How Installing Roller Shutters on your Home Will Significantly Boost its Value

​Typically, you will find roller shutters installed in business establishments. After all, the security and protection they give are primarily the reasons why store owners love them. However, are you aware that you can also use them for your home? There are roller shutters designed for protecting residential properties.You should know that you can use rolling shutters can for a broad range of applications. If you own a business, you can use them as doors for your warehouse, shop, garage or even your delivery trucks or vans. As we’ve mentioned, security is the primary benefit that a roller shutter gives. However, they also offer other lifestyle and financial advantages, providing a significant boost to the value of residential properties. Here are some of the ways that roller shutters can be a good investment for your home:

​1) Secure your Home

​According to the data collected by the Australian Institute of Criminology, about 70% of homicides happen in residential areas. Moreover, the highest rates of burglary recorded were in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. So, it is crucial for homeowners to think of ways to increase their security.Roller shutters have been proven to protect against burglaries and break-in attempts. In some cases, having them installed is enough to discourage criminals from targeting a particular home. It can be challenging to take a roller shutter down. So, petty burglars will ignore your house and move on to a different target.

​2) Protect your Home from the Sun

​We all know how harsh the weather conditions are in Australia. During summers, the heat can get very intense. If you think that mounting curtains can keep your home cool, well, you’re wrong. Remember that glass can absorb heat and pass it to the blinds or curtains. On the other hand, a roller shutter can act as a buffer for the weather. Moreover, it can also protect your loved ones, and the furniture from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

​3) Better Control Over Natural Light, Noise and your Privacy

​Having a proper roller shutter installation can give you better control over the amount of natural light entering your house. You can roll them up to brighten up any space, or you can roll them down to dim the lights. It is also worth noting that sunlight is not the only element you can block—you can also lower the noise coming into your home. If you live along a busy street, it can be challenging to sleep at night or have a peaceful day. When you install a roller shutter, you can reduce the level of exterior noise by 50%.Roller shutters can also be a reliable visual blocker. To give more privacy to your street-level windows, you should install roller shutters. Doing so will keep the nosy neighbors and curious passers-by from peeking inside your home.

​4) Protect your Assets Amidst Powerful Storms

​The strong winds of powerful storms can shatter your glass windows. Once entry points become exposed, the winds may bring an upward pressure inside your home, sending your roof flying. What’s more, if your house becomes compromised, your walls may start to collapse. Even if that does not happen, water can still enter your home. Keep in mind that even an inch of the flood can cause damage that can be worth hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, you can always prepare for storms by mounting roller shutters on your windows.

​5) Enough Protection for Bushfires

​In Western Australia, there are many areas tagged as bushfire-prone zones. If your house is in one of those, you should seriously think about getting roller-style shutters. Even if the fire is a kilometre away, the wind can carry radiant heat and flying embers that may break your glass windows. Even double-glazing your windows will not stop them from shattering due to the intense heat. Once your home’s interior is exposed, the embers can fly into your home and start a fire.Make sure you find roller shutters that meet Australian Standards for bushfire protection. These products have the proper rating for absorbing heat, preventing your glass windows from shattering.

​6) Lower your Insurance Premium

​Installing a roller shutter is a step towards securing your home. Keep in mind that insurance companies consider whether you’ve invested in protecting your house when they determine your premium. Since your home has protection from burglaries, storm damage and fires, your policy reader will consider your property as less of a risk. As such, you can ask for a discount on your home and contents insurance.

​7) Increase the Aesthetic Appeal of your Home

​It is worth noting that roller shutters come in various colours, styles and designs. Mounting them onto your windows can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior. Consequently, you will not have a difficult time searching for a suitable buyer once you decide you put your property in the market. Of course, with all the benefits that roller shutters can offer, you will be able to sell your house at a handsome price.

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