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Best Workout Headphones 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

We were being asked many times through contact form to suggest some best workout headphones of 2020 in the market. So, mailing each one and suggesting them best workout headphone to buy doesn’t make any sense. So, we decided today to make a public post on workout headphones to help our other reader too if you are a fitness lover.

Well, Being on a regular physical exercise, it is quite difficult to keep yourself motivated. Usually at gym, when we suffer from really tough exercise, we usually think of quitting many times.

A Quick Look at our Selection of Best Workout Headphones

But will it help? There is a solution to it, what if I tell you that diverting your mind towards your favorite songs can make you forget about tough exercise and make your mind to less concentrate on your body pain?

It is possible! Specialists says that music can do wonders but it must be that music which you likes and appreciate most. This is your part. That’s why we are going to talk about the same today and to help you out to choose a best workout headphone from the market.

There is another problem, these small in-ear headphones keeps falling out of your ears continuously. I know, it is really annoying to put them in again and again. Instead of giving relief, they can cause problem to us.

But don’t worry. We have an awesome solution to this problem too. These headphones will not slip off your ears during a deadlift.

To make sure nothing like this happens to you, we tested a series of best headphones and presented to you the same. They all are tested on following criteria like comfort during workouts, stability movement, resistance to sweat and humidity, durability and endurance.

Putting all these measures together, we have compiled a best list of workout headphones in the market. Out of all those, only 6 headphones passed in quality test. So let’s take a look at these and decide yourself:-

6 Best Workout Headphones Comparison Chart

#1 Jaybird X2 Headphone – Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Guess what? We have picked Jaybird X2 and put it at first place to save your time and power. If you don’t want to waste your time and make yourself confused then choose our first spot headphone. You will never regret.

Assuming you are a fitness loving person, you might also care about your image and impression on society or others, If you know What I mean :P.

It is a best choice as you are thinking about sportive activities. This pair of headphones is Bluetooth supported which is most required in sport activities. Who don’t want to be wires free? Since you will be engaged in lifting weights, push-ups etc., you will not really want to mess up with wires. Huh?

The JayBird X2 headphone is a best fit in-ear model and is designed to fit into your ear well without falling out of your ears. Since it is Behind-the-Neck In-ear headphone, you don’t need to think about its comfort at all.

Since the cables are completely eliminated from Jaybird X2 headphone, you will feel extremely familiar with this headphone. During running or jogging, there is no need to worry about pulling out of headphones at all. Well, you can plan to participate in marathon this time with these headphones.

So you have decided to run a marathon, right? Keeping this mind now, we also has to worry about its battery life. Good news is that you can run an entire marathon without missing your favorite songs at all. Just charge Jaybird X2 for once and forget about it for next 8 continuous hours. Wow.

Are you running and a call interpreted you? Don;t worry JayBird X2 already has inline remote controls on the go. Just push the receive button without even looking at it and talk while running.

Still worried about their falling out of ears? Well, JayBird already has solution to this problem. They deliver extra pins and different size memory foams and silicon ear tips to stop headphone to fall out of the ears. You can adjust them according to your needs.

For protection purpose, they come with a silicon carrying case so that you can put headphone into this and keep it away from damaging.

Sweat is a major problem for fitness related persons. So, this headphone comes with sweat-proof warranty. Just do the task which you want to do and enjoy a lifetime sweat-proof warranty.

Jaybird X2 can easily be paired with any device that supports Bluetooth. The headphone manages to deliver a clear, beautiful sound with clean bass and good mids and highs.

Truth is, no one can find a better headphone than this. Now its your turn to decide to buy it or not.

Our next pick is Plantronics BackBeat Fit Headphone. Like its unique name, the headphone’s working, design and sound quality is also unique. So let’s talk about it now.

Wireless Headphones Buying Guide 2020

Nowadays, workout headphones are becoming favorite fashion items for many people. This kind of headphone is designed to be used when people are exercising. Listening music while exercising can be very exciting. Many people like its stylish design which makes them look so cool and dazzling when they are exercising. Workout headphones are available any fashion store and electronic shop. It can be found easily but the price can be different from one store to other.

Headphones are a pair of loudspeakers that are used close to ear. It connects to any kind of devices such as IPod, smart phones, I pad, and others device which has music media players. Headphone used to be such a device just to listen to music or radio.

As the time goes by, the point of view of people about headphone is changing. They consider that headphone is very cute as additional accessories to their style. There are wide options of headphones such as DJ headphones, Funky headphones, Cool headphones, and what we are going to discuss here is workout headphones.

The excellences of using Workout Headphones

There will be some benefits for you if you use workout headphones in your daily life. Workout headphones are considered as an essential item for people have many sport activity such as cycling, running, walking, dancing, and any other sports or activities.

By using this kind of headphones, people will surely feel enjoyment while workout especially for those who love music and always take music as their soul. Anytime you are doing hard activities or sport, it will be very exciting for you since your favorite songs accompany you. The songs that are played can push and motivate you to workout more powerful. That is why it is important to have headphones which match up with your activities.

By wearing workout headphones every time you workout can also make your performance becomes more cool. As what already said, headphones are becoming important item of fashion world.

The other important thing is that there is no worry about the headphones will fall down from your ears when you are doing activity and listening to the songs at the same time. Workout headphones have designed to solve this kind of condition. You will always feel comfortable every time you use this headphone.

Do and Don’t of Using Workout headphones

There are several things that need to consider about using workout headphones. Always ensure that you use workout headphone in appropriate place. Do not use headphone when you are in the middle of lecturing or meeting. This kind of behavior will completely distract your focus.

Using headphone in some places such as bank, hospital, and airport also need to be avoided. It is socially unacceptable because it can make trouble to the people around you. Except you can keep calm and did not make any movement of your body. It is because people commonly do not realize that they are singing and moving their body while listening to the music. Just remember to use headphone in a right place and the right time.

Tips To Buy Workout Headphones

There are some tips before you make any purchase of workout headphones. Firstly, think about what exercise that you usually do and how much time you spend for it. Especially if you often to spend time in the water for working out, swimming and diving for instance, so then waterproof headphones for working out is the best choice for you.

Secondly, think about how much you are getting sweat when you do any exercise. If you do have lots of sweat while working out, then you need workout headphones which can handle perspiration very well. So then sweatproof headphone must be the perfect type you choose as the headphone which will always accompany you while working.

Fourthly, always remember to evaluate its durability. If you often do intense movement during exercising, such as treadmill or rough terrain for instance, then you must need workout headphones that its pair of loudspeakers will always stay put.

Even though mostly workout headphone are designed not to fall down from your ears while wearing it, but still there are many options of workout headphones that are designed depends on what is your workout. Neckband workout headphones can be the perfect choice because it will stay and last longest during your intense training.

Fifthly, look for headphones with the right weight. Do not make any wrong choice buying heavy headphones because its cute design and colors. It is better to find the lightest pair for workout headphones. It will make you feel comfortable while working out rather than the heavy one.

Last but not least is that pick headphones that meets to your personality and body. Before you buy, try to wear it and make any movement. Make sure that it is fit for you so it is not going to disturb your workout.

Wireless headphones enable you to listen to your TV, stereo-CD player while you move freely between rooms, exercise or do other activities. Choosing the right wireless headphones should be of paramount important to you. The aim of this wireless headphones buying guide is to help our readers make the right choice. When buying a wireless headphone, there are few things to look out for.

You should think of how or where you want to use your wireless headphones. whether on the go ,at home ,in the office or in the airplane. wireless headphones can mean different things to different individual depending on personal preference.There are different types of wireless headphones and all have different sound reproduction.This wireless headphones buying guide covers mode of transmission, types, features, Brands, Pros, Cons of different wireless headphones.


Circumaural: also called full size circular ear pad. it encompasses the ears and completely surround them.They are designed to fully seal against the head to attenuate external noise.The advantages include prevention of external noise and also comfortable because of adjustable headband. and the downsize of it is that they are heavy.

Supra-aural: These are wireless headphones that have pad that press against the ears rather than around them.They are smaller and lighter than circumaural wireless headphones, thus , result in less attenuation of outside noise. pros light and small. cons less attenuation of outside noise and also causes discomfort due to pressure on the ear.

In-ear wireless headphones: They are also know as in -ear monitors (IEMS) or canal phones.They are smaller wireless headphones that have similar portability with earbuds.They are inserted in ear canal itself. They are usually used by audio engineers, musicians and audiophiles. These wireless headphones have advantages of not easily fall out from your ear and another one is it block out environmental noise and the downsize of these wireless headphones is it can cause safety problem.

Ear fitting wireless headphones: These are smaller headphones that are fitted directly in the outer ear,facing but not inserted in the ear canal. the advantages of these headphones are one they are portable ,secondly allows user to be aware of his or her own environment. One of the downsize of these headphones is they are prone to fall out.


There are different brands of wireless headphones in the market. In this article we are going to be discussing some of them.

Sennheiser – They deliver an exceptional combination of performance and price ,with the product packed with unparalleled quality and style. Sennheiser wireless headphones deliver tremendous value for all levels of user.

BOSE – They make noise cancelling headphones that have been lauded for the performance though with some critics. The noise cancelling wireless headphones are wireless headphones that reduce unwanted ambient sound using active noise control. It makes it possible for one to enjoy one’s music without raising the volume excessively which can cause ear damage

Grado labs – Specialize in dynamic open-ear, supra-aural ,high fidelity headphones.This company was founded in 1953 by master watch maker Joseph Grado. All their headphones have 32 ohm impedance.

Audio technica – Japanese company that designs and manufacture professional wired and wireless headphones

J lab Audio – Designs and manufacture audio products which include earbuds, headphones

Monster – Designs and manufacture the beats electronics line of headphones called “Beats by D Dre which led to manufacturing of celebrity-endorsed products

Parrot – They create ,develop and market advanced consumer products for smartphones and tablets

Shure – They manufacture a wide range of consumers headphones ranging from mid-to-higher ranges

Sony – Produced the world’s first portable music player

Skullcandy – They have a wide range of headphones that come in wide range of colors, graphics and designs from over-ear headphones to on-ear headphones such as mix master(over-ear) , Titans (in-ear) e.t.c.


Wireless headphones can receive signal in the following ways

  • Radio frequency (RF)
  • Infra Red (IR)
  • Bluetooth

Radio frequency : Radio frequency is the rate of oscillation in the range of around 3KHz to 300GHz. Radio waves are easy to generate. It can travel long distances and penetrate buildings easily.Radio waves are also omni-directional meaning that they can travel in all directions from the same source. therefore, the transmitter and receiver do not have to be carefully aligned physically. example of wireless headphones that use RF for mode of transmission is Sony mdrrf985rk

Infra red : Which is invisible radiant energy , electromagnetic radiation with large wavelength for more in infra red mode of transmission read wireless headphones infra red. example is 2 Pack of Two Channel Folding Universal Rear Entertainment System Infrared Headphones Wireless IR DVD Player Head Phones for in Car TV Video Audio Listening

Bluetooth : This is a high speed, low powered wireless link technology that’s designed to connect to phones or other equipment together with little to no work required by the user and doesn’t required line of site positioning to work. Bluetooth device don’t drain battery.To know more about Bluetooth mode of transmission check out our wireless headphones Bluetooth. example of wireless headphones Bluetooth is Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. Sweatproof Secure Fit Wireless Headphones Designed to Stay in your Ears

Important features for wireless headphones buying guide

Some important features are to be considered when choosing a wireless headphones to buy are as follows weight, battery life per charge, sound quality, headband, volume control, impedance. let us briefly discuss above mentioned point for easy understanding.

Weight : Depending on where to use your headphones where on the go , in office or in the plane. if you want to use your wireless headphones on the go, consider going for the light weight wireless headphones and for house use ,heavy weight wireless headphones are preferable because it gives better sound quality. for use in the plane noise cancelling wireless headphones should be considered. light weight wireless headphones consider wireless headphones rs 120 and for best for home consider wireless headphones rs 180 and for noise cancelling headphones consider Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic noise Cancelling Headphones.

Sound quality: This is typically an assessment of the accuracy, enjoy-ability or intelligibility of audio output from an electronics device.This is one of the important guide in wireless headphones buying guide because when you make the mistake of choosing wrongly, you will be loosing out entirely.Is also refers to the accuracy, with higher quality devices providing higher accuracy reproduction.Go for model that gives the best sound quality. This you can know by reading customers reviews

Headbands : Make sure the headbands wireless headphones you want to buy are comfortable and will not cause pain or ear fatigue when use for hours.wireless headphones with ergonomics’s headbands should be preferred because of comfort, design. models that that have earcups that come with different adaptable foam pads can help you to achieve a proper ,comfortable fit.

Volume control : Using headphones at high volumes level may cause temporary or permanent hearing problems. Since wireless headphones volume often has to compete with the background noise especially in loud places, subway stations, aircraft. Extended periods of exposure to high sound pressure levels created by wireless headphones at high volume settings may be damaging.

However, some manufactures of portable music devices have attempted to introduce safety circuitry that limited output volume or warned the user when dangerous volume was being used. Some wireless headphones volume can be adjusted directly on the headphones example is Sennheiser PXC 450 Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

The aim of this wireless headphones guide is guide not just to choose the right wireless headphone but also provide you with some of the dangers one can encounter while using wireless headphones . loud volumes for extended periods of time can lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. So always maintain a good volume at every point in time. Some headphones brands such as Sennheiser headphones sound very good even at low volumes.

Impedance : Wireless headphones are available with low or high impedance. low-impedance wireless headphones are in the range of 16 to 32 ohms while high-impedance headphones are about 100 to 600 ohms. As the impedance of a pair of wireless headphones increases, more voltage is required to drive it and the loudness of the headphones for a given voltage decreases.

Lower impedance wireless headphones will tend to be louder and more efficient, but will also demand a more capable amplifier while higher impedance headphones will be more tolerant of amplifier limitations but will produce less volume for a given output level

Check and evaluate the headbands :

To enjoy good sound quality and best possible comfort, ensure that the headband is adjusted properly to fit your head. To do this, adjust the headband through its snap-in locking mechanism. You have to wear the headband ensuring its runs over the top of your head.

Also adjust the length of the headband so that your ears are completely inside the ear-pads, you feel even gentle pressure around your ears, a snug fit of the headband on the head is ensured.

Evaluate the Sound quality:

Headphones should feel clear, crisp, accurate sound with sufficient volume.Decide on what good sound is to you and at what volume bearing in mind the danger high volume can cause. If you can try wireless headphones before buying or if you are buying through online, check the return policies to ensure the products can be returned or change for another product.

Select the design that meets your need:

Think of where and how to use your wireless headphones, where at home or on the go or games or even in the aircraft. For home use go for closed, over-ear models like Wireless headphones Rs 180 because the are designed to attenuate external noise, also offer the best sound quality and no sound leaking of any sort. for gamers ,consider going for earbuds.

Furthermore for traveling in aircraft or if you are living in noisy areas consider Noise-cancelling wireless headphones. example is Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones – Apple devices, Black – Wired

In CONCLUSION To Best Workout Headphones

Getting the best wireless headphones without a guide can be quite stressful. But with this wireless headphones buying guide, the job is half done. All you need to do is to follow our guide and you are good to go. First of all know where and how to use your wireless headphones, secondly the brand you want, thirdly mode of transmission where infra red, Bluetooth or Radio frequency.

Furthermore, don’t forget to check the features of each brand based on what you want. Finally read the customers reviews to know more from people who have used the products. We hope that this article on wireless headphones buying guide will be of great help to you in choosing the best wireless headphones for you and enjoying your music without disturbing your neighbors.

We also hope that we have contributed in your TV or audio matching or listening satisfaction. If you find our article satisfactory share to your friends.

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