Best Herb Grinder Review In 2021 | Buyer’s Guide

Looking out for the best grinder for your herbs can be so overwhelming. With so many different products and brands in the market, it can be quite daunting trying to figure out which one is perfect for your needs.There are several things that you should put into consideration when shopping for the best herb grinder .First, see to it that it’s made from quality materials. There three main materials used including the classic metal, wood and acrylic.Aluminium is the metal of choice for most grinders for it does not only offer safety but it is also very durable. Wood has that natural look that boosts the aesthetic appeal .On the other hand acrylic is the cheapest grinder there is because of the inexpensive nature of the material. I’m trying to write about best herb grinder review from my own view.Secondly, one should consider what features are important to them from magnetic lids or clear tops to glide rings and sharp teeth. The magnetic lids for instance are great for they might reduce spilling whereas the glide rings and sharp teeth enable smoother grinding.A grinder can have 1, 2, or 3 compartments and one can purchase any depending on their budget. Despite it being relatively expensive compared to the rest, the four piece (3-compartments) has tremendous advantages and it works more efficiently with a third area (kief catcher). Price and style should also be considered and one should focus on their preferences and budget for there is the perfect grinder out there for everyone.

A Quick Look at our Selection of Best Herb Grinder

Top 5 Best Herb Grinder

Putting into consideration the quality of the grinders, aesthetics, durability and the cost of the grinders, the following are the top best grinders for your herbs. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Below Some Herb Grinder is best in our Grinder List.This article I will share my personal experience about grinder detailed information, description and metal grinder review as Best herb grinder reviews.

#1. Platinum Herb Grinder Review

A herb grinder is crucial to have around yet it is often erroneously forgotten as forming part of essential household vessel. Herb grinders are indispensable in multifarious needs; this is because of their efficacy to effortlessly produce fine fluff from spices, tobacco, herbs and medical herbs among others. This Platinum Herb Grinder Review help you to find best grinder in market.How do you know a specific herb grinder is most effective besides being durable? A high quality herb grinder is noted by its ability to crash all sorts of herbs, its ease of use, and longevity. A specific herb grinder that has warmed the cockles of customers’ hearts is Platinum Herb Grinder.

Features of the Platinum Herb Grinder

Platinum herb grinder is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Platinum herb grinder is a one of the best in our Best Grinder List.

Robust Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction

The toughness of Platinum Herb Grinder is uncontested. Built from aircraft grade aluminum metal, this grinder guarantees you that neither accidental falls nor tough herbs can stand in the way of its performance.Besides the obvious strength and durability that the aluminum offers, it also results in the grinder’s light weight. The aluminum metal thus ensures that you use the grinder for extended years without any concerns of its damage or decline in performance.

Ultra-Strong and Sharp Teeth

A herb grinder’s crucial feature is its grinding teeth. Well, this grinder’s teeth don’t disappoint in the least. No degree of herbs’ toughness can pose a challenge to this grinder’s 49 diamond shaped cutting teeth.You can conveniently use this grinder for all sorts of herbs or spices without any sign of its teeth wearing down. Its strong teeth will flawlessly grind both soft and tough produces with relative ease for a long time with consistent performance.

Powerful Neodymium Magnets

The quality of herbs, spices and tobacco can be greatly undermined by water or air. As a result, Platinum Herb Grinder has been equipped with a powerful neodymium magnet that helps you grind your produce in a securely enclosed unit.The grinder’s magnetized lid will provide a stress-free grinding without the inconvenience of ground produces spilling out the magnetized lid also provides safe storage. This grinder thus delivers highest quality ground produces that retain their original freshness.

Smooth Grinding

This grinder allows convenient and smooth grinding that is more of a fun than a task. Its light weight is convenient for easy handling. It has Poly 0-Rings that have high mechanical strength; the Poly 0-Rings result in smooth grinding action with minimal friction.The grinder’s extremely sharp teeth also promote smooth grinding. Platinum Herb Grinder has rough grooves on its top and bottom pieces so as to offer firm grip; this results in effortless and smooth grinding motions.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Built with the state-of-the-art CNC technology, this grinder has robustness yet light weight. Its SS mesh screen is strong enough to withstand frequent use over a long-term period and has even small holes that allow a consistent fine produce to penetrate.Its holding compartment is wide enough to hold substantial amount of produce. Rather than being painted, this grinder is anodized thus it has no pealing or flaking effects. The grinder’s pollen catcher and pollen scrapper make it possible to salvage every bit of ground produce and maintain tidiness when grinding.

What we liked

  • Durable.
  • Affordable.
  • Smooth and swift grinding.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Lifetime warranty.

What we didn’t like

  • Its catch screen is fixed to the base and thus may pose a challenge during cleaning.

Features at a Glance

  1. Ultra-Strength Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  2. Stainless Steel Mesh Screen filters
  3. Powerful neodymium magnets
  4. Scratch Resistant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Can this grinder effectively grind hard dried herbs such as star anise and gloves?A: Yes, it is effective for just about any dry herbs. Grinding from an upside down position can further help to ground herbs into a finer consistency.Q: Does it come with a pollen scrapper?Answer: Yes, it has one that is conveniently designed for easy useQ: Can this grinder be used to grind flax seeds?A: Yes. However, if you need them to be ground into powder you might prefer alternative equipment such as mortar and pestle.

Final Verdict

Platinum Herb Grinder is an ideal herb grinder that competently grinds as good as many of its counterparts that have little higher prices. A look at Platinum Herb Grinder review by customers reveals that it is rightly considered as one of the best herb grinders; it’s an absolute value for money.For those seeking to upgrade from plastic grinders, looking for their first herb grinder or frustrated by other herb grinders; Platinum Herb Grinder is the smartest choice.Not only is it smart choice but it also handles all sorts of herbs and spices, be they tough or not. Platinum Herb Grinder is also made from sturdy materials that ensure long and satisfied use of the grinder.

#2. Cali Crusher Herb grinder Review

Cali Crusher herb grinder is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Cali Crusher herb grinder is a one of the best in our Best Grinder List.

Billet Aluminum

This grinder is made out of is heavy duty billet aluminum. This material usually used for making the aircraft body. Meaning that the probability that it’ll break is quite low. It’s strong, strong enough to rip anything you put in it to shreds.This is necessary to make it one of the best grinders you can buy. Sturdy and unlikely to break this amazing grinder gets the job done and then some. The finish can be colored in a wide array of colors, matching it to different kinds of things.

Four Piece Set With Screen

This screen is included to help you catch any small particles, ensuring that nothing gets away no matter what. You’ll always be able to get all of the plant matter out of the grinder again.Every single particle will be sifted through to the bottom or caught on the top screen, ensuring that every little sliver of plant particle is capable of use and that none of it goes to waste. This screen makes the grinder more efficient and more much more popular.

Anodized Enriched

This is a process that this grinder went through, which ensures that there is no chipping, breaking or damage to the paint and material. This ensures that this grinder will last for years to come. You won’t have to but another one anytime soon. It stays clean and neat and there is never any chipping or severe damage.

Attractive Size

At two inches wide this grinder is large enough to grind a good portion of plant matter but small enough to take with you. You can put it in a backpack or another bag and take it with you, making sure that at any event that you may need your grinder, you have it.It’s large enough for a good portion of plant matter to be ground up, but small enough to travel. Making it perfect for the average user.

Neodymium Magnets

These magnets help to hold the grinder together, but not so strongly that it can’t be taken apart. It keeps to grinder together to ensure that you don’t lose anything in transport. Sometimes your grinder can come loose and then your herbs are all over your bag or pocket.Instead make sure they’re secure and not all over your backpack. Without this you can lose some serious money and have a rough time at an event. All you need to do is get this grinder, and you won’t have any problems with losing your herbs again.

What we liked

  • Sturdy material
  • Medium size allows you to conceal it more effectively
  • Comes in different chrome like colors

What we didn’t like

  • Complaints of difficulty turning grinder on first turn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: is the package discreet enough to be sent to a college?A: Feds gonna be knocking at your dorm in the middle of the night bro. A swat team of dogs is gonna break in your window and you are going to face life in jail cause the grinder box was too obvious. You’ll be fine.Q: Does the paint chips off?Answer: This is anodized, which is a chemical process. It is not painted. It can be scratched, but the finish is part of the metal, unlike paint which lies on top of the metal. Q: Does the coating rub off over time? had this problem with every grinder I owned so far?A: Mine has received heavy use on a daily basis over the last 6 months and has shown no signs of wear.

Features at a Glance

  1. Made from Heavy Duty aircraft grade billet aluminum.
  2. Stainless Steel Screen, O ring, Smooth Threads, Anodized, Neodymium Magnets.
  3. Comes with custom pollen scraper.
  4. Size 2 inch Wide, Color Anodized Black

Final Verdict

When you’re looking for a grinder you need something that is going to last. Not only does this grinder hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use it manages to do so efficiently. There are mostly 5-star reviews and most people have a wonderful experience with it.It’s made with high-quality metal, in different colors and you can get it in two days with amazon’s two-day shipping. There’s nothing better then getting a new grinder in the mail for a present or to replace the old one you’ve had for so long.Instead of just using the old one you have got this Cali Crusher grinder. If it’s a present you’re looking for this high-quality grinder is one of the best on the market and a perfect addition to anyone’s arsenal. If you need it soon order it today, with free two-day shipping you can have this amazing grinder before you know it.

#3. Golden Gate Grinder Review

If you are looking for the best grinder for your herbs, look no further than the Golden Gate Grinder. These grinders are hard to beat in terms of quality and price, and the company stands by their product with a lifetime guarantee.They are made of the best material, and are more reliable than any other herb grinder on the market today. In this Golden Gate Grinder review, you will see why I wouldn’t use any other grinder and why you’ll fall in love with it just like I have.

Features of the Golden Gate Grinder

Golden Gate Grinder is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Golden Gate Grinders is a one of the best in our Grinder List.

Anodized aluminum Enriched:

This is the same material used to make aircraft. That means that this material is heavy duty and not likely to break down like other materials. You don’t have to worry about this grinder rusting, peeling or falling apart because it’s made to last for as long as you need it.It is also resistant to smudges, so it will continue to look great throughout the time that you are using it. That’s important because sometimes we replace items that still work just because they don’t look good, but you’ll never have to do that with this grinder.

Sharp, well designed teeth:

The teeth on the Golden Gate Grinder are extremely sharp and well placed. They will grind your herbs down to almost a powder. No matter how you use them, from baking to vaping, this grinder will grind them down to almost the perfect consistency.I was amazed at how it broke down not only rosemary but also cloves and even cinnamon. My herbs were ground almost to a store-like powder. Pretty impressive, especially for a brand that most people don’t know about.

Magnetic lid:

The lid is kept in place by strong magnets and will not come off unless you want it to. It won’t move while you’re grinding nor will it come apart when you’re walking with your grinder in your pocket.That’s important because you can lose a lot of your herbs just from dropping a grinder and losing the lid or from spilling while you’re trying to use it. Not something you’ll have to worry about with the Golden Gate Grinder.

Strength Construction:

One piece construction enhances reliability. When a product like this is made of different materials and pieces, it can fall apart easily. In grinders that are made from multiple pieces, the parts often fall off or wear out. Golden Gate Grinders were designed by an engineer who understands what it takes to make a better grinder.He realized that the key to making a grinder that would last is to make the entire thing of one material, and make sure that it’s a tough enough material to put a lifetime guarantee behind. Plastic and cheaper aluminum definitely did not fit the bill.

Nice grip quality:

The lid is textured on the sides. This means that you will be able to keep a good grip on your grinder while you are using it. Many cheaper, plastic lidded grinders slip out of your hands and break due to the fact that they’re too smooth. The texture of the lid on the Golden Gate Grinder makes it easier to keep your grip on your grinder and on your herbs.As with any product, there are definitely pros and cons to owning the Golden Gate Grinder. No product is perfect, though this one definitely comes close.

What we liked

  • The material and design of this product mean that it will last for years without breaking or starting to look bad.
  • There is no paint to chip, no need to worry about smudges and no rust to prevent.
  • This grinder has a pollen catcher. That’s a convenience that is not always found in other grinders.
  • The Golden Gate Grinder’s performance is consistent throughout the life of the product.
  • The teeth won’t break off or get dull through repeated use.

What we didn’t like

  • The Golden Gate Grinder only comes in one size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the grinder easy to clean?A: For the most part. The website mentions three different ways to keep it clean, and none of them are that hard to follow. You just have to decide if it needs simple cleaning or if it needs to be disinfected.Q: Where can I buy the Golden Gate Grinder?A: You can buy it direct from and order through the licensed dealer Planet Pegasus like Amazon, ebay etc.

Features at a Glance

  1. Best rated grinder
  2. Sharp diamond cutting all metal teeth
  3. Heavy duty grinder
  4. One color-One piece
  5. A lots of Editor choice this grinder

Final Verdict

In conclusion, of all the grinders I’ve tried, the Golden Gate Grinder is my favorite by far. After using it, you’ll see why I say it’s the best on the market. Not only for me, Golden gate grinder is so popular and many people in the world like it.

#4. Space Case Grinder Review

Are you searching for a herb grinder with flawless performance and lasting usage? Well, Space Case Grinder should end your search! Space Case Grinder is built with sturdy aluminum metal and meticulously designed with simple but well thought out features for excellent grinding.In minimal time this grinder will reduce all sorts of herbs into fine fluff without you breaking a sweat. The best grinder comes in varying models all of which retain a similar quality and craftsmanship. I introduce you a valuable grinder with this space case grinder review.Buying this grinder will definitely prove to be your smartest move as far as herb grinders are concerned. As evinced by space case grinder review by a horde of satisfied customers, this grinder has no match.

Features of the Space Case Grinder Review

The Space Case Grinder is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Space Case Grinder is a one of the best in our Grinder List.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Metal:

This grinder by virtue of being aluminum made has splendid attributes such as corrosion resistance and durability. Besides its robustness, the aluminum metal also makes the grinder have a light weight convenient for easy handling.The high quality aluminum metal boosts the grinder’s robustness which guarantees you a long and contented use. Therefore, this grinder will serve your needs for a long time without any signs of wear out, rust or scratch. This grinder eliminates the need to have secondary or back up grinders.

Anodized Titanium Coating:

The titanium model of this grinder has the aluminum unit fortified with anodized titanium coating that revamps the grinder’s strength to 100%. This greatly improves the functionality of the grinder because titanium possesses special characteristics such as strength, lightweight, non-toxicity and corrosion resistance among others.Interior titanium coating safeguards the quality of your herbs when grinding by eliminating chances of contamination. The interior titanium coating also promotes non-stick properties which give you an easy time in cleaning the grinder. Cali Crusher is another clean grinder you may like it.

Extremely Sharp and Strong Teeth:

This grinder has extremely sharp, strong and tight teeth whose performance will not be fettered by any herbs, be they tough or not. The teeth are incapable of being chipped even with continual use and therefore their integrity will be maintained over time.The diamond shape of the teeth also increases their effectiveness to grind through tough substances and produce a consistent fine end product. Therefore, this grinder is an excellent value for money in comparison to other herb grinders.

Smooth Grinding Motion:

The grinder’s pieces perfectly fit together and result in smooth grinding motions. The grinder has Teflon O-Rings that facilitate smooth grinding while excluding chances of metal shavings due to friction.This grinder fits perfectly in the hands and its grinding motions are so smooth that it inadvertently incorporates fun into the entire grinding process. Even persons afflicted with arthritis will find this grinder most convenient to grind with in comparison to other grinders in the same category.

Meticulously Designed Parts:

It has CNC machined parts which are capable of performing for a long time without wearing out and are also free of any manufacturing defects. The lid is magnetized to hold the parts together for easy grinding. Its sifting screen has sufficient holes and does not clog.The 4-Piece model of the grinder has storage section inside for safely storing your ground herb for later use; it also has a container to hold pollen that pass through the screen.

What we liked

  • Smooth grinding motion.
  • Sharp and strong teeth to grind herbs into fine fluff.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Sturdy resulting to long term use.

What we didn’t like

  • Its kif tool is a bit thick which minimizes its ability to scoop well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ represents some of the questions that customers have asked concerning Space Case Grinder and the answers to the questions.

Q: Besides using this grinder for tobacco or other leafy items, can it grind up tough dried roots e.g. turmeric?A: Yes, the grinder’s teeth are extremely sharp and strong. So long as you break your produce into smaller pieces to fit in the grinder, they will be easily ground.Q: Do I have to worry about the black paint wearing off and contaminating the stuff I grind?A: Absolutely not, the paint will remain intact even with frequent use.Q: Does the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty come with this purchase?A: Yes it does.

Features at a Glance

  1. 4 Piece Grinder / Sifter with Pollen Catcher
  2. Magnetic Series with Magnetic Top
  3. Precision machined
  4. Space Case Quality

Final Verdict:

Space Case Grinders are available in varying sizes and models hence it is quite easy to settle on one that fits your budget. The design and features of this grinder make it the ideal choice in the market. Its lifetime warranty is a testament of its unmatched performance and durability.It has sharper teeth than traditional grinders; in addition, its smooth grinding motion makes it more convenient. Even though it has a slightly higher cost than other grinders in the same category, its durability eliminates the inconvenience of purchasing frequent grinders. This grinder guarantees you long term use with excellent performance.

#5. The Black Tie Grinder Review

It can be pretty difficult to choose the best grinder on the market today, when literally thousands of companies are bombarding you with advertisements. If you don’t understand the abc’s of the buying process you’re more likely to make a wrong choice-but don’t worry.There are some brands and models you can bank on for positive end results. I am a living proof of making wrong choices, and you know very well that choices have consequences. This said, the below Black Tie Grinder Review is meant to help you get a product that is not only durable, but made of the best materials with a high functionality rate.

Features of The Black Tie Grinder

It is indisputable that The Black Tie Grinder is one of the top products on the market worth every single dollar spent. You want to get the best? Look no further! It goes without saying that the devil is in the details and this grinder in nothing short of excellent-its features say it all.

Superior Design

Kevin my next door neighbor couldn’t like it the more after ordering it online. The 49-diamond-shaped teeth provide even and finer grind than what he had used before. No more compressing the herb, but you actually end up grinding it. You do not have to strain and get worried about filtering the herb anymore as this is done by the 32 well spaced holes.In other words, the 4-piece 3-chamber design guarantees excellent filtration process. The lid will always remain in its place during the grinding process because of the neodymium magnets that have been proven to be quite reliable-no lid problem!

Excellent Size

If you have been using small-sized grinders then I am sure you were caught between a rock and hard Place. I remember Uncle Tom (my favorite), strongly advising me on matters to do with size of grinders. As an experienced man in the school of life, he knew what was best for me. This grinder is 2.5-inch in diameter and has a height of 1.8 inches, and this means that no matter how you look at it you can get done with grinding in no time.


The industry experts have said before and still speak of it today that the best material for herb grinders is aluminum. This is something that you cannot dispute in regard to durability, performance, and anything related. The CNC’d Aircraft-Grade anodized aluminum is what guarantees longevity enabling the grinder stand the test of time

Pollen Catcher

If you have been thinking of having an excellent smoking experience, then definitely Black Tie Grinder is for you. The micron mesh screen-filter is one of the parts that makes this grinder stand head and shoulder high above anything in this range. As a matter of fact, you will be able to collect fine pollen and herb for your use at any given time.

What we liked

  • It has unmatched grinding ability and the final product is finer than you can imagine.
  • Easy to use and you will never hassle with removal and replacement of the different compartments.
  • It has more teeth than many grinders and so excellent results are always guaranteed.
  • It has strong magnets so very little chance of spilling your herbs
  • The fact that it is made of high quality aluminum makes it quite durable.

What we didn’t like

  • The grinder only comes in 2.5 inch diameter

Feature at a glance:

  1. Diamond shape premium design
  2. 2.5 Inch Diameter, 1.8 Inch Height
  3. Highest rated grinder in the market
  4. One solid piece of aluminum grinder
  5. Minimal and unique design

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Q: Does the lid hold well when you place Black Tie grinder in a backpack?A: Yes, this will hold as the magnets used are of the highest quality on the market.Q: How is the performance when large volumes of materials are used?A: This grinder is perfect and because of the sharp teeth and large size performance is never compromised.

Final Verdict

This grinder’s performance is over the top with great features that you can bank on for excellent results. It goes without saying that Black Tie Grinder is reliable and offers high functionality rate. The pros greatly outweigh the cons-and so it is recommended for seasoned and new grinder users.If you have been thinking of getting a stylish, high quality, durable, and affordable grinder, then look no further than this state-of-the art product. It has a high ROI (Return On Investment) and for this reason it is highly rated in the market place.

#6. The Santa Cruz Shredder Review

If you need a premium herb grinder at a great price with a quality look and feel, the medium Santa Cruz Shredder is the one for you. With its anodized aluminum construction and its three stage grind, the Santa Cruz Shredder is sure to please even those with the most distinguished tastes.The beautiful Irie edition with its Rasta colors makes a great addition to any grinder collection. In this medium Santa Cruz Shredder review, you will find out why the Santa Cruz Shredder wins over others in the market in terms of quality construction, price and of course what ultimately matters–the quality of the grind.

Features of The Santa Cruz Shredder Review

The Santa Cruz Shredder is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put The Santa Cruz Shredder is a one of the best in our Grinder List.

Medical grade, anodized aluminum construction

This grinder will stand up to any user with the toughest construction available for a nice grinder. Unlike many cheaper grinders on the market, the Santa Cruz Shredder is made in the U.S.A. Its anodized steel won’t wear out, rust, chip or scratched.The Santa Cruz Shredder will not lose its teeth or its thread. It will definitely sustain heavy, regular usage for years to come without falling apart or losing its power. It is a pleasure to hold and even more of a pleasure to use.

Three stage grinding

With its bold red, gold, green and black colors, this grinder is not exactly subtle–when you open it, you know you’re going to have the best weed grinding experience ever. Its three stage grind ensures just that. Rare earth magnets keep the lid on tight while you use it.Its unique thread pattern holds the rest of it together without causing problems like cross threading. Its teeth grind your herbs to a fine grind without completely pulverizing them, so they can be used for vaping or any other purpose you have in mind. And it’s got a screen to allow the potent pollen to fall through. When you want it later, you can just finger scoop it from the grinder’s concave pollen catcher.

Ridged rim

The ridges on the top and bottom of the Santa Cruz Shredder mean that you will be able to maintain a tight grip when you’re using it.There is nothing worse than having your grinder slip while you’re using it, or having to struggle to get a grip on it in the event that it jams or gets stuck on a particularly large or stubborn piece of herb that you still want to grind rather than remove. With the Santa Cruz Shredder’s design, you don’t have to worry about that happening.

Comes with a pick

The Santa Cruz Shredder comes with a small plastic pick to help you get any herbs that are stuck in the top chamber. Now you don’t have to lose those herbs just because they didn’t fall through with the rest–you can pick them from the top and add them to the mix.You can also use the pick to scoop your herbs from the center chamber. This little pick definitely comes in handy.There is no such thing as the perfect grinder, though the Santa Cruz Shredder comes close. Still, we do need to look at the pros and cons.

What we liked

  • This shredder is made in the U.S.A. of quality materials.
  • The vibrant color of the Santa Cruz Shredder make it a beautiful addition to any collection.
  • Its patented tooth construction creates a fine, almost perfect grind.
  • Its 4 pieces allows for a three stage grind with the fine pollen sifted through the grinder resting in its concave bottom until you’re ready to use it.

What we didn’t like

  • This is not a cheap grinder. If you’re looking to spend $20 or $30 for a grinder.
  • The Santa Cruz Shredder will cost $50 and up, but you’re paying for quality.
  • Sometimes herbs get stuck in the chambers, especially the top chamber where the teeth don’t always reach.

Feature at a Glance

  1. Patented Santa Cruz Shredder Tooth Design
  2. Red, Gold, Green, and Black Rasta Irie Edition
  3. 4 Part Aluminum Grinder With Sifting Screen
  4. Concave Pollen Catcher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How big is this grinder?A: The medium Santa Cruz Shredder is 2.1 inches wide. You can take it anywhere. If you want another shape you can see space case grinder review.Q: Is this a quality grinder?A: Yes. The Santa Cruz Shredder is made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality standards of any grinder

Final Verdict

There are a lot of grinders out there, and nearly all of them will get the job done. But in the mid price range of the Santa Cruz Shredder, it is by far the best one I’ve tried.Its heavy duty construction, the quality of the grind and innovative design make it a pleasure to use. I would highly recommend this grinder to anyone looking for the best of the best.

#7. Golden Bell Grinder Review

Golden Bell grinder is one of the best grinders for weed and other herbs. It is a four-piece grinder with four separate compartments. It comes with a fitted fine mesh screen that allows pollen to filter and it can be easily carried around because of its small size with a diameter of just 2-inches and height of 1.65 inches.It is made of zinc alloy which is unusual considering most grinders have aluminium. It also has a durable ring making the grinding more pleasant and easy. The teeth of the grinder are impressively diamond shaped which ensures the herbs are cut rather than being torn or shredded.The shape also allows one to control the texture of material hence the finished product wouldn’t be too coarse or too fine. Cleaning is easy and straightforward since the teeth do not hamper with cleaning.It has an impressive kief collector though not big enough; it is just perfect for the casual user. The pollen scraper helps with the kief collection enabling quick and efficient harvesting. The only worry is about use of zinc as the material choice since compared to aluminium, it might degrade overtime. Luckily it has a lifetime warranty just in case of ant problems.


  1. 4-piece, 3-chamber design.
  2. Mesh screen for fine pollen filtering.
  3. 2″ Diameter x 1.65″ Height
  4. Heavy duty and durable zinc alloy construction with Pollen Scraper
  5. Durable ring included for easy and fast grinding experience

#8. Black Tie Grinder Review

Despite having so many grinders made from CNC aluminium and have sharp teeth, there is none with class as Black Tie Grinder. It has a decent price range and its made from the durable anodized aluminium with its teeth made from the same material and aids in cutting. The material makes the grinder to be light, corrosion resistant and smooth hence it can be easily carried around without any damage worries.It is a four-piece grinder and it has a sifter integrated into the micromesh which gives the ideal filtering for herb grinding. It has 50 diamond shaped teeth which grinds just any herb and neodymium magnets that keep the cap in place to prevent spilling.It has a pollen catcher which is great and also the performance is just over the top. It has a lifetime warranty which the company offers with confidence and also in case of problem, one can ask for a refund and get it without any hassle. It’s unfortunate it only comes in one size of 2.5 inch but hopefully in future there would be bigger sizes for any type of herb grinding.


  1. 4-piece, 3-chamber design
  2. 2.5 Inch Diameter, 1.8 Inch Height
  3. highest rated grinders on the market
  4. Ultra Durable Grinder
  5. CNC aircraft grade aluminium

#9. Mendo Mulcher Review

There is no any other better hand crafted grinders than the Mendo Mulcher offering the ultimate performance. They come in both two and four-piece. They are durable, affordable and come in different sizes.They are made from aircraft aluminum making it very durable because it can resist wear and tear and has a unique metallic finish to avoid finger prints. It has a sifting screen incorporated which is made of stainless steel and also has magnetic lids preventing accidental spilling of the herbs.It has different shaped curved teeth which rarely break and cut the herbs with no change after years. These grinders perfectly mulch and shred buds by applying the angle approach which minimizes build up while maximizing production of kief. Additionally, the grinder cleans itself during grinding. The major concern about this grinder is the price and the closing lid with most customers suggesting an o-ring be added to prevent metal contact and for smoother action.


  1. 4-piece Billet Aircraft Aluminum design
  2. Crafted in Mendocino County, California USA
  3. Solid Built Like a Tank.
  4. Heavy Duty Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
  5. Easy to Clean.

#10. Tobacco pollen Grinder review

For the ultimate smooth grinding, then go for Tobacco Pollen grinder. It is made from quality aluminium metal which is extremely durable since it resists corrosion.It has sharp teeth with 12 at the top and 10 at the bottom section which are razor sharp and quickly cuts through the herbs giving the ultimate grinding experience. It mainly comes in silver and has an extra fine mesh screen made from stainless steel which aids in the sifting of the material.It has magnetic closure which ensures that there is no spillage of the herbs and cleaning is also very easy. The grinder is also very affordable and it’s worth every dime. Unfortunately, it only comes in small size, 1.65-inches which is a major concern to many customers who might need to grind large quantities of herbs. You can add this grinder in your best herb grinder list.


  1. 4-piece Generic silver design
  2. Magnetic closure.
  3. Extra Fine Mesh Screen
  4. 12 & 10 teeth in top & bottom section.
  5. Special Nylon for best grinding Experience

#11. LIHAO Herb Spice Weed Tobacco Grinder review

Many herbs users end up searching for perfection as they grind their weed. I personally got the grinder since I loved to collect unique items. Stylish but elegant grinders offer a unique sense of class and self worth as they grind the weed into small pieces.In the past grinders wee not very effective and were considered as banned. With the removal of weed bans, more of people are seeking stylish but yet again classic LIHAO Herb Spice Weed Tobacco Grinders. Today, seek out a detailed but exquisite weed grinder for your social visits and social moments. The grinder came with some features that I could not fail to mention.

Features of The LIHAO Herb Grinder

LIHAO Herb Spice Weed Tobacco Grinder Review is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put LIHAO Herb Spice Weed Tobacco Grinder is a one of the best in our Best Grinder List.

Stylish Appearance

In my first purchase of the grinder, I thought to myself how a well-decorated piece of art could turn out to be a weed grinder. I had to ask the teller if the grinders were genuine grinders or just dummies offered to display how a grinder should look.The teller explained to me that the LIHAO Herb Spice Weed Tobacco Grinders are high-end grinders with a very low price. I did not need any other persuasion. I purchased the best grinder and this offered me respect among friends as I pull it out to prepare for smoking.

Heavy Duty Quality

The material used in the creation of the grinder is superb. From the great soft, cover of the grinder to the down part of the grinder. At first, I thought the grinder was made from plastic material and that it could be flammable but it was not.The high quality heavy-duty material has allowed me to be able to grind my tobacco, spices and herbs without the provision of messes or increased effort in formation. The sales prices allowed a guaranteed optimal value for money with beautiful grinders in the making for the company.

Great Smooth Twist

Before purchasing the LIHAO Herb Spice Weed Tobacco Grinder, I always thought that one had to exert a lot of pressure in order to grind the tobacco or weed. The LIHAO Herb Spice Weed Tobacco Grinder has sharp or diamond shaped teach that allow ease of grinding materials.Smooth twists and efficient grinding actions allow the generation of effectively grinded weed or tobacco. Inventors of the device kept into consideration different things like the need to twist the grinding machine.


The durability of the LIHAO Herb Spice Weed Tobacco Grinder is assured. The material making the grinder ensures that the LIHAO Herb Spice Weed Tobacco Grinder is durable over the years. One of my friends accidentally threw the Weed Tobacco Grinder towards me. I thought it was a joke until I saw the grinder flying towards me and suddenly it hit the floor. I certainly thought it had cracked or worse that it could not great. Amazingly, the device was rock solid without any dent.

Lifetime warranty

The LIHAO Herb Spice Weed Tobacco Grinders are offering a lifetime warranty as it is impossible to destroy the grinder by simply using it. One of my friends purchased a cool skull shaped grinder. The twisting ability of the grinder seemed difficult and since it had grown hard over three years of usage, he returned to the store that sold it to him.According to LIHAO Herb Spice Weed Tobacco Grinder Company, he was offered free services of sharpening diamond like teeth of the grinder and we were later offered cautioned on grinding things that are not tobacco or weeds.


  1. 4-piece, 3-chamber design
  2. Ideal for spice,herb,baccacco Grinding.
  3. Excellent,smooth grinding and super sharp teeth,tight screen.
  4. Soft top cover to protect the crown.
  5. Easy to hold and grinder

What we liked

  • Stylish or classic premium grinderMade from high quality and strong materials
  • Durable and offers fine grinded materials
  • Sharp shaped or diamond shaped teeth to grind
  • Great customer feedback about the grinder brand

What we didn’t like

  • Some grinders could be unique and not sold in mass number

#12. Expert Chromium Crusher Review

Are you looking for an affordable & heavy duty grinder to help you crush your medical marijuana, tobacco or other herbs into a fine textured consumable product? With uncountable herb grinders on the market, it has become difficult to select genuine and durable brands.To help you out of this confusion, we have compiled this Chromium Crusher review to introduce you to the world’s most durable and affordable grinder. Chromium grinders have the ability to easily grind your herbs with even consistency. These grinders have shown the ability to stand the test of time without easily breaking.

Magnetic Top

The top of the chromium crusher is magnetic to keep it from falling off. This prevents any spillage of your herbs. Nevertheless, some customers indicate that the magnetic top is not firm enough and that if one is not careful, it might pop off when grinding. However this is a non-issue if you avoid turning your chromium crusher upside down while using it.

Screen Feature

The chromium crusher comes with a 500 micron mesh screen that captures the most fine materials obtained from your crushed herb. This fine powder is what is popularly known as kief. This feature makes 4-piece grinders special tools in the grinding of herbs and weed. Also most attractive screen feature on another grinder.

Designs Differentiation

The chromium grinders come in different makes including the 2 piece, 3 piece and 4 piece. The 2 piece Chromium Crushers come as 2.2 inch and 3 inch diameter. Both the 2.2 and 3 inch diameter 2 piece grinders are ideal for travel because of their portable sizes.On the other hand, 3 piece chromium grinders do not come with a screen but have a separate chamber where weed collects after grinding. The 3 piece chromium crushers come as 2 and 3 inch diameter. In addition, the 3 piece chromium crushers are also ideal for travel because of their portability.Last but not least, the 4 piece chromium grinders come with a kief screen as highlighted earlier. They come in various sizes including 1.7 inches, 2 inches,2.5 inches and 2.2 inches.

Outstanding Functionality

With heavy duty construction and a finely polished metal finish, chromium crushers are not only good looking but also tough. When it narrows down to functionality and quality, it goes without saying that chromium crushers lead the leaders.

Feature at a Glance

  1. Diameter & Height is 2.5×1.75
  2. Heavy duty and durable zinc alloy construction
  3. Plastic ring included designed to for an easy and fast grinding experience
  4. 4×3 chamber design
  5. Added micron mesh screen for pollen filtering

What we liked

  • It does not need to be cleaned regularly because of its clear top.
  • The diamond-shaped teeth gives the chromium grinders smooth grinding capabilities.
  • Comes in different sizes including 1.7 inches, 2.2 inches, 2.0 inches and 2.5 inches.
  • Smooth grinding and thread action.
  • The chromium crusher is one of the unique grinders on the market that is worth more than its price tag.

What we didn’t like

  • The magnetic top is not strong enough.

Final Verdict

For over a decade, the Chromium Crusher has been the most durable and cost effective grinder on the market. This legendary reputation has come from its reliable construction and superior design. In comparison to other sub standard crushers on the market, chromium grinders are designed from more durable materials just as discussed in this chromium crusher review.

#13. Shtriker Grinder Review

Last of all, we present you an extensive Shtriker Grinder review, and why it appeals to the consumers. Made up of Zinc, the grinder is compact in design. Shtriker is famous for making herb grinders that have a great design.The diameter of the grinder is 2.5 inches and the height is 1.75 inches, it can be used by everyone with ease. Thus, people looking to grind their herbs do not face any trouble while using this grinder. This makes the grinder a great choice amongst the consumers. There is also a pollen box included along the packing.Powerful magnetized lid ensures the absence of any herb wastage. The grinder cuts faster and sharper due to the diamond shaped teeth.

Magnetized Lid:

As we specified earlier in our Shtriker Grinder review, the size of the grinder ensures a powerful grip. However, the presence of a magnetized lid further helps the grinding process. During our Shtriker Grinder Review, we weren’t required to worry about the lid opening accidentally with pollen being sprayed all around.This is a phenomenal addition to the grinder as it ensures that the consumers who are not very apt at using these products face no trouble. This makes the Shtriker Grinder user friendly.

Powerful Blades:

What good is a grinder if it doesn’t grind properly? Fortunately, during our Shtriker Grinder review, we were not faced with this question.While the magnetized lid helped us externally, the diamond sharp teeth along with the strong and super-sharp components ensured that the pollens were grinded well.This proves that the basic functionality of the grinder or the purpose of using it is completed. Often, grinders remain high on style and low on productivity. The Shtriker Grinder, however, is successful.

Additional Components:

The company has done well to supply the product with an elegant and portable aluminum box. This box can be used by consumers who prefer shifting their pollens from the layer 4 compartment to the box.This allows users the flexibility to quickly and efficiently transfer their pollens without much hassle. A very useful addition indeed!

What we liked

  • Powerful performance
  • Useful aluminum box included
  • Diamond shaped cutter
  • Magnetized Lid

What we didn’t like

  • Performance issues over a period of time

Features at a Glance

  1. Powerful Grinder
  2. Efficient Smooth Grinding
  3. Handy portable aluminium box
  4. Good Grip quality

Final Verdict

When it comes to choosing the perfect grinder for your kitchen, the Shtriker Grinder is an impeccable choice. With the size that perfectly fits into your fists, it helps you to achieve the basic function with ease.You can also do a lot more than just grinding pollens, like spices. Often, people tend to look for grinders that can effectively work with spices, and this is one of them. The aluminum box is an additional advantage in this otherwise perfect grinder which is available to you at a very affordable price.Our Shtriker Grinder review was a very successful one, and we would love to hear your feedback regarding the same.

How To Use A Herb Grinder(Ultimate Guide)

You can use an herb grinder to chop and cut legal smoking herbs such as Blue Lotus, Chinese Wormwood, Damiana, Wild Lettuce, etc. Herb grinders are also known as tobacco grinders. An enormous selection of herb grinders is available online, from acrylic to metal to wooden designs.Apart from chopping and cutting legal smoking herbs, terrific spice mixes can also prepared easily and quickly using these grinders, which makes them useful for culinary purposes too.A typical four chamber herb grinder consists of four parts. The first is its lid that is placed onto the grinder teeth section that is placed onto the kief catching chamber and finally there is the flower chamber.

How To Use A Herb Grinder

You can use an herb grinder correctly by following the steps below:Step #1:First and fore, the lid will have to be removed from the grinder. Once the lid has been removed, the herb or spice will have to be broken into pieces so they can be evenly spread into the grinder teeth.Tip: The broken pieces of the herb or spice should not be spread over the center of the teeth. The center of the teeth is actually a magnet that holds and keeps the lid of the grinder into place.Step #2:Once the broken pieces have been spread into the grinder teeth, the grinding process can be started. The grinder’s lid should be placed on top of it so that it sticks to the magnetic center of the teeth and is held in place. The grinding can be started once the lid gets locked in place.The lid should be twisted gently towards the right five to ten times until it is certain that the pieces of herb or spice have been properly and thoroughly ground up. The grinder teeth have holes in them and the group up herb or spice will fall through them.Step #3:Once the herb or spice is completely group up, the teeth section and the kief catching chamber of the grinder can be removed. They can be easily twisted off and removed from the base of the grinder, i.e. the flower chamber. The flower chamber is where the ground up herb or spice will be collected. From there you can smoke or vaporize the group up herb, or use the ground up spice for cooking.

Tip To Get A Finer Grind:

Turning the herb grinder upside down can help ensure that you get a finer grind. For some reason, the herb or spice will be ground up even more finely than it would if you use the grinder in its upright position. Just make sure that you hold the lid firmly in place, even though it is stuck to the magnet, so that it does not end up falling off and spilling the herb or spice outSo, if you have never used a herb grinder before, this is how you can start grinding your own herbs and spices. Make sure you keep the tips in mind in order to get a better and finer grind each time

How to Choose The Best Herb Grinder(Ultimate Guide)

There are so many herb grinders out there that it can be hard to know which one is the best for your needs. Thankfully I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to, drawing all of my expertise together in the ultimate guide to choosing the best herb grinder.There are a huge number of factors involved in choosing the best herb grinder, and it can be confusing, especially for first time buyers.

Things To Consider Before Choose

The information below will help you make the best choice when it comes to buying a herb grinder. I hope you enjoy the guide!

The Electric Versus Manual Debate

First of all you need to decide whether you want an electric grinder or a manual one. While some people swear by the convenience of electric models, others complain that they do not do such a good job as manual versions.It’s up to you whether you want to save time or get the best quality grind possible, but for real herb enthusiasts I recommend taking your time with a manual grinder. After all, what’s the hurry?

Which is the best for you?

While cheaper grinders commonly have two pieces, more expensive models have a greater number of compartments designed to improve the quality of your grind.For example 3-piece grinders have an extra piece which separates larger herbs from smaller pieces, helping to get a uniform size.The benefits of 4- and 5-piece grinders is that they separate pieces of pollen, making your herb purer and better to smoke.

The question of materials

I recommend investing in a quality titanium grinder that will last you for years, but of course there are other materials available for those on a tighter budget. My next recommendation would be an aluminum mode, which offers a good balance between price, durability and quality.If you are really struggling for cash, stick to acrylic grinders. However don’t be disappointed if the grinder doesn’t give you herbs of uniform size, or if it breaks relatively quickly.

Types of grinder

Different grinders have different kinds of teeth, but they will usually be either diamond-shaped, steel pin, or shark tooth-shaped teeth. I personally prefer the diamond-shaped teeth, but it’s really a matter of personal preference.

Grinder size

If you want to grind lots of herbs at once, a larger grinder makes more sense. I personally am more concerned by portability, and recommend smaller grinders that fit easily in a pocket.

Grinder weight

If weight is of great concern, stick to smaller grinders. Titanium grinders don’t add much weight over their acrylic cousin, but be prepared for a weightier experience with wood grinders. Another important point is to e careful that your wood grinder doesn’t have a paint coating. If it ends up in your lungs, it could cause health problems.

Special compartments

More expensive grinders with more pieces often have a kief catcher, which collects all of the pollen dust contained in your herb. I recommend collecting the pollen and pressing it together to make a hash disc that you can smoke later.

Cleaning your grinder

Use isopropyl alcohol to clean metal grinders, while hot water and detergent should be used for acrylic grinders. I recommend a metal grinder because it will last for longer, and those with more pieces will also allow you to collect pollen. A toothbrush is recommended for cleaning all kinds of grinders.

Things before final Decision

For those on a tighter budget I recommend sticking with aluminum rather than acrylic grinders. I recommend Evergreen grinders, which retail around $40, for a decent balance between price and durability.Statistics show that aluminum grinders are the most popular among herb enthusiasts, and with good reason. You can’t beat them as a compromise option and I recommend the Evergreen wholeheartedly to first-time buyers and those looking for their next grinder.

The final verdict

In conclusion buying a grinder is a very personal choice which depends a lot on the amount of use it will get and your appetite for investing in a decent piece of kit.For heavy users who are willing to spend a bit more money, it makes sense to buy a 4-piece titanium grinder such as the Space Case, which retails for small amount. This top-quality piece will last forever, is easy to clean and collects pollen so you can make your own hash.

Final Verdict

They are so many grinders that look familiar but there are not the same in functionality, efficiency and performance. It’s imperative that when out shopping for a grinder to never compromise on the quality.There are numerous cheap grinders but the question is, are they durable? Do they offer you the ultimate performance? Don’t be fooled by the cheap grinders for they can be very dangerous. You should do your due diligence on the grinder and pick the one tailor made for you. Just I wanted to give you best suggestion about Herb Grinder and for this reason I write this article on Best herb grinder review.It’s hard to look past the aforementioned grinders because they are the best .You should always remember that the best herb grinder is the one within your budget and efficiently serves its purpose.

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