Best Fuel Injector Cleaner 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to owning a vehicle, nothing can really beat knowing that you have a smooth running machine, under your control. This applies for both diesel gasoline vehicles of all type. Especially the ones you cherish and rely-on the most.Finding the best fuel injector cleaning products can sometimes be a tough task, which we believe actually shouldn’t be. It’s true, there’s hundreds of fuel injector cleaners claiming the exact same thing but which ones can actually prove it?

Our Picks For Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

Proper working fuel injectors are vital to giving your vehicle a) best fuel economy, b) top performance c) increase engine life.The best fuel injector cleaning products(and best fuel system cleaners) make it happen after only a few treatments.If you own a vehicle, chances are there will come a time when using Fuel Injector Cleaner is a must. It’s not something that’s talked about too often for normal auto owners but it’s actually very easy to do yourself and should be part of your regular maintenance routine. Plus, there are plenty of places to go online to get discounts on the Best Fuel Injector Cleaners. Here we’ll discuss what makes a really good Fuel Injector Cleaner, what to expect when using it, and how often you should use it. I will also include a brief review of the top 5 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners so you don’t have to do too much searching on your own. This will be your one stop shop when it comes to treating your car right.We’re here to review the best fuel injector cleaner currently availableWorking Car EngineEveryone who’s owned a car knows that age old problem, how do you keep it running at its peak? Well you buy the best fuel injector cleaner in order to ensure that your engine keeps purring throughout the vehicles life time. On this site we will be reviewing all of the best fuel injector cleaning products and the best fuel injector cleaning kits that go with it. Now you never have to go without keeping your engine in tip-top condition.


Fuel injectors atomize fuel, this is achieved by forcing pressurized fuel through a tiny nozzle thereby turning it into a fine mist. This fine mist is sprayed onto the intake valves and into the combustion chambers. Cleaning fuel injectors eliminates any contaminants such as grime and debris that impede fuel flow and degrades the desired fuel spray pattern.Cleaning fuel injectors improves fuel economy by saving fuel, ensures that the vehicle runs at peak performance and significantly reduces emissions as well. Injector cleaning may be done professionally by a mechanic or you may opt to do it yourself at home with the aid of fuel injector cleaners.


#1. LUCAS LUC10013 Fuel Treatment

Lucas laboratory has been established in the year 2008. This new laboratory was used and is being used to innovate and develop new products to be released in the market. Lucas Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner is an engine friendly fuel system cleaner which is an oil product mixed with an exclusive Lucas additive with a specific fluid carrier that is free from all products which may cause engine malfunction or breakdown. This kerosene, low quality gasoline may harm the engine when not cleaned up properly. These leaves up deposit right in the engine making the vehicle insufficient at work.This product works all the miracles of a fuel system cleaner and acting out as a main agent blocking off deposits of carbon and other low quality chemicals resulting in the prevention of possible engine break out. Thus, it helps maximize the engine’s performance.

#2. Sea Foam SF-16-2PK Motor Treatment Multi-Use

Seafoam got its name from the original purpose why it was made. The product was specially created for marine use and is sold in marine market. Seafoam started out as a small time business scale of Fred Frandrei. By the time Evinrude Outboard Motors had problems about varnish, carbon and stale fuel; Fred Fandrei used the product and showed them how to use. It was when this product boomed into a great business venture as it has displayed efficient work in solving not only marine problems but also problems concerning automotive.This product is made of 100% petroleum, which helps clean up fuel system by acting out as an oil additive and an engine cleaner. It cleans up all the carbon build up deposits which have great effects on the inefficiency of its parts resulting in the malfunction of a vehicle. This product cleans up all the fuel system, enabling vehicles to work at its best.

#3. Berryman 0116 B-12 Chemtool Carburetor

Berry Man was created in the year 1918 by Waldo B. Berryman who’s called by the name “Pappy”. It was first introduced Chem Dip Carburetor and Parts Cleaner and has now become a leading brand in the field of fuel system cleaning. In the year 1958, it was the year when a berry man product named B-12 Chemtool was developed. This product is an all purpose cleaning solvent for surfaces and has now evolved into dozens of products specially made in treating engine problems and fueling vehicles speeding up its engine’s performance.In the year 1970, an acquaintance of Pappy named R. H. Blankenship learned about the company and how efficient their products are. He is an expert of automotive. For this reason, he bought the company and changed its name into the Berryman Products Inc. The next years became the fruitful ones. Berryman B-12 was then discovered together with all other products especially designed to treat engines and these projects are now reaping success in its field.



Saving on fuel costs is indeed important for every vehicle owner. Well, gas prices are getting higher every now and then. To add more problem to this, your car or truck or motorcycle is not performing well on the road and it may also consume a lot of fuel which would add more to your fuel costs.The problem now when it comes to your vehicle’s costly fuel consumption and bad running condition can be the embedded dirt in your engine. So as a suggestion by professional mechanics, you may use Lucas 10013 product to tune-up your engine without going to the car repair shop.


  • Now, the Lucas fuel system cleaning product can provide a complete fuel treatment to both gasoline and diesel type engines. So it’s not a problem at all in cleaning your car engine even if it is a gasoline or diesel type since it can effectively get rid of residues, varnish and gum on your car’s engine.
  • The fuel treatment product is also able to reduce carbon emission by cleaning the combustion chamber. Also, it serves as a lubricating agent in fuel injectors, carburetors and even the valve seats and pistons and rings. All these engine parts when thoroughly cleaned by the Lucas fuel treatment liquid would work more efficiently and can also save a lot of money when it comes to gasoline consumption.
  • Not only the fuel cleaning product would clean the entire engine and fuel system of your car or truck, but it also helps in neutralizing low sulfur fuel issues. Thus, it would save you more on gas mileage.


According to expert tests by professional mechanics, the Lucas fuel injector cleaner, when used in cleaning the various types of engines, the parts such as pumps, injectors, pistons and the other engine components would last longer. Well, these engine parts would function well and it will make the entire engine system perform up to its optimum running function since the embedded residues, gum and varnish have been flushed away using the product.The great deal about the Lucas fuel treatment is its chemical additive components are top notch cleaning solutions which will assure that your car will run smoothly again at long distances without compromising on fuel costs. Also, it is quite affordable. Yes, you can easily purchase the product that’s less than $10. Take note, you will save more if you would purchase more than one bottle. Further, you can buy a 1 gallon bottle instead of the 12 ounce bottle which could save you a lot.As for the right instruction on how to use the Lucas fuel treatment product, it is important that you read the label first. This is to ensure using the right ratio in cleaning and conditioning your engine and fuel system.Overall, the Lucas fuel treatment product provides effective cleaning in the entire engine and fuel system which costs less when compared to bringing your vehicle to the service. So give this product a shot and see the positive results on your vehicle yourself.


One of the high quality products which works as an engine and fuel system cleaner and many more is the Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment. This kind of cleaning liquid or spray have been receiving positive notes amongst professional mechanics and regular vehicle owners alike because of the excellent “cleaning tasks” it can do to their car engine to make it run smoother and still be in good condition.Take into account, Sea Foam SF-16 is a 100% pure blended petroleum product. This fuel treatment liquid or spray can easily liquefy and flush away carburetor gumming and hardened varnish. Also, the product quickly eliminates engine or fuel system moisture and would make it dry without making any damage since it’s cleaning task is to also protect the engine, engine parts and the fuel system of any kind of vehicle.


Now besides these cleaning action features, the Sea Foam SF-16 can also easily remove carbon deposits, cleans valve rings and lifters, improves idle rate and hesitation issues and even pinging. All these can be proven taken care of by the engine cleaning product.The good thing about the Sea Foam is that it’s quite popular amongst professional mechanics for more than 6 decades now because of the excellent cleaning performance of this product. Well, mechanics can even accurately diagnose engine problems after they’ve used this product on the vehicle they are repairing.Remember, this fuel treatment liquid or spray also acts as a lubricant. Yes, it can easily lubricate the engine and engine parts to make any kind of vehicle work at its peak performance. Take note, it doesn’t require your vehicle to be older since the fuel treatment product can easily take away the embedded engine and fuel system dirt in your car.


Bear in mind, the Sea Foam SF-16 product is approved and registered. This is why customers are quite satisfied with it simply because it will not do harmful effects on gaskets, rings, filters and the other engine components which would make it run efficiently.Now, in using the product, it is best that you read the how-to instructions first. This is to assure that you have mixed the additive fuel at the right ratio. One pint of the fuel treatment product would initially treat 8 to 25 gallons of vehicle fuel. It is best that you use this product on a regular basis as part of your vehicle’s maintenance program.The best deal about the Sea Foam SF-16 motor treatment is its cheap price. Yes, you can save more on engine repairs or maintenance just by using this product. You don’t have to go to any car repair shop for a long time just to make your car run smoothly again.So if you do want to clean your car’s engine and fuel system without going to a car repair and maintenance shop, the Sea Foam is highly recommended to clean the engine and fuel system at a low budget. Check out this great fuel treatment product now.

#3. Chevron 65740-CASE Plus Fuel System Cleaner REVIEW

One of the top companies in providing quality fuel, fuel additives and oil lubricants is Chevron. Consequently, one of the premium fuel system cleaning products which you can use for your engine is the Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner.Well, there are a lot of fuel cleaning features of the Chevron 65740 which you can rely on to make your vehicle’s engine perform well on the road. Take note, this product has been reformulated by the company to enhance deposit control in the fuel system which would efficiently provide gas consumption.Remember, any type of vehicle is always subjected to sulfur deposits which can damage the fuel gauge sensors. However, with the cleaning ability of the fuel system cleaner product, every sulfur deposit in the engine is instantly flushed away and the good thing here is that the fuel gauge sensor is also protected by the fuel system cleaner.


  • It’s not just the fuel gauge sensor that is protected and cleaned with this product, but the entire fuel intake system of any kind of vehicle as well. It has been proven by expert mechanics and one thing you would also notice once you use this product is that it greatly enhances fuel system performance and it also restores the engine’s lost power.
  • Another feature of this premium fuel cleaner is it that it is designed to get rid carbon deposits in the combustion chamber which then provides a lower carbon emission in the air. Also, it flushes deposits on intake valves, carburetors, ports and fuel injectors of course.
  • The best thing about the technology used by the Chevron company in formulating the Chevron fuel cleaner is that it has a PEA chemistry formulation which further enhances the cleaning capability of the product.

On one hand, when it comes to compatibility, the fuel system cleaner is not compatible with 2 stroke gasoline engines (air cooled) and diesel engines. On the other hand, it provides a good value for your money since it is. Remember, you can compare the price of this product against the other products that are out in the market and check its greater value for you.


When it comes to the ease of use of the Chevron 65740, all you have to do is to pour the 20 ounce bottle over 20 gallons of gasoline fuel and it will do its job in cleaning the fuel system and the entire engine of your car. As suggested, it is best that you use the product as part of your car’s regular maintenance.Indeed, the Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner can be your best choice in maintaining the engine and fuel system of your car. It has the cleaning power to maintain or even exceed the performance of your car and it is also worth your money.


The Royal purple max cleaner is a synthetically processed fuel working as a cleaning agent in your vehicle fuel system. This synthetic fuel maximizes the vehicle’s performance by acting as fuel and, at the same time, as an engine cleaner.Royal purple max cleaner goes deep down the vehicle’s engine. It cleans up carburetors, intake valves, injectors and combustion chambers by penetrating deep down the system. This synthetic fuel has the qualities like that of a fuel stabilizer which provides fuel stabilization during corrosion and storage. The fuel, when used in your vehicle acts as an oxidation inhibitor, keeping your vehicle away from rusting which is one reason why the vehicle’s engine stops working.


The Royal purple max cleaner is safe to use in gasoline or diesel engines, biofuel and any other ethanol blends. 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines are also recommended to use royal purple max cleaner.Many fleet tests were done using a royal purple max cleaner. The result, it upgraded the vehicles’ performance while cleaning up its fuel system. Treating your vehicle’s problems about your fuel system with this product will give you a greater advantage. It has even been proven through trials made.


  • 3.2 percent average improvement in fuel economy
  • Average of 2.6 percent horsepower restoration
  • NOx, hydrocarbon, and CO emission reduction (13,12 and 18 percent)
  • Rough idle, installing and hesitation prevention
  • Premature spark plug fouling prevention
  • Fuel stabilizing (off season and storage)
  • Maximum inhibition of oxidation and corrosion
  • Provides 10,000 mile intervals with 20 FL Oz can

According to interpreted results of trials made on using royal purple max clean on a vehicle, it will just take a once in six months and twice a year of using this product to increase the lifespan of your car. It gives you no burden in paying for car repair bills. You have a mechanic with a fuel system cleaner!There’s no hassle pushing your car into a repair shop trying to fix car problems. You can run the road not worrying problems might occur. Royal purple max cleaner is your best friend on your road trip. Have a happy driving!

#5 STA-BIL 22214 Red Fuel Stabilizer REVIEW

It takes tons of sweat to be able to buy an equipment and much more for a vehicle, that’s why, it’s a big crash of the heart if the thing you bought out of hard work breaks down. Nobody would want such an incident to happen. Of course, owners, maybe manufacturers or consumers, would want to find ways of avoiding this problem.Wherever you go, whatever vehicle or equipment you are using, you can rely on one brand trusted to give you relief to you soon to occur or already occurring problem. STA-BIL is the brand which can give you endless protection in your equipment’s or vehicles potentially break down. It provides different fuels specially formulated for a specified vehicle or equipment which will make it run through this year, the next and the years coming to the next.,.


Not all equipments are the same. Of course, each of these specific equipment needs a different fuel additive. STA-BIL products have got a lot of treats to give you to take care of your vehicles and equipments and avoid damage.Usually, damages to vehicles and equipments are causes of the wrong fuel additives. Of course, you don’t want that to happen to you, do you? STA-BIL has a wide range of products to be used in a specified vehicle or equipment.


  • STA-BIL storage: there’s no need draining your tank on seasons for storage, it ensures gasoline is fresh in a span of 1 year so it is fine!
  • STA-BIL protection: get ready for a smooth performance in a year. It cleans up your fuel system while preventing its engine from rusting caused by excess water and oxidation. It also prevents ethanol from damaging your engine.
  • STA-BIL marine: boats and other sea ships will not have to worry about the effects of water on ethanol blended gasoline because it is especially created to address these marine problems. It helps in maintaining the good condition of your marine engine.
  • STA-BIL Diesel: STABIL diesel is made to keep injectors clean and is an additive keeping fuel fresh for long. It is great to be used in generators and tractors because it enables these equipments to run smooth without the hassle.
  • STA-BIL 360° performance: it helps your engine function better by acting as a 5 in 1 maximizer performing different tasks in your vehicle or equipment such us, water removal enhancement, maximize fuel economy, power restoration, clean fuel system and prevention of ethanol-caused damages.


When it comes to the most sought after fuel system cleaner products in the market today, the Red Line Complete SI-1 is one of the best sellers. The reason for this is because of the excellent cleaning features it can provide for any type of engine and fuel system vehicle.The Red Line fuel system cleaner as for your information is a concentrated fuel additive that can easily deter embedded “engine and fuel system” dirt such as carbon, hard varnish, PCV and other fuel chamber deposits. Other engine parts it can easily clean are as follows:

  • Injectors
  • Carburetors
  • Combustion chamber
  • Valves
  • Pistons
  • Rings

Take into account, the fuel system cleaner also serves as a synthetic lubricant which can easily lubricate any engine or engine parts. Meaning, this product not just only serves as a cleaner, but a lubricant as well, to make any type of engine run smoothly again.Users who have tried this product also prove that the red Line fuel system cleaner is able to reduce the necessity for octane for up to 2 points. This would also mean that you will surely save more in terms of fuel consumption because the product can make your fuel tank clean and can provide a cleaner gas to the engine.


  • Now remember, the Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner is definitely safe for your continual use in your car’s engine and fuel system. Additionally, this product is also good to be used in oxygenated fuel.
  • The fuel system cleaning product is not just a cleaning agent. Well, it can make any type of vehicle work again at its optimum performance and even if the vehicle is already older.
  • Take note, spending on repairs and maintenance on your vehicle can be expensive. But in using the fuel treatment product, you will save more on costs since you don’t have to do an expensive repair or maintenance for your vehicle at car repair shops.


Purchasing the Red Line product is easy and quite affordable. It costs just 10$ and it can be easily delivered right into your doorstep. The best idea here is you can purchase more to save you more money. This is for a regular maintenance in cleaning your fuel system without the extra cost.Now, regarding some reviews by customers who has tried and tested this product for fuel system cleaning, majority of them are indeed satisfied. This is because of the excellent cleaning properties of this product. Compared to other products according to such reviews, its cleaning efficiency is at a higher percentage.Well, you don’t have to spend a lot of your time, money and effort just to repair your fuel system or car engine because of negligence. The Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner is definitely the right product to do the job in cleaning any of the parts of your engine or the fuel system. It works effectively and its readily available for you to purchase online.

#7. 3M 08963 Fuel System Tune-Up Kit

When you have been using your vehicle for quite some time, it will eventually come to you that your vehicle no longer feels the same when you drive it. Well, unfortunately for you, this is normal, to be honest. You can’t expect your vehicle to stay in its top form for good, to be honest.Nonetheless, this does not necessarily mean that there is nothing you can do in order to get your vehicle back in its initial form. To do that, you may want to use the 3M 39089 Fuel System Tune-Up Kit.As its name implies, this is a product that has been designed especially to tune up your vehicle’s engine. Yet, before you purchase the product, you may want to know more about it first, like who produces it. Well, as in the case of the 3M 39089 Fuel System Tune-Up Kit, it comes from the company known simply as 3M.For your information, this company has been operational for roughly forty years. It was first established back in the year 1975. What this means is that it is filled with massive experiences from experts in the field. The company has been specializing in a number of industries and the automotive industry is one of them. Now, after knowing the company, it is time you get to know its product, in this case the 3M 39089 Fuel System Tune-Up Kit. This product, if you wonder, offers the following features and benefits:

  • It is well capable of increasing the acceleration, power and fuel economy of your vehicle engine. Speaking of your vehicle’s engine, there is one thing you need to keep in mind at all times. There is no such thing as a perfectly efficient engine. No engine has an efficiency level of 100%. In fact, this is the very reason why varnishes, resins and carbon tend to pile up eventually. The bad thing is that these things can pile up around engine components that are critical and can affect your vehicle’s performance. This has caused plenty of vehicle owners out there spend a fortune to hire the services of professionals to clean the system. Thankfully, that is no longer necessary now, thanks to this particular tune-up kit from 3M. It is cost efficient and vehicle owners can tune up their vehicle right at their very own garage.
  • This 3M product in particular combines at least three high quality vehicle maintenance products from the very company into one. As a result, if you use this particular product like every ten thousand miles or so, the fuel efficiency and engine performance of your vehicle will definitely be increased.
  • By purchasing one 3M 39089 Fuel System Tune-Up Kit, you are actually purchasing the 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner, 3M Carb Cleaner and Throttle Plate and also 3M Intake System Cleaner. However, the difference here is that you are simply paying for the cost of one product, not the costs of the three products altogether. How more beneficial can it get?
  • This product is very easy to use as an oil change.
  • All it takes to get the most out of this product in particular is a few simple tools that can be operated simply by hands.

How to Use

If you are wondering how to use this product, well, here are the things you are supposed to do. First, you are going to have to follow the fresh intake hose. This will most likely lead you to the outer part of the throttle body of your vehicle engine. Then, you will have to get rid of the hose boot clamp. Most of the time, the clamp is secured to the throttle body using a screw. So, all you need here is a screwdriver. Then, insert the hose attached to the 3M product past your vehicle’s throttle plate. After you do that, you will have to make sure that the intake hose boot is slipped back on. Start your engine and pay attention to the engine idle RPM. If it reaches somewhere between 500 and 1,000 RPM, it is time you spray the content of the 3M product into the engine. Also, try and hold the RPM steady at the aforementioned levels.

What we liked

  • Easy to change oil
  • Only a few tools are required
  • Tools can be operated by hands

What we liked

  • Not recommended to be used excessively
  • Not for use with diesel engines

#8. Chevron 65740-CASE Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner x 6

It is true that there are plenty of fuel system cleaning products you can possibly avail from the market out there these days. They come from a wide range of different manufacturers and promise a wide range of different benefits. Nonetheless, one thing that is for sure is that you are not going to get your money wasted if you go for the fuel system cleaning products from Chevron. One good example here is the Chevron 65740-CASE Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner – 20 oz., (Pack of 6).There are plenty of reasons why this product is a very good fuel system cleaning product. To begin with, it comes from a highly credible company that has been doing the fuel business for years. If you like the figures, the company has been dealing in the fuel industry ever since 1876. It was initially known as the Pacific Coast Oil Company yet it has changed names several times over the course of history. However, one thing remains for sure, the quality of its products. To know more about the products, perhaps you may want to check out its features below:

  • This Techron complete fuel system cleaning product from Chevron comes with the ability to clean, restore and even protect your vehicle’s entire fuel system. This means that the Techron fuel system cleaner in question is capable of taking care of your vehicle’s intake valves, carburetors, combustion chambers and also fuel injectors.
  • By cleaning your vehicle’s entire fuel system, this particular fuel system cleaner from Chevron is also going to restore your vehicle’s fuel gauge sensor operation. In addition to that, it will also restore your vehicle’s lost engine acceleration and power. And, if that is not quite enough just yet, it will also restore your vehicle’s fuel economy. This means that you can once again experience driving your vehicle like new, capable of reaching more miles for less gallons of fuel.
  • If you use this Techron fuel system cleaner from Chevron, you will definitely not have to worry any longer about engine hesitation, engine surge, spark plus fouling and rough idle engine.
  • Now, there are not few people who can’t seem to cold start their vehicle smoothly. Yet, by using this product from Chevron, the cold start performance of your vehicle will be greatly improved. As a matter of fact, to tell the truth, you can expect your vehicle’s fuel to be stable for the next one year.
  • Chevron has also patented this particular fuel cleaning product with the polyether amine (PEA) technology.
  • This means that this product has excellent quality when it comes to getting rid of the deposits that form in your vehicle’s combustion chambers, fuel injectors and intake valves.
  • You can use this product with your mind at ease. This is because this product can effectively as well as safely be used in all sorts of ethanol fuels, not excluding the flex fuel, such as the E85.
  • In order to make sure of its quality prior to selling it to customers, Chevron, as the manufacturer of this Techron fuel cleaning product, has tested it rigorously in their laboratory. And, because the company is aware that laboratory tests alone, no matter how rigorous and strict they are, are not enough, Chevron has also tested the product on actual vehicles, on actual roads. Thankfully, the product meets all expectations. It is capable of keeping the engine clean and even optimizing the miles per gallon that people will be able to reach after using the product.

How to Use

Of course, in order to benefit from a highly satisfactory product, you need to know for sure how to use it properly. In that case, you will first have to know that this Techron complete fuel system cleaner offered by Chevron works at the molecular level. This means it can prevent deposit formation by working its way molecules through molecules. According to Chevron, in order to get the most out of this particular fuel system cleaner, you will have to use it at every 3,000 miles or your next oil change interval, whichever comes first. That, however, is for trucks and automobiles. As for all other gasoline engines, it is recommended to use the product on an ‘as needed’ basis.

What we liked

  • Cleans, restores and protects entire fuel system
  • Works for scooters as well
  • Lots of satisfied customers

What we liked

  • Not ideal for diesel engines
  • Not to be used excessively

#9 Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment

Do you own a vehicle? If so, then there is a pretty good chance you are proud of your vehicle. As such, it is utterly important that you take good care of your vehicle. Believe it or not, unless you do so, your vehicle will run into quite a lot of problems that will not only cause you a headache but also a lot of money. Speaking of taking a good care of your vehicle, the least you can do is to treat its fuel carefully. To do that, you can always count on the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment – 1 Gallon.This particular fuel treatment product comes from the Lucas Oil Company, a company that has been dealing with oil and fuel for the past century. Thanks to its years of experiences in the field, there is no need to doubt that the company knows what it does with its products. In fact, if that is not assuring enough, Lucas Oil Company has even been in charge of manufacturing oil and fuel related products for use in the American racing industry. To make a long story short, it is best for you to check out the features of the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment – 1 Gallon yourself, as follow:

  • It is very practical, that is a start. Imagine how easy it is to carry engine tune-up additive in one simple bottle.
  • This particular fuel treatment product from the Lucas Oil Company is well capable of preventing excessive emission from your vehicle’s exhaust system. This, in turn, leads to increased miles per gallon (MPG) as well as increased power engine. Now, who doesn’t want that, right?
  • This fuel treatment product from the Lucas Oil Company is also a very good choice if you are thinking about cleaning the fuel system of your vehicle. In addition to cleaning it, it can lubricate it as well. This makes room for more engine power yet reduces fuel consumption. Speaking of reduced fuel consumption, a lot of users out there are reporting that you had better use this product if you do not want to waste too much money on fuel, especially if you drive highway miles mostly.
  • In case you forget, there are not few people out there whose vehicle often experiences the low sulfur fuel issue.
  • Well, this is the more reason why you need the aforementioned fuel treatment product from Lucas. It can neutralize the low sulfur fuel of your vehicle.
  • The next thing that the aforementioned fuel treatment product by Lucas can do as well is to increase the lifespan of the injectors and pumps of your vehicle’s engine.
  • Unlike other similar fuel treatment products in the market, this one from Lucas can be used for either a gasoline or a diesel engine. In addition to that, there is no need to worry, either, about choosing whether to use it for a fuel injected engine or a carbureted engine. It is a true relief to say that this product from Lucas can be used for both fuel injected as well as carbureted engine.
  • This product from Lucas Oil Company mixes super slick additives and oils with a high detergent action. As a result, it makes it possible for the engine to operate at its highest level of efficiency it can possibly achieve.
  • If you own a vehicle that requires a 2-cycle oil, you can always use this particular product from Lucas as well.
  • A lot of users have reported that the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment – 1 Gallon has helped them get rid of numerous vehicle issues they were experiencing before using this product, such as the check engine light failure.
  • It is also well capable of smoothing how your engine drives.

How to Use

After all being said, there really is no need to doubt about this particular fuel treatment product anymore, is there? So, instead of doubting about it, it is perhaps best for you to find out how you are supposed to get the most out of this product in particular. Speaking of the best way of using this product, you can use it in your vehicles, especially if your vehicle is in need of leaded fuel. Basically, this product from Lucas Oil Company is going to replace the benefits you get from lead contained in gasoline. In addition to that, this product is not going to trigger any harmful emission at all. You can pass smog tests easily with this product, you know.

What we liked

  • No more excessive exhaust emission
  • Increased mileage
  • Suitable even under hot weather
  • Can be used as a fuel additive for any engine

What we liked

  • Probably not the best choice for 2-cycle oil

#10 Red Line 60103 Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

If you value your car, it is necessary to keep your car in prime condition. Maintaining your car’s condition is necessary so that it will be fuel efficient. One of the most important factors that affect the car’s condition is the fuel injector system. The fuel injector is a system of injectors that disperse fuel into the engine in stipulated amounts at proper intervals of time. If the fuel is not injected in its correct quantities and at proper intervals there will be irregularities in the functioning of the car.

Problems due to a bad fuel injector:

Let us look at some of the problems caused because of a defected or unclean fuel injector. Engine stutter, misfire, performance loss etc. are the related problems associated with a bad fuel injector system. Due to improper fuel injection into the engine the fuel combustion efficiency is affected which causes many problems. The problems associated with fuel combustion efficiency are engine stalling, increased fuel consumption and failure of emission tests. Take notice of these problems when you encounter them as these problems are associated with failure of fuel injector. If planning to replace your fuel injector system, always replace the complete set and just not one nozzle.

Why is it necessary?

Sometimes you can also get your fuel injector system up-to-the mark with the help of a fuel injector cleaner. You can clean the nozzles of the car with this special cleaner to clear the dust and impurities stuck on the side walls of the nozzles and hence make your car run at its peak. There are various fuel injector cleaners available in the market right now. Of all the injectors our expert analysts have recommended the Red Line 60103-12PK Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner. This product has been researched upon and the expert conclusion is that it is the best car cleaner available in the market.

What we liked

Let’s take a look at the functions of Red Line 60103-12PK Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner. The cleanercleans the injectors and carburetor of the car to attain a high efficiency combustion rate. To provide smooth pumping, the cleaner acts like a lubricant to the upper cylinder and valves of the car. It also prevents the fuel system from rust and also cleans the intake valve deposits. It also reduces pre-ignition and run-on and also cleans the emission control system. The product also stabilizes gasoline and prevents carburetor icing which drastically affects your vehicle performance.


Red Line 60103-12PK Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner has a huge positive feedback from its customers. People are happy using the product and have given positive comments on various sites. Many people have said that the cleaner works on any fuel injector system and cleans it like a charm. Another important point is that the product has no shelf life, so storing it for a long time does not hamper its quality. All these factors have contributed to the amazing reviews of customers’ worldwide and continuous praise for the product. This product is a best buy from the technician’s as well as customer’s point of view.

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner – Ultimate Buying Guide 2020

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

The best method to clean the fuel injectors is to use a kit special designed for that. Inside the kit you will find connectors to be installed to the fuel line that goes in, right before the injector rail. A pressurized cleaner can must be attached to the end of a hose, also available in the kit. Although there seem to be a lot of pieces in the kit, it is not very expensive. Most stores for auto parts sell such kits. The pressurized cleaner can is designed to be used by professionals and all service stations use it.The inlet side of the fuel injectors has an extremely fine final filter, so to protect the injector from any particles that may pass the first fuel filter. What the cleaner does is to dissolve any contaminant, so the normal flow of the fuel can be restored. But what the cleaner does mainly is to dissolve the carbon material deposits from the injector’s dispensing end. On the surface of the injector there are very fine orifices, as thin as a hypodermic needle, which can easily get clogged and cause complications.The usual fuel injector cleaners that can be found at any major auto parts store is no more than a preventive item for the car’s maintenance. If used regularly, as in every second time you completely fuel the tank, such kits may increase the period of time between injectors’ servicing.This system works with the fuel cut off from the engine by shutting down the fuel pump. The fuel rail is disconnected from the fuel line or a Schraeder can be used and the kit’s fuel line is attached to the existing line. At the hose’s other end the cleaner can gets attached. After connecting all these pieces, the engine is started, so the cleaner from the can runs directly into the engine. The engine keeps running until there is no more cleaner into the can. This method is highly efficient, it smoothes the idle and restores the car’s economy and power to its original values.Fuel injector cleaners are highly efficient and essential towards the long term durability of a car, especially for older cars that already have quite a bit of gas mileage on them. In this case, multiple treatments is often very effective for fuel system treatment. It is best to play it safe and run it twice, just in case the first injection didn’t get it the first time.It is quite easy to install and use such kits, if you follow the instructions in the manual that come with it. It only takes a few minutes. You only need to check if the kit you chose is suitable for your car type. The major part of such kits work on most of the cars, excepting some Mercedes models and also some luxury vehicles.

Types Of Fuel Injector Cleaners

The fuel injector cleaners which people use the most are found as additives. These additives have to be pored into the fuel in order to work. The cleaning of the injectors is due to the chemicals present in the additives, which remove the deposits of carbon formed on the injectors. The process that has as result these carbon deposits is called coking. After turning off the engine, it not cooled anymore by the coolant system, so the temperature rises. Because of the high temperature, the fuel that is to be found at the injector’s tip, evaporates and the residue is none other than carbon material. As the carbon material keeps depositing, the fuel injectors clogs. Not only additives are a solution for cleaning the injectors, there are also cleaning kits containing a can with pressurized solvent and some attachments which connects it to the injector.Cleaning the fuel injectors by the means of such kit is not difficult at all. The first things you need to do are to turn off the engine and then remove from the fuel pump the fuel lines. After having done this, attaché the tubing and the solvent can to the injectors. Then turn on the engine and leave it running until the can runs out of solvent. After all this procedure, you can test the car on a short drive to see how the engine works. If you can’t feel any change, then you should repeat the process. The way the kit works is very simple: the clogged carbon deposit is cleaned by the flow of pressurized solvent. The carbon is dissolved by the chemicals present in the solvent. But if you want a professional cleaning of the fuel injectors, then a car mechanic service is the place to go to. There they clean each injector with ultrasounds.

Efficiency of Fuel Injector Cleaners

Each type of cleaner has its characteristics and degree of efficiency. The fuel injector cleaners used together with the fuel are usually diluted, as they are for regular usage. Because a concentrated solvent could affect the injector by eroding it if used too frequent, it is presented in a diluted solution. Additives have a very small quantity of chemicals which don’t manage to clean the injectors, but prevent carbon material to deposit. Although the kits for fuel injector cleaning are efficient, it is not recommended to be used frequently. There is the risk for the chemicals to damage the injectors. The number of cleanings during a life time of a car shouldn’t exceed 3.

How To Clean Fuel Injectors

When you want to clean the fuel injectors of your car, you have several ways for doing that: you may use yourself the cleaners available on the market or have it done by a mechanic using a cleaner kit.Of course the professional way is to remove the injectors and have them cleaned one by one by professional mechanics. This method is also more expensive than the other ones and does take longer time, but it gives the best results. Not only the injectors get thoroughly cleaned, but they can also get repaired if needed, which is recommended about once a year.How to clean yourself the fuel injectors

A good working fuel injector not only injects fuel into the engine, but also filters out debris, so the engine runs properly. Clean fuel injectors mean a correctly running engine.To clean the injectors yourself, you can use a cleaning kit. First of all, you must cut the fuel alimentation to through the injectors while the engine is running. You can remove the fuel pump or use tubes to bypass the injector.You then connect the cleaners to the injectors and start the engine. Wait until the can runs out of solvent, meaning it all went through the fuel injectors. After reconnecting the engine to the fuel, start the engine and see if there is any noticeable change in the way the engine runs. If not, do the whole procedure once more. If there is still no improvement, it means you need to take the car to a professional mechanic to do the cleaning.Do the service every year

The fuel injectors should be serviced every year. Just using an in-tank cleaning method for the injectors doesn’t allow you to observe the state of all the fuel injectors’ components: O-rings, filters, etc. They might need replacement and if you keep them working, may cause further damage to the engine.For a good gas mileage and a healthy engine, fuel injectors should be replaced once a year, the least. Consider that in-tank cleaners may very well affect some parts of the fuel injectors such as oxygen sensors, seals, filters.Having the process done by a professional mechanic ensures that the parts of the injector are not damaged and can get repaired if necessary.Cleaning the fuel injectors yourself is quite easy if you have the right cleaner kit, but it is highly recommended to take it to a mechanic once a year, to make sure all components are in proper condition for functioning.


Undoubtedly yes! Of late, there have been heated debates questioning the validity of claims that fuel injector cleaners are functional additives. Perhaps you’ve been advised to use one and you are still undecided whether or not to use it. Well, read on to find out how handy one or more ounces of fuel injector cleaner in a gallon of your fuel will prove to be.


Fuel injector cleaners are usually of the pour-in type. They are poured into the fuel tank as additives. They are meant to clean injectors off the dirt and carbon build up that have adhered onto it. They dissolve and wash off the dirt by means of their powerful cleansing agent formula.The replacement of the classic carburetor with an injector in modern automobile engines came with a number of operational and environmental benefits. These benefits include easy cold starting, cleaner exhaust emissions and most importantly better engine fuel efficiency. In order to enjoy these benefits, your fuel injector must be clean.Injectors function to spit a mist of atomized fuel under pressure into the cylinders of your internal combustion engine. It is important that this spray of atomized fuel comes out of the injector in the correct pattern; a typical evenly distributed conical spray. The flow test is used to check the spray pattern of a fuel injector.


  • Diesel fuel injector cleaners: these are meant for compression-ignition engines. These engines rely on extremely functional injectors for their optimum operation thus the need for them to be maintained in clean condition.
  • Gasoline fuel injector cleaners: these fuel injector cleaners are suited for petrol engines. Gasoline fuel injector cleaners are available in any of the two forms: firstly, the induction method injector cleaner to be applied around throttle or anywhere along the intake manifold purposefully to act on the fuel injectors, and secondly, the pour-in type of injector cleaner that is poured directly into the fuel tank before filling up. The pour-in type of cleaner is usually blended in with other additives which work to improve the intake system and engine compartments.


The injector cleaner will run along dissolved in the fuel through the system ridding it of any dirt, debris and carbon buildup. Pour-in types of gasoline type fuel-injector cleaners are to be poured directly into the fuel tank.It is advisable to pour in the injector cleaner before filling up to prevent the injector cleaner from sticking on top of fuel tank.Additionally, topping up with the cleaner already in the fuel tank will facilitate its uniform dissolution into the entire fuel. Different brands of injector cleaners recommend varied number of ounces per gallon of fuel.A more aggressive, and often the most effective, procedure is the induction method. Injector cleaner is applied around throttle or anywhere along the intake manifold purposefully to act on the fuel injectors.


The indicators of a dirty or clogged fuel injector are:

  • Lower gas mileage, sub-par or decreased fuel economy.
  • Power loss, engine breakdown and misfiring in extreme cases of clogging.
  • Dirty emissions
  • The vehicle hesitates – loss of engine performance – after pressing the accelerator.


Fuel injector cleaners get rid of the dirt and carbon deposits thus restoration of the desired spray pattern. Operational and environmental benefits include:The use of fuel injection cleaners improves on your car mileage. You will drive longer on gallon of fuel than when your fuel injectors are clogged.

  • Improved performance from ample power output.
  • Cleaner exhaust emissions.

Take a look at our comparison table of the best fuel injector cleaners. They cost less than $50, and provide the best solution to any type of vehicle for which they are designed. Therefore, you should try them out when your car starts having fuel injector problems.


A fuel injector is a valve which uses electronic controls to receive signals from the control unit of the engine. Pressurized gasoline is delivered by a gas pump into fuel injectors, making the engine control unit to trigger the fuel injectors to open a valve so that the pressurized gas could easily pass through an atomizing nozzle.Thus, a fine gasoline mist is sprayed by the fuel injector into the intake manifold of the engine, thus delivering to the engine for combustion with the oxygen received by the engine. This mist efficiently burns the gas than if in droplet form, and the valves in the fuel injectors remained open for a longer period if the engine requests more gasoline.TOP LIST OF FUEL INJECTION PROBLEMS

In some cases, certain factors are responsible for fuel injection problems. Many of the problems start giving some signs even while the vehicle appears to be functioning normally. Therefore, having some knowledge of these problems is necessary.

#1 Heat Soak

Heat soak is one of the most common fuel injection problems. Injectors undergo heat soak on shutting off the engine, and as fuel residue is evaporated in the injector nozzles, waxy olefins is left behind. Also, there will be no cooling airflow to move through the ports, and it will not be easily washed away because there is no fuel flowing through the injectors.Therefore, the olefins is baked into hard varnish deposits. With time, there is a buildup of the deposits, making the injectors to be clogged. An increase in heat soaks, and short drive cycles can clog the injector even if your vehicle that not have a high mileage.

#2 Dirty

Being dirty is another fuel injection problem. The injector is said to be dirty when the additives and hydrocarbons forming part of fuels, together with carbon and engine gunk, restrict the injectors. Fuel injector flow rates, distribution and atomization are affected, leading to poor engine performance.

#3 Does not Close

It may be difficult for the valve inside the fuel injector to close because of faulty spring or a buildup of fuel additives or rust. If the valve cannot close properly, gasoline will be leaking out of the fuel injector.

#4 Does Not Open

Faulty windings or rusted fuel injector may make it impossible for the valve in the fuel injector might not open. The windings might short out, break or overheat, and rust may make the valve to stick. These issues prevent the valve from opening, and gasoline will not be delivered by the fuel injector through its nozzle.

#5 Clogging

Fuel injectors can be clogged due to the presence of residue inside the fuel, old fuel and carbon. Clogging takes place when the amount of gunk or debris in the filter basket or injector has built up to prevent fuel from flowing through. The only solution to this problem is to professionally remove the clogged fuel injector.Some of the symptoms of clogged injectors are poor idle; bad fuel injectors causing smog issues; failed emissions; engine not reaching full RPM; poor performance; increase in fuel consumption; surging and bucking under various throttle loads; rough engine performance; and smoke coming out of the tail pipe.

#6 Leaking

There may be leaking fuel injector if other the parts of the system is not functioning properly. The fuel injector then overheats, failing, and leading to a leak. Some of the issues caused by leaking fuel injector are poor idle; increased fuel consumption; fuel odors around and inside the car; poor emissions; hard starting; oil thinning, leading to catastrophic engine failure; and hydro lock, also leading to serious engine failure.CLEAN REGULARLY TO PROTECT FUEL INJECTORSSome of the most common fuel injection problems are poor engine performance, bad emissions and poor fuel economy. If injectors are dirty, they will not be able to deliver the correct fuel spray pattern, which is needed for efficient and clean combustion. As the gasoline itself is what is responsible for various fuel injector problems, it is necessary to consider cleaning them regularly.


The engine of a car makes use of an internal combustion process in generating power using oxygen and fuel. Oxygen is taken from the air surrounding and fuel from the reservoir holding the gasoline are taken by the engine.The intake of air makes air to be delivered to the engine and the gasoline is delivered by a fuel injection system, and as the supply of the engine gas is limited, in order for it to be used efficiently, it is necessary for the engine to apply the right amount of gasoline that needs to be mixed with the oxygen being received.Since the supply of oxygen fluctuates, the amount of gasoline being delivered must be constantly changed by the fuel injection system, and the gasoline must be precisely delivered to prevent wastage.It is necessary to service the fuel injection system to prevent problems. There are many service providers, and the cost depends on the type of work that needs to be done. Some of them are discussed here.


Injector services and fuel cleaning provide a lot of benefits and improves gas mileage. The service provider usually installs a concentrated fuel injector cleaner which removes every dirt from the fuel before reaching the engine. The cost of the service starts from $10 and the intervals between services depends on the type of car and the manufacturer. To minimize the cost, it is necessary to follow the fuel service frequencies shown in the manual of the vehicle.


The fuel induction service includes a fuel and induction system cleaning kit which helps in restoring performance and mileage, improving drivability and reducing vehicular emissions. In addition to the added value of fuel and induction system cleaner, the services ensures the elimination of knocks and pings, and the cost starts from $50. Some other benefits are fuel induction system cleaning; in-tank fuel system cleaning; reduction of rough idle and engine hesitation; visual inspection of fuel lines; and many more.As the fuel service, the cost and level of service depends on the manufacturer, and it is a good idea to always follow the instructions in the manual of the vehicle.


This full injection service removes carbon buildup from valves, injectors and combustion chambers, making it a cost effective and an easy way of improving performance. The full injection service cost here starts from $80, and some of its benefits are restoration of smooth idle and acceleration; injector throttle body service, and when necessary adjusting and cleaning throttle components; in-tank fuel system cleaning; elimination of engine knocks, hard starts, and pings; fuel induction system cleaning; visual inspection of fuel lines; concentrated fuel injector cleaning; and reduction of rough idle and engine hesitation.


In addition to the different services described below, the age of the vehicle also determines the fuel injection cost. Doing regular service is a great way of making your car last longer and spending less in car maintenance in the long run.


Fuel injectors are responsible for directly spraying fuel into the cylinders of the engine during the stroke intake when a piston is moving down to allow fuel and air to fill the cylinder chamber.When injectors are leaking, have failed completely or are malfunctioning, they will not make the engine to perform correctly, leading to reduced power and economy, poor idle, and exhaust which can expensive exhaust parts like catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.When injectors are leaking, have failed completely or are malfunctioning, they will not make the engine to perform correctly, leading to reduced power and economy, poor idle, and exhaust which can expensive exhaust parts like catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.A no-fire condition is created by a bad fuel injector creates in any cylinder to which it is joined, and back pressure acts as the brake on the engine, thus preventing normal rpms from being achieved. In a situation like this, the only solution is to remove the fuel injector.


  • Socket Set and Ratchet
  • Shop Rags
  • Small standard Screwdriver or pocketknife to pry with
  • Screwdriver with TORX Bits

Security is Important

Before you start to remove fuel injectors, you should ensure that the area is ventilated, and not close to pilot lights, burning items or open flames. Smoking is also not recommended when working close to flammable liquids and gasses. Lastly, you should ensure that the engine is not hot.


#1 Remove Accessories

Any accessories on the top of the engine should be removed to prevent any interference with the removal of the fuel injector. If a fuel rail is used by your fuel injection system has to deliver fuel to the fuel injectors, you should remove it before the injectors can be removed. To do this, the main fuel line should be disconnected at the end of the rail.

#2 The Valve

There are two ways of relieving fuel system pressure. The firs one is to check the top of the engine and look for the Schrader valve on the fuel rail. As you catch the squirt of fuel with the rag, a shop rag should be wrapped around the valve, and depress the inside stem using a small screwdriver.

#3 Fuel Pump

Unplug the fuel pump relay located under the dashboard, inside a power center box of along the firewall. It should then be allowed to idle until stalling. After that, the relay should be plugged back.

#4 Battery Cable

The negative battery cable should be detached with a wrench.

#5 Wiring Harness

The wiring harness should be removed from the fuel injector that is to be removed. The lock tab located on the connector should be pressed, after which the plastic connector off the injector should be pulled.

#6 Fuel Rail

As the injectors are pulled from the intake manifold, the fuel rail should be carefully lifted, with clean shop rags placed on the openings of the intake injector. This prevents contamination or small objects from getting into the manifold.

#7 Fuel the Fuel Injectors

The fuel line should be pulled from the rail. It has a tug, and a socket should be used in removing the bolts which hold down the fuel rail. After this, you should gradually pull up on the injectors, making both the injectors and the fuel rail to come out. For each if the injectors to be removed from the fuel rail, slide the connector and pull the injector from the fuel rail.


The use of a fuel injector puller is one of the safest ways of removing a fuel injector. But, does removal provide the solution to various fuel injector problems? The answer is No! Many problems are created even when injectors are removed, and this is what makes cleaning to be the only solution, in addition to costing hundreds of dollars less than removal.


Did you know that the fuel injector replacement cost is much higher than cleaning? Did you know that replacing could be a waste of time and money? According to many studies, cleaning provides many benefits over replacement.


A fuel injector is the device which delivers fuel into the combustion chambers of an engine, after which the fuel will be burned. The device is part of a computerized system which helps in spraying, at regular intervals, fuel into the combustion chambers.Although the modern electronic fuel injector requires more computerization and is much more complicated than carburetors, the injector has a much more precise fuel delivery. It helps in protecting air and conserving gas by making it impossible for unnecessary fuel to be dumped into the engine of a car.Another advantage of the fuel injector is that it makes your car to have better acceleration and power, in addition to increased performance levels by increasing the fuel pressure levels or reprogramming the computer.


After some years, and for some other factors, the fuel injector starts developing problems. The fuel injector is replaced because of problems such as:

  • When fuel supply is inconsistent, leading to high and low engine to rev, with fluctuating RPM gauge. This then leads to dirty fuel injector.
  • The engine might misfire when the supply of fuel is inadequate when the engine is ignited, and this problem can be caused by an 8% to 10% reduction in one fuel injector. This problem leads to clogged fuel injector, dirty injector and closed injector.
  • An uneven supply of fuel causing idling disturbances, making an engine to idle smoothly. This problem also leads to dirty fuel injector, and there is no need to do a replacement.
  • A strong gasoline smell is created by leaking fuel from a fuel injector which is faulty, preventing the injector from closing and leaking occurs. However, this does not mean that a replacement should be done.
  • The mileage of a car is reduced if the fuel injector if the gas is not used efficiently. This problem also prevents the fuel injector from closing and it will start leaking.


The cost of replacing fuel injectors depends on the auto repair shop you go to and the type of car you drive. The cost is usually high because you will be charged for labor cost, parts cost and many others. Depending on the situation, you could be required to replace all injectors of the car, which could make the cost to be as high as $1,500.One would thing that replacing one injector should cost about $250 if only an injector out of 6 needs to be replaced. Replacing one would cost at least $500 because of the labor involved, as all the injectors would need to be taken out in order to replace one.


Cleaning fuel injectors is better than replacement because you only need to pay for labor – no parts need to be purchased. Many have found this to be the best, and there are many cheap items which could be used for the cleaning.


Dirty fuel and poor quality fuel helps clogging of the fuel injectors. Fuels supplied by unscrupulous vendors are less engine-protecting detergents which are an important additive to every fuel drop. It is therefore advisable, as a preventive measure, to only fill your tank from reliable filling stations.Fuel residue when the engine is turned off constitutes some leftover gas which forms a waxy deposit on the fuel injector nozzles. This residue solidifies to form a varnish which then builds up and ends up clogging the fuel injectors.When fuel injectors become clogged, fuel won’t freely flow through and they will spray the fuel mist in an undesirable pattern. As a consequence, these clogged or dirty fuel injectors result in, among other negative effects, poor fuel efficiency and sub-par performance in general.Injectors need to be periodically cleaned in order to remove the build-up that inevitably accumulates over time. Experts recommend injector cleaning after every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Vehicles with a higher mileage or those operated under require injector cleaning more often.


A dirty injector chocked hard by debris manifests itself in the following manners:

  • A clogged injector dissipates a small current of fuel instead of vaporized (atomized) charge during the flow test.
  • A shorter mileage for a full tank is another indicator. There is increased fuel consumption since you press on the accelerator more to supply more gas for the same power output that would be obtained when the injector is clean.
  • A black exhaust fume is caused by presence of un-burnt gases in the exhaust gases.
  • Misfiring, also called detonation, as evidenced by an impulsive pinging sound, drastic loss of engine power and erratic engine running.

Please be sure to test for other causative defects of the above mentioned symptoms, such as faulty spark plugs in the case of gasoline engines, and remedy them as well in addition to cleaning your fuel injectors.


Tools and Equipment : All you need is to choose one of the best fuel injector cleaners; a fluid that’s available and that can be purchased from online vendors.

Procedure :

The guideline or instructions on how to use cleaner are as simple and straightforward as usually directed on the product label. Of importance is to:

  • Choose the right fuel injector cleaner since different engines call for different types of them. Petrol engines, for example, require gasoline-type of injector cleaners as opposed to diesel or compression-ignition engines.
  • Carefully and thoroughly read the attached instructions for use. The directions will clearly guide you on how much fluid you require for each gallon of fuel.
  • Check your fuel level and add enough of it to meet the requirements as directed in the instructions for use.
  • Add the required amount of fuel injector cleaner into your fuel tank as directed and let the cleaner clear the injectors and other engine parts off any debris and carbon build-up.


The injector cleaner will run along with the fuel, dissolved in it, through the system ridding it of any dirt, debris and carbon buildup. Pour-in types of gasoline type are to be poured directly into the fuel tank. It is advisable to pour in the injector cleaner before filling up to prevent the injector cleaner from sticking on top of fuel tank. Additionally, topping up with the cleaner already in the fuel tank will facilitate its uniform dissolution into the entire fuel.Different brands of injector cleaners recommend varied number of ounces per gallon of fuel. A more aggressive procedure is dubbed the induction method whereby injector cleaner fluid is applied around throttle or anywhere along the intake manifold purposefully to act on the fuel injectors.


The following operational and environmental benefits are realized with the use of fuel injector cleaners:

  • It’s a convenient, easy to do, time-conscious and above all, the cheapest fuel injector cleaning method.
  • This method removes many of the deposits not only from the injectors, valves, intake manifold, but also from inside the engine’s combustion chamber as well.
  • Best fuel injector cleaners get rid of the dirt and carbon deposits thus restoration of the desired spray pattern.
  • Regular fuel injector cleaning prevents likely damage to the injectors.
  • The use of fuel injection cleaners improves on your car mileage. You will drive longer on a gallon of fuel with clean injectors than when your fuel injectors are clogged.
  • Improved performance from ample power output.
  • Cleaner exhaust emissions.
  • Continuous cleaning achieved by means fuel injector cleaners helps achieve routine engine maintenance as any engine requires a fully functional injector system in order to run optimally.


A clogged injector leads to lots of engine problems; in terms of both engine performance and environmental concern issues. The following are consequences of letting your fuel injectors to be dirty and clogged for longer periods of time.The vehicle’s performance depreciates as a consequence of the loss of engine power.A severely clogged fuel injector results into incomplete combustion of the charge (air-fuel mixture in the engine cylinders) since the fuel is not vaporized or atomized adequately. Incomplete combustion translates into lots of un-burnt gases in your vehicles exhaust emissions. Your vehicle may therefore be unable to pass the smog test and worse if it’s rendered un-roadworthy.

How to Use Fuel Injector Cleaners

Once you have decided upon which fuel injector cleaner is the best for your vehicle, you can get started! However there are a few important steps you should keep in mind. Just because you have that bottle in hand doesn’t mean you can just dump the whole thing in. Here’s our quick guide on how to use the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner out there, and what to expect as results after the fact.Read the bottle: I mean everything, read the labels, the warnings, and the small print. Find your glasses and read the darn thing. I have had too many clients turn around and complain about a terrible product only to discover that they didn’t follow directions. The instructions on the bottle are there for a purpose. Unless you’re a mechanic with a streak of self-confidence and risk, just follow the instructions.Bottle ounces to gallon size ratios: in order to adequately measure how much fuel injector cleaner you will use in your tank, assess how many gallons your tank holds. Most Best Fuel Injector Cleaners will come in a bottle size that is perfect for an 18 or 20 gallon take plus a few. If you have a tank smaller than this, chances are you won’t need the entire bottle.Fill up your tank: after reading instructions on most Bes Fuel Injector Cleaner bottles, it may become apparent that you need to have a full tank of gasoline to correctly use the cleaning fluid. Sometimes you need to pour the cleaner in first and then fill your gas tank all the way. Follow instructions on the bottle for best results.Check for results: before using the product, try gauging your fuel economy. It’s difficult to note a result if you simply pour in the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner and assume it works. Keep a mental note or write down how your car is behaving and what your miles to the gallon are. Next time you’re out on the freeway take note of your gas mileage and then do the test over again after using the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner.Track Your Results After Using a Fuel Injector Cleaner

It’s true that each type of fuel injector cleaner may work better in different types of engines. Depending on how old your vehicle is, the last time you gave the engine a good cleaning, and the type of behavior it’s exhibiting, you will get different results. Keep a log of before and after and figure out which types of fluids are really the Best Fuel Injector Cleaners for your automobile.Some bottles will say to use the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner every 1,000, 3,000, or 5,000 miles. This is one item on the directions you can ignore. Use the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner when you notice a change (through efficient vehicle behavior logging) or for every 5,000-6,000 miles. You shouldn’t have to clean out the fuel injectors every 3,000 miles (which is a standard oil change).I hope my team and I have given you a better sense of what the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner should be, what it does, and how to perform this type of maintenance on your vehicle. Best wishes from me and the guys here in the shop. If you want me to include more in-depth topics about specific aspects of a vehicle, its maintenance or parts, just let me know in the comments. I’ll be sure to get to them as soon as possible.

Can I use an injector cleaner with an old car?

These items can be used on an older car which is starting to show signs of wear and tear that you’d like to restore to its former glory or a new model that you want to keep in great shape throughout its life. Some times it can get quite confusing with which cleaning product is best for you considering there is so many available on the internet thats why we’re here to help. Below are our top 3 best selling cleaning products

Do fuel injector cleaners work?

Fuel injectors have been specifically designed to deliver high pressure dose of fuel into your intake which will then create a small explosive mixture which will then power your vehicle. As you use your vehicle over time you’ll begin to get deposits forming on your fuel injectors reducing their efficiency and eventually causing malfunctions. It doesn’t matter if its not even clogged completely, any small obstruction will reduce the efficiency of your vehicle over time.In fact just by using a fuel injector cleaner you will reduce the amount of fuel you burn as your car will be running much more efficiently and with the rising cost in fuel this is definitely something you want to be saving on.In order to keep your injector running perfectly you will need to remove any of the deposits that have started to form around your fuel injectors. Fortunately all of the fuel injectors on this site have been designed specifically to remove any build up of carbon and return your vehicle’s fuel system back to its peak.

Why should I use a fuel injector cleaner?

There are numerous benefits to regularly using a fuel injector cleaner, you can expect a much smoother drive with the engine feeling much more powerful, your engine will become more efficient and drivers have noticed that there is smoother idling, an enhanced response to the throttle and a reduction in cranking time.As vehicles get older their drivers will generally experience a loss in performance and the majority of people would attribute this to their vehicles age, but this isn’t always true a lot of these performance issues are down to a build up of carbon deposits something that can be prevented by using a good fuel injector cleaner.There are plenty of different factors that affect the deterioration of a car over time but using a fuel cleaner is just one of the many preventative methods that can be used along with changing your spark plugs, oil in the engine and air filters will keep your car running as smooth as possible.Fuel injector cleaners have been designed to improve your cars mileage, lower the emissions that are produced and maximise the engines performance without causing any unnecessary damage to any of the other components inside a car.So if you want to keep your engine factory fresh and your car running like the day you bought it you should look into a good fuel injector cleaner in order to keep it running smoothly.

How to use a fuel injector cleaner

Fortunately the liquids on site are incredible easy house when cleaning out your fuel injector, the majority of fluids you will be able to add directly into your gas tank. However don’t add on a full tank make sure you get it close to empty and then add the amount said on the bottle after you have filled the tank up. We always advise to read the bottle before using as each product may differ some prefer to go in before filling up others work best when used after filling your tank up.Now depending on the original condition of your engine you may have to either purchase a stronger cleaner or use a weaker one multiple times in order to remove any built up carbon on your fuel injectors. Once cleaned we would definitely advise to implement a maintenance program which will be used every 3 x you fill up your gas.Each cleaning product will have different dosages required as some will be more powerful than others, if you’re worried about using too much then don’t, all of the cleaners on site have a very high tolerance meaning you will have to use an awful lot to damage your engine. As we’ve said before though make sure you read up on your product before using it.Depending on the model of the car you may have to use more or less, a lot of older cars tend to use something known as a carburettor which wont utilise the cleaner as well as the new models. Also cars which operate on diesel fuel will actually need to use a specific type of cleaner and a different method. However one good note about diesel engines is that their fuel injectors will stay cleaner for a much longer period of time. On each of our reviews we will specify what fuel type they are specified for so you can make the correct decision when purchasing your product.

Best Fuel Injector Cleaning Kits

Sometimes, cleaning your vehicles fuel injectors is beyond the capabilities of a liquid fuel additive. That is usually the case with older vehicles that have built up considerable dirt and carbon deposits over the years.If you’ve left cleaning your fuel injectors to long them sometimes it may not be able to be cleaned with just a liquid cleaner. This is normally with older cars that have built up a lot of carbon deposits over time. If this sounds like you then you may want to take a look at getting the best fuel injector cleaning kit you can which will strip your injectors of all debris and carbon making them perform and look like the day you bought your vehicle.Cleaning kits aren’t as hands off as using a liquid but once you’ve cleaned off all the carbon you can then use a liquid cleaning maintenance program to ensure it runs smoothly. Below is a table full of reviews for the best fuel injector cleaning kits:Cleaning kits are similar to liquid cleaners in the way that they aren’t all the same, some are better for older cars and some are better at cleaning diesel engines. You need to look through the review and make sure that its the right product for you. Ideally the perfect fuel injector cleaning kit will have easy to follow instructions, be of good quality and affordable.What features does a good cleaning kit have?

A cleaning kit is just that, a full kit to help you clean your fuel injectors it should come with a variety of components that are required for cleaning from top to bottom. The great thing about purchasing a cleaning kit is they’re target market is really for repair shops which means even customers who plant to use this at home will get the same degree of support as a professional would.You should be looking for a kit that comes with a long warranty period, easy to follow instruction manual (the last thing you want is to purchase a product which is hard to follow) and extra cleaning fluid thrown in.Are there any downsides to using a complete cleaning kit?

Unfortunately unlike cleaning fluids they aren’t an easy method you can’t just pour them into your gas tank and come back to it later it actually requires some manual intervention meaning you will have to get your hands dirty.This probably isn’t the best job for someone who’s never done it before as things can get quite confusing. You will also need to purchase a device which is known as an air compressor which will fire pressurised air towards the injectors cleaning them by forcing all dirt/carbon off them.For those who haven’t done this before we would definitely advise that you consult with your local mechanic before you start taking apart your engine.

Symptoms/Diagnosing A Fuel Injector Problem

We’ve made a table below which will help you to identify if there are any possible problems with your vehicles fuel injectors and what is the associated problem.

Symptom DescriptionAssociated Problems

Varying Engine Power

If your car is experiencing an inconsistent supply of fuel which will cause the engine rev’s to vary with your RPM gauge fluctuating up and down.

Dirty fuel injector

Engine Misfiring If your engine has an inadequate supply of fuel when trying to ignite it will cause it to misfire. If there is a 10% reduction in one of your fuel injectors this can occur. Dirty fuel injectorClogged fuel injectorFuel injector not opening
Engine Uneven Idling If your engine does not idle smoothly this can be due to an uneven fuel supply. Dirty fuel injector
Strong Fuel Smell If your fuel injector is leaking it will start to create a very strong smell of gasoline.

Fuel injector not closingFuel injector leakages

Gas inefficiency If your fuel injector delivers droplets instead of a fine mist then it will make your car more inefficient meaning you’ll be spending more on gas. Fuel injector not closingFuel injector leakages

Having the knowledge of the above symptoms is very important to knowing whether there is a problem with your vehicle and will allow you to preemptively act on it reducing the amount of money spent getting it repaired.#1 Running Diagnostic TestsOn this section we will be running through a few diagnostic tests that you will be able to run at home, you will need some additional accessories if you want to run these tests though.#2 Measuring Your Exhaust Manifold TemperaturesIf your fuel injector isn’t closing properly then it will begin dumping gasoline on to your cars catalyst that opens/closes the valve this will then cause it to overheat and eventually burn out. If this happens your car will begin producing higher than normal temperatures at the exhaust manifold.If your valve isn’t opening then your temperatures will be much lower than normal. In order to determine where you temperatures are at you will need to use a device known as a laster thermometer, you need to point this at your exhaust manifolds pipes when the engine is on.Normal readings will be within a 30 degree margin either side of 450, if your injector isn’t opening then it will be around 200 and 250 degrees and if its not closing you should be seeing temperatures of 600 degrees and higher.#3 Listening To Your Fuel InjectorsThe second diagnostic test that you can carry out is listening to your fuel injectors, you can do this by using something known as an engine stethoscope which will allow you to listen for any problems. You can listen to them by positioning the tip of the stethoscope on the fuel injector.If your fuel injector is functioning as it should then you will hear a sharp click, if there is no noise then there could be a problem with your injector.#4 Inspecting the Fuel InjectorsThe third way you can try and diagnose your cars fuel injectors if by taking them out of the car and inspecting them yourself.You first need to detach the fuel rails which the injectors will be attached to. Once the rails are removed detach the injectors from the rails.Remember to wear gloves while doing this as fuel will come out of the rails when you remove the injector. Once all of the fuel injectors are removed take a look and inspect them for any signs of damage.What can I use to clean my injectors?

There are two main products you can use to clean your fuel injectors, if there is one a few signs of clogging then you will need to use a fuel injector cleaner as shown on site but if there is a lot of clogging/rusting you will need to purchase what is known as a fuel injector cleaning kit.ConclusionFuel injectors are one of the most important components within a car as they deliver gasoline directly to your engine and without them working as they should you’d a) spend more money on fuel b) be risking a very expensive repair cost if the damage got out of hand.If you’ve got working fuel injectors your car will have much better mileage and will reduce emissions which in turn will be cutting down on your carbon footprint for those who are a bit energy conscious.

Common fuel injector problems

Fuel injectors are a massive development when it comes to vehicle engineering reducing pollution and making your car much more efficient when running. It’s quite easy to diagnose any problems with your cars fuel injectors which can save you a lot of money in the long run as you wont be taking it in for servicing as often.The point of this guide is to instruct you how to diagnose if there are any problems with your fuel injector at home. Were going to start by explaining what role a fuel inceptor plays and then identify the common problems that you will come across.Understand What A Fuel Injector IsBefore you can start popping the hood and diagnosing your cars problems it really does help if you know what fuel injectors are it can really help out when it comes to knowing whats wrong.Basics of a fuel injection systemEngines work by using something known as an internal combustion process in order to produce power, there are two main ingredients that go into this process and these are oxygen and fuel. Your cars engine will draw oxygen from the air around it and will take the fuel from the vehicle reservoir that contains the gasoline. As an engines supply of gas is limited your car must be able to apply the correct amount of gas to mix with oxygen in order for it to work efficiently. As oxygen supply is fluctuating all the time your injection system will be constantly changing the required amount of gas that it will need to deliver trying to prevent any wastage making your car more efficient.What role do fuel injectors play?Fuel injectors play an incredibly important role when it comes down to a cars fuel delivery system, the more efficient your fuel injector is then the more precise it can be when delivering the required amount of gas to the engine. The injector is basically a valve that has electronic controls which will receive signals produced by the onboard engine control unit which will control the valves on the fuel injectors letting in pressurised gas through the nozzle.Your cars fuel injector will essentially be spraying a gas mist onto your engines intake which will then be carried inside the engine where the combustion process will take place. The reason why it is in mist form instead of a droplet is because it is much more efficient during the combustions process. The more gas your vehicle requires then the longer your fuel injector valves will remain open.What are the common problems associated with fuel injectorsIn this section we will be running through the common problems that you will come across with fuel injectors. Some of the problems are easy to correct and can be done so by using a good fuel injector cleaner some will require you to place the fuel injectors completely.#1 Dirty Fuel InjectorAny fuel additives that do not go directly into your engines intake manifold will leave residue around/on top of the fuel injector and as these burn due to the heat of your engine they will begin to form a crust which will reduce your cars efficiency due to a weak spray and and a more un even spray pattern.#2 Clogged Fuel InjectorsFuel injectors will also begin to get clogged up over time due to tiny little pieces of debris which will normally form a type of rust. If your fuel injector begins to clog up then it will prevent any gasoline being passed through to the engine intake.#3 Fuel Injector Not OpeningThe valve on your fuel injector may not open up which could be down to two reasons either faulty windings or a rusted fuel injector. Your windings may begin to overheat, cut out or break all together and rust can make this problem worse by causing your valve to get stuck. If any of these occur the valve on the fuel injector will not open up meaning it will not be able to deliver gasoline to your engine.#4 Fuel Injector Not ClosingThis problem can occur if there is a faulty spring or a build up of rust/debris has occurred which will prevent the valve on the nozzle closing properly causing the fuel injector to leak gasoline reducing the overall efficiency of your engine.#5 Fuel Injector LeakagesIf your engine system begins to fail your injector may start leaking gasoline which could cause the injector to begin to overheat and fail.

The Different Types of Fuel Injector Fuel System Cleaners

We’re going straight to the point, right below we’ll displace the various types of cleaners and what their main purposes are. You’ll get a better idea of what cleaners will be BEST for your vehicle whether gasoline or diesel.#1 Conventional bottled canned fuel injector/system cleanersThe first type is a simple fuel injector cleaner (bottled or canned). These are the most common types of cleaners, as they often come in as individual units. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose the truly best fuel injector cleaners in the crowd of all the other “crappy” additives on the store shelves.In a general summary of all conventionally bottled or canned fuel injector/system cleaners, we pick the BG 44K fuel system cleaner. NOTE: Just to be clear, crappy cleaners usually go by the name “Gumout”, “ISO-HEET” and some older versions of “STP”.As you saw above, some of these “good performing” bottled or canned cleaners are:

  • Chevrons fuel injector cleaner
  • Redline fuel injector cleaner
  • Lucas Complete Fuel System Cleaner
  • New Versions of STP fuel cleaner
  • Liqui Moly fuel system cleaner.

#2 Gasoline fuel injector system cleanersThese are the most common (like stated above), specifically for gasoline engines. When browsing online or looking through the shelves of your local automotive store, you’ll see most of the cleaners in a bottle or can created mainly for gasoline engines.Brands like Sea Foam, Lucas, Red Line, STP Chevron.Specifically, these cleaners come in a one or two dose serving (10-20oz), so to get the best results you should us 10 oz per 10 gallons of fuel (give or take 2-3 gallons for 1/4 tank).It’s rare to get results that are noticeable after just one bottle, BUT since these cleaners are relatively inexpensive it will not cost you an arm and a leg to get your fuel system and injectors cleaned.Specifically for gasoline fuel injector system cleaners, our pick is the Royal Purple Max-Clean fuel system cleaning.#3 Diesel fuel injector system cleanersOn the flip side of the fuel injector cleaning coin, there’s diesel fuel injector cleaners. Most brands aren’t compatible with diesel engines, and instead they are the specialty brands that are. To give you a few that work exceptionally well are Royal Purple (Max Tane), Power Service Liqui Moly.Since 99% of the time, we have one octane of diesel fuel yes it may be the less refined fuel. Using a properly effective diesel cleaner will most likely ensure your vehicle will last the quarter of a million + miles it’s supposed to.If we had to pick one diesel cleaner to use on our vehicle, we pick the Liqui Moly Diesel Purge hands down.Bang for the buck fuel injector cleaners that workIf you had less than 50$ to spend on fuel injector system cleaners. You would probably buy a few Chevron Techrons or Sea Foam bottles and call it a day.From our research and based on what others who bought this product have experienced, the Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner Conditioner takes the win by far. How does 1 Gallon of a potent cleaner fur under 30 dollars sound. Specifically, this Lucas cleaner has detergents in the liquid to burn away the carbon deposits and helps condition the internal parts.If you use a good portion of this cleaner, you can get 7-12 uses easily.Total fuel system cleaning kitsProfessionals use the best fuel system cleaning kits possible to insure that they only have to clean fuel injectors once. These kits are unique in a way that, you don’t have to drive down an entire tank of fuel to start seeing results.As long as you set it all up properly and you run the cleaner through the vehicle once or twice, there should be a NOTICEABLE difference in how your vehicle performs while driving and in terms of gas mileage also.The key here is not to cheap out on cheap kits ( we know this from experience). If you buy the right fuel system cleaning kit, you’ll only have to buy it once. Our pick for the better one from the bunch is the OTC Professional Master Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit.Do fuel injector cleaners work?The answer to that is, yes. When there is hundreds on the market, it all boils down to just which is the best fuel injector cleaners on the market today.To learn that, look above at our chart or click below to read our new posts on topics like “Top Fuel System Cleaning Kits” and more. Keep in mind, most of the time it takes multiple uses to see a noticeable difference.NOTE: You’ll learn more on how cleaning fuel injectors actually works (instead of dumping a bottle or two of cleaners into a tank… which doesn’t teach you anything).How to clean fuel injectors?If you’ve ever wondered how to clean fuel injectors located under the hood of your vehicle, this little quick guide is designed for you. There’s 2 very different options you can opt in for, with varying results.Option No.1 for cleaning your fuel injectors is simply pouring a bottle of one of the above recommended cleaners directly into your fuel tank. Best poured when the fuel tank is about 75% empty (or about 1/4 full), about 10oz of your selected cleaner will do the job for the first round.****Repeat the process 3-5 times until a difference begins to be noticed.Option No.2 for cleaning your fuel injectors is a bit more labor intensive and requires some special tools. However, with things in life that have more resistance comes far greater rewards. This process will usually give you results 10 x faster over the standard option.In fact, by using a good quality fuel injector cleaning kit, you’re almost always bound to clean up your injectors of carbon.Grab a good, solid fuel injector cleaning kit with various fittings and set it all up with your vehicles fuel injectors. Right below, watch the video to exactly how this process works.

A Guide to the Best Fuel Injector Cleaning Kits

Known to be used as a complete sterilization of the fuel injectors and the complete fuel system, the fuel injection cleaning kits are the last resort and a serious treatment when your engine is in need of some deep cleaning.As your car starts to age, there’s just some things that fuel system cleaning liquids can’t help you with. This is often where you may resort to having a trip to the shop and have a technician diagnose the car for you and offer the total fuel system cleaning procedure.This is often a procedure costing over $1,000 to be professionally done, but if you’re willing to learn, it’s something you can do yourself for 5x less.Right below, we’ve put together a list of the “Best Fuel Injection Cleaning Kits” you can put your hard earned money into. These fuel injector cleaner kits will last you years when used properly, and in fact you can even charge others to have this procedure done.Todays Most Effective Fuel System Cleaning KitsThere’s only a hand-full of fuel injection cleaning kits available for sale to the general public. When used correctly, they do wonders to your fuel system fuel injectors which is like unclogging arteries in a human being.

#1. OTC 6550Pro Professional Master Fuel System Kit

When it comes down to trusty brands, OTC usually takes the win. Being in business of producing tools to help with your direct injection systems, one of the best kits on the market is the OTC 6550PRO Professional Master Fuel System Injection Service Kit.This kit features the ability to perform fuel pressure testing to help you diagnose weak fuel pump and restricted filters. You get multiple adapters included in the kit, which ensures proper fitting for your vehicle.The ability to have direct access to the fuel lines will allow you run various cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean the injectors. Lastly, you also get a very handy vehicle information guide (1997-2008), this can help you navigate throughout your car even if you have little to no experience.

#2 OTC Fuel Injector Cleaning Canister Kit

In our second fuel injector cleaning kit line up, the OTC Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit does just as good of a job as the 6550PRO. Working on not just domestic vehicles but imports too, the cleaning kits has some helpful features such as:You can perform low and high pressure fuel system testing (using pressurized shop air supply). There’s an access line that goes right into the injectors specifically made for various fuel cleaning solutions.When coupled with good fuel injector cleaning solutions, you can completely remove the carbon build up from the intake combustion systems. This is also an excellent model used by many shops nation wide to perform fuel injection cleaning procedures, and you too can get that for your vehicle right from Amazon.

#3 EWK Tools Air Pneumatic Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit

Last mode we’re going to give you a deeper look into is the EWK Tools Air Pneumatic Vacuum System Fuel Injector Cleaner Tester Kit. What this cleaning kit does is all in the name. First of all, what you get is the complete kit with various fittings and sockets. The air powered vacuum hooks into any air compressor very easily, and this is where the injector cleaning process can begin.The easy to read analog dial gives you the ability to read high and low pressure tests. A port for injecting cleaning solution into the injectors will allow you to take full advantage of this pneumatic cleaning too. Add a good cleaning solution, and the carbon build up in the injectors will bring the original spray patter your injectors used to have.

Top Gasoline Injector System Cleaners – Updated

If you’ve been looking for the “best” fuel injector cleaner for a while now, you know it can be tough to weave through peoples reviews, ratings and determine if they are real or fake.We have in fact been through the same thing and have decided to create a special page to guide you towards buying the “right” fuel injector cleaner.There isn’t a list of 10, 20, or even 30 fuel injector cleaners to choose from. Instead, there’s only 5 we believe are most effective in removing carbon, varnish gunk. Also, these cleaners are quickest to produce results in fuel economy, ride quality and engine idling.*Our tested, proven user satisfaction backed GASOLINE fuel injector and system cleaners. BelowWhat is a fuel injector cleaner how do they benefit me?A fuel injector cleaner is a gasoline or diesel additive created in liquid form to be poured into your vehicle fuel system. The #1 goal these cleaners work towards is unclog your cars fuel injectors from varnish, grime, dirt carbon caused by modern day low octane gas (87 89 at the fuel pumps).Additionally, some of these cleaners also help to clear up the dirt, grime, gunk carbon from the combustion chamber. Within a combustion chamber are engine valves, pistons, piston rings cylinder heads.If your vehicle is anything but new, you’re engines internals are probably covered in some form of varnish, carbon or dirt. This of course varies by your mileage, the octane you often use and age of your car. A few things that fuel injector cleaners will benefit you and your vehicle with are listed right below:

  • Better overall fuel economy in both city highway.
  • Engine idling problems fade disappear (when rpm needle jumps around while stationary).
  • A noticeable increase in responsiveness (acceleration and pulling power).
  • Major future repairs can become non-existent or further away (preventative maintenance).

The MAJOR take away from the one benefit that ties with all 4 benefits above is, you’ll begin to save MONEY.How do I pick the best gasoline fuel injector cleaner?When shopping for gasoline fuel injector cleaners, there are several things you should consider;Compatibility: Sometimes, some cleaners are meant for direct injector use only. Meaning you cannot add them into fuel tanks, only a fuel cleaning kit system can work. Be sure to purchase a fuel injector cleaner that is meant for adding directly to the gas tank. **Also, make sure the cleaner is compatible with gasoline engines (all above 5 recommended cleaners are).How many servings: In other words, are you getting a bang for the buck? Some cleaners are potent but come in small packages. Make sure to pick a cleaner that is potent, and has enough servings for a few fill ups. Often times, a single dose of a cleaner will not make any “noticeable” differences.How credible is the cleaner: Reading past buyers reviews is crucial to full understand how effective or ineffective the cleaner will be for your. **Rule of thumb is, 4.0 stars or more and you should be good. **

Reviews of The Top 3 Gasoline Fuel Injector Cleaners

#3. Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Injector Cleaner

Royal Purple is a big brand, so it’s no surprise that it manages to be on top of almost every comparison chart. When it comes down to fuel injector system cleaners, its no exceptionFrom not only our experience, but from others also, it manages to tackle carbon deposits a good bit better after analyzing the before and after results.What’s great about it also, is its a very cost effective over other options. If you ever decide to purchase this additive in bulk, you’ll save quiet a bit.

#2. BG 44K Fuel System Injector Cleaner

BG is known to be exclusive for local mechanic shops, dealerships a handful of online vendors. Their line up is relatively small, but the few products they DO carry is plenty to show that their canned cleaners mean business.BG’s 44K fuel system treatment is one of the best performing fuel system treatments you can buy online. Though not the cheapest for the quantity, their formula works like gang busters at cleaning fuel injectors and carbon build up in the engine.

#1. Liqui Moly Jectron Fuel Injector System Cleaner

Though not a very commonly heard brand or fuel cleaner, we placed the Jectron cleaner into #3 for 2 big reasons. Number one is because it’s actually the cleaner high-end car dealerships use to clean their fuel systems (BMW, Mercedes, VW, Jaguar).Number two is because Liqui Moly has created a formula that works very potently towards carbon inside the injectors and engine chamber. Using a complete fuel system cleaning kit that connects directly to fuel injectors, will give you MUCH better results.The value is reasonable at just under 10 dollars for 10 oz. Unlike a few similar sized fuel injector cleaners, Liqui Moly was bold enough to create a built in funnel to help you pour the entire cleaner into the gas tank (no more using your finger to hold the flap open).Use the entire 10 oz bottle in one tank to get the absolute best carbon destroying power possible and like we mentioned above, combined with fuel system cleaning kits makes it work even better.

A Guide to the Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner

When it comes to your diesel truck or car, their fuel system needs to be in tip top shape. Diesels are well known to last for much longer over the conventional gasoline engine.In order to get there, the engine has to be fully lubricated and flowing smoothly to get those legendary XXX,XXX miles it deserves.Below, we’ve listed the top user rated diesel fuel injector cleaners. These are the one’s you’re best to go with.What is a diesel cleaner, how do they benefit me?Diesel fuel injector or fuel injector cleaning benefit you in various ways, but they do one thing well and that’s clean out the unwanted gunk from diesel engines. Unlike with gasoline engines, diesel engines tend to last much MUCH longer but that also makes them prone to a ton of gunk build up from diesel fuels.There is far less cleaners on the market that are targeted directly at diesel engines, but the few that are (listed above) work very well at removing the gunk from the inside.If using one of the above mentioned diesel cleaners in your fuel tank every few thousand miles, you’ll benefit from a) smother running diesel engine, b) increased fuel economy and c) longer running vehicle.

Top 3 Best Rated Diesel Fuel Injector System Cleaners of This Year!

#1. Liqui Moly Diesel Purge 500 ml Additive

Liqui Moly is known to be one of the most “fancy” fuel cleaning brands on the market. It’s one of the very few cleaners actually made in Germany, with German cars in mind (along with other makes and models as well). With the Diesel Purge, it literally can take as little as one treatment of this stuff into a nearly empty tank to start seeing a difference in engine performance.Best used when 1/4 empty and then once poured 1/2 bottle into the tank followed by a complete fill up. Rinse and repeat after a few thousand miles ideally to keep the diesel engines cleanliness.

#2. Howes Meaner Power Diesel Kleaner

When it comes down to brands specifically catered to diesel cleaners, you can’t go wrong with Howes Diesel Kleaner. Specifically with this cleaner, it not only has above average user reviews but it actually works really well on big rig diesel vehicles (RV’s, F350+ or 3500+ series vehicles).The Howes diesel cleaning additive works to clean gunk off of fuel injectors and engine internals, but as a bonus it has a special formula which lubricates the internal moving parts. If you have a diesel truck or RV, this cleaner is perfect for you.

#3. Royal Purple Max-Tane Diesel Fuel Cleaner

With the reputation of Royal Purple, standard are quite high. With their high quality motor oils and gasoline fuel cleaners, their diesel fuel cleaners work exceptionally well. The 20 oz can of the Max-Tane can treat up to 100 gallons of diesel fuel.By cleaning the gunk and deposits on the internals, you’ll begin to see a difference in the fuel mileage and overall engine feel (smoother). An excellent choice like the 2 above to run in any diesel powered vehicle.

A Brand-Wise Best Products For Your Car

1. The Definitive Guide To Liqui Moly Products

Liqui Moly was founded in Elm, Germany in 1957. Privately owned and providing a wide verity of products ranging from consumer accessories, to retail equipment. Primarily, Liqui Moly specialize in motor oils, and fuel additives.Their lubricants and additives have MoS2 which is molybdenum disulfide. This compound enhances the lubrication quality of the motor oil and offers additional operating features under harsh conditions.The products we’ve cover below are really the typical items consumers like you and I would buy. For a regular car owner, there’s a lot of good from the below mentioned list of Liqui Moly merchandise.Whether you decide to buy or not is up to you, but make no mistake, that Liqui Moly is a premium brand with a long history of good functioning products.

Top Rated Liqui Moly Products In Each Category

What Each Product Actually Does!From the list above, you’ve got a good glance at Liqui Moly’s top rated and best performing products. Now its time to understand what their key functions are, and how in the world they will benefit you.

#1. Liqui Moly Jectron Fuel System Cleaner

Arguably, one of the most effective fuel injector system cleaning additives, Liqui Moly Jectron. Manufactured in Germany for their speciality, high end vehicles, and that’s when you know this stuff is potent.Functioning just like all other fuel system cleaners, that’s where the similarities end. When you use the entire 500 ml dose, this cleaner will mix in with your gasoline and burn along. When it starts burning with your gasoline, it will begin to eat away carbon deposits from the fuel injectors, combustion chamber, pistons, intake/exhaust valves, and fuel rails.The result, will be improved emission testing, increase throttle responsiveness, light to moderate improvement in fuel economy, and smoother engine idle. (This varies by engine condition and how much cleaner is used).

#2. Liqui Moly Diesel Purge

Much like the gasoline Jectron fuel system cleaner, the Diesel Purge by Liqui Moly does the exact same thing. The way you use it is a bit different, as you’ll be using the fuel hoses that are fed directly into the fuel filter, to feed this cleaning agent into the diesel system.When done correctly, the Diesel Purge will help to eat away the carbon deposits found in the engines internals (valves, fuel injectors, pistons, and combustion chambers). As it cleans, it also helps to prevent internal corrosion from happening for an extended period of time.We recommend using this regularly to keep carbon deposits to a minimum, which as a result, will keep your fuel economy where it needs to be, your idling RPM smooth, and proper acceleration pedal (not bogged down due to deposits).

#3. Liqui Moly Radiator Cleaner

When the radiator is running fine, your engine is cool and also, running properly. However, when your radiator is clogged up by deposits (rust etc), it causes barriers against heat exchange, blocks the thermostat and regulating mechanisms. When your engine tempratatureq are too high, it causes the engine to run uneconomically which results in increased internal wear.Liqui Moly Radiator Cleaner helps to clear-up calcareous deposits, which ensures your engine is running at the PROPER temperature. Remember, HEAT is the enemy of engines. When properly cooled, expect the life to be much longer.

#4. Liqui Moly Cera Tec Friction Modifier

Sometimes, full-synthetic motor oil isn’t enough, in which case using the Cera Tec by Liqui Moly will improve the life of your engine even more. What it does is simple: it reduces metal to metal friction when you engine is operating. As a result, the smooth-running effect reduces fuel consumption in petrol and diesel engines.The high-tech ceramic mix found in Cera Tec is what’s responsible for the added protection. Freely mix this with any commercially available motor oil.

#5. Liqui Moly 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

When it comes down to high-grade motor oil, there’s only a handful of brands: Mobil1, Liqui Moly, Royal Purple, and Castrol. In this instance, Liqui Moly makes a WIDE range of motor oils. in fact, that’s what they specialize in. Their “Longtime High Tech 5W-30” synthetic motor oil has the ability to extend your driving up to 18,000 miles.Also, its an excellent dirt-suspender and has cleaning properties to help reduce internal wear. Ideally, we recommend using this motor oil on high-performance vehicles. Good for all gasoline and diesel engines (including common rail technology).**Catalytic converter and turbocharger safe.

#6. Liqui Moly Anti-Friction Gear Grease

For gear grease that lubricates for a LONG time, look at MoS2 Antifriction for Gears lubricant, by Liqui Moly. Its high content of MoS2 along with some other additives, will help to lubricate small, medium and large gears found in transmissions and axle drives.Ideally, this grease is suitable for manual motor vehicle transmissions and for axle drives without self-locking differentials. One tube is enough for up to 2 liters of gear oil.

#7. Liqui Moly Automatic Transmission Additive

Intended for automatic transmission fluids, the Liqui Moly ATF Additive optimally cares for all rubber/plastic seals in steering gears and automatic transmissions. Overtime, hardened and brittle seals cause leaks on transmission and gears. By adding Liqui Moly ATF, you’re helping to eliminate the issues from happening.The ATF Additive reduces noise formations, improves shifting in automatic transmissions, and extends life throughout the entire transmission. One 250ml tube is enough for up to 8 liters of atf oil. (good for ATF II ATF III oils).

#8 Liqui Moly Anti-Seize Paste

For the places that get exposed to extreme temperatures and pressure, Liqui Moly’s Anti-Seize compound is the product to use. Your wheel studs, crews on compressors, turbines, exhaust systems, as well as spark plug threads. Temperatures can range from -30 degree C to +1,100 degrees C and this compound will operate as intended.

Use it on any machinery or components that gets exposed to high heat and pressure.

2. The Definitive Guide To Royal Purple Products

Founded in 1986 by a man named John Williams, Royal Purple is an American based manufacturer that specializes in high-performance lubricants. Its known for making products automobiles, industrial machinery, motorcycles and racing use.With their specialty aside, they also manufacture products like gear oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and industrial gear, bearing, engine, and hydraulic oil.Many gear-heads and car enthusiasts often prefer to use Royal Purple in their vehicles for various purposes (primarily as their motor oil and filter). This is all due to the fact that, Royal Purple’s synthetic motor oils can withstand extreme engine abuse.In the guide below however, we’ll cover all of Royal Purples main products and explain below what each product is good for.

Top Rated Royal Purple Products In Each Category

What Each Product Actually Does!From the list mentioned above, we’re going to dive into some details of each Royal Purple product. Remember, if you want more information about each product, simply click on the image or hit the Amazon button. You’ll be taken to the products main page, which will have various user reviews and its current best price. Lets get started!

#1. Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner

The Royal Purple Max-Clean uses synthetic fuel system cleaning agents which penetrate carbon deposits down to the bottom, removing them from fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chamber.Use the Max-Clean gasoline fuel system cleaner on all 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. For a 20 oz bottle, drive up to 10,000 miles, and for a 6 oz bottle, drive up to 3,000 miles before using it again.On average, users have seen a 3.2% increase in fuel economy and 2.6% increase in restored horsepower.

#2. Royal Purple Max-Tane Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Similar to the Royal Purple Max-Clean, the Max-Tane is their diesel version. Designed to be used on light, medium and heavy duty diesel engines, also working on various type of diesel fuels including #1 diesel, #2 diesel, biodiesel, and ultra-low-sulfer diesel (ULSD).Max-Tane diesel fuel system cleaner is designed specifically to work with todays High Pressure Common Rail diesel injection system, also helping to prevent gelling, improve fuel economy, lubricate the engines internals, and eat away at the carbon build-up caused by contaminates.This cleaner comes with a Cetane boost of up to 8 numbers, may cause an increase in fuel economy by up to 10%, better engine startup during cold and warm weather.

#3. Royal Purple Cooling System Flush and Cleaner

Your cooling system is far from perfect, and just like your fuel lines, it can get clogged up over time.Being equally important as smooth flowing fuel lines, the Royal Purple “Royal Flush” coolant system cleaner is intended to clean the radiator, cooling system, neutralize the combustion byproducts, balance the pH levels in aluminum radiators, and optimize their cooling.It contains no acids and is completely safe to use for any radiator. While some may require post-flush neutralizers, Royal Flush requires no such thing.Non-corrosive = Good and this Royal Purple product is just that!

#4. Royal Purple Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil

When it comes to motor oil, you can go wrong with Royal Purple. Their API-Licensed 5W-30 motor oil is optimized to perform in gasoline and diesel engines.Ideally for engines that are often in high stress (performance engines), Royal Purple oil reduces metal to metal contact and does no harm at all to you engines catalytic conversion system.In some cases, your vehicle will begin to consume fuel more economically due to the motor oils proper lubrication abilities.In addition, Royal Purple oil can prevent white sludge and lubrication starvation that can occur with 20% or higher ethanol fuel.

#5. Royal Purple High Performance Synthetic Automotive Gear Oil

One of the most important topics talked about today in the car world is, fuel economy. This is especially true if you drive a bigger vehicle such as a pick up truck. Now, these vehicles naturally have big engines so you can’t escape that.But not many realize that using better gear oil will improve fuel economy by reducing vehicle drag.Royal Purple High Performance Synthetic Gear Oil is designed to make your vehicles gears run smoother, quieter, cooler, and longer without overhauls.Although this stuff isn’t cheap, it lasts much longer and works better compared to conventional gear oil. Replace your vehicles gear oil and see the difference!

#6. Royal Purple ATF Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Did you know that over 90% of the reasons why automatic transmission fail, is due to overheating. These transmissions produce a great deal of heat and depend upon the transmission fluid for cooling and protection.Luckily, this Royal Purple Automatic Transmission Fluid is scientifically engineered to extend the life of your transmission by reducing the amount of heat and wear on your transmission system.For best results, drain your entire transmission system and replace the fluid with Max ATF.

#7. Royal Purple Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease

Any crucial moving part on your vehicle that moves, needs to be at one point or another, lubed up.Royal Purple has created a fully synthetic performance grease (UPG). Its a high-performance, multi-service, aluminum-complex, synthetic grease which significantly increases bearing life and equipment reliability.Things you can use this grease for can range from lubricating bearings, to u-joints and general appliances. Being synthetic and lab made, makes it great against extreme pressure and excellent at resisting moisture.

#8. Royal Purple Synthetic Penetrating Spray Lubricant

If you’re familiar with WD-40, then you’ll know just how much of a life saver it really is. Royal Purple has stepped it up with their Multipurpose Synthetic Lubricant called Maxfilm.Unlike most conventional lubricants that are wet spray which eventually drip away, this one is dry spray, leaving a layer of lubricant for long term lubrication.Yes, this dry spray will simply evaporate into thin air, leaving a thin layer of lube to help protect against wear, rust and corrosion.

#9. Royal Purple Max-Boost Octane Booster

For most cases, higher octane isn’t necessary because cars are preprogrammed to run on 87 and 89 octane. Adding octane would often prove to be a complete waste of money.However, for those times your fuel is absolute garbage or, your track car needs a little boost, look no further than the Royal Purple octane booster.Royal Purple’s product WILL raise your octane love by 3 whole numbers. While most others state theirs will only raise by “points”, what really matters are “numbers”. 10 points = 1 number (from 87 + 1 number = 88). While it sounds like a lot, in realty its not noticeable at all.Royal Purple Max-Boost will help your vehicle to raise the octane level by up to 3 numbers, reduce engine knowing/pinging, restore some power, slight increase in fuel economy, and even reduce loss power loss due to knock-retard in computer controlled vehicles.

The Definitive Guide To Lucas Oil Products

One of the best American success stories is from the creator of Lucas Oil Products. Starting out from humble beginnings and named after Forrest Lucas (a former trucker), they specialize in manufacturing/distributing automotive oil, additives and lubricants.This company is often sponsored in several national racing events such as IndyCar, H1 Unlimited, NHRA and NASCAR.If you want to find the Lucas products in your stores, just head on over to any big supermarket (Walmart is the main one), and automotive stores (AutoZone, Advanced Auto Parts, NAPA, etc).In the guide below, we’ll go over the best rated Lucas products that are currently available to consumer hands.

Top Rated Lucas Oil Products In Each Category

What Each Product Actually Does!

Lucas products are no joke. The above chart has shown you the most popular Lucas products that have crucial applications for your vehicle. Much like our other product guides, if you want more information , simply click on the image or hit the Amazon button. You’ll be taken to the products main page, which will have various user reviews and its current best price. Lets get started!

#1. Lucas Fuel System Treatment

When talking about big value for the money you spend, Lucas is truly the way to go. Their most popular fuel system cleaner is the Lucas Complete Fuel Treatment with Fuel Conditioner.Best bought in one gallon portions, it is an excellent way to keep your vehicle running stronger, while burning away carbon deposits.A few key things it does are: cleans and lubricates the fuel system, neutralizes low sulfur fuel problems, may increase vehicle power under acceleration, a light to moderate increase in overall fuel economy, and a longer life of your vehicles pumps and injectors.

#2. Lucas Heavy-Duty Oil Stabilizer

The Lucas HD Oil Stabilizer is pure petroleum based additive, that is used directly on your engines oil. Whether you have a big-rig truck or a family car, it will help to increase your oil life by at least 50%, reduce oil consumption, drastically reduces engine dry starts, and even helps to increase your engine power + fuel economy.The main goal of the Lucas oil treatment, is to reduce friction between metals. By doing that,your engine can run easier at higher temperatures.

#3. Lucas Oil White Grease Lithium

The Lucas White Lithium Grease is a product intended for multiple uses. With a white and creamy appearance, it can resist some pretty high temperatures and pressure. You can use it anywhere from household applications, to a wide verity of automotive uses, including, tractors, contractor equipment, trucks, and chassis.Not intended for use with any kind of wheel bearings.Key Benefits: doesn’t wear out fast, reduces material wear, drastically reduces friction, good for multiple uses.

#4. Lucas-Oil Octane Booster

To give your gasoline an extra kick in the butt, try using Lucas-Oil Octane Booster.Intended to be used on stale or low octane fuel, it can help your fuel to burn off some carbon deposits from the engine, make your fuel burn a little cleaner, and in some cases, increase your engines power slightly.Its completely safe to use on turbos, oxygen sensors, and catalytic converters.

#5. Lucas-Oil X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease

There’s grease, and there’s X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease. This stuff is wash-out proof to the max, and can withstand temperatures ranging from sub zero to soaring high temperatures.its formulated for automotive, agricultural, heavy-duty and industrial applications. On average, it will last longer than regular grease, consistently be waterproof, handles extreme temps, an excellent source for performance bearings.

#6. Lucas-Oil Super Coolant Additive

Your vehicles cooling system is extremely crucial, in helping your engine run smoothly. We often take for granted the temperature gauge of your dashboard until… its up high. in which case you have an issue.Lucas Super Coolant is a special additive that is intended to lower cylinder head temperatures, allow advanced ignition, timing and more horsepower, reduce operating temps by up to 20 Degrees F, and prevent internal system corrosion/rust.Use for passenger cars, light trucks and SUV’s for every 30,000 miles or so.

The Definitive Guide To BG Products

BG Products Inc. was developed and put together by a group of WWII veterans and automotive workers back in 1971. After World War 2, they emerged with a vision for a great, quality company.Today, they are the creators of some of the most priciest and effective consumer available products on the market. Go to any credible automotive shop, and you’ll be offered some type of service using BG products (often times the 44K and MOA treatment).Although these products work like gangbusters, they are heavily inflated in price at shops. You’re a smart cookie if you look online for good deals. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a guide of BG’s top rated products.Look at the chart below, Amazon is usually the best source for the best guarantee and price.

Top Rated BG Products In Each Category

What Each Product Actually Does!Now that you’ve seem BG’s top rated products, you gotta know exactly what they are good at. While the titles say one thing, you must know the truth behind each product before you buy. After all, these BG products aren’t cheap. However, whichever product you end up choosing, you’ll see they do their intended jobs.**If you’re wondering where to gran any of these BG products, simply click the “See Best Price Here” buttons or, “Read reviews buy on” buttons. You’ll be taken to their official Amazon pages.

#1. BG 44K Fuel Injector System Cleaner

When you bring-up fuel injector and system cleaners, BG44K is one of the most popular and expensive per ounce. Go through various shops across the country, and most credible shops recommend BG products across the board.The BG 44K gasoline fuel system cleaner is a relatively small but potent solution. When you pour the entire can into your vehicles fuel tank, start driving. Your fuel will get mixed in with the 44K and start to burn off carbon deposits, varnish and gunk.The main benefits your vehicle will begin to experience are: cleaner fuel injectors, intake valves, ports, fuel filters and combustion chamber.Deposits that are resulted from dirty fuel usually cause engine surge, stalling, stumbling, hesitation and power loss.At least one dose of BG44K will kick start the cleaning process into high gear!**When it comes to fuel injector cleaners, we highly recommend the BG 44K.

#2. BG MOA Engine Oil Supplement

Todays engines are running at temperatures higher than ever before. On top of that, we are a stop-and-go society,making our engine oil rapidly deplete critical oil additives (being especially true with full synthetic motor oils).Over time, oxidation reduces motor oil to heavy, black sludge in the crankcase, rocker arms, oil screens, oil passages, and other critical areas of the engine.When you pour a can of BG MOA engine oil supplement, it helps to fortify the oil to reduce metal-to-metal friction, giving you long-lasting protection (even at peak loads).More specifically, it prevents oil thickening under extreme heat and load.** Use after each oil change.

#3. BG 244K Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Diesel engines truly work that hardest. Whether it be a heavy duty commercial truck, or a Volkswagen Golf TDI, diesels are prone to the same types of deposits as gasoline engines.Much like BG’s amazing 44K gasoline fuel system treatment, the BG 244K diesel fuel system treatment works just as good.It will begin to break down varnish, gunk and carbon on your engine internals, while at the same time, improve your fuel efficiency, overall engines performance, and any drivability issues will be eliminated.**Recommended to be used for every fill-up, until a noticeable difference can be felt. After that, we recommend using it every-so-often.

#4. BG Super Cool Coolant Additive

Like all things in your vehicle will eventually corrode and go bad, your cooling system is NO exception. Its very easy to overlook your engines cooling system until…. there’s white smoke pouring from under the hood.Over time, coolants protective additives will become depleted. As a result, it can also make your coolant acidity and unable to protect your cooling systems components. Rust, scale, and other debris will begin to form, ultimately destroying your cooling system.We don’t want that to happen, BG Universal Super Cool with just one bottle, will help to restore coolants key additives, restore pH levels, and provide protection against foaming/corrosion.**Designed to be used with conventional, long life, hybrid, heavy duty, and diesel coolants.

#5. BG 109 EPR Engine Performance Restorer

Very similar to BG’s 44K fuel system treatment, the BG EPR (engine performance restoration) solution is simply, a stronger version. It will help you soften and dissolve deposits such as carbon, varnish, and other gunk in as little as 10 minutes (something no one has claimed before).When your combustion chambers are properly sealed, EPR improves compression and reduces oil dilution. Your fuel economy will often begin to improve as a result of your engine being internally cleaner.**It’s an excellent preventative maintenance for gasoline direct injected engines.

The Definitive Guide To STP Products

If you’ve ever shopped in your local super market in the automotive section, you’ve seen the STP brand. What many don’t know is that they were founded in 1954 by a group of three businessman with just $3,000 in capital. In case you were ever wondering what STP stood for, its “Scientifically Treated Petroleum”.Their very first product was the STP Oil Treatment, intended for helping motor oil resist thinning at high temps and pressure.Since then, they have evolved into a BIG company producing a wide range of products that cover every aspect of your vehicle. Although there’s a whole bunch of products, there’s a handful that are very popular and rated to be some of their best.We’ve created a chart below showing STP’s most popular products, as well as a link to where you can get them for their cheapest price. Simply click on the “See Bests Price Here” button to see additional user reviews, along with the best price.

Top Rated STP Products In Each Category

What Each Product Actually Does!Now that you’ve seen STP’s best rated products above, let us give you a quick overview of what each product really does. Below, we’ve listed them in order as shown in table above, explaining what the main benefits are when doing fuel system cleaning.

#1. STP Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner

A popular product by STP is their gasoline fuel injector cleaner. This product you can grab in bulk and have in your vehicle for every fill-up. This do-able because STP’s fuel injector cleaner is incredibly cheap. With one 5.25oz bottle, you can treat up to 21 gallons of fuel.STP’s formula isn’t the best by any stretch because you get what you pay for. But to an extend, STP’s fuel injector cleaner does work.It will help to break away some carbon deposits from your engines internals, as well as fuel injectors. As a result, improved fuel economy and performance will often be the result.

#2. STP Motor Oil Treatment

No matter which motor oil you use, your engine will eventually start making your motor oil thick and develop sludge. Products like STP Oil Treatment are designed to help you with that problem.Heat is a result of too much friction in your engine, and its the main cause of MAJOR problems.STP’s Oil Treatment consists of a high-viscosity formula which acts as an anti-wear agent.All the major friction going on in your engine will be drastically reduced, resulting in longer engine life.**Use during an oil change with new oil.

#3. STP Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner

Similar to STP’s gasoline fuel treatment, the diesel fuel injector treatment does the exact same thing. Diesel and gasoline engines are plagued by the same thing, which is carbon deposits. These fuels both come from the ground, and carbon, varnish, and gunk will eventually build-up on the internal components (where combustion happens).With the STP Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner, it will begin to break apart the formed deposits. Increased throttle sensitivity, and fuel economy will be a result.**Use regularly when you fill up your tank.

#4. STP Octane Booster

Low octane and stale fuel can rob your vehicle of performance. You’ll feel sluggish acceleration, along with a big decrease in fuel economy. Consumer focused octane boosters often boost the octane levels just enough to help with engine knock, ping, and retard timing.STP’s Octane Booster isn’t best in class by any stretch, but a few 5.25oz bottles can help you r fuel burn slower, eliminate any knocks/pings, and even add a boost in acceleration feel.**Recommended for use with every fill up.

Where to Buy the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

In order to maintain your car in good condition you will need the best fuel injector cleaner. There are many manufacturers of fuel injector cleaners available hence you should try and look for the best manufacturers from where you will buy your injector cleaner from.This is necessary because after accessing good injectors from the best manufacturers the injector cleaner will end up serving you well. It is also to your advantage in case you decide to buy an injector cleaner, which will serve you for a long period of time without any complications. Injector cleaner will always make you realize the value of your money which you will have used to buy the cleaner.In case you will like to save your money then you need to look for a company that has good reputation in offering injectors which have great durability. Here are some ways on how you will be able to locate the best manufacturers from where you can buy the best fuel injector cleaner:Try to read reviews about the manufacturers before you decide to buy the best fuel injector cleaner from the companyFrom reading reviews you will be able to know what other people who have already made use of the injectors say about the performance of the cleaners. In case there are a lot of praises about the cleaners then you should buy such a cleaner. Before you decide to make use of any cleaner, you should read the instructions provided on how to apply the cleaner. This is necessary for you to avoid cases where you will end up using a cleaner in a way that you will end up regretting later where you will cause damage to the engine of your car.Consider a company that will be able to deliver the injector cleaner within the shortest time possibleFor you to avoid cases where you will be stressed while waiting for the cleaner to be delivered you need to take your time and buy from a company that will be able to deliver within the shortest time possible. You can easily know about the time that a given company takes to deliver injector cleaners bought from it after you take your time and read testimonials offered by people on their website or from asking the company through their online contact forms.Try to buy the best fuel injector cleaner from a company that will not expose you to too many hidden chargesYou many decide to buy your injector online, in such a case for you to save money you need to take your time and compare different stores available so that you will be able to locate the one with the best prices. After locating the one with the best prices you should also remember to factor any hidden charges that may be available in a given store. A store that will tend to have a lot of hidden charges will end up making you incur more charges before you can access your fuel injector cleaner after ordering.

Benefits Of A Fuel Injector Cleaner

Fuel deposits can accumulate on the intake valves of your car engine, injectors, fuel injectors, combustion chambers and ports. Dirty fuel injector system is among the most widely recognized problems, and can result into clogging, which may result to a wide range of engine problems, for example, power loss, hesitation, rough idle, pinging, misfire, hard starting and knocking.Nonetheless, one of the main issues which will affect your wallet with you not even easily noticing comprises a fall in the fuel economy, lower performance or even filthy emissions. On the other hand, there is a straightforward approach to clean your fuel injectors that can bring about the help in maintaining your car’s health, so you can escape engine problems and perk up fuel economy – sparing you cash in the long-run.

Benefits of a Fuel Injector Cleaner

The purpose of cleaning your fuel injector is to eliminate the accumulation of fuel varnish deposits and impurities that clog injectors, affecting their operation. They require occasional cleaning for optimum operation. Specialists suggest that fuel injector cleaning should be done every 25,000 – 30,000 miles or annually.Fuel injector cleaning enhances functionality as well as helps restore and perk up engine performance, minimize emissions and enhance efficiency.Fuel injector cleaner is a frequently missed step in tune-ups for cars, trucks, and other types of automobile. For the reason that it can be quite pricey to dismantle, replace or clean a fuel injection system, it is frequently glossed over during normal tune-ups. Possibly that or a shop will charge you the way too much money simply to put an additive fuel injection cleaner into a gas tank for you, when all you are needed to do is just purchase a bottle and empty it in a full gas tank yourself.Clean fuel injectors are a major requirement in fuel economy, discharges, and ultimate performance of the engine. At the point when fuel injectors are dirty, they cannot convey the right spray needed for burning, consequently; fuel economy and performance of the engine suffer. This, at the end, can be expensive or can even start to bring in symptoms such as misfires or rough idle.That is the reason I greatly commend fuel injector cleaner. The reason I suggest a fuel injection cleaner is on the grounds that it is one of those basic things an individual can manage without needing to replace any parts or any under the hood work. Generally, in a tune-up, several things are replaced, including spark plugs, belts, distributor caps and fluids. However, with fuel injectors, running an additive through a gas tank once in a while will absolutely do the trick.

Types of Fuel Injector Cleaners

There is the wide range of fuel injection cleaners, gasoline being the most in-demand| used. Less-expensive fuel usually lacks the additives that break-down clogging and can cost you more cash in the long-run than it spares. The best tip for maintaining the cleanliness of your fuel injector is by not buying cheap gas. However, this is just a deterrent measure.My deduction is that for individuals reading this article, this is on account of your fuel injectors being clogged up and bringing about engine performance problems. If that is the situation, then you still have a number of alternatives. There are numerous inexpensive for fuel injector cleaner whom you can add to your gasoline. This will act like Drano on a sink pipe and will break up a significant number of the clogs in your injectors. It will keep your injectors nice and clean when used once every few months (semi-regularly).However, this may not be sufficient for a number of engines. Older engines that are already subjected to bigger problems may require a greater hand. In fact, you might require a fuel injector cleaner kit that allows you to dismantle the fuel-injection system to clean it.This, nonetheless, is not a prospect at all times, and some fuel injectors are fragile and difficult to fiddle with. When attempting this, I would certainly propose running one fuel injector cleaner additive bottle or two through a gas tank and checking whether that helps whatsoever. It is inexpensive and effective. There is your cash saving tip of the day.

Access Fuel Injector Cleaning Service from the Best Experts

Carrying out regular maintenance of your car is an issue that you cannot afford to ignore. The choice of experts whom you will like to work with in your fuel injector cleaning service also matters a lot when carrying out regular maintenance of your car. For you to achieve the best services, you need to look for experts who have good reputation in offering quality services.In case you make a mistake and approach the experts directly while trying to locate a place where you can access the services you will end up being confused. This is why you will find many people trying to read reviews about services offered by different experts before they make decisions on where to access their services from.You should also employ different tips so that you will be able to land on the best experts. The following are some tips for you on how to select the best experts whom you can access fuel injection service from:Take into consideration the experience of the experts before you hire them for your fuel injector cleaning serviceFor any expert to deliver quality work, they must have been in the field for a long period of time where they have accessed a lot of experience in handling different challenges when offering services to different people. You can easily know about the experience of a given group of experts after you take your time and study the history of their company in which they work in. The best professionals whom you should hire should work in a company where they have served different people for many years.Check on the reviews to know about what other people are saying about the services offeredPossibly, before you approach a given company for the services. There are other people who have already been served before you. For you to know the quality of the injector cleaning services which you can expect from the experts you need to look at the reviews. For you to achieve more out of the reviews, you need to take your time and read reviews from different websites where you will be able to compare the opinions of different people so that you will avoid making decisions basing on mere rumors.Compare the rates of fuel injector cleaning service in the company with other companies availableFor you to save money in your fuel injector cleaning service you need to try and look for a company that will save you money in your services. Remember while making use of your car making sure that your car is well maintained will be among the factors that you should take seriously. A car that is well maintained will consume fuel efficiently hence making the owner achieve some level of economy.The car will also become more reliable where you can make use of it at any time of the day without fear of breakdowns. Failing to take good care of your car can be really risky where you will be inconvenienced after the car breaks down forcing you to use a lot of money in repairing it.

Different Ways On How To Test Fuel Injectors?

A fuel injector has become the main fuel delivery system used in various automotive engines. However, you may want to know and verify if it is working efficiently or properly. If you have noticed that whenever you start your car, you hear an odd sound or no sound at all, there must be something wrong with the fuel injectors. As a car owner, you should know various ways on how to test fuel injectors. Now, read on and find out more.

Explain of How To Test Fuel Injectors

The Use Of Electronic ToolsSince fuel injectors make use of voltage pulse, you can use electronic tools in order to diagnose them. With the use of an ohmmeter or a multimeter, you can check its electrical resistance in order to see if it is working efficiently. When using an ohms reader or a multimeter, you only need to set it or turn it on. After which, you should disconnect the wires to the injector.Place the leads of the meter on the injector terminals and read the meter display. In most cases, fuel injectors have a resistance which ranges from 10 to 18 ohms. You need to diagnose each injector. If the readings are lower or higher than the normal resistance, then something is wrong with the fuel injectors. On the other hand, others make use of a Noid light kit in order to diagnose their fuel injectors.Test Fuel Injectors ManuallyYou can also do manual methods of checking your fuel injectors. Start the engine of your car and learn to decipher sounds. A clunking or weird sound can warn you of possible issues or problems. You can also visit auto manufacturers and machine shops. They offer various machines, which enable you to manual test the fuel injectors of your vehicle.The Importance Of Testing Fuel InjectorsAn efficient fuel injector contributes to the general performance of your car or vehicle. In this connection, it is best to know how to diagnose fuel injectors manually or with the use of electronic devices. There are various issues, which could develop with the injector of your car, that is why it is advisable to check and test them the regularly for you to find the culprit. By knowing how to test the injector of your vehicle, you will be able to prevent severe damages or problems.On the other hand, if you think, the fuel injector of your car is having some problems, you can bring your vehicle to a reliable fuel injection service provider in your area. They are skilled enough in cleaning and repairing fuel injectors. They can also implement other procedures, including pressure regulator inspection, fuel lines and fuel rail inspection, combustion chamber and piston’s decarbonization, and a lot more.By hiring a fuel-injection service provider, you will be able to save money, minimize the risk of breakdowns, as well as increase dependability and safety. If you want, you can also opt for do-it-yourself methods of cleaning or repairing your injector. No matter what your choice is, the goal is to know how to diagnose the fuel injector of your car so that you will know what to do next.

In Conclusion To Best Fuel Injector Cleaners

ConciselyThere is a wide variety of fuel injector cleaners available on the market today for you to choose from. They differ in prices, cleansing capability as well as their mode of cleaning (cleansing agent they contain). Fuel injector cleaners work so you shouldn’t have any doubt using it. It’s a tested and proven additive that will help you reap from the benefits of fuel injection maximally.ConclusionThere you have it, the top 5 best fuel injector cleaners you can buy that have the highest likely-hood of working to help your vehicle. Keep in mind, it may take a few servings to thoroughly clean out your engines internals. If your injectors needs some TLC, try investing into a fuel system cleaning kit. Combined with the above cleaners will truly do some magic!

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