Best Hoverboard & Self Balancing Scooter Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays, hoverboards have become one of the most innovative ways of personal transportation. The fact that you can get a two wheel self balancing scooter and ride with your balance only – which means without any stick, controller or handheld device to start with – is simply phenomenal.Hoverboards are also great for riding at home, in those times when you are too lazy to move (as silly as it may sound). Whether it’s the indoors or the outdoors, hoverboards are a real hype now. Plus, celebrities love using them!The fast, smooth and innovative two wheel self-balancing system is the best thing about hoverboards. It is also the thing that improves the safety and stability of the rider in charge. However, it takes some time to pick up the skills and master the two wheel self-balancing scooter.

Our Picks For Best Hoverboard

A Little Bit About Buying A Best Self balancing Scooter – And Why You Need To Be Careful When Buying A Hoverboard Online

Yes, you got it right – commuting just got a lot easier. So, you want to commute, but don’t know which best two wheel scooter to buy?That’s okay, because today, we are reviewing the best hoverboards online. And by best we refer to the ones with license to use, special certification as well as easy returns policy supported by Amazon.Why is this important?Because Amazon is a trusted seller and comes with actual reviews section from people who have bought a hoverboard online. More importantly, because Amazon guarantees top quality products and a complete easy refunds policy – no questions asked.Now that you know this, it’s time to present them to you…

Top 10 Hoverboards To Buy Right Now – (Best Two Wheel Scooter Review)

1. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD with LED Lights –Hoverboard Review

The Powerboad hoverboard is one of the top selling in the marketplace and coming at a pretty reasonable price for what it offers. Made by an USA company, it comes with fast shipping and top notch support during the process.Feature-wise, the Powerboard 2 wheel electric scooter is a hoverboard that has a top speed of 10km per hour, which is pretty quick for getting around town. It has 6.5” wheels and a 36V 700 watt power battery. Also, it comes with smooth and simple acceleration and utmost precision. The 6 hour battery life and full charge in less than 60 minutes also make this best two wheel scooter a great value for money.What we also like about this 220lbs hoverboard is the fact that it takes quick to be mastered and ridden around, but also has a LED indicator that keeps you informed of how much battery you have left. The Powerboard company also greets you with a one year warranty on your hoverboard and US based customer support, and is a registered trademark under the license from GoPed Ltd.

2. Sharper Image-Sogo Personal transporter With LED Lights – Hoverboard Review

The Sharper hoverboard is a self balancing electric personal transporter with white frame which is powered by a 36V, 4.4 Samsung lithium long lasting battery and 700 watts of power. It has 6.5” wheels and a max speed of 10 kilometers per hour (7.2 miles per hour).From another point of view, the battery charges in 3 hours and can get up to 15 mile travel effortlessly – in just one charge. You can upgrade to a 2 year expanded protection plan for this hoverboard for a discounted price of $32.41 and ensure total customer support. Other than that, the product has a 1 year warranty and is packaged pretty well. It comes in a standard black color with white frame, pads and innovative design on the wheels.

3. Nimbus Wheels Self Balancing Scooter – Hoverboard Review

Nimbus is a genuine hoverboard brand that offers top quality parts and a pretty reasonable price for a 2 wheel electric scooter. Packed with a genuine Samsung Lithium Ion battery, this hoverboard by Nimbus is along the highest safety standards when it comes to precaution. Also, it comes with a 1 year warranty sold by Natural Born, a company manufacturing the product as well as a carrying bag that comes as a bonus with the package!Zipping up the hoverboard and high quality battery charger in the carrying bag is what the Nimbus hoverboard package looks like. Speaking of features, it comes with a weight of 23 pounds, maximum load of 100kg as well as a top speed of 10 kilometers per hour and a battery range of 12 miles.The Nimbus hoverboard is along the Amazon Best Seller rank and ranks with #94 in the Sports and Outdoors category. So if you are looking for a top hoverboard at an affordable price, you have your eyes on the right one.

4. Spaceboard Electric Self Balancing 2 Wheel Scooter Hoverboard Bluetooth Speaker Remote Control W/bag Ship From USA SpaceboardUSA – Hoverboard Review

The Spaceboard 2 wheel electric scooter is one of the best ones on the marketplace and a top selling hoverboard on Amazon. But why is it so unique?First and foremost, it is made by a prestigious brand, SPACEBOARD USA – and is packed with top quality parts to start with. The powerful LG battery and Bluetooth 4.0 technology which actually lets you play music on the integrated speakers on this hoverboard is actually one of the sleekest advantages the Spaceboard hoverboard puts to the table.It is also water resistant and with a 275 pounds weight limit. Featuring a golden color and several differently colored LED lights (blue, violet & green), the Spaceboard comes with free black carrying case. The Super Fast 2.0A charger for this hoverboard is another part of the experience – coming with a cooling fan to prevent overheating.The premium Bluetooth speakers, the water-resistant features and the innovative design make the Spaceboard one of the top selling hoverboards for 2016 and a brand new model which charges for 1-2 hours and comes with 8 inch premium designed wheels. Oh, and did we mention the 16 to 18 miles per hour speed, making it the fastest hoverboard on the marketplace?

5. The Original Monster Wheel: Intelligent Self Balancing Hoverboard with LED Lights – Hoverboard Review

The Original Monster Wheel is the Ferrari in two wheeled scooters. It is easily identified as the most unique and best hoverboard in 2016 – but why?Well, this 2 wheel electric scooter model is an intelligent self balancing hoverboard which is fun, safe and incredibly easy to learn. It is tailored to people of all ages and offers a maximum speed of 6.2 miles per hour, making the speed not its best selling point but on the other hand making it one of the safest hoverboards on Amazon.The Original Monster Wheel comes with a lightweight design of only 24lbs and goes up to 12 miles on a single charge, powered with smart LED lights, zero degree turning radius and even 30 degree climbing capability, making it a real ‘Monster’. The charging time is 2 hours and it features a Samsung Lithium Ion battery PLUS a detailed user manual for ones who are unaware of how a hoverboard works. The 1 year warranty is also a sleek factor to consider, along with the excellent customer service that will answer each and every one of your questions.

6. Robotturbo Hoverboard, Self Balancing Scooter with Certified Battery Pack – Hoverboard Review

Many people have claimed that Robotturbo is the best best two wheel scooter for money when it comes to buying a hoverboard online. Why is that?First and foremost, Robbotturbo is the name of this top selling hoverboard that comes with amazing rider safety and even has an auto break protection which beeps and warns you when approaching the top speed. Speaking of top speed, it features 10 kilometers per hour as a maximum speed and a 1000 watt motor that generates high speed with efficiency.Robotturbo is definitely one of the best hoverboards brands and it has proven that with this hoverboard which comes with a SAMSUNG battery that ensures the longest riding distance of 15 miles. This along with the many other features make the Robotturbo the best hoverboard for riding around town, running errands or simply visiting the nearest shopping mall.The 3 control modes are equal to 3 types of fun in the Robotturbo. But certainly its biggest selling point is the sleek design which differs from the other electric 2 wheel scooters on the marketplace and is futuristic, minimalist and can tailor to everyone’s needs and tastes.Dual wheel drive or two way direct drive? Your balance is always a priority with the Robotturbo – and it proves it with the 3 gyro sensors and accelerometers integrated ‘below the hood’.Smart-

7. Smart-Wheelz Adult Self Balancing Electric Scooter with LED Lights – Hoverboard Review

The Smart Wheelz 2 wheel electric scooter with LED lights has been one of the pioneers in this industry. The fact that it comes in 3 colors (blue, black and red) is definitely something to consider and get your smooth ride tailored to your style and needs.With an amazing battery life, the Smart-Wheelz hoverboard promotes as it says, ‘a better and faster ride than the others’. The top speed of 7 miles per hour and smooth and simple acceleration when it comes to drifting corners are its unique points.The amazing battery life and 1 year warranty are also what you get for when buying the Smart-Wheelz hoverboard – which can be mastered in as little as 5 minutes and offers a stellar battery. You can test this 25 pound electric scooter now and treat yourself or someone else with a great present!

8. Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board – Hoverboard Review

It’s not Segway, it’s Swagway!That is the premise under which this stylish hoverboard lives – offering you a seamless ride at a ridiculous price for a top quality hoverboard. Coming in white, green, pink and blue colors – this is the colorful hoverboard you want for your daughter, girlfriend or even mother (its pink version) – but also the sleek minimalist white hoverboard you have always wanted to buy.But the special selection of colors is not what makes this hoverboard popular on the marketplace. Instead, it’s amazing battery protection system and weight of 25 pounds make it one of the lightest hoverboards available that features zero degree in turning and is able to climb up to a 15 degree include.Manufactured by an US brand, the Swagway hoverboard is certified along with the latest standard and authorized for selling only by a number of brands. It ensures practical, revolutionary and fun user experience and is perfect for urban commuting – with a powerful battery that is fully charged in 2 hours tops!

9. Leray Self Balancing Scooter Balance Motion 6.5″ Two Wheel Hoverboard with Certified Safe Battery Pack – Hoverboard Review

The Leray two wheel scooter comes in 3 colors – blue, red and white. The brand Leray offers an amazing customer support and a 1 year warranty for any possible damage covered within. With stunning coverage of 15 kilometers in range, an agility that reaches 10 kilometers per hour at a 15 degree incline and utmost precision, the Leray hoverboard is definitely one of the best to consider.It also offers fast charging in less than 2 and a half hours and is certified along the latest standards – also offering a unique code per each product for warranty identification. With 26 pounds of weight and great performance battery-wise, thinking whether to buy a hoverboard is not anymore a big question after you get introduced to the Leray.The Leray hoverboard can also come gift-wrapped and is ideal as a gift to your loved ones – promoting a certified license and a precise and smooth riding experience. If you have seen the best hoverboard videos and have seen the hoverboard angel-free circling, the Leray excels in that point – so make sure you experience this in real life!

10. Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter, Blue – Hoverboard Review

Razor Hovertrax is the name of a blue hoverboard for sale currently on Amazon, but more importantly an innovative two wheel scooter which excels in terms of balance, speed and optimizing a smooth riding experience.The best part about the Razor hoverboard are its silent dual hub motors with a gyro sensor technology offering the best hover-board-like ride that reaches speeds up to 6 miles per hour and a run time of around 115 minutes of continuous use. That easily translates to around 2 hours spent in your favorite shopping mall, to the nearest grocery store or simply a casual ride in the neighborhood.The razor hoverboard comes with an anti-slip foot platform and is foot controlled, making the maneuvering steering seamless. IT is recommended for ages above 13 and supports maximum rider weight of 220 lbs. The Razor also comes with a manufacture 1 year warranty and top-shelf customer support.

A Final Word

If you want a real hoverboard for sale that works and will take you to heights, offer you a smooth and seamless riding experience and be a real showoff of your skills (which are easily mastered), you can easily choose one of the hoverboards we reviewed. Trust us, these are the top selling hoverboards on the marketplace currently – which means that you won’t be making a wrong decision in any way!Plus, with each of these hoverboards you get a 1 year warranty, excellent customer service and an Amazon easy returns policy. Has shopping ever been this easier?We don’t think so. What we think is that you must try and ride a hoverboard – it is one of the most fun, exciting and hype trends you can master!*

Best Hoverboard Buying Guide 2020

What IS A Hoverboard

Self-balancing skateboard, 2 wheel standing scooter, electric scooter, hoverboard, mini Segway, mini swagway, electric 2 wheel scooter, electric self-balancing scooter board…All of these are terms that are associated with hoverboards – but before even grasping them, let’s understand what is a hoverboard and why do people love it.The truth is, in case you are living under a rock and not know what is a two wheels self-balancing scooter- we feel for you. But there is the one possibility you may know what it is – but not know the name.A hoverboard, 2 wheel segway or electric self-balancing scooter board as many people know it is a self-balancing electric gadget. However, it actually does not hover, but come with wheels – which has been a misunderstanding that people link to as a hoverboard from ‘Back To The Future’ movie.A hoverboard is a self-balancing board with 2 wheels which uses clever sensors to detect the leaning position of the rider and therefore turn in the right direction, spinning the wheels to move in that direction accordingly. So, riding a hoverboard is easy – as soon as you master it, you will be able to shift your weight in the desired direction and it will move towards it.So now that you know what a hoverboard is, let’s see where you can purchase one and what to look for when buying a hoverboard.

The Where To Buy A Hoverboard Checklist

Now that you know what is a hoverboard and why it’s cool, let’s do a little checklist of all the things you should tick after reading this and eventually buying yours self-balancing boards for cheap:

  • (where to) buy the cheapest hoverboard at the most affordable price
  • purchase a hoverboard that is safe and sound
  • know where to ride your hoverboard – whether indoors or outdoors
  • learn to ride a hoverboard
  • Where to get Hoverboard – mini Segway accessories
  • never make the 7 mistakes!
  • Check TOP 10 Hoverboards

Oh, and what are the 7 BIG mistakes you can make when buying a hoverboard? We are listing them below – just in case you know them and eventually skip them during the process.


1. Buying The Cheapest Hoverboard

Ok, we know that hoverboards may be pricey, but a 2 wheel self-balancing scooter comes with a price which is dependent to its quality. In other words, when shopping for best hoverboard segway – you get what you pay for, so make sure not to hit the bottom price line but strive for at least the middle price margin.‘Why is this important?’ – you may be asking yourself.Well, there are many cases of explosive hoverboards people have bought and have been in danger. Now, safety is a priority when buying a hoverboard online – which means that if you go for a low-quality one, you are definitely compromising your own safety.Aside from the explosions and other stuff, buying an insanely cheap hoverboard may result in nothing but troubles from the very start. After all, it’s technology – and when it comes to cheap parts being used – we all know how it usually ends.

2. Buying From An Untrusted Brand Or Retailer

To buy a hoverboard online from a brand or retailer who implies on nothing but a scam is just like a shot in the dark. You won’t see before your money are taken – and in many cases, you may not see the hoverboard itself arriving at your door.There are many people who have made the same mistake and bought a 2 wheel hoverboard from untrusted sources, focusing only on the product. Instead, you should focus from who are you buying.So, how to know and buy a hoverboard from trusted seller? Here’s our hoverboard buying guide.

  • Make sure to spot an S in the HTTP sign in the website URL (link) – if there is one, there is an SSL certificate on the website protecting your buyer information
  • Make sure you check for ‘BRAND review’ on our site before even considering to buy from that brand
  • Make sure to check if there are actual reviews about brands on sites and discussion boards.
  • Make sure there are hoverboard reviews and testimonials.
  • Make sure there is a head office listed – in case you want to contact them directly
  • Make sure there is a contact number and a support service in case of any trouble

Just like you won’t buy your iPhone from anywhere but the Apple Store or any other provider you know is a reputed one, same goes with electric 2 wheel scooter – and buying them from untrusted sellers is definitely NOT an option to consider. Even if the price is cheaper or the offer looks affordable, you should always know that you may be left without any shipment plus your money given into a scam.

3. Buying An Used Hoverboard

We buy used smartphones, laptops and cars. But when it comes to buying used hoverboards, they are delicate by themselves and you should know that a used hoverboard for sale may not be the best choice.Why?Because how on Earth would you know how the previous user has treated the hoverboard? From misusage with batteries, aggressive usage and tons of other things, buying a used hoverboard may lead to many damages that need fixes. And you certainly don’t want to pay double for a used hoverboard, right?Instead, make sure you buy a brand new hoverboard from an experienced and authority retail store or brand. That way, you will save yourself the time, money and struggle of dealing with problems and start enjoying the brand new hoverboard you got.

4. NOT Knowing Where To Buy Your Hoverboard From

I bought my two wheel self balancing scooter over Amazon because of safety and certifications. It’s so much fun you will never want to get off of it .Cam B. – Buying a hoverboard is a big decision. After all, you are investing in a gadget and therefore you should make it as good as possible. Therefore, not knowing where to buy a hoverboard from and just going into the first store and buying it may come with a lot of issues linked with low-quality.Why?Well, not every hoverboard store has a certification of selling top-quality hoverboards. However, we 100% recommend you always shop the latest hoverboard models on amazon.If you are asking why Amazon, first of all, they have a terrific customer support. They will resolve every issue connected to your hoverboard purchase, and even filter the users who sell hoverboards based on their rankings, reviews, and customer satisfaction as a priority. Simply put, Amazon is the best place to buy a hoverboard from – and it has a lot of discounts!That is why we recommend buying a hoverboard from Amazon, a trusted company with top quality products and money back guaranteed without any questions asked. Simply, no worries for you at all when buying a hoverboard.Every hoverboard has a certain set of certifications, which include:

  • UN 38.3 (battery)
  • UL 1642 (battery)
  • UL 60950-1 (charger)

5. Not Checking The Electric Self Balancing Scooter reviews Section (On Our Site) Before Buying

At our site, we have a special selection of top-quality hoverboards with reviews, specifications and features.That being said, you should definitely look for the great indicators of top-quality hoverboards. So, want to check for hoverboard reviews directly on our website – and see which hoverboards we recommend you to buy? Feel free to go ahead.Aside from the topics, discussion boards and forums – getting to know the in-depth reviews on our website may definitely be a great idea to get to know the type of hoverboard you are buying.The main idea of buying a hoverboard online is knowing the best two wheels self-balancing reviews, latest guides as well as the most consistent information which will help you buy a self-balancing electric scooter that best matches your needs and budget. We have a whole variety of various priced hoverboards in our Review section – and if you don’t check it out, you may be missing a lot.

6. Not Checking The Hoverboard Features When Buying It

Let’s give an example on this one.You want to buy a hoverboard online that will give you a smooth ride of over 3 hours and supporting your weight. You see one, like the color and immediately buy it! Only to find out later – that the hoverboard’s maximum battery time is 7 minutes and it is made for people who weigh less than you.What do you have at this point?A hoverboard you cannot use. Pretty bad, right?Well, that is why checking the features is important when buying a hoverboard online. Especially when you have selected the website from which you want to buy and your model, checking out the reviews is definitely a great idea before proceeding.The hoverboard features you should look for when buying a 2 wheel segway scooter (the other term for it) include:

  • How it’s made (what is it made of)
  • Power of the two wheels self-balancing scooter electric motor
  • What’s the hoverboard top speed
  • You can also look at our two wheels self-balancing scooter comparison.
  • What’s the Self-balancing electric scooter battery life
  • And also don’t forget to check Self-balancing electric scooter weight limit

…and many more. Again, it may be worth to check out the top 10 best self balancing scooters and make sure you understand every feature the hoverboard you want to buy has. Plus – you will love it even more when figuring things out!

7. Not Checking The Hoverboard Itself

Last but not least – is the time when the hoverboard arrives to your door. Now, trusted hoverboard sellers usually operate with hoverboard quick shipping and free, easy returns. However, this may be a delicate thing to consider.If you are asking why – let’s face it. No seller on Earth will be willing to take back the hoverboard he sold to you which is broken after usage. This implies that you MUST CHECK everything before using your hoverboard and never go outside to check it out – but see the instructions, make sure to follow them and ultimately, check if everything is good.The good thing is, many hoverboards online come with warranties. However, not every warranty covers all the damages which may have occurred to your hoverboard during the shipping process. If you have the proof that the hoverboard you bought was delivered with a damage, though – you can definitely return it and ask for a replacement (or refund).This is another part of the story of checking if the seller or hoverboard brand is trusted. They must have a Privacy Policy on their site and guarantee that they will do their best to meet your utmost satisfaction. And trust us, great hoverboard sellers do this – which is simply why they are great, right?

A Final Word

Learning from where and how to buy a hoverboard online is not rocket science.However, it may come with many factors involved. After all, you want to buy best 2 wheel scooter online and as a tech product, there may be a lot of issues linked to it. Many of the popular hoverboards were subject to overheating, exploding or even catching fire. While this may also be due to the not-recommended usage by the buyer, it is your job to check and ensure that the hoverboard you buy online is the real deal. That’s why we’re here to help you.Happy riding on your brand new 2 wheel hoverboard! And remember, safety is always first!

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