Best Earbuds Under 100 Dollars – Buyer’s Guide

Being on tight budget, it is probably a tough time to choose best product for yourself expecting the amazing sound quality at the same time. Under the budget of 100 dollars, it may be little confusing and a bit frustrating too for you at the same time to choose a earbud that can satisfy your needs. But I would like to say one thing, don’t worry.We too love affordable earbuds that can deliver high quality of sound and are comfortable to wear for long time without causing any pain to your ears.Since the last few years, the market is flooded with cheap and professional earbuds. This thing actually created a competition between headphone manufacturers hence creating a better option of choice for customers. They now has unlimited number of earbuds of each type to choose from.In order to survive in the game, earbud manufacturers had to come up with cheap but more featured earbuds to attract customers. So a regular customers can choose a professional featured earbud under 100. Manufacturers now has to pay more attention on the sound quality and user’s comfort which led us to acquire a much better earbud under the same price tag.Well, moving a head. So are you ready to check the list of best earbuds under 100 dollars? We have managed to prepare a list of best headphones under 100 dollars keeping in mind their features, design, sound quality and comfort. Being in this industry for more than 5 years, We can guarantee you that these earbuds are best earbuds in the market as of now and will lead to ultimate pleasure of music.So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at these.

Best Earbuds Under 100 Dollars Comparison Chart

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Top 5 Best Earbuds Under 100 Dollars

#1. Bose SoundTrue – In-Ear Headphones

Bose Headphones are very elegant and smooth in design that they usually fit in any situation including wearing them at office, public places, or during public places.The thing which creates problem in buying earbuds is that keeps on falling out of the ear continuously. If you plan to wear earbuds during workout or jogging, then you will hate them after some time.But this problem is generally solved out in this Bose SoundTrue Model. Bose SoundTrue is a Behind-The-Neck In-Ear Headphones Type earphone. What does it mean?These earbuds will stay in your ears and will not fall out in any situation. Isn’t that cool?These earbuds are available in different color combinations like white, black, blue and white, blue and green and some other types. You don’t have to compromise at its look at all.One feature which you will appreciate is the color-matching carrying case. This is perfect for protection and storing the earbuds in the bag without loosing them.The Bose SoundTrue headphones are quite versatile that they can be connected with any device you want. You can connect them with your smartphone Either it is Android or iOS, tablet, iPod, iPad or MP3 player. You can enjoy your favorite music with Bose SoundTrue.All these actions can be controlled with a remote control which is easily accessible. This remote control is so small and lightweight that you don’t even feel it as an added weight.Now moving on to comfort, Bose SoundTrue uses Stay Hear tips that stay in ear for always until you decide to take them out. This feature has impressed us the most. The earbuds tips are made of pliable silicon with a soft texture which will fit your ear completely.Sound quality of any thing is most concerned and in case of Bose SoundTrue, you don’t need to think of that. The sound quality is so awesome that when we tested it for hours they didn’t created any pain to ears. They are so comfort that we could wear them for long time listening to our favorite songs even without thinking of them.Since, you are looking for best earbuds under 100 dollars, you should know that Bose SoundTrue earbuds are designed to deliver professional sound quality using TriPort Technology. The sound experience is so natural with clear bass. You will enjoy your music most then ever before. Buying a Bose SoundTrue will make you love your music.Next, in our list is Shure SE215-K earbud. Let’s talk about Shure earbud and see what happens.

#2. Shure SE215-K – Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver

Shure SE215-K is standing at #2 position due to its simple and straight forward design. The most impressive thing which can impress anyone is its detachable cable from its ear tips.Want to travel abroad? Simply remove the cable for better storage and resistance. The same feature is useful if the wire is damages and you don’t want to buy a new earbud again. So simply remove the old damaged wire and replace it with new one.The wires of the earbud is designed with Wireform Technology which allows them to stay flexible for longer time.There is a main problem why we don’t want to buy a earbud. The reason is that they usually mess up with other things and covers much space. The Shure SE215-K comes with a carrying case hence solving your earbud managing problem.More, a series of soft and flexible sleeves are also delivered with these earbuds so that you can use them according to different situations. Wearing them properly will reduce your chances of killing your music passion. Just wear these and they will block any outside noise to reach to your ears so that you can enjoy your favorite music.Since I told you that they are Behind-The-Neck In-Ear Headphones Type earbud, they will stay in your ears forever, no matter you are jogging, working out or doing any other work.The sound quality of the headphone is detailed and awesome. You will enjoy an enhanced bass with detailed and rich sound. The bass, mids and highs of this are perfectly balanced assuming you will respect its volume level.The Shure Earbuds are stylish, well designed, durable and perfect in sound quality. What else you can expect? They can impress anyone at first impression and will make them to have them. What else are you thinking now?Still not satisfied? You will be when you will read our next review which we love too. Let’s talk.

#3. ThinkSound MS01 – In-Ear Monitor With Passive Noise Isolation (Gunmetal Chocolate)

What is that first feeling which comes to your mind when you looked at it for the first time?Will it not impress your friends and acquaintances? Yes, it will.The ThinkSound MS01 is so professional and extremely effective that they can give your ultimate pleasure while watching movies, playing games or listening to your favorite music.With a 8mm driver, the earbud delivers an enhanced sound. Means the ThinkSound MS01 is capable of delivering high studio quality to your ears!We are talking about sound quality so let me tell you one thing. The ThinkSound earbuds were created by an audio engineer and several Grammy-winning producers and musicians. Now I don’t think I need to further explain the level of sound quality we are talking about.The ThinkSound MS01 are extremely lightweight and support passive noise cancellation. The cables of the earbud are PVC-Free and resistant to tangling while the wood housing is hand-crafted. Don’t worry about fitting, ThinkSound also delivers four sets of ear sleeves so that they can be used while working out or jogging.The earbuds will not fall out of your ears as the sets of ear sleeves delivered help you to achieve that. The wood case on the back of the earbuds improves your look and makes you look more attractive.The sound quality of the earbuds is completely satisfying that they manage to reproduce great highs, clear mids and robust bass. The professionals prefer to wear them while performing on the stage as they allow you to head all subtle details which an expensive over-the-ear headphone miss. That’s why we love them.The look and design of the this in-ear headphone impressed us most. Rest of the things are usually found in other headphones too. Well, the sound quality of the headphone is also awesome that even professionals like to wear them on stage while performing.Guess what? Sennheiser Headphone will never miss our best earbuds under 100 dollars list. They are known for their quality and that’s why they wins the race always. So, keeping same thing in mind, let’s talk about this.

#4 Sennheiser Momentum – In-Ear (Android version) – Black Red

Sennheiser headphones are known for its quality and impressive designs. And the same thing has been proved with Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear headphone.Keeping in mind the comfort of headphone, materials used in this is of premium quality. We always expect much expensive headphone when we talk about Sennheiser but this time, they are available under lower price tag.The cables of the headphone is of oval shaped which allows them to tangle-free regardless of storage space.The black and red combination in the headphone along with add in a bit of metallic gray, I bet you have got yourself a fantastic looking product!Such type of in-ear headphones do great if you work at office and want to look sharp all day long. During office time, you can use them to make calls and participate in video conference. The remote controls on the headphone makes it easier to deal with music and calls.The sound is supported by stainless steel housing and a dynamic transducer with wide 18-ohm bandwidth. This helps to produce a effective bass when the sound volume is at its max. The sound experience is completed by smooth mids and extended highs.Each headphone is delivered with a protective carrying case and 4 different ear sleeves for that perfect fit. This also enhances their natural tendency to isolate the outside noise and create and intimate, personal listening experience.Don’t ever worry about anything when you think of Sennheiser Headphones. They always try to fulfill all needs of their respected customers. Keeping in mind, the headphones comes with 4 sets of ear sleeves so that they can fit your ears when doing daily routine jobs. They will not fall out of your ears unlike others.As they are offering ear sleeves, you will also be able to enjoy music without any external noise. The ear cups don’t allow to pass any outside noise into your ears. So, this is a perfect pair of earbuds if you want to go for.Last but not the least is our loving Klipsch. This was a hard move for us as we had to choose a best headphone and we had only one spot left. So, we decided to choose Klipsch headphones, and it is Klipscg R6i headphone. Let’s see why this is fantastic headphone:-

#5 Klipsch R6i – In-Ear Headphones

The design of the headphone has the power to impress you at first. One word? This headphone is sexy and recommended in every situation. I mean look at this, is it not doing great?The design of this Klipsch R6i is quite simple. Imagine walking out wearing this headphone, peoples will be impressed with you and you will be the center of attention. ?Well, The headphone can be used for anything , from impressing girls to listening music, making calls to participating in video conference like we do on Google hangouts. The headphone has 3 buttons as remote control which gives you ultimate power of making calls and controlling music.This headphone has one more feature which you will not find in any other headphone we have discussed so far. What is it?Yeah. Klipsch R6i has impressed us with its in-built microphone. Unlike other models, the headphone can filter background noise making you able to make noise free calls.Talking about comfort, the headphone can be warn out for long hours without causing any pain to your ears. The problem of continuous falling out of the ears is also solved. The headphones are designed so much beautifully that they have this natural capability of staying in your ears without any problem.The special ear tip which is of oval shape already will keep you hassle free from putting them in again and again. Enjoy your music without any tension.All-in-all, Klipsch has managed to deliver best sound quality and comfort overall. The design of the headphone has already make us to fall in love with this. So what else we expect from a headphone under 100 dollars. Any other headphone discussed before this, has not managed to pass all tests we set. But Klipsch has defeated every other headphone in the name of its beautiful and impressive design, comfort and amazing sound quality.Believe me, you should not miss this headphone. Go for it before it goes out of stock.

Best Earbuds Buying Guide 2020

Enjoying good music should not be ruined by the distraction of poor quality or uncomfortable listening gear. The best earbuds for each individual can be a very personal preference. It is dependant not only on the music listened to but also the conditions around you or activities you are involved in.Do you ever find that your earbuds hurt your ears? Or do they constantly fall out when you go running? You may get more enjoyment from your music if you have the right hardware for your ears.Let’s say I was lying on my bed listening to music I may prefer an over the ear headphone or wireless earbuds, on a plane I may wish to enjoy some quiet time with a set of noise cancelling earbuds, both of these choices would differ greatly to the best earbuds for running.Quite frankly I decided to create this earbuds review site because I have a drawer full of headphones and earbuds collected over the years. Each product had their own purpose at some time or another. People should know that there are choices, especially when the iPhone earbuds so commonly used today are just so uncomfortable and aren’t suited to any of the situations mentioned above. You don’t need to spend a fortune either to find the best earbuds to suit your needs.Hopefully some of the reviews I write will be helpful for you to choose the right listening gear for you or your friends. I will also post links to more information on certain products and places they can be purchased. I would also appreciate feedback if you have tried any of the products I review, (either good or bad) so people can make an informed opinion not solely based on my review.

Are There Really Any Benefits To Gold Plated Connectors?

Many electronics manufacturers love to tout that their products have gold plated connectors. Earbud manufacturers are no exception, and they often list a gold plug as a major selling point (take the Monster Turbines, for example). But few people know what the actual benefits of gold are, aside from the mere aesthetic value and bragging point of having real gold on your audio plug.

So What Are The Actual Benefits Of Gold?

The main benefit of using gold in electronics equipment is that gold is resistant to corrosion. There are different kinds of corrosion, and other metals such as copper are susceptible. That’s why the Statue of Liberty is green today even though she’s made of copper. Her surface is completely oxidized.In electronics, when corrosion builds up, it can reduce conductivity between electrical connections. If enough corrosion builds up between the conductive materials, then the electrical signal will not pass through. Anyone who’s ever seen a buildup of corrosion at a car’s battery terminals is acquainted with this problem.Gold, however, is practically impervious to corrosion under normal circumstances. This is gold’s main selling point in electrical applications. Unless you happen to use your earbuds while working closely with nitro-hydrochloric acid, you should never experience any corrosion from gold plated connectors.

So How Much Better Is Gold Than Other Materials?

In electronics, gold’s resistance to corrosion is really the only thing that gives it an edge over other metals that are more susceptible to tarnish and corrosion. Gold is actually a weaker conductor than copper or silver. Silver is the most conductive metal, followed by copper, then gold. However, these differences in conductivity are small enough that when it comes to audio signals they can pretty much be considered negligible.

So Is Gold Worth The Extra Cost?

Well, it depends on how much extra the cost is. It seems pretty common these days for manufacturers to use gold plating normally, since to them it’s a fairly cheap way of adding another flashy selling point to their merchandise. If you happen to come across a product that is available with and without gold contacts, and the price difference is small, you might as well go for the gold.If, however, there is a large markup on the product just because it has a gold connector, don’t fall for it. It’s just an easy way for the seller to charge more to customers whose only knowledge of gold connectors is that they look cool and are something to brag about.

So What If I Don’t Have A Gold Connector And It Corrodes? Can’t I Just Clean It?

Yep. If you’ve got a connector that has built up tarnish or corrosion, the easiest solution is just to clean it off and expose the underlying conductive material again. Just like with the car battery, you can use a wire brush, sandpaper, or anything else that will scrape away the corrosion.If you’re worried about scraping away too much material and making the connector too small, you can apply some sort of cleaning solution that will break up the corrosion and make it easier to clean. If you already have some electronics cleaner spray, that should work great. If not, there are plenty of other household items you could try, such as rubbing alcohol or vinegar.Gold plated connectors are a nice feature, but they’re about as strong a selling point as wipers on a car’s headlights. The important thing to understand is that when you buy earbuds or any other electronic devices that have gold connectors, you’re buying them mainly for gold’s resistance to corrosion and not for any actual improvement in sound quality. And even if your connectors are not gold plated, they’re still pretty easy to keep clean.Don’t get suckered into shelling out a bunch of extra cash on something solely because it has gold plated connectors. They’re nice to have, but the best things to spend extra money on are the actual electronic components of your sound system.

What Is Frequency Response?

If you look over the specifications for different sets of earbuds, you will undoubtedly come across the term “frequency response”. However, you may not know exactly what this term means.Generally, when used in a product’s specifications, “frequency response” refers to the range of frequencies, from low to high, that a speaker is capable of reproducing. But really, the term also refers to the strength of the different frequencies within that range, sometimes also called the “frequency response curve”, or just “frequency curve”. This is an important factor for all speakers, including the tiny speakers inside of headphones and earbuds.To understand and evaluate a product’s frequency response, you must first have a basic understanding of audio frequencies and the range of human hearing.

Sound Waves & Cycles

Sound, as you probably know, is actually waves of pressure that move through the air at a very high speed. The frequency of these sound waves is measured in Hertz (Hz). One Hertz means one cycle of a wave per second.What’s a cycle? A wave’s cycle is one complete vibration of the waveform. The wave begins, goes up to its highest part (called the peak, ridge, or crest), comes down to its lowest part (called the valley or trough), then comes back to where it started. The cycle then repeats to create the waveform pattern. Sometimes a cycle is measured from peak to peak or trough to trough instead of from origin to origin.The higher the Hertz (meaning the more times the wave cycles per second) the higher the frequency of the sound. When the Hertz start to number over a thousand, they are referred to in kiloHertz (kHz). One kiloHertz is the same as 1,000 Hertz.

Audible Frequency Range

The range of human hearing is about 20Hz-20kHz. This means that on the low end of the spectrum, our ears can pick up deep bass frequencies down to around 20Hz, or 20 cycles per second. As bass frequencies go lower and lower, we are able to feel their vibrations more than we are able to actually hear them. For humans, 20Hz is roughly the point where bass ceases to be audible and can only be felt.On the high end of the spectrum, 20kHz is about the highest pitch our ears are able to detect. 20kHz is the same as 20,000 Hertz, or 20,000 cycles per second. As frequencies go higher and higher, nearing the uppermost limit of our hearing, we are more able to hear their effect on the overall sound than we are to hear the specific frequencies themselves. These very high frequencies are often referred to as the “airy” frequencies. They are what add a sense of shimmer, openness, and clarity to the overall sound.

Frequency Range & Sound Quality

Now that you have a basic understanding of frequency response, it’s important to realize that this one factor alone does not determine sound quality. Of course, as a general rule of thumb you’ll want speakers that come as close as possible to covering your entire range of hearing. Many speakers these days are actually able to extend beyond the 20Hz-20kHz range. For example, several earbuds featured in our “Reviews” section can extend down to 10Hz, such as the Ultimate Ears 700′s, the Sennheiser IE8′s, and the Westone 4′s.But, there are many other factors that determine how a speaker sounds. One of these very important factors is the actual frequency response curve. This is the graphical representation of how strongly a speaker reproduces frequencies within its given range. For example, a subwoofer, which is designed to pump out deep bass, may have a fairly large range of frequencies listed under “frequency response”, but it’s designed to reproduce the lowest frequencies much stronger than the higher ones.You should never base a buying decision solely on a single specification like frequency response, but now that you have a better understanding of what this particular specification means, you will be able to make a more informed decision in the future when evaluating products. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new set earbuds, you can begin exploring our reviews by clicking here.

In conclusion To Best Earbuds Under 100 Dollars

Dearest reader of our blog, it is now up to you to choose a best headphone from this list. But believe me, the market is flooded with cheap headphones which pretend themselves as best but they are not. Searching for more better headphone online will make you more confused. It can happen with anyone, don’t worry. Better sit and choose a best headphone which fills your needs.Well, I am a little bit shocked that you survived till here? But it is true that it is not really an easy task to choose what is the best headphone under 100 dollars. This is the lowest budget in which I can include a headphone which fulfill your basic needs of a headphone.I hope you liked this list of best headphones under $100. If you still have any kind of doubt then please drop us a comment or contact us.Thanks for reading this article and sharing your valuable time with us. You are awesome. Thanks. Bye ?

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