Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Review

The Skywalker 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad is a great way for giving the kids something exciting to do during the summer and fall seasons. At the same time it provides plenty of opportunity for exercise all the while keeping them safe while they have loads of fun jumping on it.

As summer draws to a close and fall is upon us there is still plenty of nice weather to enjoy the outdoors, but what is the best way to do that when you have a house full of children all with pent up, un-channeled energy?

If your house is anything at all like mine you are constantly trying to find new and creative ways to get the kids to go outside and have some much needed fun, and what better way to do that than a new trampoline. So I decided to research this online and one review I came across stood out more than the others to me.

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline

Skywalker-Trampolines-15-Feet-Round-Trampoline5 of 5 Stars

I was impressed by the review so much that I would like to share the results with you.


1. Large Surface Area

The round shaped jumping area offers one of the largest trampoline surfaces I’ve seen. There’s 15 feet of jumping space so there is plenty of room for all to jump safely, although I would not recommend allowing more than 1-2 children to jump at any one given time

2. Safety Net Enclosure

I really like the way the safety net encloses the play area, it interlocks and leaves no gaps so no one can fall out by mistake. It securely fastens to the V-rings using a unique, patented button system that leaves no holes for children to accidentally fall out of. 

3. Strong Galvanized Steel Frame

The frame is made from heavy duty galvanized steel that is also rust resistant. 6 W shaped legs provide even weight distribution, optimal balance and strength. The upper frame body incorporates fortified T-sockets that keep the frame from twisting and adds additional safety, which gives any parent peace of mind. 

4. Covered Spring Padding

The covered spring padding adds a nice touch to the finished look and adds extra protection by keeping the jumper from falling through the springs where it is easy to get tangled up and can be very difficult to get out of. 

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Pros and Cons

Naturally when I make a purchase like this I want to be sure that the pros outweigh the cons, so here are some things to consider. Jumping on a trampoline is dangerous even when safety precautions are taken, but especially if no safety net is included. Smaller ones cause more accidents than bigger ones do because there is less surface area to jump on and offer more opportunities for collisions to take place.

Older frames with worn out or missing pads on the springs are not safe either because of the spring related accidents that can happen while using them. Weak, non rust resistant frames cause instability issues where the frame could collapse out from underneath of the jumper resulting in a serious accident.

Why You Should Buy One

I am thoroughly impressed by the size, stability and safety of this product. Moreover, 15 feet of jumping area is significant to me because it keeps my kiddos separated when they jump and that helps avoid collisions.

The safety net and spring padding are the most important things to consider because they keep my children from falling out on the ground and from falling through the springs where injuries occur.


This 15 foot trampoline is plenty large for more than one person to jump on it at a time without bumping into each other. The reinforced steel frame is strong, weather resistant and built to stand the test of time and supports weight up to 200Ibs.

The securely attached net adds additional safety to an otherwise dangerous product. The spring padding cover offers additional peace of mind to parents who want their children to remain safe while having a great time.

The clearance item sale price makes this item appealing to consumers that want to buy one but are waiting to cash in on the perfect deal.

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