Best Wireless Routers For 2021 – Best Buyer’s Guide

A wireless router is really a device that works just like a regular router together with a wireless access point. It allows internet access or perhaps a network of computer systems minus a cabled connection. And now wireless routers are most likely the most common kinds of the communications device and are commonly used that you could find nearly anywhere.A router is really a hardware device that carries packets over networks and is attached to a minimum of two Internet. Serving as gateways, routers are the approach where two or more networks can be connected. The aim of these wireless routers would be to simply produce a link where data can effortlessly be sent right places.

Our Picks For Best Wireless Router

The function of a wireless router is to maintain information configuration. This storage is known as a routing table.They be capable of filter the being able to access traffic, no matter incoming or outgoing, using the Internet Protocol address. The router is sort of a central hub and also the IP addresses are routed within the right direction by switches from the routing table.You will find two kinds of wireless router that are perfect in their designated functions and also have different uses. The very first type allows you to definitely connect personal computers inside a single household provided the computer systems are inside a specific selection of the wireless router. Additionally, it allows the customers to gain access to the web remotely. The second kind of wireless router is able to cover a much wider area which is often used in office workplaces.The wireless router has many flexible functions that can keep people work happily.If you are going to search for a good wireless router, some factors must be noticed. In determining on the router to make use of, you need to make certain it’s from the right protocol. And you also need to choose for the factors such as the rate of the web connection, where the router will probably be setup,and the router and the modem also need to well matched. Therefore, if you know more about the uses of router, you can make better use of it.

Best Wireless Router Review

#1. ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Wireless-N 600 Router (RT-N56U)

Modern Design. Exceptional Speed. Versatile Innovation.Impossibly thin with a glossy black patterned finish, the ASUS dual band gigabit wireless-N RT-N56U router truly cuts the edge of innovation with powerful features that deliver the latest in networking capabilities. Equipped with exceptional hardware Network Address Translation (NAT), this one-of-a-kind router delivers up to 1000Mbps throughput that’s up to five times faster than conventional gigabit routers.1 The RT-N56U is like having two routers in one. Dual band transmissions enable both 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrums simultaneously to give you faster, more secure connections. And with up to 300,000 sessions—20 times the amount of convetional routers—you have sufficient headroom for additional clients and devices without buying an additional router.

My Experience with the ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Wireless-N 600 Router (RT-N56U)

ASUS is a better router than handful of in the high quality modems available on the market. I have bought NetGear 750 and following a few days of struggle, I desired to come back because of hard to depend on connections. I have attempted various channels for your Wi-fi compatability and none have aided. After reading through through our prime reviews for ASUS, I elected with this model and i am very glad that we make a choice that’s needing to repay now.


  • Excellent coverage (even in my 3rd floor and my router is about the very first floor)
  • Most reliable and never dropped only one time since the start (over 10 days now)
  • Better speed than these modems
  • Excellent UI (I am in contradiction to others relating to this point. I loved this UI much better than NetGear. May be, I am really a technical which might be the main reason too).
  • Wired systems are saved to a great speed while using the Gigabit ports together with other NetGear router completed pretty the identical round the wired network speed.
  • Media servers and print servers works well too without issues.
  • Two USB ports are very useful
  • In built Bit-torrent client and FTP servers certainly are a feature additions and so are very useful. I have not looked into much relating to this yet.


  • Static Insolvency professionals are allowed only for 8 items the concern for just about any handful of. However have only a few servers running which requires internal devoted IP and it must be sufficient for the moment. Climax a limitation, while not affecting me at this time around.
  • Overall, this is often a great router for the investment compared to handful of other modems in the marketplace wealthy on price with features lesser or similar to this ASUS model.

#2 Cisco-Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router

The Linksys E4200 offers maximum speed (up to 300 + 450 Mbps), optimal range, and simultaneous dual-band technology to create an ultra-powerful wireless network designed for home theater performance. Simultaneous dual-band Wireless-N technology allows for smoother and faster HD/3D video streaming. A built-in USB port lets you add external storage to share files across your network. And a built-in UPnP AV media server means you can seamlessly stream media files across your network. Plus, included Cisco Connect software gets you set up in three easy steps and offers powerful tools for ongoing management of your network.

My Experience with the Cisco-Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router

I am a very very long time Linksys user and I have tried personally WRT54G in excess of 5 yrs. It truely does work perfectly until a couple of days ago once i realize that it droped wireless items 1-2 occasions each week. So, In my opinion now you have for a lot of serious upgrade. My choice is then Linksys E4200After I have AT&T UVERSE, the 2Wire box from UVERSE is essentially the calble modem router. Initially, I believed the setup of E4200 will probably be just like the way i config WRT54G behind it. Wrong . . . it is a quite different. So, I share the setup steps here below, I am hoping this really is helpful for other UVERSE clients.First, you need to set IP@ of E4200 to remain in another change from 2Wire, i.e.,Connect E4200 to energy support. Don’t turn it on to 2WIRE yet. Delay until the ‘cisco’ Introduced is ON and stableConnect your pc using LAN cable towards the LAN port on E4200 (Port 1-4)Open IE browser, enter then ENTER. You have to start to see the ‘cisco’ router setup. If it’s actually a normal ‘cisco’ blue screen of death of dying, to research the buttom and select visit setupNow, you have to start to see the ‘cisco’ SETUP screen

Choose Setup-Fundamental Setup-Ip

  • change from to
  • ensure your web setup-connection type = Automatic Configuration – DHCP
  • Set timezone from the router according to where you stand
  • For individuals who’ve multiple modems, I would suggest your affect the router title from Cisco53324 to whatever your decision is. Using this method you’ll be able to identify it better afterwards (this is not mandatory but rather a enjoyable step to complete)
  • click SAVE (this button reaches the bottom in the page)
  • Now, you connect E4200 to 2WIRE.

Leave laptop mounted on E4200 formerly pointed out, you will employ it again to check onWith another LAN cable, connect one finish towards the port 1-4 on 2WIRE box as well as the other finish to E4200 Internet (Yellow) port. Inside a matter of seconds, E4200 should be capable of auto identify and hang up itself up. You must have a chance to start to see the two LEDs on E4200 yellow port on, the eco-friendly the very first is ON and yellow one blinksTo laptop. Click STATUS (top right corner)

Look for Internet Ip. It’ll display something such as 192.168.somethingWhether or not this still shows … you have to click RENEW Ip button. It’ll fetch itself an excellent new Ip from 2WIREAt this time around, you can look at to start another IE browser and visit google to check on it may access internetTechnically, at this time around your E4200 needs to be working ok behind 2WIRE. Any PC mounted on E4200 LAN Ports are ok.Next, setup your brand-new wireless network. Now, at this time around, you don’t have to follow along with just what I really do. Things are determined by which type of wireless items you’ve. I’m speaking about whether individuals would be the old wireless A/B/G or perhaps the new N standard. Throughout my situation, nearly all my products are B/G and my partner and kids aren’t so technical, so, I really do that to make sure the wireless setting is okay without requiring to reconfig all people items once moreOn ‘cisco’ Setup screen, click Wireless-ConfigurationViewChange from Auto to ManualNetwork Mode = MixedEnter Network Title (SSID), throughout my situation I take advantage of exactly the same type of status for just two.4GHz and new status for five GHzClick Wireless Security and hang up Security Mode = WPA2/WPA Mixed method of 2.4GHz network and enter in the Pass Phrase (I take advantage of exactly the same type of one). For that 5GHz network, choose what you look for using the options that include your N device. Throughout my situation, I merely set to ensure that it is similar to my 2.4 GHz netowrkClick SAVE once againAt this time around, you are prepared. Incidentally, make sure to turn off the wireless from your 2WIRE boxI request my partner and kids to reunite their items easily. You just need to determine avalable network, interact with the 2.4G or 5G, reenter the identical passcode. Then all works fine.For that qualities and satisfaction of E4200, some tips about what I’ve come across up to now.

  • Using LAN cable right to E4200. Excellent, it’s running at 1Gbps rather than 100Mbps of my WRT54G so, utilization of my exterior storage is unquestionably faster (since it is mounted on another port off E4200)
  • For wireless, signal for two main.4GHz is very strong. I buy all full bar evertwhere in side in addition to for the backyard. But 5Ghz might be a disappoiting, merely a room lower stair I buy only 2-3 bars. However I am a smaller amount worry (yet) since most of my products aren’t N standard.
  • It seems they provide other awesome features in E4200 like parents control, game control, traffic control etc. But in truth, I dont depend in it at this time around around.
  • Another really good feature could it be includes IPv6. This really is really the following large factor about IP ip. I dont put it to use yet (just stay with IPv4) however understand that E4200 assists me well to another a long time once i progressively upgrade.

#3 NETGEAR Home Theater Internet Connection Kit

From the Manufacturer Turn your home’s electrical system into a high-speed network with the NETGEAR XAVB1004 Home Theater Internet Connection Kit. With the ability to connect up to four devices without running new wires or making costly renovations, this kit is the ideal solution for securely connecting your XBox or Playstation, computers, TiVos, and more to your home network and the Internet.

My Experience with theĀ NETGEAR Home Theater Internet Connection Kit

It seems like today virtually every electronic component now requires internet connectivity for whatever reason. Using my family room, after i type this, you will discover 4 video components (blu-ray player, Roku, Cable, and Wii) 4 laptops. Perform have a very robust wireless router network and consists of labored well for people.However, the router can be found inside the basement as well as, since i have was prone to gradually slowly move the Wii where you can computer 2 flooring around the second floor, I used to be concerned about the conventional in the wireless signal.This method means you could connect where you can high-quality high-speed network anywhere in your home. Setup will be a breeze which is about as easy as hooking up your laptop up to docking station — there’s virtually only somewhere the plugs goes.I have had powerline plugs formerly and also, since you just got one adaptor (connection) per package. People plugs cost about on the wireless router therefore i really didn’t realize that powerline plugs were an affordable solution. However, this unique solution is much more economical because it provides, basically, 4 connections for comparable cost just like a single powerline adapter package.If this involves quality of video components attached to powerline versus connecting up utilizing a wireless router — in truth, I really can’t go to a factor one way or perhaps the other. I suspect it has associated with the fact the restricting aspect in data speed has associated with the transmission speed to your property and not the transmission house once the data has Became a member of your house. Consider it getting singleOr2 inch pipe just before your house together with single-inch pipe indoors… due to the fact there is a bigger pipe inside, the limit to simply how much can flow using the pipe is fixed with the smaller sized 1/2-inch pipe. This is actually the bottleneck.These kits is bound to constitute benefit for older houses with “real plaster” walls plus much more solid building materials. They are not likely to replace your wireless solution nonetheless they give a simple method of stretching the capability of your property network. So that as more products and products require internet connectivity, the Netgear powerline adapter package will finish up essential if you want to maintain the integrity and bandwidth of your property network.

#4 Netgear N900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router

The NETGEAR N900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router provides the ultimate performance and range for demanding applications such as: streaming 3DHD video, multiplayer gaming, and wireless access to a USB connected hard drive and USB connected printer. Get up to 450 +450 Mbps speed with simultaneous dual band technology, which runs both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands at the same time to avoid interference, thus ensuring top speeds and ultimate range.

My Experience with the Netgear N900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router

That is hands lower the most effective router you can buy today. It is really an up-to-date version of WNDR3700 that people also examined. Because the set-up is not as easy as you may hope, for those who have setup other modems not given by Apple, its virtually straight-forward and also on componen with others.Is fast? Yes! Not 900Mbps fast since the title forces you to believe nonetheless its as rapidly otherwise faster than other Wireless-N modems. The gigabit LAN ports are excellent, but is on componen with previous version.Where this stays out might be the radios (by 50 percent.4 and 5 Ghz). They are a lot more effective than last years model enabling for just about any truly pervasive wireless solution in almost any home. Really I possibly could get good signal two houses lower from mine. In addition I’ve had this constantly on not under 2 several days and possess yet required to reboot it.


  • Blazing fast wired connection (Gigabit)
  • Fast Wireless (I’ve peaked at 270 Megabyte per second) though it is said you’re going to get 450 Megabyte per second (I have not seen any items that could do that).
  • Range – I really could attend among my close neighbors home but nonetheless get yourself a solid connection
  • Reliable – no restarting needed yet (over 2 several days)
  • 2 USB inputs (Share a printer together with a tough disk)


  • *Marketing in the “900″ – this bad-boy cannot create 900 Megabyte per second wireless nor do you know the consumer items of receiving that – its unfortunate they thought they have to do that
  • Cost – just a little pricey, however, you receive everything you purchase
  • 5/5 stars – You won’t search for a much better router

#5 Linksys E3200 High-Performance Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router

The Linksys E3200 offers superior wireless speed (up to 300 + 300 Mbps), optimal range, and simultaneous dual-band technology to create a powerful network designed for home entertainment. Simultaneous dual-band Wireless-N technology allows for smoother and faster HD/3D video streaming. A built-in USB port lets you add external storage and printers* to share files across your network. An enhanced MIMO antenna array offers superior range and reliability. Plus, included Cisco Connect software gets you set up in three easy steps and offers powerful tools for ongoing management of your network.

My Experience with the Linksys E3200 High-Performance Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router

I’ve had Linksys (‘cisco’) modems before and you’ll be pleased with them. I’ve recommended people to family people too. Only problem is prior modems were not easy to setup for novice clients and for your reason I desired to produce the modems I recommended to family people. The setup was too confusing round the account to make sure that it absolutely was simpler to merely setup the router round the account.

The kinds of past tried to own wizard based connects nonetheless they frequently occasions didn’t work perfectly well, i usually place them while using administrator page. The company-new E3200 might be the easiest wireless router I have ever setup. The Linksys setup applications are excellent and may make developing a hidden network a good deal simpler for that average user and may reduce returns and help-desk use Linksys.

I installed this program around the Mac laptop Professional and in addition it was quite simple to produce and take advantage of. The interface is very easy to use for setup too for modifying the router. For advanced clients you’ll be capable of still go to the administrator page to tweak designs for the particular need.

The admin site might be the classic style Linksys administrator page. Personally it needed basically a few momemts to take advantage of inside the wireless ssid title and password throughout setup and allow the machine to accomplish the setup. Linksys sure hit a home target the setup interface.

After installation this program supplies a connection manager that allows you to definitely certainly certainly certainly edit designs through getting an obvious to determine and understand interface. While using the interface you’ll be able to additional computers and items for your network (can do manual or through usb based easy connect that transfers designs to another computer), parental controls, guest network, and fundamental router designs.

Additionally for your easy setup the company-new Linksys E3200 router has several nice features like the following:

  • Dual band wireless N (2.4ghz and 5ghz)
  • Gigabit ethernet ports, total of 4 ports.
  • USB port for shared storage.
  • MIMO antenna
  • Service quality you prioritized network traffic.
  • Guest network
  • Parental controls.

If you are looking for a brand-new top finish dual band wireless N network i rapidly would sure start to see the new ‘cisco’ (Linksys) E series wireless modems. You’ll uncover numerous modems based on your needs and price point meaning you’ll be capable to choose the one that suits your unique needs. I don’t think you’ll uncover an simpler wireless router to produce if you are not at ease with network hardware and concepts.

#6 Airport Extreme 802.11N (5TH GEN)

The perfect wireless solution for home, school, and business, the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station blankets your space with a blazing-fast, secure wireless network opening up a world of possibilities for home entertainment, backups, printing, and more. This 5th generation version of the AirPort Extreme operates in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands simultaneously to ensure top performance for all your devices, and it provides a Guest Networking option for easy Internet sharing. It also enables you to share your entire wireless network with up to 50 users at the same time as well as turn a USB hard drive into a shared drive that’s accessible wirelessly on your network and now over the Internet.

My Experience with the Airport Extreme 802.11N (5TH GEN)

Although setup is quick, it is the top end 802.11n dual Radio wave bands and the introduction of my own, personal cloud storage (HD on USB port) making the Airport terminal terminal Extreme a best-in-class choice!Setup:After reading through through another reviews, I understood this is easy and quick. I started a pot of coffee thinking I really could possess a cup while placing inside the Airport terminal terminal Extreme Base Station (AEBS) and establishing it. Listed below are the steps:Attached an ethernet cable within the AEBS to my Internet service provider connection. Blocked inside the AC adapter and cord. AEBS powered up. Status light showed eco-friendly for just about any second, glowed amber for a lot of seconds, then showed amber prior to the AEBS was setup in the computer.

In the Mac laptop Professional (wireless access works appropriate for this), the airport terminal terminal utility application had already launched and was waiting for me (otherwise, visit ApplicationsUtilitiesAirPort Utility.application). Adopted instructions that incorporated typing in the router title and a pair of passwords. The default AEBS configuration selects channels and Radio wave bands instantly to optimize speed.

Blocked an additional hard disk drive (throughout my situation: Mac OS Extended (Journaled) formatted 1 TB HD) into AC outlet as well as the USB port. As soon as the HD had started, it switched up just like a MBP network drive device on ‘Finder’. I quickly created a folder, moved data, and study it back.

At this time around, the coffee machine beeped to inform me my coffee was ready. I used to be done just before the coffee being ready – three minutes from opening el born area to being operational! Gotta luv it.Fundamental Performance Testing:Not likely to permit the coffee be squandered, I proceeded having a couple of performance testing. I completed some very fundamental data throughput tests by moving files within the MBP using the AEBS for the HD. This test arrangement saved my Internet service provider download and upload data rates in the equation. For your wired tests, the MBP was mounted on one of the three AEBS Gigabit ports.

Test 1 (a control test configuration between MBP and HD via USB on MBP):Email HD: 33.8 MBytes/secRead from HD: 34.3 MBytes/secTest 2 (wired data)From MBP to AEBS via Gigabit port, then from AEBS to HD via USB): 13.6 MBytes/secFrom HD to AEBS via USB, then from AEBS to MBP via Gigabit port): 18.3 MBytes/sec

Test 3 (wireless data – 5 GHz Radio wave band)From MBP to AEBS, then from AEBS to HD via USB): 7.8 MBytes/secFrom HD to AEBS via USB, then from AEBS to MBP): 12.6 MBytes/secTest 4 (range test, 5 GHz Radio wave band between MBP and AEBS getting a max capacity of 300 Mbits/sec):3 feet, items in close closeness: 300 Mbits/sec50 feet, inside, no ext walls in path: 243 Mbits/sec70 feet, outdoors, one ext wall in path: 144 Mbits/sec80 feet, outdoors, one ext wall in path: 104 Mbits/secDefault designs seem to supply high bit-rate connections. Using ‘manual setup’ in Airport terminal terminal Utility.application, I examined several versions round the configuration without improving the speedOrvariety for your 802.11n wireless provided through the default setting in the APBS. Reading through through data within the HD back using the AEBS for the MBP was always faster than writing data for the HD. Including ethernet to the data path (Test 2 compared to check 1) reduced data rates in 2. Including Wi-fi compatability to the data path (Test 3 compared to check 2) reduced data rates to twoOr3. Range test performance was good for distances within 50 foot.My own, personal storage cloud:Initially, I imagined simply while using HD (USB port on AEBS) just like a network drive for just about any SVN (i.e., software version control) repository for software development in my MBP. But, I recognized this drive is a type of storage spot for my items (MBP, iPad, apple apple iphone, iTouch) that’s accessible easily in my local Wi-fi compatability. Having a VPN connection, everywhere with Wi-fi compatability access to the internet. Simply pointed out, I have my very own, personal cloud! We’re not really speaking of a revealing handful of GB either, but an entire TB of devoted exclusive mine-only cloud. Now, that’s awesome.Why buy the fifth generation AEBS:

  • Top end 802.11n wireless performance
  • Quick and easy setup
  • USB port for affixing a tough disk or printer
  • Ability to produce my very own, personal AEBS Wi-fi compatability storage cloud for individuals my items
  • Guest utilization of Internet service provider without utilization of other items or attached USB device
  • Sleek clean stylish look
  • I am so thrilled with this particular purchase.

#7 Cisco Linksys EA3500 App-Enabled N750 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router with Gigabit and USB

You probably think that the Linksys EA3500 is just another router with also the so-so performance. But you should really check the device and have a look at it. Not only this device will deliver satisfying and promising result, you will also enjoy the various perks and benefits it offers. When you buy the Linksys EA3500 wireless router, you can get easiness and flexibility in your working or professional implementation.The Important Elements – The reason why this Linksys EA3500 wireless router is very popular is because of the fast and speedy internet connection. You can get wireless transferring rates up to 300 Mbps – without extra charge or tweak. You can also enjoy the dual band system that will make your internet connection smooth and flawless; with so little network interference as possible. Since the router also comes with MIMO antenna for enhanced array, you can certainly widen up your connection and get bigger network coverage. The router may be equipped with Ethernet, but it is packed with Gigabit Ethernet ports for better speed that can reach 10 times faster than the Ethernet. Thanks to various different types of USB ports, you can also connect the router to other devices, such as printers or computers.Flexibility and Usages – Not only this router is able to provide reliable and fast .connection, it is also able to deliver easiness and flexibility for you as an active user. For example, this router can provide active online performance for home theaters and household needs. It is also able to stream high quality music or video. If you want to enjoy multiplayer gaming, this router is able to deliver the best performance. Setting up the device and make changes over the setting is very easy and simple. So, what do you expect more from such powerful device?

Cisco Linksys EA3500 General Specs and Features

  • Dual band support in order to boost power and performance so you can enjoy the video streaming ability and also easiness in the file sharing
  • Multiple radio systems for the wireless technology in order to enhance the coverage as well as avoiding dead spots
  • Different spatial steams for the 2.4G band and also the 5G one.

Most users say that this Linksys EA3500 Wireless router is a very special and handy device. It is definitely fast and the network coverage is quite impressive. They really like the easy implementation and setting whenever they want to operate this device. However, there are several concerns from the users, especially in terms of privacy setting and also the network coverage.

For some users, the network coverage isn’t very impressive or wide. Despite the fast connection, the coverage is quite lame so they don’t really like it. Some people also have problems with the privacy setting, thinking that the company somehow manages to change the setting even without their permission so they feel that their privacy is being ‘attacked’ and trespassed. If you want to think further and consider more, this Linksys EA3500 is able to offer a lot, but you also need to consider other aspects carefully too.

#8 Apple Airport Extreme 802.11N 5TH GEN

Apple Airport 5th Gen was made public in the summer of 2011 and the selling rate has been increasing ever since. Among everything else, what makes the router get such an enthusiasm is the strong power of Wi-Fi connection, a feature that Apple alone can just name it Gigabit Wi-Fi. Anyway, Apple has its own long account of being the front-runner in wireless standard, by maintaining the high level of network performance while the router connects several devices at the same time, for example, as it is also the case for this Apple Airport Extreme.The Gigabit Wi-Fi – The exceptional Wi-Fi connection of Apple Airport 5th Gen is mainly because of the dual band feature, simultaneously working on 5GHz and 2.4GHz for maximum compatibility and range. Consequently, all devices within the network range can automatically use the band with the best efficiency level, so hassle free without manual connection.

You will have no difficulties in connecting, for example, your iPod or iPhone as it uses 2.4 GHz band and Apple TV or Mac computer as it uses 5GHz spectrum. In addition to the dual band feature, the router uses the latest wireless technology, 802.11n, allowing you to enjoy Wi-Fi performance five times better and twice wider than the wireless range of 802.11g network. The 802.11n also allows for multiple input and output (MIMO) data stream transmission, so you can transfer your data much faster.Secure Connectivity – Apple Airport Extreme is the best wireless network for business, school, and home because of the secure connection as well as multiple functions, including printing, backups, entertainment, and many more. The Guest Networking feature allows you to control the internet sharing for 50 users and the AirPort Disk feature allows you to share your hard drive. The multi-function of connectivity is well supported with built-in NAT firewall for maximum security, not to mention the encryption technology of 128-bit and 40-bit WEP, WPA/ WPA2 protected access, and address filtering of MAC.

Apple Airport Extreme 5th Gen Detailed Specifications :-

  • Dimension 6.5×6.5×1.3 inches
  • Weight 1.66 pounds
  • Compatible with the Wi-Fi certified 802.11n , 802.11g, 802.11a, or 802.11b and DHCP, PPPoE, NAT, VPN Passthrough (L2TP, IPSec, and PPTP), SNMP, DNS Proxy, IPv6 (manual tunnels and 6to4)
  • 802.1X, LEAP, PEAP, TTLS, Fast, and TLS RADIUS authentication
  • 1GB cable modem or DSL Ethernet WAN and 3GB network devices or computers LAN ports
  • 2.0 USB port for external drive and printer
  • 32-95 F (0-35 C) and 20%-80% operating temperature and humidity, -13-140 F (-25-60 C) and 10%-90% storage temperature and humidity
  • Internal antenna integrated

The base station, printed booklet, and power supply come with the Apple Airport Extreme purchase package. Flaws come in the web admin and 40 MHz absence, LAN ports, and limited features for routing. Still, if you need a router with easy setup, Gigabit ports, and routing speed more than 400 Mbps, the Apple Airport 5th Gen is what you need.

#9 D-Link DIR-826L Wireless-N600 Dual-Band Gigabit Cloud Router

The more common use of computer in the daily activities created higher demand for various computer related devices. The use of local networked connection for providing local area network is also common for supporting business activities as well as various home based computer activities like online gaming.

The demand for creating simpler local networking solution created wireless networking technology. The use of wireless router is one of the solutions for creating simpler networking at home or commercial buildings. D-Link DIR-826L N600 wireless cloud router is one of the available wireless router products available on the wireless router market.D-Link DIR826L N600 Wireless Router Specification – This small and compact wireless router is weighed 10.9 ounces and having the dimension of 4.5 X 3.8 X 5.5 inches. The D-Link N600 wireless router can provide 600 Mbps wireless connection; this available speed is practically very suitable for online gaming and also video streaming.

The secure and reliable connection from this wireless router can be integrated with network amplifier. The available dual band technology can provide simple, interference free connection in bigger bandwidth. The 2.4 Ghz band can provide proper foundation for supporting high definition video streaming. It is compatible with Windows XP SP2 or later versions as well as with Mac OS X version 10.4 or newer. The 4 Gigabit Ethernet port and USB 2.0 port are available to connect various devices. This wireless router is available with one year warranty.D-Link DIR826L N600 Wireless Router Features – The presence of dual band technology on the D-Link N600 wireless router is one of the most important features on this device. The dual band feature is providing interference free connection for connecting multiple computers and devices and share the available connection with simple bandwidth management.

The high powered amplification on this wireless router provides bigger coverage. It is very suitable for home use or small to medium corporate users. The wider coverage combined with the SharePort Mobile feature is providing simple access for local files. Users can access photos, music and video collections wirelessly from a workstation, mobile phones or other mobile gadgets like PC tablet.Dlink DIR826L Wireless Router Spesifications – One of the useful features available on the D-Link N600 wireless router is the simplicity of the installation and its setup. The introduces zero configuration technology provides simple setting and connection when adding new devices to the network.

This wireless router can be connected and configurated with D-Link Cloud Router to provide secure and reliable wireless connection. The simple plug and play solution when adding devices on the network made anyone can use this wireless network easily. The network setup can be arranged from Android gadgets or iPhone using 128 bit encryption to provide the security solution.The D-Link DIR-826L wireless router also designed with greener design. It is affordable and delivering nature and environment friendly design. This wireless router is capable to conserve the energy and made of harmless substances and materials. The addition of recyclable package is intended to ensure the this device do not add harmful substances from its waste.

#10 Cisco Linksys EA4500-NP N900 Dual-Band Wireless Router

The use of computer in our daily life is becoming a need; there are various activities that depend on the use of computer. The more common use of computer in various fields is one of the reasons for the quick development of computer technology. The creation and development of networked computers is one of the important development to support various activities involving computers and to simplify various complications when the share of data is required to perform certain computation activity. The creation of wireless router is intended to simplify the computer networking needs. Connecting workstations is simpler and easier using a wireless router. Cisco Linksys EA4500-NP N900 Dual-Band Wireless Router is one of the available wireless routers in the market; this device is small, light and very easy to use for solving computer networking requirements.Cisco Linksys EA4500-NP Product Specification – This wireless router is using Wireless-N technology that can transmit or receive 3×3 connections. Linksys EA4500-NP is using the six internal antennas and working in four ports X Gigabit speed. It uses Native IPv6 support and already has the App enabled for the Cisco Software. This wireless router is compatible with Windows and Mac operating system. This Cisco wireless router require Windows XP SP3 or later Windows versions with Wi-Fi feature and DVD or CD drive available on the PC. The use of Mac operating system require OS X Leopard 10.5 or later versions with Wi-Fi feature and available DVD or CD drive for the driver installation. The package can be acquired with two years warranty from the manufacturer.Cisco Linksys EA4500-NP Product Features – Cisco Linksys EA4500-NP is a suitable wireless router choice for providing the computer networking solutions in large house or a residential complex with high density. This wireless router can connect all of the wireless enabled devices as well as connecting the USB storage solutions or printing devices. The available ultra fast wireless connection can connect the devices for up to 450 Mbps transfer rate. The simultaneous dual band connection is designed to prevent any network interference and capable to maximize the data flow on the connected devices. Cisco Linksys EA4500-NP N900 wireless router can be a computer networking solution with Gigabit Ethernet port available with ten time faster connection than the connection provided by the standard Ethernet port. The 3X3 MIMO technology on the internal antenna is providing larger coverage and connection range with reliable connections.There are other features offered by the Cisco Linksys EA4500-NP N900 wireless router with the Cisco Cloud Connect for simpler and easier access to the network using mobile gadgets. This feature enables the network user to monitor the broadband connection and also all of the connected devices. The children protection for internet browsing is available on the parental control application; it can provide better monitoring and protection for the younger users connected to the wireless network. The available manual setting to provide certain connection with more bandwidth can prevent delay or buffering during important events. This wireless router is very suitable for supporting video streaming and also online gaming activities.

#11 Netgear WNDR3700 Review

Who should buy this: Customers who need a high-performance, high-speed router for their home or small office. The Netgear N600 Wireless Dual-Band Router offers excellent speed and performance for your small office or home. Its processor is the most powerful of any other consumer wireless router on the market today. It offers dual-band Wireless-N, USB storage access, gigabit Ethernet ports, and several other options which allow you a fully customizable experience with your Wi-Fi network. If you require a high level of throughput and unrivaled performance from your wireless network, the Netgear N600 is an excellent choice.


  • Speed and performance: The Netgear N600 has a 680 MHz processor which gives you power and flexibility for your network. There are also four gigabit Ethernet ports to enable wired speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. There are also eight internal antennas, with dedicated antennas for each band; the power amplifiers give you the maximum possible wireless range.
  • Dual-band performance at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. This gives the fastest throughput performance available, giving you a combined speed of up to 600 Mbps with a real throughput of over 350 Mbps on the network.
  • Easily add an external USB storage device and give everyone on the network access to it. Utilize the built in USB port on the router and with the Netgear ReadyShare feature, the storage device will be available to everyone on the network to share files, documents, music and more. ReadyShare supports a wide range of file formats, and has a simple plug-and-play performance.


When using the USB share option and using a protect feature, it only allows you access to protect files on the shared device if you log in using either Internet Explorer or Firefox.


The Netgear N600 is an excellent choice if you need high speed and great performance. For small businesses which want to be able to easily share files across a network, the USB port on the router makes it quick and easy to set up file sharing and keeps your shared files stored in a centralized location. The router setup is quick and easy and walks you through the process from start to finish simply by running the Smart Wizard Push n Connect disk.

#12 Cisco-Linksys E3000 Review

Who should buy this: Customers who want state of the art performance and security in a quick and easy to install wireless router which puts you in control of your Internet experience.The Linksys E3000 Wireless-N Router is a great choice for users who want a highly-customizable WiFi router which gives them a lot of options, security, and speed without the high-dollar price tag of most high-end routers. The E3000 is currently on sale at for only $146.66 which is over 15% off. The router comes with a built-in USB port and UPnP AV media server to allow you to effortlessly share your files over your network.You can also stream media content to a PS3, Xbox 360, or any other compatible device. The Wireless-N Router also comes with Cisco Connect software to help you be able to manage your wireless network, and will get you set up in a few simple steps. Blu-ray players, DVRs, gaming consoles can all be connected through the Linksys E3000 and it will give you optimal game performance with its 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz speeds.


  • Simultaneous Dual-Band: Experience smoother and faster video streaming, gaming and file transfers. The Linksys E3000 gives you the ability to use the 2.4 GHz band for emails or web surfing. Connect other computers or devices to each other and to the Internet using both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.
  • Easy to use network customization in the easy to access Advanced Settings of the WiFi Router.
  • Peace of mind by having the ability to restrict Internet access during certain hours, or to block certain websites.
  • Cisco Connect software to give you a highly personalized experience. The Linksys E3000 Wireless Router with Cisco Connect gives you the ability to quickly add multiple Internet-enabled devices. You can also add password-protected Internet access to guests and visitors quickly and easily without having to give access to your computer, which helps to keep your family’s information private and secure.


The Linksys E3000 WiFi Router does not come with an instruction booklet in the box. There are full set up instructions on the startup CD, however, which walks you through the set up process from start to finish, and will test your new routers functionality and help with troubleshooting should you need assistance.


For a savvy consumer who wants a great product at an excellent value, the Linksys E3000 Wireless-N Router is a must. From set up to management, this is a very user-friendly router which gives you the power to control your Internet experience. The E3000 gives you the ability to add multiple computers, gaming consoles, and media players to the network easily and quickly, as well as giving you the power to control who has access to your files, and your Wi-Fi connection.

#13 Cisco-Linksys E2000 Review

Who should buy this: Customers who want an affordable Wi-Fi router which gives them a secure, extended range for their home network.The Linksys E2000 Advanced Wireless-N Router is a great choice for users who want a customizable Wi-Fi router which gives them parental controls and password-protected Internet access on a separate network to allow visitors the ability to access the Internet without having access to your computers or data.The Cisco Connect software allows you to quickly set up the wireless router in a few simple steps. The extended range is perfect for larger homes or customers who need to be able to cover a lot of square footage.


  • Selectable Dual Band technology to connect wireless devices such as computers, Internet-capable HDTV’s or Blu-ray players, gaming consoles at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.
  • Cisco Connect software allows you to set up your wireless network in a few simple steps.
  • Block specific websites or restrict Internet access during certain hours with Cisco Connect’s Parental Controls.
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000 Mbps) allows you to share files more quickly with other Gigabit-enabled devices such as computers, hard drives and servers.
  • The E2000 gives you the ability to quickly and easily customize your network, and to add other Internet-capable devices to the network.


When using the default set up, the router creates a guest network which can slow down its performance speed. Either during set up or after set up, go into the customization and delete the guest account until it is needed.


The Linksys E2000 Advanced Wireless-N router is an excellent choice for users who want to be able to cover a large home or a lot of square footage, but still have customization and security options available to them. The selectable dual-band gives you the ability to connect gaming consoles, computers, and other wireless capable devices for the freedom of file transfers and media sharing between devices. The four Gigabit Ethernet ports allow you to connect other Gigabit Ethernet-enabled devices in order to quickly transfer data at speeds up to 1000 Mbps.

#14 Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station Review

Who should buy this: Customers who want an easy to use router with dual-band support and excellent performance. Mac users may also favor this wireless router over other viable alternatives available on the market.The Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station comes with simultaneous dual-band support to allow for a perfect wireless access point for your school, home, or a small business. With 802.11n Wi-Fi access for Mac computers, as well as PCs and Wi-Fi devices such as your iPod touch, Apple TV and iPhone.


  • Simultaneous dual-band base station supports 801.11b/g as well as 802.11n.
  • An included USB 2.0 port to connect a printer and/or hard drive to share across the network.
  • Configure a network to easily share your internet connection with temporary visitors without giving them access to your shared files and folders.
  • Three GigaBit Ethernet ports.
  • The Apple AirPort Base Station allows for quick and easy network set up, even for networking novices.


Because the router is an Apple one, if you connect an external USB hard drive to it the drive needs to be a Mac formatted drive or needs to be running the MacDrive software.


The Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station is an excellent router for security, stability, and the ability to quickly add new devices and share files between computers. It works well for helping Macs and PC’s to be able to communicate and share files between them on a network, and allows for external file/print sharing within a home or small office network. Amazon has it in stock and on sale.

#15 D-Link DIR-655 Review

D-Link has released a respectable contender into the field with the introduction of its DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router. With a slew of features and better performance than most routers of the same price, we stand amazed at how much oomph this little thing has. Certainly worth every penny, the DIR-655 is a router that you need to have if you’re looking for a solution for a home or small office network. Let’s see how this router stacks up.Design and Appearance – The DIR-655 doesn’t exactly stand out as far as appearance goes. It looks pretty similar to other routers, boasting three antennae and the typical LEDs you’d come to expect from a gigabit router. It’s all white, except for the front panel, which has a black band. A white strip is inside of it, which houses the blue LEDs you see in most electronics today. Not exactly something we’d write home about, but since it’ll be tucked away and out of sight anyway, this isn’t a big problem.Features – Here’s where the DIR-655 distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack. To begin with, features can be added to this device as they’re released via firmware, which is an easy process that only takes a minute or two. This is done with the USB port on the back. Of special note is the Wi-Fi guest zone on the DIR-655, which separates your friends from the systems that use the network regularly — they can’t access files or change settings. Like any other network, the guest zone can be password-protected. This model also supports drive-sharing, and enjoys faster throughput than most of its competitors in this area. As far as ports go, it has the usual 4 LAN ethernet ports, and 1 WAN ethernet port for the modem.Performance – The DIR-655 Extreme N Gigabit Wireless Router really amazed us with its speed and overall performance. According to various comprehensive tests, this D-Link model performed at 112.56Mbps throughput at short range, which is a seriously impressive number compared to the next-highest router, at a much smaller 83.3Mbps. We obviously recommend using this router at short range (in a house or medium office setting) for the best performance.At Draft-N speeds, we enjoyed zipping around the Web without losing any time. We didn’t wait for websites to load, and streaming video was a breeze.Conclusion – We can’t expect any router to be perfect, but the DIR-655 came pretty close to perfection. Overall, we give the DIR-655 very high marks, and highly recommend it for those who seek speed and performance without compromise. Amazon has it on sale (an incredible deal if you ask us).

Wireless Router Review’s guide to buying a Wi-Fi router

A wireless, or Wi-Fi, router is a device which allows you to connect multiple devices to the internet all at the same time. Wi-Fi routers also give you a way to move data, or even stream media between devices across your home or small office. There are a lot of wireless routers, and it can seem a bit daunting and overwhelming to try and choose your first wireless router or even to move on to bigger and better things when you outgrow your old router. Wireless routers offer a lot of easy to use security and personalization features. They are quick and easy to set up, and give you the control over who has access to your computers, your files, and even your internet connection.There are a number of things to consider when purchasing a wireless router. What is it that you use your internet for? Do you just have one or two computers, or are you in a small office which could have a large number of computers connected during the day? What type of warranty is best for you? How much do you want to spend? What do all these wireless router-related acronyms mean?This Wireless Router Review guide will help you decide. Feel free to take a look at our wireless router reviews as well.What do you currently use your Internet for?If you use the internet to surf the web and check email, then the latest and greatest gaming router is not going to be necessary for you. On the other hand, if you play a lot of graphics-intensive, web-based/run games, stream media over the internet and file share between a several computers, you definitely need to look into a high-end model.All I do is browse the web and reply to email, what’s going to work for me?If all you are doing is surfing the internet and replying to an occasional email, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on all the bells and whistles to get a great wireless router. Look for a router that has a set up CD and a good, solid warranty. Many of the well-known brand names offer a basic router which is high-quality but made to be affordable for consumers.For a simple, easy to use product which will get you connected wirelessly in no time at all, the Cisco-Linksys WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router is an excellent choice. Set up and connection is simple and does not require any know-how to make your connection secure. This Wi-Fi router also gives you the ability to plug up to four wired computers in, or wire in another hub to increase the size of your network. This router is an amazing deal for less than $100, but you can currently find it on at a great price.I stream a lot of movies/TV/music and play bandwidth-reliant games. What’s my best option?For media streaming or games that require a lot of bandwidth, look for a router with a built-in media server or USB port to connect a media server or file-sharing drive where media could be stored in a centralized location. Having the ability to directly plug devices in to a wired port is also a nice feature to have available. Wireless-N is optimal, and some of these routers allow for extremely high speeds across the network and Internet.If you need a router that comes with a built-in USB port and UPnP AV media server to allow you to effortlessly share your files over your network, then might I recommend the Cisco-Linksys E3000 High-Performance Wireless-N Router. Attach your Blu-Ray, HDTV, gaming consoles and PCs to the router in minutes, and experience optimal gaming experience with simultaneous dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz speeds. No matter what you connect to the E3000, you can enjoy transfer speeds of up to 300 Mbps. This router sells for $180-220 but has a great deal on this wireless router.If speed, security and the ability to customize your network without breaking the bank is important to you, look for a wireless router that comes with a software suite to help you get started. These are much easier to use than a user manual, because they walk you through the set up process step by step, and tell you when to plug which components in for maximum results. They will also assist you with setting up a network password, and adding devices.I own an Apple TV and other Macs, what’s the best wireless router for me?Any wireless router will work with your Apple TV and Mac-based laptops. Nevertheless, why not use a wireless router that is specifically designed for Apple-based hardware? At the current price, it is an admittedly high-end, but still affordable solution for your household or office network. The router is also small, classy, and beautiful which may or may not matter to you.I’ve never set up a network. How do I customize it?Many of routers these days come with software which allows you to fully customize the browsing experience of each and every device on the network. Do you have guests coming in from out of town that you’d like to have access to the internet, but not your computers or files? Do you have children that you worry about them getting onto sites you haven’t approved?

 Are you concerned they’re getting online when they should be sleeping or doing their homework? Look for a customized security suite that allows you to set up guest networks, browsing hours, or to block certain sites or types of sites from one or more computers without restricting every computer on the network. An example of this type of software would be the Cisco Connect software.The Cisco Connect software is available on the Cisco-Linksys E3000 router, as well as the E2000 Advanced Wireless-N Router. The E2000 is a great choice for users who want a customizable Wi-Fi router which gives them parental controls and password-protected Internet access on a separate network to allow visitors the ability to access the Internet without having access to your computers or data.

This is where the Cisco Connect software comes in handy, because it gives you that kind of control over your network and the access different users have to the internet. It offers extremely high speeds and a wide connectivity range at an affordable price. This router sells for less than $100 and is currently available on Amazon for even less than that.What is the difference between the Wireless-G and Wireless-N Routers?Wireless-A, Wireless-B, Wireless-G and Wireless-N are terms you might read a lot when you’re looking for a new wireless router. Wireless-A and –B are older standards which are not used much any longer. Wireless-G has been the standard and does offer a decent connection at an affordable price.The newest wireless standard is the Wireless-N, and almost all new Wireless-Ready devices these days are coming with Wireless-N capable network adapters. Wireless-N routers will be backwards compatible to –A, -B, and –G network cards, so you’ll always be able to wirelessly connect to them from your PC, MacBook, iPad, iPhone touch, mobile device, or even older devices (provided they have a wireless network adapter).

What is the best gaming router?

For an awesome gaming experience, you want a router that gives you the ability to use super-fast speeds to stream video or other media, as well as to be able to transfer data quickly between the Internet and your PC or Mac in order to give the best possible, lag-free gaming experience.A router with a Gigabit connection for high speed wired connection is ideal, especially if you want to be able to quickly transfer large HD Video files. Look for a router with the ability to have a USB drive media player in order to be able to quickly stream content from a media server to other devices within the network. Also, a great router will have a video mode built in to help optimize HD streaming without any stutters or lags.A dual-band wireless N connection gives better connection and less interference when trying to move large amounts of data, such as while playing a multi-player game or streaming media. Also a great dual-band wireless router will have one network dedicated to streaming media while the other is dedicated to surfing the Internet.The D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Selectable Dual Band Draft 802.11n Gaming Router is an excellent choice to get all of those features and more. This router retails for $210.00 but is available on for a whole lot less (a great buy).

What is the fastest router?

Fastest router? That is an excellent question which has no real easy answer. There are a number of factors which could play a part in the effective speed of a wireless router. The number of walls surrounding the router, how many other electronics there are in the building, whether or not there are radio frequencies in the building, etc. All of these things can have an impact on the speed that a router will actually run at, regardless how of fast a given router is. But all things equal, under the same controlled testing conditions, what’s the fastest wireless router available to consumers and small businesses?According to recent tests, the D-Link DIR-685 appears to be the fastest wireless router available in the consumer category. The DIR-685 has a lot of amazing features that are unique to this world class router. It’s also a very stylish and functional router with a number of options to make it work amazingly well for any home or small office settings. Despite its uncompromised features and speed, the DIR-685 is available on for much less than the market retail price of $249.99.

What is the best home router?

What you want to have in your home (or small office) is a router that uses stable, new technology to connect you and all of your devices to the internet. No muss, no fuss, simple and easy to use Wi-Fi routers that you can connect effortlessly even if you have no experience with creating a network. Of course these days it’s important to get an amazingly good deal, as well but keep in mind that you do get what you pay for.Some things to look for is the latest technology, while Wireless-G is good for most home-based users, Wireless-N is the newest technology and the most up to date. It is also what almost all devices such as HDTV’s, gaming consoles and laptops are being sold with these days. You also want to make sure that the router is going to be easily and effortlessly installed, even if you have no experience with setting up a wireless network.For Mac users, the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station is without a doubt the best home router on the market and one we feel confident in recommending. It offers a lot of excellent features that will suit almost any home or small office needs and retails for $179.99 but is available on on sale. For PC users, we would recommend the Cisco-Linksys E3000 High-Performance Wireless-N Router as it gives superior performance, blazing high speeds, and offers a quick and easy set up. It is arguably the best home router money can buy (if you want a router that is better than this one you’ll need to spend a fortune). The E3000 also retails for $179.99 but is available on for much less.If you can’t afford the best home routers on the market, then the cheapest home router that works like a charm is the Cisco-Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless-G Broadband Router. We wouldn’t blame you for buying it at such a ridiculous price.

What are the best routers?

We have a few recommendations for the best routers, but there are some things to look at when deciding what makes a possible router great. If you are going to be using your router for gaming and/or media streaming, you want a simultaneous dual-band router with Wireless-N connections. This will allow you to have one band dedicated to either gaming or media streaming, while the others are there for web browsing, checking email, etc.A dedicated media server port, or the ability to have a media server on the router is another great feature to have available if you plan on streaming media.Having an easy-to-use set up is another criterion to look for. Routers that come with step by step installation CDs which allow you to set up your own unique network name and customize the features on the network are good choices. If you have a need to have certain sites or types of sites disabled from one or more computer, or if you want the freedom to be able to cut off Internet access from specific devices during certain hours, that is another feature to look for.To give you access to many of these great features, the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station for Mac users is an excellent choice. For PC users we would recommend the Cisco-Linksys E3000 High-Performance Wireless-N Router. There are also a number of other great choices to fit in anyone’s budget. Take a look at our wireless router reviews to see a few examples.

Wireless Router Booster

Purchasing a wireless booster may be a good idea if you already have a wireless router and are experiencing problems. You may need a wireless router booster when:

  • Your computer connects to the wireless router, but the signal strength indicator (usually bars) shows that you are not getting full range/coverage.
  • Your internet download and upload speed is reduced compared to the speed that you are supposed to receive from your ISP. You can tell this is the case if connecting your computer directly to your ADSL modem (or equivalent) shows a significant increase in your connection speed.
  • Your data transfer speed (for example when streaming HD video or gaming) is severely inferior to that of the specifications of your modem.
  • Your house or office is large, and you are getting low or bad signal from your wireless router in certain parts of your house/office.

Why buy a wireless router booster?

A wireless booster is normally connected to your wireless router and can help you to boost your internet and intranet speed without any muss or fuss. There are even some wireless boosters on the market which you can plug directly into a USB port of your laptop or computing device. If your laptop has a wireless card, for example, you might be able to connect your wireless router booster to it via a USB port.A few things to look for when purchasing a wireless signal booster are that it is compatible with your router, and that it will give you enough coverage for your home or office. For example, you wish to connect to your wireless router from your backyard or the pool, you may need a serious wireless router booster to increase the range and strength of your wireless signal.Some of the advantages to wireless signal boosters are the ability to transmit wireless signals through walls or doors. If there are areas in your home which do not have good wireless coverage but you can’t move the router to reach those places more easily, then this is the solution you’re looking for. A wireless booster will give you that extra range that you were looking for and increase the internet signal in those areas. Additionally, since many wireless routers already come with an external antenna on them, if you want to increase your signal all you have to do is purchase a signal booster and replace one of the antennas with it in many cases.

Types of wireless router boosters

Many of the signal boosters, especially those which are just replacement antennas, are specific to a small number of makes/models of routers. Also, determine whether you need an omni-directional antenna or a simple high-gain antenna. The main difference between them is whether or not you have to aim the antenna to get the boosting power. An omni-directional antenna will not require you to aim it in a specific direction, but will instead boost the signal in all directions.Wireless router boosters come in a wide range of varieties. For instance, there is the Alfa 9 dBi SBA Omni-Directional High-Gain Screw-on Swivel Antenna which is for a number of different Linksys or Netgear routers. This is an external antenna which simply attaches to the Wi-Fi router itself. Whatever direction you need additional coverage in, you simply swivel the antenna and point it in that direction. This is an excellent solution for when you already have all the ports on your wireless router filled but still need to be able to boost the signal.There are also stand alone wireless boosters such as the Alfa AWUS036H which is a small, compact device with a swivel antenna. This is wired into one of your routers ports and then the swivel antenna gets turned and pointed in the direction which you need the extra coverage. If you have an open USB port on your router, there are also USB boosters such as the Alfa AWUS036NEH.The GSI High-Powered Ultra-Secure 500mW is another example of a USB booster which gives an amazing range away from your router, and boasts roaming distances up to 10 times the normal output of the router. This device attaches to your router and can give extremely high-speed boosts to whatever device needs the extra power from the router.

Recommended wireless router boosters

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