Tips for Packing a Backpack for a Trip

When you decided to go for a long tour it is first task to manage you best travel backpack. A good and perfect backpacking can make your travel safe and enjoyable. Here are some pro tips for packing a backpack for a trip.

Center of gravity of the weight:

The heavier items should be placed in the center of the backpack and the one closest to your back; this will create a center of gravity of the same backpack which will help you with the weight distribution. Do not put heavy items in the bottom or top.

Control the weight you put in the backpack:

One of the things I have learned is to travel as light as possible, currently my backpack weighs 16 kilograms if I include my computer and work equipment. I am trying to reduce that weight as much as possible. Look for a backpack that has a capacity of 45-55 liters, you do not need more; this will force you to pack less things and learn to travel light.

As a general rule, put your backpack on the ground and try to put it there without help from anyone, you should be able to take and put the backpack effortlessly from this position, if not, then you are carrying a lot of weight, eliminate things. Remember that most airlines have a limit of 15 kilograms of checked baggage; try to stay below that limit to reduce costs.

Separation of the backpack and your back:

The top of your backpack should be the most stuck behind your back, if for any reason there is a gap between your back and the backpack will cause the weight is not distributed properly and you will feel that much moves when you walk. It’s like bringing something hanging off your shoulders and it’s extremely uncomfortable plus you’ll get tired faster.Once you have your backpack loaded and tight you should feel balanced in your hips; which are a single unit, that is, there is nothing hanging or separated from the backpack and finally you must feel stable and predictable when you walk, you will always know where it is and where the weight is when you walk with it.

How much does a backpack cost to travel?

Keep in mind that the backpack might be the most important team for your trip, but this does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on it.Travel backpack prices range from $ 99 to $ 300. Consider buying one around $ 200 dollars, more expensive is not worth it and cheaper you will be risking quality and maybe possible problems during the trip.A good backpack for travel should cost between $ 100 and $ 200 dollars.Personally the backpack I use is from the Vera Bradley Campus brand, I totally recommend it, it’s a Terra Cotton and I have not had any problems with it. With this article you can already have a clear idea of all the considerations that have to have to choose a backpack to travel and especially, how to pack it properly.

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