Best Tree Swings For Backyard In 2018 – Guide and Reviews

Best Tree Swings For Backyard In 2018 – Guide and Reviews

Kids today will never know the joy of having a Backyard Tree Swing. There’s nothing quite like flinging you head back and watching the clear blue skies as you sway back and forth on a tree swing on a lazy summer day. To bring in some quality fun into kid’s life, we thought we’d dedicate our article today to find the best tree swing for you and your kids!

Today, you will learn all the tips and tricks of picking the Tree Swings For Kids through our consumer-smart buying guide. We have also compiled 5 reviews of the units that cater to both children and adults for some great outdoor quality time. Let’s start with a little 101!

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Top 5 Best Tree Swings Comparison Table

NameDimenssionsWeightAge RangePurchase
Swinging Monkey Products Giant 40” Saucer Spinner 28 x 13 x 3 inches 7 pounds 5 years and up Check Price
Super Spinner Swing 27 x 27 x 4 inches 6.1 pounds 3 years and up Check Price
Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N' Spin 39 x 39 x 64 inches 14 pounds 3 to 15 years Check Price
Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing 32.00 x 8.25 x 1.75 inches 4.8 pounds 2 years and up Check Price
HearthSong® Deluxe Platform Swing 40 x 30 x 0.1 inches 14.3 pounds 5 years and up Check Price


A tree swing is the most traditional and essential form of a swing. Back in the days, swings were not hanging from frameworks like we have now. These swings were assembled on trees. (Hence, the name!) You’d have to find a tall and strong tree with at least one strong and reliable branch on which the swing would go onto.

There’s something about tree swings, something so nostalgic and innocent, that no fancy swing set can make up for. Let’s look at a few key points to pick out the Best of the tree swing units for you!

Discover the top 5 swing sets for todlers

Traits of The Best Tree Swing

Saucer swing seats

Safety tip

Open and webbed seats



Recommended Best Tree Swing Reviews

Bazoongi 48" Bouncer Trampoline

Editor Rating:

The Super Spinner Swing is definitely a good pick if you have a small yard, an even smaller budget and a beautiful tree nearby!

The Super Spinner Swing is your kid’s very own saucer swing. It is a spacious 27-inch diameter circle seat that is held in place by 2 ropes on each side. The ropes are double braided with a 6-ton capacity copper crimp (far superior to plastic rope weld).

This allows the Super Spinner Swing to support 200 pounds or 2 children, each weighing 100 pounds, on it at a time or in other words. The rope is also height adjustable which means you can allow children with various heights on it.

The Super Spinner Swing includes everything you need for installation, is weather-resistant and comes with a 1—year warranty, or 2-year warranty if you opt for product registration.

Things we liked

  • The Super Spinner Swing can accommodate 2 children (200 pounds) at a time
  • Comes with all the necessary installation accessories
  • Strong, reliable rope
  • Rope is height adjustable
  • Great warranty offers

Things we didn't like

  • The plastic seat is found to be too slippery

It has a handle bar making it ideal for children to learn how to balance and bounce. It is stable, safe and durable.

Editor Rating:

If you are looking for something along the line of our first swing, then the Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N’ Spin from M & M Sales Enterprise is also a great choice especially For Kids.

The Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N’ Spin is a saucer swing and spans 39 inches in diameter. It uses 2 ropes on each side of the saucer that are strong enough to accommodate 4 children at the same time and carry weight up to o good 600 pounds! The rope is height adjustable as well.

The seat is open and webbed which keeps it fresh and ventilated. The framework of the saucer is made out of UV-resistant steel and has been coiled with the tight weave polyethylene rope that has been used to form the web seat as well.

The Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N’ Spin is also one of the best outdoor tree swings for adults; it never outgrows!

Things we liked

  • The Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N’ Spin accommodates up to 600 pounds or 4 kids at a time
  • Webbed seat makes for easy ventilation
  • The rope are height adjustable
  • Strong rope

things we didn't like

  • Complaints of rusting
  • Weak weaving

Jump Power 88" Hexagon "ASTM

Editor Rating:

The Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing is the best tree swing replacement for your traditional saucer swing. It’s eccentric, fun and ….......well, a skateboard on air!

The Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing features a skateboard in replacement of a seat. The board is made from 100% Canadian maple lumber and has two ropes suspending it from each side.

It can support up to 250 pounds and is recommended for 2 users at a time and for kids of 2 years or above.

The Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing is already assembled and put together; all you have to is find a strong tree branch or hook it up to a swing set!

Things we liked

  • The Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing is an eccentric and fresh twist to tradition tree swings
  • Supports 2 kids at a time and up to 250 pounds
  • Already assembled

Things we didn't like

  • Poor quality wood
  • If used on a tree, you have a hang-time of 15 minutes only

Upper Bounce Indoor/Outdoor Classic

Editor Rating:

If you a tree swing that is large and roomy, then the Giant 40” Saucer Spinner from Swinging Monkey Products is the best tree swing for you!

This saucer swing set, like the name suggests already, is a whopping 40 inches in diameter. It is made with a steel frame and 600D Oxford fabric which promises durability and longevity.

The Giant 40” Saucer Spinner has 2 strong ropes holding it from each side and can afford 2-3 children at the same time on it as long as the total weight does not exceed 250 pounds.

The Giant 40” Saucer Spinner is recommended for children of 5 years and above, and comes with a yearlong warranty.

Things we liked

  • It is 40 inches wide; roomy and large
  • Can accommodate more than 1 child at a time
  • Comes with a yearlong warranty
  • Quick and easy to assemble

Things we didn't like

  • Low weight limit
  • Degrading fabric

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go

Editor Rating:

If you are willing to spend an extra buck or two on a really high-quality tree swing then the Deluxe Platform Swing from HearthSong® is the Best Tree Swing out there for you!

The Deluxe Platform Swing is a saucer swing as well, but is a square seat unlike your round ones. This makes sitting and lying so much more comfortable and safe.

It measure 30 x 40 in width and length, respectively; clearly can accommodate several kids at the same time!

There are 2 nylon ropes on each side and the framework is made out of steel which has been padded for optimum comfort.

The Deluxe Platform Swing has a weight limit of up to 250 pounds and has been recomded for children 5 years and above. It’s very easy to assemble too!

Things we liked

  • The Deluxe Platform Swing is square, large and spacious for multiple kids
  • Padded steel framework
  • Open seating with weaving webs keep you feeling fresh and ventilated
  • Nylon rope; strong and reliable
  • Easy to assemble

Things we didn't like

  • Assembly require 2 people
  • Unreliable rope quality and weaving

Final Verdict

Tree swings are addition to your kid’s entertainment and health regime. Our buyer’s guide has been formulated so that you can pick out the best tree swing possible. And with our reviews of assorted tree swings, you will never have to scour through a million other choices to find your perfect swing!

This marks the end of our article today. For any further details, click on the product link in each review. Thank you for reading along with us and we’ll see you next time!

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