How to Choose The Best Laminate Flooring: Buying Tips

​The process of laminate flooring is multi-layer synthetic flooring done by the use of composite materials fused with the lamination process to improve the strength and looks of the floor. These floors are generally of four to five layers, with the first layer as the protection from scratches, abrasions, or any form of spills, the second for the aesthetic looks, the third composed of the high-density fiberboard and is the thickest for foundation purposes and finally the last with a resin layer to aid in stability and moisture resistance.

This style is followed primarily in the households of the USA and UK and has gained much momentum due to easy installation and maintenance when compared to conventional techniques.

​#1. The Best Styles Available

​The Following Lists the Designs That Are Popular in This Field and Are Included Under the Best Laminate Flooring:

  • ​Pergo laminate reflects the aesthetics of the 1980s and properly reflects the works of the classics of oak and hickory, rendering bamboo works and the different beautiful shades that are available to match the interests of any household.
  • Mohawk laminate, which has 138 different choices available and hence meets the tastes of a large group of people. They are unique in their gloss and the use of pretty forms of planks.
  • Quickstep laminate, which is easy the install at the various sites and has a click lock mechanism that is unique to this style only. The most popular of the same is the Quadra stone collection.
  • Shaw Laminate uses the highest amount of gloss and can suit almost any kind of interior design and camouflage with any of the available colors.

​#2. Parameters for The Selection of The Best

​The Following Are Some of The Parameters That Need to Be Considered During the Selection of The Best Laminate Flooring:

  • ​Use bigger size planks to fit easily over the floor space and provide that level of protection as required.
  • It has a very good finish in the form of gloss that creates a non-slippery layer over the surface.
  • A good shade of color that matches with the interior of the home and proves to be the best choice for the installation.
  • Meets the required industry standards and has the required innovations as per the recent trends.
  • Is cost effective and can be afforded by a large section of the people easily.

​#3. Advantages of Having the Laminate Flooring

​The Following Are Some of the Advantages of Having the Best Laminate Flooring in The House:

  • ​Lesser cost of procuring and installing, as all of the laminate layers get manufactured at the same place itself and these materials are also available at the cheaper rates in the market. You have to opt for the right ones accordingly.
  • An eco-friendly method due to the use of materials that do not pose any kind of harm in the long run
  • Easy installation and removal during the times of renovation.
  • Highly durable, scratch resistant and stain resistant to keep the floor clean.
  • Very easy cleaning and maintenance.

​#4. Drawbacks of The Process

  • ​Can turn out to be slippery at times and hence requires a lot of caution
  • Difficult to re-create in case of any mistakes in the fabrication
  • Laminating the floor gives your house a completely different and unique look.
  • The appearance of the room becomes more attractive.  Make sure to chalk out the plan first and then put your money in.

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