Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Buy?

There are thousands of kitchen equipments for all kinds of uses. If you want to start, equipping your kitchen you should know the list of utensils that are in a kitchen (or should be) in order to perform daily preparations effectively and comfortably.All of us should invest in the basic kitchen utensils at once or little by little, in order to have a complete kitchen. With this list, we propose to offer you all the kitchen utensils that you should have.The utensils presented here are selected for the use of any home, for the average family type and the most common preparations of our kitchens and are not a selection of professional kitchen utensils.Avoid buying cheap kitchenware, of poor quality. Once you have your list of selected kitchen utensils try to buy them at the best price, but always choose the quality.

5 advantages of choosing quality kitchenware:

Price: it is cheaper to buy a good one than 5 bad onesEcology: Purchase once and use it for many yearsCooking to taste: Cooking is a pleasure forget about bad experiences that have their origin in bad kitchen utensilsGuarantee: any problem you have with the utensil will be covered by the manufacturer’s warrantyComfort: buy and receive them at home without losing time on trips

Here is high quality kitchen equipments list

From the experience, we have developed this list of basics kitchen equipments and their uses so you can evaluate your order of priority if you are evaluating buying kitchen utensils. Therefore, you can invest once and enjoy them for years.The kitchen utensils play a fundamental role at the time of cooking, but not all are used; Many times, we use them once and we change them for something different. It is common to find in our drawers knives, spatulas, peelers, cutlery among others that were forgotten. Many do not know how to take advantage of all the advantages that kitchen utensils offer.


Having a couple of good pans is essential for each day. You should choose the right diameter to cook for people who are at home. Normally one of them will be smaller to use as an assistant or to use when you are less at home. If you want to choose well and invest only once, I recommend the Woll pans that are most sold pans.

Kitchen knives

Having good kitchen knives is essential to be able to cut the food to be prepared with precision and safety. The basic knives that every kitchen needs are two: a chef’s knife or an onion and a lace knife or peeler.Our recommendation is this set of WΓΌsthof knives that includes a sharpener. So that you can make periodically maintaining the edge in home.

Cutting board

The cutting board is indispensable for the daily work of a kitchen. Although not as famous as the rest of the utensils. It facilitates the cutting of pieces of meat, poultry or large vegetables and protects the edge of knives. There are wood or plastic and you should take care of the cleaning of the table.


Although it seems to have a good saucepan in the kitchen is essential. It can be useful for several daily tasks: prepare sauces, soups, even fresh pasta in small quantities. A stainless steel saucepan may be your best option, like this one.

Pots and pans

The pots are essential for the preparation of stews, pasta, pieces of meat, vegetables, even steam cooking. As everything, you must choose the pots and pans of the suitable capacities for your house.


Having a good quality grater, which does not rust or lose cutting power, allow you to prepare salads, grate vegetables, cheese, chocolate, etc. Our choice has been the Microplane brand. There is several models to choose the one you like the most.


A must for pasta or boiled vegetables. Our choice is always for a stainless steel like this one since the duration is much greater than a plastic one.

Spatula and tweezers

Essential accessories to work with comfort, precision and safety. Why not have one? If manufacturer made this right tool. The indispensable: tweezers and spatula.

Kitchen scale

For many it is not essential but for us yes. The nutritional scale Beurer fulfills two functions: the scale obviously next to the nutritional control. Find your scale that deserves you to take a look here:

Where to buy kitchenware online

The best way to buy cooking utensils online is to take advantage of a promotion or prices on offer. Nevertheless, we save you all this work to buy your kitchen utensils on Amazon.In addition, remember: always choose utensils with a guarantee and a recognized brand that will save you a lot of money in the long run.Do you consider that we have left out some essential kitchen utensil? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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