Ironman ATIS 4000 Ab Training Inversion Table Reviews

The Ironman range of inversion tables pretty much cover all the bases, and this particular table provides the ability to lock the table at various angles for performing exercises. Not only can you stretch your back and muscles, but also build up your core strength at the same time.Ironman have developed their range of ATIS tables expressly for this purpose, and the ATIS 4000 model is the most popular of them all. This inversion table gives a good comfort level, and is a perfect training companion for athletic people who want to not only stretch out their body after the day’s training routine, but also develop mid-section strength for warding off back injuries – and you could even end up with 6-pack Abs to boot!

With 10 different locking angles you have the opportunity to isolate your abdominal muscles more effectively than training on a flat bench, and a few minutes of daily training can bring effective results over time. Having this many angles really allows you to isolate upper and lower abs, and get better definition in the places you desire.You can get some great benefits from inversion therapy such as increased blood circulation, reduced muscle tension, and re-alignment of your spine, so check out our Ironman ATIS 4000 review to see what makes it tick.

Build Quality Assembly

The Ironman ATIS 4000 is a solid heavy-duty inversion table, and is constructed from an extra-wide oval steel frame (most frames are made from round or square tubing), which gives this table a weight capacity of up to 320 pounds.The frame is powder-coated giving it a nice quality finish while still being hard wearing, and the working parts of this table are well engineered to give you a feeling of comfort and safety. Some user’s mention that apart from the ATIS 4000’s excellent stability, the “table also looks great and is made of quality material”.When it comes to comfort Ironman have padded the table extremely well on the ATIS 4000. It features a durable vinyl covered 2-1/2-inch thick backrest with 1 inch thick memory foam, and a separate extended head rest. This makes the table very comfortable when doing abdominal exercises at shallow inversion angles. As a bonus feature this inversion table also comes with a removable lumbar pillow for supporting your lower back during shallow inversions.Assembly of the Ironman ATIS 4000 takes on average around 1 hour, and users of this inversion table say that it is easy to put together. There are a couple of spare screws and washers included in the packaging to ensure nothing is missing. The tolerances can be a bit tight when putting this machine together, so it is advisable to only hand-tighten the bolts until you get the parts together, and then tighten them properly after that. One user found that a rubber mallet was excellent for gently tapping the parts until the holes lined up.

Base Stability

The Frame of the ATIS 4000 is second to none when it comes to strength and stability, is wider than non ATIS Ironman tables, and features oval shaped steel tubing. This allows the table to hold up to 320 pounds, and people state that the whole inversion table feels very solid. At a total weight of 111 pounds this table isn’t going anywhere in a hurry, and you won’t find any other non-motorised inversion tables that feel more solid.

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Ankle Locking System

The ankle locking system on the ATIS 4000 is Ironman’s “Ratchet Gear”, and has plenty of positions to ensure your legs are locked in firmly. The assembly is operated by a long lever that you push down on to unlock, and you may need to squeeze the restraints a little tighter to make the lever easier to unlock.The “comforter” ankle holders themselves consist of front and rear molded cups, however inversion is not something that fits with the word ‘comfort’ in general, and some people find that their ankles/feet start to hurt after a while. Obviously the more extreme the inversion angle the more pressure you will place on your feet, and some users find this painful while others have no problem at all.As always we recommend wearing some thick socks and a pair of shoes/boots when inverting to make the experience more comfortable, and this can also allow you to invert for longer periods.

Height Tilt Adjustment

The Ironman ATIS 4000 is fully adjustable for a range of heights from 4’8″ through to 6’6″ and is easy to set with the markings on the main height bar.The special feature of this table (which is why you’re most likely reading this review) is the “Smart Gear” mechanism which allows you to lock the inversion angle of the table at any one of 10 preset positions. This means you can choose the difficulty factor when doing exercises, lets you set a maximum inversion angle that you are comfortable with, and also allows you to lock the table for mounting and dismounting.The “Smart Gear” system can also be set in the unlocked position, which then allows a full 180 degree range of unrestricted motion.As good as the multi-angle locking system is, some people say they have had problems with it being ‘sticky’ – basically a bit hard to move. Not all users have experienced this problem with the table, with some people saying that the system works perfectly for them.It is recommended to be a little gentle with the mechanism when moving from one position to the next, and not just tilting the table hard with all your weight, this way you should see many years of usage without damaging the locking system. Also make sure to take a little pressure off the mechanism when releasing the lever; and you will find that this helps it release much easier.

Dimensions / Storage

The ATIS 4000 measures 35 x 62 x 58 inches (WxHxD) and is not designed to be folded away like many other inversion tables. However the solid frame is where it gets its strength and stability, and this is the trade-off. If you intended to store the inversion table away for a while you could quite easily take the bed assembly off and store it as 2 separate pieces.At a weight of 111 pounds make sure not to move this table on your own – it’s solid and built to stay!

Extra Features/Specifications

Along with the comfort of the memory foam backrest, solid yet reasonably comfortable ankle locking system, and “smart gear” system – the ATIS 4000 also has inverted hand grips built on to the base of the frame. This is a handy extra feature that really allows you to ‘stretch it out’ without having to grip the frame at awkward angles.One other extra small feature is the ‘Super Side Holder’. I’m not sure that you would necessarily call it ‘super”, but it does come in handy for holding glasses, and other small objects while using the inversion table.

  • Extra wide, durable steel oval tubing for additional weight support
  • Measures: 35 x 62 x 58 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 111 pounds
  • Adjustable user height from 4’8″ to 6’6″
  • Supports up to 320 lbs.
  • Scratch-resistant powder-coated finish
  • Rubber non-skid floor stabilizers
  • 2-1/2″ foam backrest with 1″ of memory foam and extended head rest
  • Extended foam safety handles for easy return and body positioning
  • “Smart Gear” allows the table to lock at 10 different angles, preventing any free falling
  • Locks in place for safely mounting and dismounting
  • Extra-large foot platform for easy on and off
  • “Ratchet Gear” provides easy ankle locking adjustments
  • Comforter ankle holders reduce ankle pinching
  • Removable lumbar support pillow for additional lower back support
  • Inverting foam hand grips provides maximum inversion stretching
  • Side holder for small items

What we liked

  • Sturdy Construction
  • 10 Angle locking system
  • Nice looking inversion table

What we didn’t like

  • A little bulky and doesn’t fold up for storage

You may or may not get a lumbar cushion! Some people say their table came without the cushion, so that’s a little sloppy on the manufacturer’s behalf. I’m sure you could always contact them to have one sent out if you found it had been omitted.Some people have found the mechanism for locking the table hard to move. One user stated that if you take a little pressure off the mechanism before using the handle this makes it easy to move. Another user unscrewed the 3 small screws to remove the plastic cover, and filed the edge slightly on the mechanism, and it worked easily after this.

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