Best Over Ear Headphones of 2021 | Best Buyer’s Guide

Every Audio Enthusiast knows how over ear headphones look like. They all vary in sizes from medium to big, colorful, padded with all sorts of soft materials and very, very cool. There is no shocking thing is this that you want to find the best over ear headphones to buy online! These headphones listed here go amazing with any outfit and give you a bit of a retro look (even though the product you’re wearing is high-end).We know and understand your love for headphones’ big ear cups! Listening to your music with new level of sound perfection and quality always gives a new feeling of new energy in yourself. And to do this, you don’t even need a studio and big drivers for that! This all can also be achieved with the four walls of your room. The best over ear headphones suggested here are so great that they will give the best sound quality and comfort within your home.

Our Picks For Best Over Ear Headphones

Best Over Ear Headphones Reviews

#1. OPPO PM-3 Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones (Black)

Oppo Headphones are extremely beautiful in designs. Oppo Headphones comes with a sleek designs and attractive look which is why they loved the most. Second, these headphones are covered with fine leather-like material which gives a amazing feel when touched. As we are covering over ear headphone, so without any doubt, the ear cups will be og big size so that they can cover any ear size.Cushions of this headphones are very well padded which offer an extra level of comfort. Headband of the over ear headphones is also padded so that they won’t cause pain to your head if you wear them for long hours.Usually, if you have decided to go for best over ear headphones, then you should also be ready for some more features. Over-The-Ear Headphones are little heavier compared to other types of headphones. But this thing should be ignored as they come with more features hence will result in increased weight a bit.OPPO PM-3 is a bit heavier than other models in the market, but this is due to the extra padding and amazing materials they are covered with. but you should also accept the fact that due to extra padding, OPPO PM-3 looks amazing. This headphone is uncommon among general public and hence you will definitely receive tons of compliments from your friends and acquaintances.As stated before, the Closed-Back Headphones don’t allow outside noise to enter in your ears. OPPO PM-3 is closed-back headphone which offers you to listen to your favorite music without any outside disturbance.However, this is little heavier headphone, but the sleek design of this headphone will make you to forget about that. you will feel them on your head but nothing will be uncomfortable.Well, we have enough complimented the clever design of this headphone. But any headphone can’t be buy only because it can attract public due to its amazing look. We need to discuss about its sound quality too. ?Well, You can actually identify the instruments and vocals while almost knowing where they are seated. They are not very bass-heavy, but the mids sound beautiful and the highs are crisp without being piercing.The headphone also support the passive noise cancellation due to the padding in the ear cushions. The company also offers 1.2 meters of portable cable for iPhone with microphone and controls. The reason behind recommending this headphone as BEST OVER EAR HEADPHONE is absolutely clear. No other headphone offers as much as comfort as this headphone.Well let’s move on to second best headphone we have picked from the crowd of headphones on the market. And believe me, its AUDIO-TECHNICA. So, let’s take a look at it.

#2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica is definitely is a major brand in headphone industry. When a person is looking for BEST OVER EAR HEADPHONE, he should also be given a choice of Audio-Technica headphones which we did.Ask any audio professional about best over-the-ear headphone and on the basis of best products and designs, he will definitely suggest you one model of Audio-Technica headphones.The headphone which we have chosen is ATH-M50X. For your kind information, ATH stands for Audio-Technica Headphones here.Well, Audio-Technica pays equal amount of attention on the design of their each and every headphone which sets them apart from the rest of headphone manufactures.A beautiful black color logo on the ear cup shields makes it look awesome. The headphone is fully padded and covered with a leather-like material which gives it a rugged appearance.This headphone comes with a special mobility feature which allows you to either fold or rotate them to about 90 Degrees. Isn’t that cool? I’m in love with this feature. Why?Going out on a tour and have to carry a very less good which also should surround a very less space. In such a condition, what will be your decision. I tell you, I will decide to drop the idea of enjoying my favorite music when I will be alone.But not anymore, this headphone can be put into a little box covering a very little space. You can fold it by 90 degrees and all done.Let’s discuss sound quality!!!Being a closed-back design and big ear cushions headphone, this offers excellent passive sound isolation. You will not be disturbed by outside world while listening to your favorite music, playing games or watching movies.The sound quality of Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is supported by 45 mm aperture drivers which is combined with rare earth magnets. The headphone is also powered by copper-clad aluminium wire voice coils. What is good in having these things in your headphones?All this manages to produce high clarity with a deep bass response. Headphone Highs are crisp without being too bright and mids are quite impressive.I like one thing most in this ATS-M50X model is its feature of detachable cable. What if the wire damages due to some reason? What if you want to travel? Detach the cable and replace with new if damaged. Does this feature not impress you? I’m!!!The great design and fantastic audio performance of the headphone makes this headphone model to stands aprt from other models in the market.Now you feel yourself in trouble and have to take hard decision which headphone to buy when you will read our next picked headphone. ? This is Sony MDR-1A Headphone. So, let’s dive into the ocean of Sony-MDR-1A features. ?

#3. Sony MDR-1A Premium Hi-Res Stereo Headphones (Black)

Thinking about what is the best over ear headphone? Who should be that who will fill all your expectations of buying a ultimate over ear headphone so that you will not regret. You have come on the best place now.Being in the race of best product manufacturers for centuries, a experienced audio professional would not give second thought about buying from them. This is all Sony know. They have trust of their fans.Well, coming to point, Sony has produced this amazing headphone known as MDR-1A headphone which is affordable for any regular user offering best sound quality and of course, what an amazing attractive design.Are you still not in a relationship? This is the perfect time. ?So, let’s continue on the same topic first, it’s appearance. The Sony MDR-1A is blessed with a clean and good design with round shaped and medium sized ear cups. Impressed by it’s design? You should be!But I would like to say that a book should not be judged by its cover.What do I mean? There are lot things to discuss now and you are already in a love with this headphone? Let’s garb more fruits.The Sony MDR-1A are equipped with 40 mm aluminum-coated Liquid Crystal Polymer driver units. The headphone can manage to deliver a wide range of frequencies starting with sub-harmonic lows (3 Hz) and up to ultra-sonic highs (up to 100 kHz).In simple words, this means Sony MDR-1A headphone is capable of delivering a natural and balanced sound. Moreover, headphone cables are specially designed to transmit the signal at better and faster rate hence resulting in an enhanced audio experience. The mids and low frequencies are great and they sound clear, without any overpowering from the highs.The headphone can actually be used with your smartphone to receive calls. The headphone are very comfortable and manage to deliver that acoustic seal by covering your ears with the ear cushions.The things which other headphones lack of is their silent joints. Everytime your fold or rotate them, they produces a sound of crack. Speaking truth, a headphone producing a crack sound can’t be marked as rejected. IMHO, this is a feature.Assume rotating or folding your headphone and it’s producing a lovely sound of crack. How do I explain it, but I love that.But the mood differs from person to person. May be you like that crack sound or may not like too.Coming to point, Sony Headphone comes with silent joints so that you don’t hear this crack every time you move or fold your headphones.Yeah. Sony Headphones are really awesome and well designed. I won’t give a second thought before buying them. But your choice of Sony may get changed when you will read our next pick.What? What can be that thing which will change our choice of Sony? Yes, it’s Sennheiser Headphones. The headphones will make you to love them.Their designs, range of attractive colors, sound quality and what not. Prepare yourself to face it. ? Let’s move.

#4. Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones – Ivory

Incredible!!! This is the first word which comes out of the mouth when anybody sees Sennheiser Headphones for the first time. And the world of Sennheiser fans adds one more fan to its list.And in a sense why? The combination of headphone colors, textures and materials simply leaves your mouth open and you will say what a headphone! I would like to forget about rest of the headphones after it. Truly speaking, Sennheiser knows how to impress their peoples and convert them into fans.The job is done with these amazing headphones.Ending discussion of Sennheiser Headphones without discussing about their design is not justice. In fact, we should discuss it at very first.I ask you what is the thing which strikes you the most?First, they look rugged and elegant at the same time. Their open-back features high-gloss burl wood details in combination with a metal mesh. What does Open-back Design do? Well, it allows air to pass in while listening to music. Hence, it gives a awesome listening experience to you like never before.A closed back headphone will never offer you this level of joy as closed back headphone doesn’t allow any air to pass in or out. It has one advantage too if you ask. Anything happening in the outside world, who cares!!! I you know what I mean. Means outside air is not entering in hence any noise is also entering in.Now let’s talk about the feel. The headphone is so lightweight that wearing it for hours will not cause any problem. In fact wear it and let’s forget about it. ? The over the ear cushions gives ultimate pleasure hence not letting causing pain to your head and ears.The headphone are compatible with any device you own. Just plug into the device and enjoy anything you would to.Finally let’s talk about the sound because this is a headphone :P.The headphone is open-bback headphone means air will be allowed to enter into the headphone and will also leak outside. What does it mean? Pay attention to your music, this will also be heard by outside world may be your elder brother, your dad or mom. ?But at the same time, the kind of music you will be able to listen is amazing due to the involvement of air.The headphone is designed in such a way that you will enjoy a detailed, natural and balanced sound experience. Sennheiser will give you ultimate pleasure of your favorite music like never before. Any open-back headphone will offer nearly same kind of experience. Until, you don’t expect a heavy bass sound, everything is well balanced here. Enjoy your music.Let’s face it!!! The next headphone we are gonna review stands at #5 position. V-MODA offers such features as at a reasonable rate that it will blow your mind. Let’s see what we are talking about.

#5. V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone (Matte Black Metal)

Thing for which V-Moda headphones are know for is the durability of their headphones and sound quality. The material used by the company is excellent and hence resulting in the durability if their headphones.Best example are the virtually indestructible STEELFELEX headband and the aircraft grade metal shields that protect the ear cups.The headphones come with a carrying case that will protect your headphones from any shock and scratches.Headphones is designed with Kevlar reinforced cable which will not break down easily.The things which is exceptional here is that V-Moda headphones are tested on various basis before they are marked OK and can be sold out. The headphones are dropped on concrete, the headband’s resistance level was tested to the maximum. The headphones are also first exposed to environmental factors like various temperatures and levels of humidity. Isn’t that enough? Now they will be made available to public.Still not impressed with their testing level? You will be once you will read why also differ in sound quality too. The headphone is equipped with 50mm Dual Diaphragm Drivers specially designed to create a separation between the bass, the mids and the highs. Hence, resulting in advanced level of listening experience.Moving ahead, these headphones’ sound performance was tuned by professional audio-enthusiasts. You shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that the mids are vivid, highs are extended and the bass is clear.The leakage of the music sound to outside world is also minimal resulting in experience of both ends of enjoy. The headphone also implement analog noise isolation allowing you to enjoy your music in peace.This is all an excellent headphone needs. What else you want? Almost all features which a good headphone requires, V-Moda have them already.Again, we are coming back to Audio-Technica Headphones as we can’t afford to miss even a single model which we think we should recommend to our audience. Let’s read about the Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 Headphone.

#6. Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK – SonicPro Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones, Black

Look at this headphone and tell yourself once you don’t like its awesome look. I know you can’t.In front of us, it is Audio-Technica which maintains their preference for simple and elegent designs with these headphones.What is the most attractive thing you see it this? I know, the black padded headband and big ear cups (which of course a feature of over-ear headphone) made you to like it most.Tell anyone that you owns a AUDIO-TECHNICA headphone and your job is done. In fact, you also don’t need to do this. The breath taking Audio-Technica Logo on the shields can attract and impress anyone. You don’t need to say a word anymore.Their awesome designing and lightweight version of headphones can impress anyone. No doubt. Their big ear cups produce passive noise isolation which gives the ultimate experience.Forget about the rest of the world when listening to your music and this headphone will help you achieve the same. It will allow you to enter any outside noise into your ears.This amazing sound is produced by 45 mm True Motion Drivers along with lightweight voice coils, specially designed diaphragm, and a custom-mounted printed circuit board.What else to say in the end? The Audio-Technica ATH-MDR7 model is the best over ear headphones due to their comfortable wear and incredible hearing experience. Now you decide yourself what is your decision.Well, our next pick is Sony MDR7506 Over-Ear Headphone. Thanks to Sony for producing an awesome and ultimate headphone once again offering its lovers to have choices of headphones to choose from.So, let’s dive again into the features of Sony MDR7506 Over Ear Headphones. Let see how it help you to choose best over ear headphone from the list. Ok. let’s go:-

#7. Sony MDR7506 – Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

If you ask any professional to choose from best over ear headphones, he would definitely choose Sony MDR-7506 headphone because of its professional look and because it behaves quite the same way.Being in a attractive black color, all the sensitive elements are well-padded and covered with a leather-like material that feels quite amazing when touched.The ear cups of the headphone and headband are well-designed. All the elements are so well designed and combined.Listen to me, what if I tell you that professionals wearing this headphones in the studio and not even complaining once about this? You will not deny to buy it. You should not. A professional is aware of each and every factor of headphones, if he is satisfied then there should not be a next question and doubt. Let’s go for it.Well, you would be wondering why professional chose this model only? This is because this headphone is closed-back headphone. The design promoted a 40 mm driver with large diaphragm.This means the headphones will produce a clean, beautiful and balanced sound with a wide frequency response ranging from 10 Hz to 20 kHz. The highs are clear while the mids are present and the bass is quite punchy.When I first saw this headphone, I liked it instantly. I don’t know. But the fact is that this headphone is professional looking headphone and loved by audio-enthusiasts. What do you say?Should I move to last but not least headphone? Yeah. Well, picking the last headphone is not an easy step.You now have the last spot and you also have to pick the best one too.After little research, I came to the conclusion of picking Master & Dynamic Headphones. So, let’s see what does the last one offer so that it will can impress you!

#8. Master & Dynamic MH40 – Over Ear Headphone – Brown

In mean look at Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphone. I’m pretty sure something positive has started to occur in your mind. Look at design and its color!!!The design of the headphone is totally rugged and badass. Regardless of its awesome look, are you not expecting the highest quality of sound from this? You should because you will not regret after going for it.First thing first to impress outside world. Guess what is it? Killer Design.The ear cushions of headphone and headband are both covered with lamb-skin creating a soft, natural texture. The metal plates and joints with attractive color ensures you the extreme safety and durability of the headphone.The ear pads are filled with memory foam which can be removed and replaced according to your wish.The sound quality is like being in heaven as they are equipped with 45 mm neodymium drivers. With the equipment, the bass is powerful but it doesn’t intrude with the mids or treble.Since, we had to pick last and best headphone, we picked it as this can offer you ultimate pleasure of hearing. Everything is well-balanced, sound-wise. Final words, Master & Dynamics MH40 manages to deliver a incredible sound experience like never before.Well, We did our best to list out best over ear headphones out there in the market. Still you are not satisfied with the quality, designs and their durability, let us know. We will try to give a try once more.

Why choose Over Ear Headphones?

We all know it quite very well that in-ear headphones are easier to carry around due to their light-weight and easy to manage nature but they don’t offer as much comfort as a best over headphone can offer. If you are on a regular workout or go on long jogging sessions, you might prefer in-ear headphones at the same time but you will have to compromise with their lack of comfort and average sound quality.The worst problem I face with In-Ear Headphones and Earbuds is that they keeps on falling out of ears continuously. You will feel angered when you do it for several times. However major companies have come up with Clip-On Headphones and Behind-The-Neck Headphones which don’t allow them to fall out of your ears but the quality of sound they offer is a major reason of rejection.If you like me to speak truth, then I would say that there a some over ear headphones out their in the market which don’t offer qualities for which a over ear headphone is known for. Due to their low price tag, they delivers low-quality sound and no level of comfort.So what to do in such a situation when you don’t really have any knowledge about these types of headphones. The problem arouses when you want to buy best over ear headphone and don’t know what over ear headphone you should so that it will last longer and will give a best user experience.What if you bought that headphone and it’s now behaving badly and you want to return it back? So better is to choose better headphone after reading expert reviews on several over ear headphones and pick best one.We gave our view to remind you that even though there may be some low-quality headphones, but if you want to go for better quality adn comfort, choose over ear headphones. These headphones go great in any of the situations stated below:-

  • While gaming – If you are a gaming addict, over ear headphones are best for you. These high quality of headphones will directly immerse into action. Due to their Open-Back Nature, you will even be able to hear the entrance of your enemies into your room before you can actually see them :P. Being of best quality headphones, they are very comfortable to wear for long hours and no one would be disturbed by the loud sound produced by games.
  • While riding the bus or on a crowded plane – Over-The-Ear Headphones come in both type of models i.e., Open-Back Over-The-Headphones and Closed-Back Over-The-Headphones. What does it mean? Suppose you want to enjoy your music and there is hell lot of noise outside in the world, what to do in such a condition? Over Ear Headphones are there. These headphones covers your ears completely and have a special padding material which manage to create a noise filter between your ear canal and the noise around. Means you can enjoy your music very peacefully without leakage of your music to outside world and even not letting outside noise to enter into your ears. Isn’t it great? ?
  • On the street – Don’t ignore the fact that with these high-profile headphones, when you go out on the street, you look cool, different. And who don’t want to be? ? Headphones are available in a lot of designs and colors to choose from. In a society where mostly all peoples try to look different from others, you have this opportunity. Go for it. Choose your favorite color and a great design and impress your loving one – Your GF/BF.
  • At Home, Watching a Movie – Do you also love to watch movies a lot like me? And when you ask your partner to join you for the same, the joy is almost double. OK, Your partner agrees and watches that with you. Is he/she trying to sleep? Well, this is very common in anyone’s life, the particular thing we like much might be hated by other. So, what’s the solution to enjoy your favorite movie alone? With a nice, snuggy pair of over ear headphone, you won’t have to worry about your partner again. Headphone will create a special sound experience for you, so the problem is solved!

Regardless in what sense you use them, a great pair of over ear headphone will definitely help you to discover a new energy in your favorite music. More, you will also find new nuances in your favorite songs and will help you to enjoy the music more than ever before.Being an audio-enthusiasts for years now, I know how hard it is to choose the best headphone from the bunch of thousands of models out there. So, to make things extremely simple for you, I am going to list 8 best over ear headphones for you. So it’s your job now to go through all of these now and choose which one fits your needs best.

Best Over Ear Headphones Buying Guide 2020

Get Over Ear Headphones

Getting a simple pair of over ear headphones can be as simple as walking down to your local electronics store but I’m assuming you’ve been down that road already. Who hasn’t bought a cheap pair of over ear headphones and had them break a week later?Heck I’ve had pairs which haven’t even lasted a week.But you know what they say about the best over ear headphones – once you’ve tried them you can’t go back to normal in ear headphones. Now we’re not here to discuss in ear vs over ear headphones – because really there’s no contest on that front.It’s all personal choice of course but whether you’re an audiophile looking for great sound quality, a fashion nut looking for a great head accessory or you just want to keep your ears warm in winter – over ear headphones have something to offer.The problem is too many people have seen one of two extremes. They’ve used cheap headphones and been met with poor quality, breakages and (probably) sore ears afterwards. Or they’ve seen some of the really expensive over ear headphones. There’s headphones out there which cost more than my first car.But even at the moderate range of around $50 there are some of the best over ear headphones which you can easily find online. In fact there are so many to choose from that it can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes. That’s where we come in.We look at reviews, mainly focusing on some of the best over ear headphones under 100 dollars. Our goal is to help you find a pair of the best over ear headphones to suit your need and help you get a good deal while you’re at it.

Choosing the Best Over Ear Headphones

Now there’s two ways to buy a pair of headphones. You can wing it by choosing the first ones you like the sight of or take a little longer and make sure you’re getting the right ones for you. The first thing we always suggest is think about the kind of headphones you want.There’s no point getting a pair of headphones because they’re the right price or they have plenty of reviews – think about what you want from your pair of over ear headphones.Consider points like:

  • Sound quality
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Features

The sound quality should be pretty self explanatory but it matters more to some people than others. Normally you can expect to pay more for higher quality sound, but you might be surprised with what you can get at the mid range mark. I personally think once you reach a certain level you start to get a lot less for your money and the ‘value mark’ for over ear headphones is between the 50-100 dollar mark.Durability should be near the top of the list. Look for headphones with a decent brand, warranty and/or reviews of them being used ruggedly for a long time. This is especially important if you’re planning on being tough with your headphones (or you’re clumsy and drop them a lot like I do). You don’t want to waste money on headphones which are going to break so pay attention to this one.Comfort should be another obvious one. Especially if you plan to wear your headphones frequently, you’re going to want something which doesn’t hurt your head.Features is a little more vague. Depending on the brand and what you’re looking for this could be anything from wireless capability to sound cancelling or even a bottle opener compartment. Yes, all three of these exist.

Cheap Over Ear Headphones

Now while I dislike the low quality headphones you find in cheap packaging on a corner electronics store – that doesn’t mean you can’t get cheap over ear headphones. Now obviously the the definition of ‘cheap’ is different to different people and you might want to consider taking a look at our cheap over ear headphones section.But for an example of discount headphones which are still worth a look try the Sony MDR-XD200. Great quality at a low price (that price is forever changing since deals keep going off and on but it’s usually around the 20-50 mark).

Best Over Ear Headphones Under 100 Dollars

One of the more common requests we get is for a pair of the best over ear headphones under 100 dollars. Considering you get some headphones upwards of four figures this is actually a relatively cheap price.There are actually some great over ear headphones at this price range however and it’s actually a pretty tight choice. In fact a lot of the best over ear headphones list (which you can see on the top right) cost under 100 dollars.But at the moment I’d have to say the Sennheiser HD448 stands heads and shoulders above the competition. Certainly one of the best over ear headphones around this price range and I mean come on – it’s Sennheiser at this price range. To be fair they’re normally more expensive than this but at the moment they’re under 100.(Disclaimer: We don’t sell them ourselves so the price might change at any time).But already there’s choice in front of you, and you probably came here to get help shortlisting right? You’re probably asking ‘But what are the best over the ear headphones?’Well like we say, there’s not one best pair of over ear headphones. It’s a largely down to personal choice and what you specifically want from your headphones. But we can certainly help up to a point.There’s a lot of poor quality headphones out there, at least as many if not more than there are decent good quality over ear headphones. And rather than most review sites which review every single make and model which hits the shelves we focus on only the best we find online. So for example we’ll look for the best Skullcandy headphones or the best retractable headphones.You can find our specific reviews on the homepage or at the top of this page, hopefully it’ll help you find some of the best over ear headphones and narrow your list down. We don’t review any of the useless ones which have better alternatives for around the same price – because what’s the point? Why would you want to pay the same or more for a lower quality pair of headphones?So once you’ve narrowed down your choice of headphones you can not only look at our review of the over ear headphones in question, but you can also see hundreds of user reviews over on Amazon. They’ve got the best price and delivery time – but they also have thousands of headphone reviews which means you don’t just need to take our word on it that a pair of headphones are worthwhile.

In conclusion To Over Ear Headphones

Like I said in the beginning, the market is filled with hell lot of over ear headphones. Being choosy more than this will definitely make you confused one. Believe me, it’s happen. When we are given a lot of choices, our mind becomes confused and finds it difficult to make a best decision. Now decision is yours.Let me tell you something, the one we picked and talked here are only tip of the iceberg. One thing I would like to mention here is that if you want to buy best over ear headphone then you will have to compromise on budget. Either take care of quality or take care of budget. Both things can’t be picked at the same time.Buying a best over ear headphone will ask to stop thinking about the budget.I’m amazed to see that you survived to read such a long article. Thanks a lot for reading this long article. This shows you really have a lot of patience and are in need of buying over ear headphone.Thanks for sharing your valuable time with us. If you have any kind of query then please feel free to ask. Stay connected. Thanks. Bye. You’re awesome. ?

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