Best Waterproof Work Boots 2021 – Best Buyer’s Guide

If you work in places such as a construction site, a workshop or a factory, you will find that you’re required to wear a pair of waterproof work boots to protect yourself from various types of hazards.

Indeed, the reason for the need to wear a pair of waterproof work boots is pretty obvious and that is to prevent injury and protect your feet from liquids such as chemicals or electrical shock. You might think that such boots are usually uncomfortable and bulky and indeed you’re right, at least in the past.

Modern waterproof work boots are much more comfortable now because they usually provide arch support as well as shock absorption which can help minimize the occurrence of foot-related injuries. This is actually very important because it allows the wearer to totally concentrate on the job without having to worry about getting their feet hurt because he or she knows that the work boots will protect his or her feet.

Also, If you find that wearing ordinary work boots doesn’t make your feet warm, especially during the winter or those colder days, you need to get a pair of insulated work boots.

Insulated work boots are boots that are design to keep your feet warm while you’re working outdoor in a cold environment. By keeping your feet warm, you will be able to concentrate on your job better and thus be able to finish them sooner.

You will usually find most insulated work boots grated according to how much Thinsulate insulation they are equipped with. If you plan to work outdoor during winter, you will find that a work boots with 1000 gram of Thinsulate ultra insulation will offer you the best amount of warmth and comfort to your feet.

You can also wear them for hunting, fishing or just general wear. Always make sure that you can choose a pair of insulated work boots that is made of high quality and breathable material so that you can be rest assured that your feet’s perspiration vapor can escape easily through the membrane of the boots.

Never wear a pair of work boots that is worn out or lacking the proper support because such action is dangerous and you’re basically waiting for injury to happen. It’s also better to spend some time and money buying a new pair so that you can be rest assured that you’re well protected from foot related hazards while you’re working hard at your job.

So, let’s see what we got for you:


Our-Top Pick
The Best Waterproof Work Boot We Can Recommend
Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Waterproof Boot
If You Want The Best Waterproof Work Boot, This Is The First And Last Recommendation. It Is One Of The Best Selling Work Boot With Highest Positive Reviews.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $$$.

If you’re looking for the best pair of work boots to keep your feet safe and dry, you simply can’t go wrong with the Timberland waterproof boots. This is because Timberland has been in the business of making sturdy work boots for over thirty years so you can pretty much trust that their work boots are not only dependable when it comes to protecting your feet but also comfortable.

Indeed, timberland waterproof boots have a reputation of being made with the finest materials and it is not surprising to see that some of their top work boots can literally cost you over $150. If you want a pair of boots that can not only keep your feet dry but also warm, you want to make sure that it has thermal microfiber and closed-cell foam insulation built into it.

Although the timberland waterproof boots are relatively expensive than other brands out there, they are definitely worth buying because they are truly waterproof. Even if you work in an area with 2 inches of water, your feet will still be dry and comfortable. The stitching is secure and nothing short of being impressive and since they look stylish, they will look great with most work clothes.

Best Waterproof Work Boots 2019 Comparison Table:

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Best Waterproof Work Boots 2019 Reviews:

#1 Maelstrom LANDSHIP 8�? Military Tactical Boots with Zipper

The Maelstrom Landship 8″ Military Tactical Boots with Zipper, are strong, durable, comfortable and protective tactical boots.


  • Full-Grain Leather Toe & Air Mesh Upper: Full-grain leather provides maximum durability. The air-mesh material prevents the shoe from overheating.
  • Shock absorbing mid-sole: The shock absorbing mid-sole can provide maximum comfort while jumping, and it also provides extra comfort cushioning while standing for long periods of time.
  • Slip-resistant rubber out-sole: The rubber out-sole will prevent slipping and falling. This sole will give needed grip, especially when grounds are covered in liquids such as oils and water.
  • Light weight.
  • Side zipper closure.
  • Water-proof: The outer construction of these boots is made to prevent liquids from entering the shoe during times of heavy submersion.

The Maelstrom Landship 8″ Military Tactical Boots with Zipper, are strong, durable, comfortable and protective tactical boots. These black military boots are 8″ tall and lace-up above the ankles. These sturdy boots set a new standard for all other tactical boots that are currently out on the market. This style is modelled on official law enforcement boots.

These boots are a great, all-around boot. Whether used as law enforcement boots, or riding a motorcycle; these black military boots will be all you need. They do not skimp on quality. All of the materials are top-grade. From its slip resistant out-sole, to its shock absorbing in-sole.

The construction of this boot is great for all types of terrain. The full-grain leather can withstand water and prevent debris entering into the shoe. The sole is designed for maximum grip and mobility.

  • Most reviewers find them to be extremely durable, considering how light they are. Many people find these boots to be great for jobs that require walking, due to the sole’s innovative runner’s shape and construction.
  • The boots also remain relatively quiet when walking. Motorcyclists particularly like this boot because it provides extra support while riding, whilst at the same time it doesn’t restrict the movements that are required to operate the motorcycle’s shift or brake.
  • The zipper feature is especially helpful, since most people get tired of having to tie and untie their boots everyday.
  • Many buyers find this boot to be a refreshing change compared to other traditional boots on the market. They also say that they would definitely buy another pair, once theirs finally wear out.
  • VERY slippery on wet floors.
  • Soles are made of rubber.
  • Doesn’t breath well and your feet will sweat.

#2 Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

Providing versatility at its finest, this outstanding waterproofed boot will provide you an excellent construction that allows it to be a perfect fit for work or even for long hikes. It doesn’t steel-toe protection which means that this will only be a choice for those who do not require such protective measures.

In turn, the lack of steel-toe protection means that the product is supremely lightweight which will render you with sleek, comfortable and fatigue-free experience. This stylish and epic-looking boot is made of water-resistant leather all-throughout, making sure that your feet remains dry and comfy every time.

The leather is also abrasion-resistant, reassuring you of its overall durability and quality. It also fits perfectly with its padded collar and serves up a delectable amount of cushioning through its Midsole that has double the density from regular midsoles, guaranteeing maximum support and comfort. It boasts a rubber lug-sole with a unique motion-efficiency system, adding up to the product’s support and overall stability.

  • Comfortable with its upper leather construction that’s also highly durable, abrasion-resistant and waterproofed.
  • Has supple padded collar and a motion-efficiency system embedded on its lug-sole that’s made of rubber.
  • Light for a work boot and has midsoles with double density for superior cushioning system.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Ankle support is a bit disappointing.
  • Sole is not very durable.

#3 Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Plain Soft-Toe Work Boot

If you think that you can’t probably have a surreal experience without breaking your bank, then think again after experiencing this versatile soft-toe boot that will fit any type of work with ease. Whether you’re facing laborious work or very light options, this boot will never fail to deliver to you a performance that’s noticeably on-par with high-end products today.

It has a nubuck or full-grain oiled leather for its upper material which is highly durable, comfortable and waterproof. It has a mesh-lining of nylon material to render superior breathability of the product and adds comfort through its padded collar. To contribute to the product’s breathability, while allowing your feet to remain dry and fresh all the time, the product also integrated a moisture-wicking ‘Climasphere’ Sock-liner, which also makes sure that you’ll have a cool experience for your foot.

It’s built together with an exemplary, Goodyear Welt Construction for superior durability and a steel-shank for great extraordinary support. A rubber midsole also adds up to the cushioning system of the product while its outsole delivers peerless grip and traction on all terrains with its abrasion, heat, oil and slip-resistant prowess.

  • Waterproof and comfortable to wear with its Full-grain or Nubuck Upper leather.
  • Has plenty of cushioning and support with its rubber midsole, padded collar, steel shank, and outstanding outsole which is also resistant to slipping, oil, heat and abrasions.
  • Extremely durable with its Goodyear Welt Construction and has moisture-wicking Sock-liner for superior breathability.
  • Difficult break-in period.
  • A bit narrower than you may expect.
  • Slightly heavier than Timb.

#4 Wolverine Men’s Steel Toe Raider Boot – Comfortable Work Boot

Built with toughness and durability that’s undoubtedly second to none in its category, you surely wouldn’t have the impression that it’s also one of the most comfortable choice available in the market these days. Its durability and quality is unquestionable as it’s constructed with Full-grain Leather which also contributes greatly to the product’s comfort.

When it comes to protection, you won’t have anything more to wish for as it has a superior Steel Toe that has received the approval of ATSM. Its trustworthy rubber outsole is abrasion, oil and slip resistant, guaranteeing that it’s definitely standing at the peak of its category. Wearing this product all day long won’t also prove to be a problem.

It provides PU Midsole that’s lightweight and a Multishox insole that provides support, cushion and absorbs great amount of shock which will give you stability and good control during your work. It’s also constructed with Contour Welt and this allows the product to have athletic flexibility which will make it easier for you to move. It also has a high quality Mesh Lining that provides supreme breathability for dry, cool and fresh feet all throughout the day.

  • Has ATSM-certified Steel toe and abrasion, oil and slip resistant Rubber outsole with excellent grip
  • Has PU Midsole, cushioned footbed and flexible construction for superb support and comfort
  • Extremely breathable with top mesh lining
  • Expensive
  • Users had problem with its narrow width
  • Some users claimed that it’s not as durable as they’ve expected

#5 Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc Toe 6″ Boot – Comfortable Work Boot

When you can slash out a load of money from your pocket quite easily, then it’s definitely going to be a breath of fresh air for you to gain this Toe Boot from Red Wing which will surely bring you the best experience you can possibly have. Red wing has been a renowned brand for many years now and all their products are testaments of how great they really are.

Its appearance alone will amaze you as it is made with Oil-Tanned Oro Legacy Leather. It is resistant from perspiration, stain and water, which will guarantee that your feet will remain dry during the time you’re wearing it. The leather is also extremely comfortable and it adds up to the product’s durability. It has a traction Tread outsole that provides supreme grip and traction while it has triple-stich quality paired up with Goodyear Welt Construction, making it apparent that it will definitely withstand your whole day of work. It’s also lightweight and it provides supreme support which has tempted many users to take a leap of faith and invest on this product.

  • Goodyear Welt Construction, Oil-tanned Oro Leather and Triple-Stitched quality guarantees product’s durability and comfort
  • Provides supreme support, comfort and breathability.
  • Has unparalleled traction and a waterproof, and perspiration and stain resistant leather.
  • Very expensive
  • Some users complained that the product’s outsole compressed a lot faster than they expected.

#6 KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot – Comfortable Work Boot

As a man, especially for those working in construction, factories and more, it is always important to have added protection throughout the day paired up with comfort that will complete your experience and allow you to feel as if you’re in tip-toe condition even after working for hours. This steel toe boots come in a tempting black design that’s made with Nubuck leather as its material, giving it a 100% waterproof prowess while also being stain and oil resistant.

The steel toe design boasts high ratings and passed the standards when it comes to protection and its comfortable, roomy box. To bring you a more comfortable experience that will exceed your expectation, the product has also incorporated a ‘Dry’ Tech that boasts its superior breathability and waterproof prowess.

Water will also never go in or out of the steel toe boots as it has a mesh lining of Dry-Lex. The boot also possesses an EVA Midsole that comes in dual-density, making it softer, more flexible and durable compared to regular midsoles. This provides supreme support that will allow you to attain maximum comfort as you work. The Tacoma also boasts a rubber outsole with superior slip and oil resistant prowess, along with a high rating in electric resistance, guaranteeing your safety in the workplace even more.

  • Comfortable and water resistant.
  • The inside of the boot seemed to be a perfect match for the shape of my foot.
  • The sole of the boot is very strong and doesn’t bend much which makes if feel very supportive.
  • Positive locking laces hold the tightness of the boot where you set it and don’t often come untied.
  • Boots are light in weight than most of the other boots I’ve purchased over the years.
  • Expensive

#7 Thorogood Men’s 814-4200 American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot – Comfortable Work Boot

Stray away from conventional boots and start looking at more innovative approaches that brings style, comfort and performance all-together. This moc toe boot from Thorogood is a perfect fit for that description and you’ll certainly be more than satisfied with its high-quality built, performance and breathtaking style that will certainly make you the subject of limelight wherever you go.

The most noticeable, stand-out feature of this boot is its white wedge soles that’s highly slip-resistant, non-marking and durable. Its upper portion is brought together with durable, ‘Goodyear Welt Construction’, with an oil-tanned, tobacco gladiator leather material. The combination of the outsole and the upper portion is incredibly sturdy, firm and easy-to-repair.

You’ll also feel comfortable once you slip your feet into this shoes through its soft, heavenly cushions and cotton-drill vamp lining that will provide you astonishing support throughout the day. It boasts a stunning Poron-4000 Cushion along with a shock absorbing, removable insert that will reduce impact, stress and fatigue. Its springy interior will allow you to have efficient movement with minimize usage of energy, allowing you to perform at your finest every day.

  • Has oil-tanned, tobacco gladiator leather for its upper portion and a white wedge, slip-resistant outsole that’s combined through ‘Goodyear Welt Construction’ for superior durability.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear with its Poron-4000 Cushion, Shock-absorbing insert and cotton-drill vamp lining which provides unparalleled support as well.
  • Springy interior reduces stress, fatigue and impact which minimizes usage of energy so you’ll remain comfortable all throughout the day.
  • Expensive.
  • Some users didn’t like the leather that’s super soft as it wore out sooner than they’ve expected.
  • Grip and Traction of outsole isn’t the best when faced with ice.

#8 Dr. Martens Men’s Fusion Safety-Toe Chelsea Boot – Comfortable Work Boot

Want to stand out? With this Chelsea-styled boot, you’ll surely be able to walk proudly with no worries and coming from Dr. Marten’s it’s already expected that this shoes is built with utmost comfort in mind, bringing you nothing short of a spectacular experience you would love to have over and over again.

It comes in full-grain leather construction for its upper portion for maximum durability and has a side-goring with pull-tab that’s extremely flexible for easy wearing. The sole of the shoes is also air-cushioned, providing superior comfort paired up with anti-static effect for safety. It has a PU foot-bed to provide improved comfort and a patterned sole with double density which renders phenomenal rigidity for your mid-foot area.

It has a safety toe-cap that passed impact-protection standards with flying colors and an abrasion oil and slip resistant outsole with heel-strike area built with incomparable shock-absorbing capabilities.

  • Unique Chelsea-designed shoes with upper full-grain leather and abrasion, slip and oil resistant outsole, constructed through Goodyear Welt which makes sure that it’s durable, firm and sturdy.
  • Has PU foot-bed and Patterned double density sole for superior comfort, support and rigidity.
  • Provides maximum safety with toe-cap and anti-static prowess along with exhilarating shock-absorbing heel-strike area.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Tight in the heels which may discomfort some users.
  • A bit heavy.

#9 Timberland PRO Men’s Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft-Toe Boot – Comfortable Work Boot

This sweet soft-toe boot is undeniably a must-have especially if you want to experience versatility at its finest, paired up with comfort that will surely make you feel fatigue-free even after a long day of hard work. Its directly-attached feature and waterproof, upper leather construction renders it a high-quality overall water-repellant feature that will keep your feet dry, fresh and comfortable regardless of how tough the environment you’re working on.

It has a stunning mesh-lining integrated with anti-microbial properties to contribute to keeping your feet fresh while also preventing it from gaining bad odor. It has a plastic midsole that’s lightweight which guarantees the boot’s flexibility paired up with an astounding shock-diffusion plate that will cater peerless support for you.

It also has an open-cell foot-bed made of polyurethane which also contributes to the odor-control of the product and its overall breathability for superior comfort. It has a rubber lug-sole that’s non-marking, slip and oil resistant and reliable grip and traction.

  • Has incredible waterproof capability with its waterproof leather constructed with seam-sealed quality to obtain optimum water-repellant feature.
  • Keep feet fresh, dry, odor-free and comfortable through its Mesh-lining and Open-cell Foot-bed with
  • Polyurethane equipped with anti-microbial properties for superior breathability.
  • Has shock-diffusion plate for maximum support, a plastic midsole built to cater flexibility and a reliable lug-sole that has high traction and resistant from slipping, oil and marks.
  • Expensive.
  • Not very heavy-duty which means that it’s not cut out for the biggest, most laborious tasks.

#10 Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pit Boss Soft Toe Work Boots – Construction Work Boot

Serving the pinnacle of protection with comfort, this Pitboss work boot from Timberland had gained the attention and rave of various users around the globe which guarantees how reputable it has become during its years on the shelves. With this equipped on your feet, you won’t have to worry about any obstacle may it be falling objects or electrical currents.

It’s designed with protection at the top of its list and has been rigorously tested and proven to do what it claims to do. The steel toe feature of this boots can protect your from 50 pounds of falling object and a compression of about 25000 pounds. The boots are also highly rated when it comes to electrical hazards and is guaranteed to be undefeatable even by 600 volts of electricity.

The boots are also slip and oil resistant and is constructed with Goodyear welt which reassures its quality and durability. It’s even lined with a unique Agion Antimicrobial material to make sure your feet is fresh even after working hard. Your fatigue will also be minimized with this boot as it has excellent arches and support through its unique system called Comfort Suspension which provides superior shock absorption throughout the day.

  • Has steel-toe boots for supreme protection, electric-proof up to 600volts and oil and slip resistant.
  • Has ‘Comfort Suspension’ System that aims to bring shock absorption and support for supreme comfort
  • Has Agion Antimicrobial material as lining to retain freshness of feet even after a day
  • Expensive
  • May took some time to break-in
  • Heavy

#11 Thorogood Men’s Composite Safety Toe Gen Flex 804-4445 6-Inch Work Boot – Construction Work Boot

This stylish-looking safety work boots is guaranteed to be non-metallic, however, don’t let its construction fool you as it definitely is superior in terms of protection and features when compared to your average work boots.

The protection this work boots serves its user with is guaranteed and approved by various certification and its electricity resistance is also surprising as it can defend up to 18000volts with no problems at all. No matter how disastrous-looking your place is as well, you won’t have to worry about slipping or anything as it’s also oil and slip resistant through its unique Dual Density outsoles called Gen Flex II.

It’s integrated with bar anti-roll heel support and is constructed with Goodyear Storm Welt which contributes to the products comfort, along with a mesh lining that allows it to be extremely breathable as well. This topnotch boot combines everything you are looking for in an excellent construction boots.

  • Can defend up to 18000 volts and has non-metallic construction that even provides supreme protection.
  • Oil and slip resistant while providing supreme support with bar anti-roll heel support.
  • Extremely breathable with Mesh lining and made with high quality product for durability and reliability.
  • Expensive
  • There have been some users who had durability problems with the product
  • Not water resistant

#12 Caterpillar Men’s Endure Super Duty 6″ Steel Lace To Toe Boot – Construction Work Boot

This work boot is dubbed as one of the best boots to be equipped for industrial work which makes it a perfect fit for construction workers. It’s one of the leading products in the market today and one of the most prevalent feature it boasts is its superior waterproof prowess that seems to be absent in many work boots today.

The upper leather of this unique work boots is 100% waterproof and guaranteed to be leak-proof for fresh and dry feet all the time. It’s even integrated with a unique insole made of Anti-microbial Ortholite that prevents bacteria and odor from existing, rendering your feet fresh no matter how strenuous your work becomes.

Aside from the waterproof prowess, it’s also constructed with high quality materials and leather, infused through unique iTechnology construction, which guarantees its superior durability and toughness. It also has excellent support through padded and cushioned insides that gives it a stupendous shock-absorbing ability.

  • Constructed with iTechnology paired up with high quality materials and leather that guarantees its toughness and durability.
  • Provides supreme waterproof prowess and Ortholite Anti-microbial for fresh and dry feet all the time.
  • Provides great support and shock-absorbing capability
  • A bit expensive
  • There are some problems users experienced with the lace of the product

#13 Timberland PRO Men’s 26078 Titan 6″ Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot

Time itself has already proven the worth of this legendary boots that have already been on the industry for over three decades. Although many boots have already came and went, it still remained as one of the best and irrefutably, also part of the most comfortable category. Many people have raved this product countless times as it has one of its most revered feature, the ‘Power Fit’ Comfort System, paired up with other benefits it will render its user. The unique technology called ‘Power Fit Comfort’ that’s integrated on this work boot renders support to the key areas of an individual’s feet, allowing you to have the most breathtaking experience even when under rigorous tasks. Aside from this, the boots is also proud of its completely slip-resistant features even from oil, along with abrasion resistance that guarantees its durability. You can use it continuously from the moment you bought it as it also takes pride of its ‘no break-in’ period. It’s also highly revered due to its undeniably durability that will allow you to be with it for years and years of usage.

  • Has ‘Power Fit Comfort’ System that provides supreme comfort by supporting key areas of an individual’s feet.
  • Completely Slip-resistant even from oil, along with abrasion resistance guaranteeing its durability.
  • No Break-in Period and is extremely durable that can withstand years of intense usage.
  • Its design is not the most innovative.
  • Some user have felt disappointed with its claim of durability.
  • Leaked from soles after few months.

#14 Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

A single glance at this product and you’ll immediately realize how tough it is and how much beating it can take without even flinching. This sturdy-looking work boots is definitely the one you’ll want to add to your arsenal as its steel-toe will guarantee your protection while its plethora of features will bring you exemplary comfort with it. Its steel toe, along with its electricity proof feature comes in ATSM standard which guarantees its effectiveness. It has a completely dependable steel shank, ankle support to grant you more comfort, along with internal paddings to make it even more surreal of an experience. It also comes with rubber outsoles that are shock and slip-resistant, bringing you the best support and safety, respectively. It also comes with unique thermal insulation that will help you keep your feet warm if ever you face cold days ahead of you.

  • Has steel-toe protection and electricity proof feature that comes in ATSM standard which guarantees its effectiveness.
  • Provides supreme comfort and support with steel-shanks ankle support and slip and shock-resistant prowess.
  • Keep feet warm with unique thermal insulation.
  • Sizing issues.
  • Durability is not the best.
  • Some users claimed that its waterproof feature is not very effective.

#15 Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot – Concrete Work Boot

With the overwhelming support, comfort and performance of this work boot, you’ll be able to stay at tip-toe condition all throughout the day even if you’re working on or in the concrete. This state-of-the-art work boot is built to last longer than average products out there and its performance will surely exceed your wildest imagination as well.

It’s supple, full-grain upper leather construction is built together with firm, triple stitches that has made it possible to withstand considerable amounts of beating. Its traditional lacing-system contributes to that perfect fit and makes sure that it will be secure with brass hardware as its D-rings. This topnotch equipment is also integrated with generous amount of cushions in order to make sure that you’ll be able to take the beating impact from concrete or any other platform you work on.

It has a PU Foot-bed, a padded collar and tongue, and a V-grip PU outsole with double the density compared to other boots, which all contribute to the product’s overall comfort and flexibility. The product also meets safety standards through its soft-toe that’s light, but will surely provide your toe with proper protection.

  • Built with Full-grain upper leather construction held together with triple-stitching which makes it incredibly durable and long-lasting.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear with its V-Grip PU Outsole with Double Density and a PU Foot-bed.
  • Meets Safety Standard with Reliable and Sturdy Soft-toe.
  • A bit expensive.
  • May be tight in width for some users.

#16 Red Wing Heritage Men’s Roughneck Lace Up Boot – Concrete Work Boot

Red Wing, one of the most revered brands on the market today, renders the best and most exhilarating boots that will undeniably render you what you need to work flawlessly on hard concrete or any other platforms. It comes with an everlasting, awe-inspiring design that you’ll certainly be more than happy to wear every day.

Its upper construction is built with durable and reliable full-grain leather, that’s also waterproofed, rendering any form of liquid unable to ruin your day. Its majestic embossed logo along with seven-eyelet lacing-system procures an attractive appeal while giving a perfect fit for your foot. It has a moisture-wicking, supple and smooth lining made of leather to ensure that your feet will stay dry and fresh all throughout the day.

It’s equipped with a foot-bed made of supple leather to provide you durable and reliable support while its outsole with flexible crepe renders unyielding traction and support while also minimizing and reducing impact and shock which is perfect for working on or in concrete. This leather boot as truly mesmerized countless users across the globe and it surely isn’t an overstatement to claim it as a must-have for anyone out there who’s looking for a superb boots.

  • Made with water-proofed, smooth and supple full-grain leather that’s incredibly durable and reliable.
  • Equipped with moisture-wicking lining to keep feet dry and fresh with a perfect fit leather foot-bed to provide comfort and support.
  • Has an outsole flexible crepe with impact-proof and shock-absorbing capabilities for superior traction and grip.
  • Expensive.
  • Heavy.

#17 Wolverine Men’s SR Direct-Attach 6″ Work Boot – Concrete Work Boot

Equipped with all essential qualities to bring you everything you’d hope for in a working boot that will render you superior experience, support and comfort, this durashocks boot from wolverine will surely be an instant favorite of yours for years to come.

Its upper construction is built with a prestigious, durable authentic full-grain leather brought together by direct, permanent attachment that helps seal and ensure that water won’t invade the interior of your shoes no matter what. Adding to its waterproof prowess is a moisture-wicking Dri-Lex Lining for superior comfort through keeping your foot fresh and dry.

It has phenomenal energy-returning capability with its outsole with the brand’s Durashock Polyurethane material which provides unyielding support, stability and traction. The cushioning system of this boots is also divine as it has a foot-bed with double density along with a midsole made of lightweight polyurethane to give you durable support. Its peerless fiberglass shank that’s highly lightweight compared to steel, provides an incomparable stabilizing capability to render you a fatigue-free experience all throughout your working day.

  • Constructed with authentic Full-grain leather which is brought together with direct, permanent attachment to guarantee optimum water-repellant prowess along with a moisture-wicking lining.
  • Has superior cushion system with its polyurethane midsole and dual-density foot-bed which provides support, comfort and stability.
  • Built with light, reliable fiberglass shank and a Durashocks Polyurethane outsole for maximum energy-return, stability and fatigue and impact reduction.
  • Expensive.
  • Not that wide as advertised.

#18 Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Work Boots – Breathable Work Boot

Work all day without feeling the fatigue through the use of this extremely reliable titan work boots from Timberland that will render you with support, protection and breathability that’s unlike any other you’ve ever seen in the market before.

The durability of the product is guaranteed through its cement construction with a supple full-grain leather that’s bound to keep the break-in time of the shoes to its minimum while ensuring its overall comfort. The protection of your feet is also covered by Titan as it has an alloy safety-toe feature that will provide a perfect fit and lightweight defense for your toes.

The midsole cushion made of Molded polyurethane contributes a durable and lightweight support, paired up with mesh comfort-lining equipped with anti-microbial feature to make sure that you’ll have dry and odor-free feet all day long. Its Low-profile rubber outsole on the other hand, is completely abrasion, oil and slip resistant with great traction and grip for superior stability and safety.

  • Made with supple full-grain leather and cement construction for minimum break-in duration, superior comfort and flexibility.
  • Has lightweight defense with alloy safety-toe.
  • Provides lightweight support and mesh-comfort-lining for anti-microbial purposes and an outsole for great traction and grip.
  • Durability problems.
  • Users commented that it wears out a bit quick.
  • Stains easily

#19 Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot – Breathable Work Boot

Equip this Chippewa Super Logger Boot and you’re bound to walk in style without compromising protection for your toe and overall comfort for your feet. Its stylish leather with pebble-like finish is equipped with waterproof feature to guarantee that your feet stays dry and comfortable through the entire day.

It even adds up another layer of waterproof Chip-A Tex on the inside. It has a unique ‘Ruby Dri-Lex 2000′ lining which marvelously wicks humid from your feet. Its Texon-made, orthotic insoles that’s cushioned and highly removable, provides flexible and topnotch support and cushioning, with an added water resistance.

It also has a midsole of rubber-leather that will help in resisting impact and shock as you walk, partnered with steel triple-ribbed shanks to offer you superior support to reduce fatigue. The boots is bound together with a Goodyear Welt Construction with a set of repairable and firm stitches that guarantees the product’s durability. Its outsoles also provides exemplary support, traction and grip through its slip-resistant soles. Its steel toes and electric-proof feature is ATSM-rated which means that the protection it will offer you is the top of the bar.

  • Extremely comfortable with its material and Texon Insoles that provides topnotch support and cushioning.
  • Superior waterproof feature with exterior and inner materials that provides water resistance.
  • Electric-proof, slip-resistant, Durable and has fatigue-reducing triple-ribbed shanks.
  • Expensive.
  • Heavy.
  • The outsole and heels had durability problems.

#20 Dr. Marten’s Iron Bridge Safety Toe Boot – Work Boots For Mechanics

With a single glance, you’ll surely be able to infer immediately that this product is indeed proud of its unparalleled durability and sturdiness that will surely be enough to give optimum protection to the toes and whole feet of its users. This is a basic necessity for mechanics which already warrants it to be part of the list for you to consider. It comes with top-notch quality materials from its laces and even eyelets, guaranteeing you that it’s durable enough to last for years. It also boasts its wicking moisture boot liners that ensures your feet’s comfort along with cushions for ankle support that will put less stress as you walk, run and do more things with your feet. Its steel toe is also supreme even when compared to other steel-toe products, and with its slip-resistant and waterproof features, you’ll be further reassured of your safety. It is also revered by many because of its effectiveness even against oil or hazardous chemicals.

  • Has superior durability and made with top-notch materials that guarantees it will last for years.
  • Has optimum steel-toe for protection, along with slip, water and chemical resistance.
  • Provides optimum support with its liners, ankle support and soles, which guarantees comfort for users.
  • Sizing issues are common with this product.
  • Heavier compared to other products.
  • There are some users who claimed that it’s not great for cold weather.

#21 Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-on H2O Work Boot

There are many great products, especially work boots, on the isle of choices provided by Ariat, making it one of the most revered and renowned company today. This makes it no mystery why their pull on work boot has received critical acclaims from various users across the globe. This hi-cut boots is completely waterproof which makes it evident that you’ll be able to carry it outside worry-free, no matter what the season or weather is.

You’ll also be guaranteed that the quality and durability of the boot is supreme compared to other regular products out there since it possesses goodyear welting and full-grain leather on its materials list. It also comes with a Duratreat outsole which is simply breathtaking as it can clean it self while rendering your path, track-free. Its Hi-Cut design also provides you with safety and guarantees that you’ll always be on the right position as you stand and walk, which helps in reducing stress and preventing you from suffering metatarsal stress and injuries along with its EVA Mid-support for your foot and its patented Max ATS Technology.

  • Provides supreme support and with its hi-cut design, Patented Max ATS Technology and EVA Mid-support, you’ll be guaranteed a stress-free work experience while preventing you from getting injuries.
  • Made of Goodyear welting and full-grain leather, guaranteeing its supreme durability and quality.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Several users experienced sizing issues while buying the product.
  • Some had problems with the quality of the ankle support.
  • Expensive.

#22 Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Soft Toe

This model has undeniably caught the attention of innumerable amount of users around the globe and has served all them with the satisfaction they’ve craved for and deserved. It’s easy to wear since you just have to slip your feet in it and you’ll be immediately guaranteed with unparalleled comfort and protection from even the most rigorous and hazardous worksites.

Its steel toes feature is certified by none other than the ATSM and paired up with its Goodyear welt, it is definitely plain to see that it’s far outstanding than your regular boots. It comes with a pull-up leather on its upper portion paired up with thick cushions which will provide you with the comfort you need. For a more worry-free experience, its outsole is also non-slip, guaranteeing you that you’ll always be able to walk and stand stably. Aside from all of these, this caterpillar boot also prevents you from getting electrical shocks and even suffering from intense heat.

  • Slip-resistant, electrical shock resistant, heat resistant and waterproof.
  • Incredibly durable with Goodyear Welt paired up with steel toes that are guaranteed to be superior by ATSM.
  • Provides supreme comfort with thick cushions and pull-up leather material.
  • Longer Break-in Period compared to other products.
  • It is comfortable, however, the ankle support wears out fast which will heavily lessen your experience.
  • You may encounter sizing problems.

#23 Wolverine Men’s Raider Romeo Contour Welt Steel Toe Work Boot

Not everyone fancy the extremely hi-cut boot design like the ones above. If you’re part of the people who clearly doesn’t want those kind of boots, then you definitely must opt for this one. Though it’s hi-cut, it’s evident that its length is relatively shorter than other products out there, making it the best choice for you.

Other than this, the comfort, support and innovative features you can experience on other pull on boots is surely upgraded on this boots, allowing you to indulge on a more satisfying experience. This product will guarantee your safety, comfort and its durability with three of its most critically acclaimed factors that will surely convince you that it’s the one you’re looking for.

It optimizes comfort with its polyurethane material for its midsole, it possesses contour welt which guarantees its flexibility and durability, and it works like any other traditional work boots, but with the benefits of comfort served by athletic shoes. It also boasts its Multi shox system that provides pads and cushions on your feet to serve you nothing short of the most comfortable and stress-free experience. It absorbs shock, while making sure to give to you more energy. It’s also lightweight, but very durable and designed for rough tasks.

  • Has Multi-shox system that provides supreme comfort, absorbs shock and turn it into energy for a more stress-free experience.
  • Optimizes comfort with its midsole made from polyurethane material.
  • Has contour welt that guarantees flexibility and durability.
  • Sizing issues may occur.
  • Some say that it feels tight and some suffered uncomfortable experiences from its steel toe.
  • Long break-in period.

#24 Timberland PRO Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot

Timberland has indeed, done it again this time, with its exemplary titan waterproof boot that is specifically made for women around the globe. This will surely spell a difference in the performance of a female worker, as it’s completely made with comfort, support and performance in mind. Its proportions are made specifically to make a perfect fit for women, while possessing optimum features that will make it even better.

Its full-grain leather is waterproofed, guaranteeing that your feet will stay dry for the day while also having a soft leather inside that allows easy and quick break-in. It also has surreal ankle support to maximize the comfort you’ll experience, along with an toe-protection made from Titan Alloy which will also serve a roomy cap.

It also has a wonderful mesh lining that will provide anti-microbial features and odor-control, a nylon diffusion-shank that will give you more support, and a Polyurethane midsole that will serve you with durability. Its rubber outsole is also superior from others as it has excellent grip and traction, while also having slip and oil resistant prowess.

  • Has plethora of features that will serve comfort and protection at its finest.
  • Made with alloy toe-protection that’s sturdy, but lighter which maximizes comfort.
  • Made with full-grain leather that’s waterproof, along with soft, inside leather for easy break-in period.
  • Has odor-control, anti-microbial and other supportive features that will maximize the comfort of users.
  • Soles wear out faster than expected.
  • It’s not completely lightweight as claimed by some users.

#25 John Deere Women’s JD3612 6″ Steel-Toe Hiker Boot

Made with nothing short of the best materials, from its exterior up to its interior setup, users of this work boots will surely find it irresistible, especially if you value a comfortable experience with the right amount of protection and support. It’s made with high quality walnut leather that’s oiled, which makes it waterproof and easy to clean.

It also has steel toe to bring your feet unparalleled protection while providing steel shanks that will support you as you use it. Aside from being waterproof, it’s also electricity proof which further guarantees you that it will protect you well from unexpected occasions you may face in your workplace or anywhere else.

It also has odor-control features that will also help keep your feet stay dry for the day for maximum comfort. Aside from this, it’s constructed with Goodyear welt for superior durability along with Polyurethane outsole that offers supreme grip and traction.

  • Has incredible durability, waterproof feature and easy-to-clean exterior.
  • Provides protection with steel-toe, packed with electricity proof feature and steel shanks for unrivaled support.
  • Has odor-control feature and helps feet stay dry for the whole day.
  • Some users claimed it’s narrower than expected.
  • May take time to break-in

#26 Caterpillar Women’s Echo Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

For working women, style, performance and durability are important features that must all be found in a work boot for it to provide satisfactory result that any girl will surely love. These Echo work boot fits this description quite perfectly and it’s even ATSM-rated, guaranteeing that it will certainly do what it claims to do.

The rating it received strengthens the fact that this work boot undoubtedly has superior protection when compared to your average work boots. Whether you face compression or impact problems, this work boot will certainly render your feet safe and free from worries all throughout the day.

It’s constructed with high quality leather that’s completely waterproof and is even seam-sealed to not let any moisture in. This means your feet is ensured to stay dry and fresh all the time. You also wouldn’t have to worry about comfort as this product provides astronomical support to user while rendering a breathable environment with Nylex and supple nylon mesh linings.

The outsoles are also at the pinnacle of this category as it has surprising grip and traction along with slip-resistant prowess that will ensure your safety. Whatever situation you face, with this work boots, you’ll be able to conquer them in style.

  • Has stylish exterior made of quality materials that makes it waterproof and highly durable
  • Provides topnotch support and breathable environment to bring you supreme comfort
  • Slip-resistant and possesses great grip and traction
  • Expensive
  • Not lightweight

#27 Rocky Women’s Aztec Steel Toe Work Boot

This brand has numerous entries for the top work boots for women that will provide supreme comfort and protection even when faced in a tough and dangerous environment. This specific model is seen as the one that’s most fit for work even when it comes to facing construction tasks. The leading reason that will convince you to purchase this product is the fact that it is ATSM-certified, which means that it’s an effective defense against even the most powerful compression and impact situations that may meet your way.

The boots is made with high quality and sturdy full grain leather and nylon of about 900-denier, which has made it so durable that it’s resistant from tears and abrasions. The rubber outsole it possesses boasts supreme grip and traction, providing unrivaled traction and grip that’s necessary for any types of work.

It’s integrate with an EVA footbed for supreme comfort while your arch will be supported with its nylon shank. You surely wouldn’t find any regular boots out there that will have the same quality as this tempting work boots, making it a must for you to buy.

  • Constructed with high quality materials of grain leather and nylon of about 900-denier which makes it durable, sturdy and tear and abrasion resistant
  • Has great traction and grip with durable rubber outsoles
  • Provides EVA Footbed and nylon shank support, with ATSM-certified protection.
  • Expensive
  • Not lightweight


Best Shoe Stretchers

It’s already a common knowledge that the best time for you to try on the shoes you want to purchase is by the end of the day when your feet is at its peak size. With this, we also take into account various qualities of the shoes that will enable us to experience a delightful and hassle-free time.

However, even when you’ve been really careful during the process and swear that you didn’t hold back in being intricate, it is still possible for your shoe to turn from a good fit, to something that you wouldn’t even dare to walk on. That’s where the best shoe stretcher plays its role.

Even when you’re really sure that the shoes you’ve bought is an excellent fit, there will come a time where your feet will swell or grew larger and your shoes may shrink even a bit. This will certainly degrade your experience. With the best shoe stretcher, you won’t have to worry about these scenarios as it will get rid of them in an instant.

However, not everything in the market will work for your shoes. There are many types out there which are meant for various footwear, paired up with different construction and builds that will surely make a world of difference from cheaper ones to those optimum choices. Here are the pinnacle, best shoe stretcher available in the market which may be just what you’re itching to have.

Best Shoe Stretchers Comparison Table

Best Shoe Stretchers Reviews:

#1 Footfitter Professional Two-Way Shoe Stretcher

Get this state-of-the-art shoe stretcher and you’re bound to never ever have any problems with any of your tight shoes or even if you just want to eliminate the area where you may be feeling pain. This tool, as the name suggests, provide two-way benefits as it will expand your shoe both by its width and length, providing you with pinnacle stretching prowess that will help you with any of your needs.

It is constructed with a beautiful, solid Rubberwood, guaranteeing its durability, while it has a steel-threaded rod that contributes to the reinforcement of the stretching mechanism of the product. This shoe stretcher has an intricate design with 12 holes for ‘Pressure Point Relief’ that works for both right and left shoe. However, do bear in mind that this stretcher isn’t for expanding your high heels or boots.

  • Extremely durable with its Rubberwood material.
  • Has Steel-threaded rod reinforcing its stretching mechanism for guaranteed effectiveness for expanding your shoe in both width and length.
  • Renders ‘Pressure Point Relief’ with its 12-hole design feature.
  • Won’t work with high heels and boots.
  • The flange of the stretcher has durability problems.

#2 Stretch Genie Shoe Stretcher

If you’re looking for something that will fit right into your budget, then get this shoe stretcher that will truly, magically blow you away. This is a combination of a spray and a stretcher, which both contributes to an exemplary, quality mechanism that’s bound to render your shoes stretched and expanded as soon as you wake up overnight.

The spray is meant to be used inside the shoes as it is meant to keep those fibers relaxed and prepped up for the stretching that will follow. After applying the formula, you’ll just have to equip the stretcher to your shoe, and you’ll be good to go. This shoe stretcher claims to fit any shoes and allow it to expand to the most comfortable size for you. It only works for the width of the shoes on its insole, heel area, or the toe area.

  • Comes in a combination of Spray and Stretcher for superior stretching prowess.
  • Spray relaxes fibers so that the stretcher will be able to easily expand your shoes overnight.
  • Can be used for insole, heel or the toe area.
  • Only expands width.
  • Some users claimed it doesn’t work that perfectly.
  • Doesn’t fit all shoes and a bit trickier to use than other shoe stretchers.

#3 Unisex Professional 2-Way Shoe Tree Stretcher

Your feet isn’t the only part of your body that will feel the agony of a tight shoe as it will surely take its toll on you as you walk, getting you tired faster while also making it possible for you to obtain dreaded blisters and other injuries you wouldn’t want to have.

However, with this shoe stretcher from Footsmart, you won’t have to worry about any of this as this intricately-designed stretcher is made to expand the width and length of your shoes for that comfortable fit you’ve always wanted to have.

This stretcher’s material are all topnotch – from its premium steel, relief pods made of plastic, and polyurethane, which guarantees the product’s effectiveness and durability. The corn and bunion part of your feet will also have double the relief as long as you strategically equip the product’s special pressure ‘relief pods’. Just remember that you never should use this stretcher for high-profile boots or cowboy boots.

  • Two-way stretcher expands right and left shoe in both width and length.
  • Made of Premium steel and polyurethane.
  • Has Special ‘Pressure Relief Pods’ made of plastic to double the pain relief on your bunions and corns.
  • Doesn’t fit high-profile boots or cowboy boots.
  • Light duty which means that it isn’t very durable and fit for long time usage.


Best Insoles For Work Boots

No one can definitely deny the fact that work boots contribute a lot to the overall work performance of a worker by bringing him comfort and safety, which allows him to always give his best to every task. Behind the protection served by the exterior of the work boots, the insoles play an enormous role in bringing the supreme comfort which an individual seeks, while also making sure that he’s always on tip-toe condition.

However, many may not be aware of it, but the free insoles that comes with your work boots simply won’t cut it if you want the best. Even their manufacturers admit this fact and suggests that you change it yourself by buying the best insoles for work boots available at the market today.

Not only does the best insoles for work boots help you by bringing you comfort like you’ve never experienced before, it also contributes by absorbing shock, preventing you from getting blisters and sweaty feet, while also fighting against tiredness and soreness of your feet.

These grand effects will reassure you that you’ll always find yourself energized even after a day’s work. Don’t mind if the free insoles you’ve got ripped off after a few months of usage because that’s to be expected. Just pick the best insoles for work boots to replace it and you’ll surely find yourself happier and more satisfied than ever.

#1 Timberland Pro Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

With the continuous accomplishment of Timberland, bringing nothing short of the products today, it is definitely not very surprising that they’ve also managed to get insoles out in the industry that’s also supreme from other regular insoles in many ways. Just as the name suggests, this insole boasts an anti-fatigue technology that will surely make your working days a lot easier than ever.

It comes with an arch design that’s completely dynamic which will undeniably cover any foot shapes while rendering it with supreme comfort and support. This means that you’ll be able to work while not being afraid of getting your feet too stressed. It’s also proud of its unique top layer called ‘Ortholite’ which keeps the temperature within the insoles in-check, regulates it and controls odor by working against microbes. This will allow you to say goodbye to sticky situations you may sometimes feel within your insoles and keep your feet comfortable, fresh and completely dry at all times.

  • Provides supreme comfort and support to any foot shape with its ‘dynamic’ arch design.
  • Works against Fatigue by supporting every inch of your feet.
  • Has ‘Ortholite’ Top Layer that keeps feet dry, fresh and comfortable everytime.
  • Tricky to find the right size for you as you will also have to trim it afterwards.
  • Some users found its heel part to degrade faster than the other parts of the insole.
  • There are some occasions where users experienced it squeaking.

#2 Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insoles

This is one of the most ideal choice for everyone out there as it is completely affordable, innovative and effective all at the same time. Its durability is definitely not something to sniff at and it will definitely work magic on your feet. Its toughness will definitely be worthy of your work boots and its supreme cushioning will provide you with the help and support you need to stay comfortable for the whole day.

It also has cooling vents that will help your feet stay dry and cool while it also has a beautiful arch design that will cover your feet for guaranteed support. The Massaging gel on the cushions of this feet is what makes it possible to let you experience support like you’ve never had before in other insoles. It absorbs a whole lot of shock even on hard places like concrete.

  • Renders extremely comfortable experience with its unique massaging gel that provides support for you all-day.
  • Provides complete support with its beautiful arch design.
  • Possesses cooling vents that will help your feet stay dry and cool.
  • Needs to be trimmed to fit.
  • Some users had problem with its durability, claiming that it only lasted for a few months.
  • There are users who had problem with its smell after a few months of use.

#3 Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole

This product is without a doubt, one of the most revered insoles in the entirety of the industry. Though superfeet has deliverd tons of insoles with various colors, the best ones are undoubtedly this green and orange insoles that will deliver you guaranteed support and comfort for the days to come in your work.

Also, please bear in mind that these models are specifically designed to bring comfort through work boots that are relatively roomier compared to other products. They will provide you with shock-absorbing prowess that will work against fatigue which will guarantee you that you won’t experience soreness or tiredness. It is also proud of its Agion Topsheet that will lend you a hand in controlling odor to make sure that your feet remains fresh all the time.

  • Will render your feet comfortable by bringing you support like you’ve never experienced before.
  • Absorbs shock greatly which works against fatigue and soreness.
  • Has Agion Topsheet that will keep your feet fresh everytime.
  • Trim to fit.
  • May overcrowd your boots if you use it on less roomier products.
  • May not be for everyone as it comes with gait-helping prowess which may not be helpful to those with neutral gaits at all.

In Conclusion To Best Waterproof Work Boots:

We think we have the best list of waterproof work boots currently on the internet. Isn’t it? Well, we have done our best to make this the ultimate guide keeping everyone’s need in mind.

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