Herman Miller Mirra 2 Task Chair Review

Chairs Can Make or Break Your Back

Your chair is extremely important. If you’re someone who works at an office or at home, then a good chair is something that you’ll definitely have to invest in. Like everything else in this world, it’s important to practice proper seating posture while at work. Why, you ask? That’s because bad posture when you’re sitting whether it’s at work or at home can literally break your back.

It might not be evident while you’re still young but you’ll undoubtedly regret not sitting properly when you grow older. For this reason you’ll need to have a chair that’s designed to provide comprehensive back support. However, there’s something that you’ll need to know about choosing the right chair. It’s really not as simple as what you might have in mind.

No Two Models of Chairs Are Alike

Ergonomic chairs are unique. You’re not going to find two models that have exact same functions and design. With that said you’ll have to be very discerning with regard to choosing the best office chair for you. You need to have an idea of what your needs are. 

If you’re a big individual you’re definitely going to need a big and tall chair rather than a normal one. You’ll also have to be mindful of the chair’s price if you’re on a budget. Not all chairs are priced the same. There are some chairs that are more expensive than others. The price though shouldn’t be an indication of quality since there are also affordable chairs that offer great performance and functionality.

Chairs You Might Want to Check Out

If you want the best performance and you have an unlimited budget then you can check out the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller. You should remember that although this is rather costly it is well worth the money. If you are limited by budgetary constraints, then you should definitely check out chairs from Lane.

They are definitely more affordable than Herman Miller’s offerings but the quality of these chairs are considerably less stellar. This trade-off is to be expected though and shouldn’t detract from the good points of Lane chairs. However, there is also a middle ground if you want a compromise between price and quality. For this, the Herman Miller Mirra series is definitely worth taking a look at.

Herman Miller Is Always a Solid Choice

Herman Miller has been manufacturing and selling ergonomic office chairs for a while now and you can always count on their research and design teams to offer their customers unrivalled comfort. A great example is the Aeron series which was discussed earlier. Since the company only uses premium materials for their chairs, it’s expected that they’d also charge premium for them.

However, not a lot of people know that they also offer basic chairs that have the Herman Miller seal of quality and at the same time offer more than the basic functionality found in other office chairs. What’s good about these chairs? These are good because they cost a fraction less than the Aeron series.

The Mirra Chair by Herman Miller

The Herman Miller Mirra Chair is the chair that you should have to ensure that much needed protection and support for your back. It has fixed armrests and a no tilt limiter function. You can stretch as much as you want without having to stand up from your chair.

There are also passive and active adjustment functions on it that make for a hassle free experience when using it. The research and design team from Herman Miller also didn’t pull back any punches when it comes to this chair’s looks. You could say that if you’re looking for a chair in its price range, it’d be hard to ignore the Herman Miller Mirra Chair and its technical specifications.

Price Will Never Be an Issue

This leads us to another feature of the Herman Miller Mirra Chair that you’re going to like. For some people, price is a major consideration in choosing a chair. However, it can be said that the cheaper a chair gets, the lesser the quality of the materials used on it. When this happens, there’s a possibility that the chair could easily get broken.

The worst case scenario would be that it would cause you back and money problems in the long run. This chair however has none of these issues. The materials used on it are of good quality and it’s also beautifully designed. Aside from this, it has a 12-year warranty. That’s how confident the company is with this product.

Solid Performance and Functionality

Earlier we talked about how the Herman Miller Mirra Chair has a variety of passive and active adjustment options. It’s actually bad for you if you hold only one position when sitting. The passive and active adjustment options ensure that you still get the proper lumbar support even though you constantly change your sitting position.

Additionally, the adjustments that you make will most likely be minimal since the Mirra chair will automatically shape itself to provide anyone who uses it with a truly comfortable seating position. The chair has a TriFlex back which is pliable and elastic. This is essential when supporting the entire spine.

You Might Not Like the Non-Adjustable Armrests

If there’s one thing that you might not like with the Herman Miller Mirra Chair it would probably be its non-adjustable armrests. Well, there were things that needed to be sacrificed in order for Herman Miller to price this chair competitively and this is one of those.

There are people though who wouldn’t care much if their armrests were adjustable or not. The important thing with this chair is the fact that it is very effective in providing back support to the user. At the end of the day, there are more people who think that this feature is more important than non-adjustable armrests.

Guaranteed Return of Your Investment

Should you get the Herman Miller Mirra chair over the Aeron and the one from Lane? Yes, you should. Rather, you have to get this chair because you can. From its price to its features there aren’t enough reasons for you not to buy this.

It’s time that you actually invested in your back’s future. You wouldn’t want to be hunched over when you’re old would you? With this chair’s 12 year warranty, this is definitely the best deal for an ergonomic chair that you’ll be seeing for a while so should definitely get it now.

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