5 Cogent Reasons Why Students Need To Have A Convection Toaster Oven

Life as a student can be very hectic, coming back home and not knowing what to eat or even having time to cook.Most times as a student the last thing on your mind will be to cook, so the best thing to do is to order pizza or just eat out. But then when you have a convection toaster in your apartment the possibilities are endless.In this post, we will be discussing the reasons why you need a convection toaster as a student and what can be made with this oven. Without wasting much of your time, let’s dive straight in.

Reasons why you need a convection toaster oven

1. Saves time

A convection toaster is able to heat food up 30% faster than normal ovens. Why? Because a convection toaster comes with an inbuilt fan that is able the spread heat evenly when heating and increases the cooking time in the oven.

2. Size

A convection toaster can be put on the kitchen counter as its size is compact. It can be borrowed from your friend or it can be taken out to a friends apartment to help when cooking.

3. Price

Their prices are relatively cheap for the number of features it has. A convection toaster oven is able to toast, warm, bake and also air food.

4. Easy to clean

Most convection toasters are easy to clean because most of them come with a detachable tray which is able to collect breadcrumbs and other food particles that fall out during the heating process.

5. Easy to operate

User-friendly is what you can call a convection toaster oven because the features are straightforward and easy to understand with some coming with digital display feature.Now that you know the advantages of a convection toaster oven the next question will be what can I make with it. You can also check a review of the best ones available now.

  • Pizza: Apart from warming pizza in a convection toaster oven and pizza can also be made in it. All you need to do is get your ingredients ready and bake it for a certain amount of time. A good advantage of a convection toaster oven is that you can see the food being baked (it comes with an inner light) so there will be no need of opening and closing to check if the pizza is done.
  • Brownies: Brownies and cookies can be baked with a convection toaster oven, all you need to do is make your mix. If it is too much, you can store it in the fridge using a wax paper because it does not allow moisture touch the mix, then bake the brownies or cookies you need.
  • Air fried chicken: The latest brands now come with an air frying feature which enables you to fry chicken without the use of oil and this favors healthy living
  • Rotisserie chicken: Making a rotisserie chicken is possible with a convection toaster oven because it comes with a skewer
  • Baked potatoes: Not just baked potatoes but also vegetables even asparagus. All you need to do is spice them and put them in the convection toaster oven.

Now we have come to an end of this write-up, we hope we have been able to convince you to get a convection toaster oven for your apartment. If you have used a convection toaster oven, you can share your experience with us in the comment section below, we would like to hear from you.

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