How to Decorate Your Bathroom With Plants

​The aesthetic and psychological benefits that plants provide in the home have been known since antiquity.

  • ​They turn the environment more pleasant, calm down, and reduce stress.
  • The oriental techniques of FENG-SHUI seek to achieve harmonious, serene, relaxing environments.
  • Plants reduce carbon dioxide levels and increase the humidity of the environment.
  • They reduce the amount of dust in the home by almost 20%.
  • They reduce levels of certain harmful gases such as formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide.

​Plants are very important in interior decoration. Aesthetically we have a great variety of beautiful leaves and flowers, in different colors and shapes to choose and combine with the furniture and colors of the rooms of the house.

​To decorate your bathroom I leave the following tips and photos!

​The bathrooms usually have small windows, therefore, low light. Sometimes they are cold and sometimes they are warm. Humidity is usually high due to the presence of water.

Plants for bathrooms with low lighting: For those bathrooms that do not have too much light, the best ones are the ferns, in all their varieties, the ivy, sanseviera, philodendron, ivy and the selaginela are the best. They do not require much light for their growth, and respond very favorably to warm and humid environments such as bathrooms, including those that are smaller.

​Plants for bathrooms with lots of lighting: In those bathrooms where light abounds, the best recommended species are the pilea, brazil trunk, sanseviera, coconut tree, anthurium, the rib of Adam, and the polypodium, which They grow easily and do not require much space.

​Plants for small bathrooms: On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that bathrooms are usually small, so you cannot place plants on the floor. However, there is always space on some wall to hang one or two shelves. Therefore, instead of filling them with jars, you can place hanging plants in colorful pots on top of them.

​Colorful plants: Among the most colorful options are the crotos that can decorate with their colorful red and orange green leaves, the anthurium that has a very delicate red flower and the hyacinths of violet or white flowers, which will need you to place them in slightly larger pots.

​These are recommended plants that give a more natural and personal touch to the bathroom, that great forgotten in what refers to the decoration. Therefore, if you do not know how to do it, here are some ideas decorating the bathroom with plants. Sure, you will not regret! Mind you, control yourself and do not put all the plants possible. With one or two varieties of these plants is more than enough for the decoration of the bathroom.

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