have to choose well because soft woods can easily split and need to be pre-drilled for screws. A good option is pine, which is strong, cuts easily, takes paint, dye well, and is quite cheap.Hard woods: being solid, they are more suitable for high quality pieces that can be dye well. Hardwood is strong and durable, but they are more expensive.Veneer wood: it is manufactured wood and can be useful for garages or laundries. It is not as expensive as solid wood; it is strong and easy to cut.MDF: Medium-density fiberboard made of wood powder that has been strongly compressed and bonded with glue. It’s soft, it works easily, it looks good, but it does not look good when dyed. It can swell if it gets wet.Laminates: they are made of cheap wood with a thin sheet applied on the surface. They work well for shelves meant to hold little weight.

Tools to make a shelf

Having a basic toolbox for carpentry can be an investment that helps you solve many things and save good money. What you need to make a shelf is:Saw or jigsaw: used to cut the wood if you did not buy the tables by measure.Sander: the ideal is to have an orbital sander, which is a portable motorized tool that works in a random direction of rotation. These sanders combine the speed and aggressiveness of a belt sander with the ability to produce a fine finish.Drills and wicks: they are one of the most popular components of any toolbox. It serves to make perforations in wood, metal, plastic and other materials. In addition, there are models that add various accessories and serve to screw / unscrew fasteners, sand, sharpen and grind surfaces and even to mix paint or mortar.

Step by step: how to make a shelf

The first thing you must define the size of the shelf you want to make. Something associated with what you want to put on it. If it is very long and bear a lot of weight, you should consider a very hard wood or one or two supports in the middle.In addition to the length, you must also have a clear depth: it is not the same to store books or picture frames as a television set, stereo or heavy tools.

We share an example with a shelf of 50 centimeters by 15 centimeters.

  • Buy or cut the table according the measure.
  • Sand all the pieces of wood by their edges and their surface to give them a good finish.
  • Locate the triangular cuts at the ends and drill as shown in the video.
  • Screw with metal stops.
  • Paint or varnish.

Shelf with built-in bottles

To add storage jars to your shelf, you can drill the lids under the table and then screw the glass containers. It is very practical to store things and maximize the use of space, having everything super organized.The crafts are a good hobby and a good ally to lower the home budget. You can learn the trend by watching tutorials and learning how to solve different issues at home.

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