6 Outdoor Activities For Babies

F or any parents (especially moms) it can be intimidating to take their babies outside for a little play time. Babies are extremely delicate sugar muffins, and they need to be taken care of in the best way possible.

Yet, there are few activities that are simple and suitable if the weather is pleasant. It would be unwise to take your baby outside in a chilly weather. So, here it goes:


First of all, dress your baby according to the weather. It is best to go out on a sunny and nicer day. Take some toys that your baby likes or even buy new ones to keep your young one interested. And yes, don’t forget to take a blanket and a magazine.

Go to a park, and sit under a shady tree. Take the toys out (kiss your baby on the cheeks), and let him/her play with the toys. Try to let the baby play him/herself, and intervene only when needed.

Take your baby to swings too and let him take a ride in sheer awe and excitement.


Kids love sand, it is best that you take your baby to a local beach on a sunny afternoon. Apply sunblock on your baby and yourself, and head to the beach. Let the baby dig a hole in the sand, or you can make a sandcastle. Take some toys too, in case the baby wants a double fun.

You can even set up a sandbox in your own backyard and let your baby explore it.


It is one of the best ways to make your baby smile, and let her explore the world by watching everything that passes by her. It increases the curiosity level of babies, and they love extra attention from strangers. Long walks are best for you and your baby – you’ll get some exercise, and it is the best approach to bond together.

While walking, it is imperative that you talk to your baby or even sing a song (don’t worry if it feels a little awkward). It is important because it boosts the language skills of your baby.


There is no denying that almost all the babies cherish bubbles. And what’s not to love? Bubbles have the tendency of making everything super….super fun. There will be giggles (be prepared), and your baby might try to follow the colorful and alluring floating orbs. Bubbles are also helpful since they enhance the hand-eye coordination of a baby.


Babies love to splash water with their cute tiny hands, and we love watching them do it. Babies love to take a bath in water. In summers, it is best that you take your baby to a swimming pool or you can even use a kiddie pool.

Make sure that you supervise your kid when he/she is having a great time. Take some colorful toys too, and add more fun!


You can use different toys, boxes, balls, tunnels and hoops and swing set to make a playground in your backyard. The best thing to do is get a swing set for your baby. Babies can have so much fun with a play set or a swing set in the backyard, they’ll play for hours if you let them!

Let your baby chase the butterflies or even play with your dog. The point is that you have to let your baby learn few things on his own.

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