Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set Review

It’s always a good idea to have some great family time with your children. The best way you can do that, all while allowing your children to have a lot of fun is to use the Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set.

This really is one of the best swing sets that you can encounter out there. It really is a delightful experience and one that ends up being great for everyone in your family.

Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing

Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing4.5 of 5 Stars

What we liked

  • Includes tons of nice activities, such as the flying saucer
  • It exceeds the ASTM safety standards
  • Suitable even for the larger gardens

What we didn’t like

  • The quality could be better, according to many customers

Product Information

A great set of activities

The Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set is designed to be as complete as possible, and it does address to the entire family. The idea is that you have 2 swing seats, a flying saucer, as well as a glider, slide and even a mini trampoline.

The combination of activities really goes to show that the value shared here is very good. It’s also important to note that the activities are always easy to use and there’s just an outstanding value to be had as a whole.

An interesting flying saucer

The flying saucer is great because it enables your kids to swing, but also stay down and have fun at the same time. It really helps your children relax in a very distinct and unique swing, to begin with.

That being said, you can also adjust the chains if necessary, all in order to provide a much better and more interesting experience as a whole.

Created from weather resistant steel tubes and hardware

You do have a very impressive benefit here, and that comes from the fact that the hardware used here is very durable and it delivers an outstanding value and quality that you can rarely find nowadays.

The steel tubes are weather resistant and all the extra hardware included here also has its own powder coated paint finish in order to deliver a better durability.

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It suits even the larger backyards

A lot of people will like the Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set because it’s long, durable and it brings in front an outstanding value for your money. A thing to keep in mind here is the fact that the product also supports kids up to 100 lbs.

As a result, you have support for up to 800 lbs in total for the entire installation, which is not bad at all. The Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set also meets and even surpasses the ASTM safety standards.


Question: What is the age range of this swingset?Answer: 3-11 Years

Question: How tall is the slide?Answer: Around 4 feet.

Question: How long does it take to set up?Answer: About4-8 hours

Question: Are the seat plastic?Answer: Yes! The seats are hard plastic.

Question: What are the dimensions when its assembled?Answer: 179″L x 96″W x 74″H;


Should you get the Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set? A lot of people want it because it has some really nice games and activities for kids. The flying saucer is incredible, and the swings are also pretty interesting.

There’s also the mini trampoline which can be pretty cool.Overall, there are definitely lots of cool possibilities to be had in here. You are free to choose which is the best option for you, but the Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set does offer a plethora of amazing features to take into consideration.

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