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Best Knife Sharpener 2021 – Best Buyer’s Guide

Best Pocket Knife in 2020

Knife ModelBlade TypeKnife MaterialWarrantyPrice
ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade KnifeFixedHandle: Grey Micarta Scale, Sheath: Black Molded PolymerManufacturersCheck Price
SOG Folding KnivesFixedAUS8 Stainless SteelRepair or Replace Defective ItemsCheck Price
KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting KnifeFixed1095 Cro-van steelManufacturers, Knife Made in USA, Leather Sheath made in MexicoCheck Price
BlizeTec Titanium Pocket Folding KnifeFoldingBT981TK is made of #3cr14 stainless steel and coated with titanium ion carbide(TiC)ManufacturersCheck Price
KA-BAR Becker BK2FixedBlade made of 1095 cro-van steel blade for strength, Handle made of Grivory materialLimited lifetime warrantyCheck Price
Tool Logic SLP2 SLPro Satin Polish Folding KnifeFolding1/2 Serrated Knife With LED Flashlight, Magnesium Fire Starter and Signal WhistleThree Year Limited WarrantyCheck Price
Cold Steel SRK San Mai IIIFixedSteel: VG-1 San Mai III, Sheath: Secure-Ex SheathManufacturersCheck Price
Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade KnifeFixedSatin Spear Point Blade, Kraton A1ZManufacturersCheck Price
Buck Knives 65 Hood PunkFixed5160 steel blade with powder coat finish, Ultra lightweight multi-function survival knife weighs 7.4 ozForever Warranty made in the USACheck Price
Tops Knives Mini Tom Brown TrackerFixedBlade Steel: Black Traction Coated 1095 High Carbon RC 56-58ManufacturersCheck Price
Brite Strike BSTLSK-100-CE BriteFixedMILS SPEC 6061 aluminum with hard anodized finishManufacturersCheck Price

How to choose the best knife sharpener

Regardless of how you go about it, the key to sharp knives is regular maintenance. Once you’ve lost that super sharp edge, getting it back is going to take more than a home sharpener – so, to keep slicing and dicing with ease, regular sharpening is a must!

If you’re in the market for a best knife sharpener, you should be made aware of these three types:

Sharpening stones/whetstones – a popular way to sharpen the best survival knife blades with stones made of materials like diamond, natural sharpening stones and ceramic.

Depending on their grade, these stones can work well sharpening the knives. One of the advantages of these stones is that these can work as a sharpener for small tools such as scissors, razors, chisels and hand scrapers as well as for large and thicker knives. Perhaps the most common disadvantage is that one needs to have various stones depending on their sharpening needs. Whetstones also come in combined material and costs around $5-$80 depending on their materials.

Sharpening steel – despite its name, sharpening steels are mainly used as upkeep for knives and not really to sharpen dull ones. Commonly made of steel or ceramic, sharpening steels are long rods designed to realign the blade into its original shape. They are usually used on knives right after they were utilized. The most common concern when using sharpening steels is that since they are narrow, they may chip off some of once they fall.

Electric knife sharpeners – electric sharpener knife models typically come in a rectangular shape with a number of slots to place the blade in. The cost for these machines ranges from $25-$200. There are variations to electric sharpeners as some allow both straight-edged and serrated knives to be used on them. This appears to be the safest one as the blade safely goes into the slots, unlike when using whetstones and steels, where the blade is exposed and if you’re not careful, you can cut yourself or have a gash while sharpening your blade.

Best Knife Sharpener Reviews

After reviewing a number of Best Knife Sharpeners in the market, we have reviewed the most popular units and rated the Top 6 knife sharpeners.

#6. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Sharp Duo Knife Sharpener

If the rest of your kitchen looks like a space ship, this geeky sharpener will feel right at home.


Well-built, attractive and sturdy – the units design is modern and sleek, and is sure to look attractive on any counter top. It has rather handy rubberized feet to help keep it in place while sharpening. The handle is also large enough so that those with large hands won’t find it hard to grip it for additional support.

Price – granted, this is not the cheapest manual knife sharpener in the market; it is however Priced very reasonably. Some electric sharpeners cost significantly more than this manual unit, yet the cutting-edge results (see what I did there?) from this sharpener are relatively comparable to those from electric sharpeners.

Quite – unlike electric knife sharpeners that can get rather noisy when sharpening, this unit is almost dead-quiet. All you hear while using this is the sound of the knife being drawn into the slots, rather than the sharp and quite irritating grinding Noise of electric knife sharpeners.


Not suitable for specialty knives/scissors – per the user guide, this is sharpener isn’t suitable for use with specialty knives and scissors. I wouldn’t attempt to use this on those items, as it’s likely to do more damage than sharpening. If you have serrated or Oriental knives, it’s better to use sharpeners specifically designed for those knives.

Works well for maintenance, but not to restore factory sharpness – if you expect this sharpener to restore your Henckel knives to their original glory, you might find your bottom lip soon dragging on the floor. At best, it’s going to give you back 80% of your knife’s factory edge. Like most sharpeners, it’s going to be about as useful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to really worn out knives. It is, however, good for everyday maintenance of your kitchen knives, and quite Easy to use if you’re not skilled in using honing steels.

Lacks compartment for metal shavings – unlike a good number of electric knife sharpeners, this unit is not equipped with a compartment for metal shavings. Sharpening sheds a bunch of little metal filings – filings that can get into your food if you’re not careful! If you use this to touch-up your knives before slicing and dicing, be sure to clean the bench top of the nasty little filings.


The Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Sharp Duo Knife Sharpener, assuming you use it correctly, will sharpen your knives to a point (see what I did there, again?) where they’re almost new. Notice that I said ALMOST. While it does its job well enough, it is not miracle-in-abox. As I pointed out above, it’s probably going to give you a cutting edge that is somewhere near 80% as ‘sharp’ as the factory edge, but it’s still not going to get you to the state that it was when it came out of the box. It also does not sharpen your cutlery better than your dependable steel (assuming you’re skilled using your honing steel), but it does work quicker, and if you’re in a hurry (or lazy), this will help.

Using on scissors and serrated blades is a no-no – the preset angle for this was made for regular household fine edge knives. If you use Oriental knives, you will need a different sharpener with angles suitable for those types of knives.

What we learned – Check your knives before using them on this unit. If you see any chips in the edge, don’t drag them through this sharpener. Do not use serrated blades. Checking your knives will also help you see if they have been honed with the same angle suitable for this sharpener. You might need a different sharpener or to get them professionally done if they have a significantly different angle.


Per product description, the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Sharp Duo Knife Sharpener is designed for fine edge knives, which means it will pretty much work for most of your regular household knives. It comes only in one color, but the design is sleek and modern such that it’s not going to throw ugliness at the eye.

Undeniably, there are cheaper and better products out there, but to be fair, this does not seem to be a bad deal at a low Price. It is sturdy enough and those with larger hands can grip the handle well enough while sharpening, so it won’t slip easily. The rubberized base also gives additional support for the unit, and the user guide reads like a children’s novel (perfect for simple folk like me!)

Aside from that, the sharpness acquired using this unit seems to last for some time. This is an advantage for those busy people or stay at home moms who do not have a lot of extra time to sharpen their knives every time they use them. Even though it’s made by Henckels, it will work just as well for any other brands as long as they have fine edges. And, the fact that it’s whisper quiet is also a nice bonus.

Overall, I find this sharpener Easy to use. I would suggest reading the user guide first before dragging your knives through it, even if it’s quite intuitive. It does not repair seriously damaged knives and I don’t expect it to – and while it does not make my knives ‘good as new’, the fact that I can cut through my food easily is good enough for this little duck!

#5. Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Best Knife Sharpener

Likely to lose your sharpener after it’s first use? Consider this cheap and cheerful manual sharpener.


Price – this is again one of those items where you can pick out from a grocery store counter on your way to your backpacking/camping/hunting trip without costing you too much. At around $5, you can easily get a new one if it wears out or you lost it in one of your trips, and at such a cheap Price, you probably wouldn’t even care to drive back and get it if you left it at the campsite.

Small and compact design – this tiny sharpener weighs next to nothing and takes very little space. This is ideal for impromptu trips as it fits easily into backpacks, fishing boxes and hunting packs without taking up space. It is also designed with a lanyard hole, so you can just attach this to your backpack’s zipper or with your other smaller tools to make sure you don’t leave this behind.

Simple to use – like most (if not all) two-step knife sharpeners, this comes with a coarse and fine side. To use, you have to swipe the blade on the coarse side five to six times. You may need to swipe it more times depending on how neglected your blade is and you have to securely hold the sharpener in place. Since the sharpener is small, you need extra care when you pull the blade out of the guide not to accidentally slice your exposed finger. When you’re satisfied enough with your edge, flip the sharpener over to get to the fine side. For larger blades, you may need to use a vise to clamp and hold the sharpener in place, which should minimize the chance of cutting yourself.


Sharpening stones wear out – this is something that eventually happens to all sharpeners, whether manual or electric. In this Best Knife Sharpener’s case, it can wear out after about six to ten sharpenings. The life of this sharpener (assuming that you received a good unit and not a faulty/flimsy one) will depend on how often and well you use it.

Awkward to hold – this is one drawback that comes with the sharpener being small. While the rubberized bottom helps keep the sharpener in place, you still need to hold it to keep it standing while sharpening. It can be pretty challenging if you have short and stubby fingers, but relatively large hands (like I do). It can be pretty easy to cut yourself accidentally if you’re not careful enough. I find that one has to exert Considerable amount of effort to keep the sharpener secure with one hand while sharpening a knife with the other.

Slots are narrow – this sharpener will work for most knives, but the slots/spaces are rather narrow. It will be challenging to try and sharpen knife edges that are more than 3/16 inch thick as it will be a tight fit and your knife will meet some resistance when you try to swipe/draw it through the slots.

Use & Limitations:-

The Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener is more ideal as a best knife sharpener for camping/fishing/hunting trips than it is for household use. It’s not that it will not sharpen your kitchen knives because it will. However, if you’re the type who sharpens your knives often for food preparation, it may wear the sharpener fast.

If you plan to use this in the kitchen, this will work well as a back-up sharpener in case your regular one malfunctions or there is power outage (assuming your regular one is electric).

The fact that it wears out is not really too much of an issue because it happens to all tools/machines eventually and if worked well while it lasted, it’s still a good buy. This also does not work on one-sided knives and serrated blades. It will also be wise to use this over a chopping board so that you will not nick your tabletop/countertop.


The Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener works well as a handy and portable knife sharpener. The angle for this helps create a good edge with most types of knives. I like that this can be used for at least 90% of regular household and pocket knives. If you’re someone who owns basic and inexpensive sets, then this might be something you’d be interested in. The fact that this can be used for both your kitchen and pocket knives is a nice bonus as it is small enough that it will not take up too much space among your tools/gear.

It does have a tendency to wear easily depending on use, but at $5, it is something I can easily replace without losing sleep over it. Perhaps the one issue I’m most concerned about is holding it in place while sharpening. As I have mentioned, I have short and stubby fingers and a relatively large hand and I don’t feel too safe using it as my fingers are rather too exposed. The tendency to hurt one’s self while sharpening is greater than those larger knife sharpeners.

Overall, I don’t Consider the Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener as the best one out there in the market in terms of knife-sharpening tools. If you’re looking for professional level razor edge, you might want to look elsewhere. However, it does what it is supposed to do quite well. When it comes down to it, I don’t require more from my sharpener other than it keeps my knives in good enough shape for what I use it for.

#4. Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Stations

One of the other 3 sharpeners you might Consider on your quest for razor sharp blades.


More color choices – out of all the Best Knife Sharpeners – both electric and manual, this model seems to be one of those that offer more color choices. M130 comes in black, white and platinum, all of which will blend well if not complement the regular modern kitchen’s color schemes. I appreciate having funky colors in my kitchen – even my kettle is red!

Comes with a honing steel – this model combines manual and electric sharpening methods. Slots 1 and 3 are motorized and would require electricity to use. Slot 2, however, is equipped with this diamond-coated miniature steel that allows you to use it even when the machine isn’t turned on.

This is a nice touch since if you’re not skilled using a honing steel, you can pretty much use the second slot to touch-up your cutlery, because the preset angle serves as a foolproof guide and will help you avoid guessing if you’re positioning the blade correctly.

Works with both serrated and straight-edged knives – this is perhaps one of the biggest perks of this model. A good number of electric (and most manual) sharpeners only sharpen either straight or V-shaped edges with a 20° angle. This sharpener cleverly can sharpen both straight and serrated knives in one machine.


Relatively expensive – M130 originally retailed for over $200, but has now been reduced to a better Price. Compared to other electric knife sharpeners in the market, electric or otherwise, this has to be one of the more expensive brands/models available. Though, if you’re the type of buyer who want’s to ‘buy it once and forget about it’, I’d be shopping in this range rather than the lesser quality cheaper range.

Manual isn’t that user-friendly – the user guide texts/fonts are rather hard to read since they are tiny. Not really a big deal, but, you want to make sure you get it right especially if your knives are more than just cheap throwaway items. Since reading and understanding the guide is necessary to make sure you’re using the machine correctly and thus receiving its full potential, bigger font sizes and a well-written guide would be high on my list if I was the manufacturer.

Requires trial and error – using this model may require some experimentation on the user’s part to get the best results. It can get pretty tricky to get the supposed burr that will appear after using the first slot before moving on through the second and to the third one. It might be better to test this product using your less expensive knives if you’re not that confident yet.

Produces inConsistent results – although this unit is generally Considered as an all-around sharpener that will work for most type of knives, it doesn’t seem to give Consistent results across all types. Some knives come out pretty sharp and pass the paper test, yet others don’t do quite so well. The knife’s material may have something to do with the outcome, but I suppose once you have the sharpener on your bench, you’ll try it on everything anyway.

Use & Limitations:-

The Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Stations runs in 120 volts. If your household uses 220 or 240 volts, you would need to get an adapter, which, combined with the machine’s cost, can push the overall ticket into a more exclusive Price range. While it does cover both serrated and straight-edge knives, I find that it still falls short of that professional razor sharp quality that should have been present in the case of a sharpener that costs more than $100.


I find the Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Stations to be adequate for household use. It does and will require experimentation to get the desired results. To be fair though, if you have understood the manual correctly and have done enough research about the kinds of knives you use and their angles, the results will more likely be favorable on your part.

I am perhaps most hesitant about the Price. While there are undeniably more expensive units in terms of electric sharpeners, I am not too keen on spending this amount on something that I feel could be achieved for a much lower cost. It would be justifiable if the unit is fool proof and it gives Cons:-istent and excellent results every time. Of course there are also other factors to Consider, like the material of the knife, the skill and knowledge of the person using the machine and having the right sharpener for the right type of knife and the specific angle. The manual, though not rocket science, could be written and presented better since it is crucial for the machine’s operation.

To sum it all up, the Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Stations does what a Best Knife Sharpener is supposed to do – sharpen your knives – and on most occasions, it does succeed in giving a suitable enough edge for your meat and veggies. If you’re confident about your ability to sharpen knives, but don’t have the time and patience to sharpen and hone your sets every time, and if the cost seems justifiable to you, then Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Stations might well be the Best Knife Sharpener for you.

#3. Wusthof Precision Edge 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

This high end and-Priced-accordingly manual sharpener comes in at #3


Price – always a serious point of Consideration for me, as I’m not keen on spending much on something that I won’t use that often. This unit is one of the cheapest ones in the market. Aside from the actual item Price, this is also inexpensive to use since it’s manually operated, rather than electric.

Feels safe to use – this unit is built like an electric sharpener – meaning it has the ability to sharpen your cutlery without exposing the blade too much while doing so. One of my main concerns when sharpening knives with a whetstone or even the smaller knife sharpeners is that the blade of the knife is too exposed – that is, it’s not hidden between slots. The fact that this has slots where the blades can be inserted like the electric sharpeners as well as a rubberized base makes my fingers giggle.

Easy to use – this unit is equipped with two slots: one coarse and one fine. It works like the usual knife sharpener where the coarse slot grinds some material off to create that edge, which will then be polished and finished off by the fine slot. For smaller/touch-up jobs, I skip the coarse slot and go straight to the fine slot. The handle is also large enough to get a secure grip with one hand, while sharpening with the other. Needless to say, the unit feels sturdy enough and not flimsy like the other products that might live in the same Price range as this item.


May need a sharpening steel – although this does bring back enough of a decent edge to knives, I can’t help but notice that the knives need to be sharpened more often than usual, and I’m really not sure why. It does not hold much of an edge or the edge does not tend to last long, thus one may need to sharpen more often than when using electric sharpeners. I’m sure a mechanical scientist somewhere could explain why!

Lacks compartment for collecting shavings – this was perhaps not much of an issue, but I would have preferred if this had come equipped with the removable plugs as seen on other models, or even a compartment for metal shavings. As it is, it leaves tiny metal flakes/shavings on the counter top, which can of course be cleaned, but it still one extra step to go through when sharpening.

Leaves a jagged edge sometimes – this is perhaps one of the Considerably serious issue with it comes to this unit. The carbide steel, being quite coarse, tends to leave a jagged edge that will bother you if you are rather fussy about your cutlery. It would be better to test this out with your cheap knives first before using your more expensive sets just to be safe.


The Wusthof Precision Edge 2 Stage Knife Sharpener seems to have been designed for the kitchen of your average Joe and Susan. While it does sharpen your knives to a useable state, which is something you can expect out of a manual knife sharpener, it does not perform like a high-Priced commercial quality sharpener – though, it’s probably unrealistic to expect it to. If your kitchen is over-populated with expensive knives, it might be more appropriate to get a Best Knife Sharpener in that same level as well.


The Wusthof Precision Edge 2 Stage Knife Sharpener works well enough as regular household knife sharpener. It is realistic in terms of Price and performance in the sense that those two factors balance each other nicelyin this unit. At a low Price, it provides you with a sturdy enough unit to sharpen your everyday knives to make your food preparation quicker.

It ships only in one color, but I like that it is small enough to fit my utensil drawer, yet large enough that I feel secure holding it. That is a good point of Consideration for me as I have short and stubby fingers and find it hard to securely grip and control smaller knife sharpeners. This can be Considered as one of the more affordable knife sharpeners in the market. However, there are also cheaper units in the market that I feel perform just as well at this one even though they might sacrifice on the happy-fingers feeling, which is why this unit only fell into third place.

An issue that you might have, depending on your knives, is that you may need to use a honing steel to polish/finish off your sharpening, but it’s actually better for your knives, because with less sharpening you remove less material off your knives. If you only sharpen once in a while and you’re happy to use your honing steel to touch-up every time you use your knife, it will mean you will be able to preserve your set longer.

Overall, I find this unit satisfactory in terms of Price and functionality. It’s not as compact as other units, but it is also not so large that you cannot bring this to your camping trips. If you’re someone who does not expect (or need) professional quality razor sharp edge to your knives and does not mind spending a few bucks more for something that feels secure enough for you to hold, then go ahead and get this one.

#2. Edgeware Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

Budget Cons:-cious knife sharpening folk will value this manually operated unit, scoring second place. This is the second best knife sharpener


Small, compact and portable – this neat little tool is ideal for camping trips as a handy sharpener for your knives. It’s also quite compact, so if you’re often mobile or if space is otherwise an issue, this should shoot to the top of your list. It’s small enough that you can place it in your utensil drawer or beside your knife block for a quick touch-up. Add to that a neat design that inherits it’s basic ergonomic shape from a computer mouse, and it should feel natural to everyone.

Affordable – granted; this is not the cheapest knife sharpener in the market, but this is one of the cheapest ones among Best Knife Sharpeners. I would say this is ideal for first-time homemakers or even students who are on a tight budget but still need a functional manual knife sharpener without smashing their bank account. At this low Price, this is something you can pick up from the counter for your knife-sharpening needs.

Works for both right-handed and left-handed people – this might not be much of an issue in the grand scheme of things, but I appreciate that this works for both right-handed and left-handed people. I’m left-handed myself and it can be pretty hard to find tools that let you use them without that awkward angle just because it’s generally made for right-handed people. This is definitely a nice touch.

Easy to use and clean – since this sharpener is manually operated, there is no need to plug anything in or switch anything on. You simply position the V-grip at the edge of the counter, hold the side firmly, and begin dragging your knife through the slots. The number of swipes will depend on how dull and neglected your knife is, but if you just want to touch-up on your regular knives, I suggest using the fine side right away instead of the coarse side. Simply wipe off some metal shavings that may have attached to the knife before you use it on your food – you can use the same damp cloth to wipe of the surface of the sharpener as well.


Not for serrated blades – per manufacturers recommendations, this unit is not suitable for knives with jagged or serrated edges. In addition to serrated knives, the other no-no is household scissors; this sharpener can be used only on straight-edged blades.

Coarse grinder too aggressive – this has a tendency to shred off material pretty quickly and will leave metal shavings on your counter top. You might Consider using the fine side on your more expensive sets if they just need a touch-up and not heavy-duty sharpening. While the metal savings can be cleaned easily, I’d advise to do the sharpening away from your food as the shavings may otherwise give your food an unwanted flavor.

Not ideal for people with large hands – this is not really an issue for people with slim hands. However, if you’re like me who has short and stubby fingers, it can be somewhat challenging to grip this compact unit when you’re sharpening over the counter top. The rubber coating helps, but I would have preferred it to be just a tad larger.


The Edgeware Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener, like the Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener only comes in one color. There are other models of two-stage knife sharpeners from Edgeware that come with more color choices, but this particular one only comes in matte black. As mentioned above, it’s also not made for serrated/jagged blades, or scissors. The unit also does not come with the compartment for metal shavings, which would have helped to keep things sanitary. While this can sharpen your cutlery to tackle day-to-day food preparation, this cannot take the place of a good knife sharpener.


If you’re shopping for an entry-level all around quick-fix knife sharpener, then the Edgeware Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener may be the tool for you. It’s light and compact enough to bring to camping trips yet cheap enough that if lost, you wouldn’t also lose a night’s sleep over it. The V-grip bottom is also a nice touch for that knife-sharpening angle and will grip strongly enough to stay still at the edge of the counter.

The fact that it does not work on serrated blades is not really much of an issue for me. I mean for such a low Price, I don’t expect it to work on every knife out there nor would I ask too much from it. I’m pretty satisfied that it does what it does, although my fingers feel more secure and safe using an electric knife sharpener which is in a large part why I only rate this as my #2 pick.

While there are Considerably better-performing brands/models out there, I preferred this model because of its simplicity and the fact that it’s compact. Admittedly, not every place that you are likely to go to will have electricity, so the idea of having a manual knife sharpener is rather convenient. The fact that it’s Easy to use is also a huge thing as I’m not a skilled sharpener. If you’re like me who gets uncomfortable using whetstones and doesn’t really need professional razor-sharp quality knives, then I would recommend this product to you. In the end, it does what a best knife sharpener is supposed to do and that is to sharpen knives, maybe not at par with those professional knife-sharpening tools, but certainly sharp enough to cut my veggies and meat.

#1. Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric – the best knife sharpener

This snazzy unit is our well-Priced top pick, coming in at #1. The best knife sharpener


Quick sharpening time – compared to a regular sharpening stone, it takes only a minute or two to sharpen each knife, depending on how dull and neglected your knives are. Sharpening dull knives with this machine involves a two-way process – the sharpening and the honing.

Easy to use – the unit is equipped with two V shaped slots, the left side being the course grinder while the right one is the fine grit sharpener. The V shaped slots work to ensure that the blades hit the grinder stone at the right angle. While the machine itself is user-friendly, that doesn’t mean that you can skip reading the manual. One important thing to take note of is to let gravity do its job for the knives; meaning you don’t have to press too hard and instead let the knives glide through the grinders. Turning the machine on is also easy, simply plug into the socket and click the switch located at the front.

Price – for a very cheap Price, this electric knife sharpener fits the budget of those who are in the market for similar products yet unwilling to spend too much. Combination whetstones can cost from $33 to over $80, and Considering they’re more labor-intensive to use and just generally ‘harder’ for the average user, spending less than that for an electric knife sharpener isn’t too bad at all.

Easy Cleaning – Not much is needed in the way of maintenance for this machine. A damp cloth pretty much does the cleaning for the surface. To collect metal fillings, you just remove the red plugs at the bottom and shake out the fillings.


Grinding stone/motor stops if you press too hard – this is probably the main issue you’re going to run in to with this unit – so be sure to read the user guide and practice on cheap knives! Although I wouldn’t say the motor stopping is entirely a bad thing, since it will prevent from taking off too much material off your knife. As previously mentioned, it’s important to let gravity do its work and just press lightly. As stated, it’s probably wise to use cheaper knives first to get the hang of using the machine in case you’re having doubts about using this on your more expensive knife sets.

Voltage – If you had a dream of bringing this to one of your many holiday homes scattered across the world, check the Voltage first! This machine uses 120 volts only – it’s not auto-regulated like a lot of modern appliances. You can still use it in your mansion in the South Pacific, but you’ll need to pack a Voltage converter.

Coarse grit stones – I feel the stone for slot 1 is somewhat too coarse, because it can shred off your blade too quickly. Unless your knife is in a really bad state that it needs serious sharpening, I’d probably take it easy on Slot 1. Slot 2 works well enough in sharpening knives as well although it’s technically for honing.

Noise – The hum of the machine when turned on is quiet, but it gets pretty noisy when you start to sharpen. I expected some Noise though; I just didn’t expect it to be quite so noisy.


The Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener only comes in one color, which is not really much of an issue since it’s a combination of matte gray and white.

However, it would have been nice to have seen more colors available. In addition to being stuck with one color, this unit will also not work for every knife out there; including those that are serrated on both sides. Some knives are only serrated on one side and this machine will work fine on those.

Another thing – with slots that are around five inches long, it can be pretty challenging to try and sharpen shorter knives, like short little pocket knives or paring knives. I can see that you’d not have enough length to fully sharpen the shorter ones. On the issue of big fat knives; although the openings are fairly large, it can be a tight fit for meat cleavers that get pretty thick around the handle and it tends to create an uneven edge. I’d suggest you throw a cursory glance at the thickness of your knives before using them on this.


The Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener is a good enough knife sharpener for household use. Fundamentally, it does what it is supposed to do – and that is to sharpen knives!

For a great low Price, it is perhaps one of the best buys in the market, which is largely why we’ve rated it #1. There are other more expensive electric sharpeners out there that can sharpen more types of knives, but for regular domestic use and the cost, it can be pretty hard to find an electric knife sharpener comparable to this, thus the further reason to score it at #1. I can’t say it’s the sturdiest one out there, but depending on usage, it does last a while.

The most common issue of the motor stop is merely a matter of putting the right pressure on it, which is very light. It does have a tendency to take off a lot more material because of the coarseness of the stone on slot 1, but you can avoid that by using slot 2 as your sharpener.

Overall, I can’t say that the Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener is ideal for those costly and high-end knives as it can be pretty risky with it’s one-in-a-million habit of ‘biting’ too much off your knives, but with some practice on your cheap throw away knives, you’ll feel confident in no time to sharpen your $700 knives.

I’m going to put it out there – this is the best all around sharpener you’re going to get. There – I’ve said it.

So, if you’re like me who wants knives sharp enough to blissfully cut meat and veggies, and couldn’t be bothered to use whetstones, then this is the knife sharpener for you.

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