Best Epilator 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for the quality personal care products then you are in the right place as this website deals with various user-friendly models of epilators that are best and recommended dermatologically. These promise a perfect and clean look. You also save money from disposable razors and can avoid tears of pain from waxing by using these epilators for smoother and softer skin results.

Our Picks For Best Epilators

Best Epilators Reviews 2020

Few model lists are discussed here which surely assures you with more clean and clear skin. Each model has distinctive features and one can choose from it.

#1. Panasonic ES-ED90-P Ladies Wet And Dry Epilator And Shaver

The personal care product epilator is a refined product that can be included as the best collection for achieving smooth hair free skin and a masterly pedicure at low cost. The wet/dry shaver epilator with pedicure Buffer ES – ED90-P is embedded with many attractive features.The modeled epilator is high tech with multifunctional epilators and shaver with a pedicure buffer. The perfect and the best epilator model has LED lights which illuminates and enables you to see even hard hair or the minute growth of hairs on any part of the body.The accessories of the epilators are really distinguished as it has exclusively a large surfaced attachment, especially for legs and arms. The availability of separate attachments for smaller surface areas or the sensitive areas makes the epilator product a wonderful one.The blades are extra sharp and reusable with just allowing easy cleaning with splash water. It has the head that is pivoting at 60 degrees. This provides a good grip to the skin and removes the smaller growth hairs as well.Presented with the wide dual discs of 48 precise rotating tweezers, it captures even short and thinning hair with the single stroke of usage. The epilation can be experienced on a wet or dry skin. This includes using a gel or soap for gentle application of removing unwanted hairs.The model has six attachments which include 48 tweezers for larger areas like legs, arms, thighs to name a few. A gentle epilation cap is used for fewer tweezers that can be used on the sensitive area or the smaller area.Precise epilation cap for even more delicate areas of the shaver head. A uniquely modelled pedicure buffer with the rotating files which remove dry and skin that is callused. This is done with the help of a Bikini comb.

Model Specifications

  • This best epilator has replacement foil or blade of WES9759 (set), WES9753P (Foil), WES9752P (Blade)
  • The accessories include a travel pouch, a cleaning brush and potential charger.
  • The weight is of the unit is 6.0, Master (lbs) 4.3, Carton (oz) 19.3
  • The charging time is one hour
  • Operating time is 30 minutes
  • The power source is AC 100-240V
  • The product carries a warranty for 2 years
  • UPC is 885170120426

What we liked

  • Beautiful design
  • Fits great in hands
  • Pivoting head which is AMAZING to reach non flat areas
  • VERY fast (at least compared to my Braun Silk Epil 7 Wet and Dry)
  • You can use this wet and dry (Although using wet irritates my skin more so I prefer to use it dry)
  • Cordless
  • Fully charged in 1 hour
  • No need to go over an area multiple times
  • Small area attachment
  • Smart Light

What we didn’t like

  • Charge lasts only 30 minutes or so (usually enough to do a leg and a half for me)
  • Does NOT come with an ice glove like Braun epilators do
  • Noisy (although does not bother me)
  • Painful

#2. Braun Series 7-7181 Silk Epil Wet And Dry Epilator

With the best epilator model, Braun series 7 – 7181 silk epil wet dry epilator one can remove the hair they prefer. Efficiently designed to meet the needs for personal care of removing unwanted hair the Braun’s epilator provides an excellent experience with 40 close-grip tweezers. This helps you in removing the minute or the shortest hairs on your body.With 0.5 mm smooth blades, the product enables an easy hair removal without damaging your skin. The result is smoother and softer skin.It is conveniently designed with the cordless facility to make a free movement of the epilator across your body while removing the unwanted hair.An attraction of smart light that can help or enhances you in removing the finest hairs for an effective result without damaging your skin’s texture. It removes even the shortest, fine hairsProvided with the pre-epilation wipes that prepare your skin with the smoothness for easy removal of the unwanted hairs. This also adds the glow to your skin after the hair removal.The most outstanding feature is that it can be used in the bath, dry for performing gentlest epilation.

Model Specification

  • The model has extra end specifications which give you a remarkable experience of using it.
  • The epilator has a pivoting head up to 15 degrees with forward and backward motions which give a perfect adaption to the contours of your body.
  • There is a high massage frequency which you will experience on hair removal with this product. No massage rollers are provided
  • It is highly water resistant and can be washed when cleaning or sterilizing it
  • The operation is 40 minutes
  • The accessory unit includes trimmer cap, sensitive area cap, efficiency cap, charging stand, facial cap, pouch, pre-epilation wipes and a shaver head.
  • It is a cordless and hence counted among the best epilators.
  • Availability of 2-speed settings
  • The product carries a warranty for 2 years
  • The weight of the product is only 680 g
  • Innovative utilization of the close-grip technology
  • The model is specifically designed for wet and dry epilation. This adds the comfort of epilation without causing pain to your skin.

What we liked

  • Precision light.
  • Waterproof
  • Speed
  • About 40 minutes of use with one charge
  • Not as painfull as other models.

What we didn’t like

  • Speed which is not as fast as it’s supposed to be when you use it for over 20 minutes.
  • Doesn’t work really well under water, I often need to redo it after when my skin is dry.
  • Brokes a LOT of hair instead of pulling them out. Not so prettty.
  • Doesn’t always get the finer/lighter colored hairs.

#3. Braun Silk-epil 7 7-561 Women’s Epilator, White – The Best epilator

The high-tech design of the wet and dry epilator model SE7681 gives you that extra shine and smoothness which you desire with a stroke of hair removal product.The personal product is devised to perform with cordless which enables an experience that is gentler and smoother in results. Moreover, it is quite convenient too.It can be used in the most efficient manner during the bath or shower.The Braun’s epilator initiates the technology of 40 close-grip tweezers which gives you an elegant, extra smooth and clear toned skin.The hair removal bristles are very fine and textured blades of 0.55 mm which can pull the hairs from the roots and restricts the growth up to four weeks.

Model Specifications

  • High performance for gentle, smooth skins
  • The model is provided with the pre-epilation wipes
  • Easy removal of hair with single strokes
  • Speed control unit with two frequencies for extra epilation that gives an efficient performance
  • The presence of smart light which ensures that you never miss even one single lot of hairs
  • The soft left tips enable your tweezer to remove even hairs that are flat and lying
  • An excellent massaging performance which stimulate the skin and soothe the areas against the plucking sensations.
  • Guaranteeing maximum comfort during epilation.

What we liked

  • Light
  • Smooth operation
  • Attachments
  • Battery life is as expected

What we didn’t like

  • Cannot operate while plugged in
  • Not as powerful as a corded unit
  • Cheaper devices have same number of tweezers

#4. Braun SE 3170 Silk Epil 3 Epilator, Pink

The unique and highly sophisticated model Braun SE3170 gives you a clear, smooth and soft skin which lasts up to 4 weeks.The product model has ultra-close advanced soft lift system which ensures that even the most tin or the shortest hairs are removed from the root.The massaging rollers clips reduces the pulling sensations as wellFlexibly moves in any direction with gentle and ultra-application of the best epilator that one can useIt increases the efficiency of epilation by the advanced technology of the Pro Clip which insists on easy and efficient hair removal.The epilator is cordedThe presence of smart lights gives you clear definition on the areas of hair growth which can even pull minutes through proper visibility.The body is designed for properly fitting into the hands of the user.The availability of the 20 tweezers epilators head covers a large area of the skin in a single stroke with quick and fast epilation.

Model Specifications

  • The high and comfortable performance of the epilator for long lasting results.
  • Availability of 20 tweezers with great grip over the hairs for quick removal.
  • The light weight product is only 9.6 ounces
  • Easy maintenance with cleaning brush
  • Ac adapter is available with the product model

What we liked

  • Fast results, did both legs (ankle to top of thigh) in 30 minutes.
  • Long lasting, results lasted three weeks before I had to use it again.
  • Leaves legs feeling smooth, no stubble.
  • Did underarms in five minutes.
  • Lasted three weeks before I had to use it again.
  • Left underarms silky smooth, no stubble.
  • Different speed settings.
  • Easy to use.

What we didn’t like

  • Very loud!
  • It is unbearably painful.
  • Doesn’t work as well with smaller/vellus hair.

#5. Braun Silk-épil 5 Power 5280 Women’s Epilator

The crazily and attractively designed Braun SE 5280 silk Epil 5 one of the best and gives you the magic touch of removing even the shortest hair that wax cannot remove.Highly advanced and engineered with the grip technology that has close tweezers 40 in numbers. These tweezers remove even the finest of the finest hairs as well. This includes even the hair of 0.5mm can be removed easily.The highly sophisticated best epilators give you an accomplished comfort of massaging rollers which stimulates the skin for extra smooth softness and clear appearance.To soothe your skin, the product is accompanied with the cooling glove which should be used after epilating the area.Your skin is free of hair growth for nearly four weeks and the skin turns smoother and glossy with each epilation.You can increase the speed up to 2 levels for an efficient epilation.The head of the epilator is highly flexible even up to 15 degrees with backward & forward motions for better ability to remove hairs from pinpoint areas. This adds comfort to your body with complete thoroughnessThe flat-lying hairs are precisely lifted and removed by the tweezers without pain or causing roughness to your skin.The presence of smart light enables you to remove the finest hairs by ensuring that the light falls exactly on the hair removing areas.A sophisticated massager is added which initiates the skin with soothing effect after the epilation. This encourages maximum comforts.The product is highly water resistant and can be cleaned even under the running water. The body is completely sealed and this gives a unique hygiene and perfect maintenance with the best epilator.The smooth and gentle cooling gloves pamper your skin by soothing it with coolness before epilation and increase the comfort level by soothing it after the epilation.

Model Specifications

  • The availability of two dual massage rollers which is activated after and before the epilation
  • Innovative technology of close-grip of 40 tweezers for quick and easy results
  • You’re provided with the ice glove which cools the skin before you begin your epilation.
  • A trimmer cap, efficiency cap and a pouch are included in the accessories.

What we liked

  • Tilt head. Very helpful to have this option
  • Light!
  • Less pain
  • Detachable cord- not cordless

What we didn’t like

  • not a cordless epilator.
  • Cordless might be more convenient
  • does not have the option of charging a battery
  • quite loud.

#6. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator

The Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator, Orange/Copper, and an innovative model gives you the clear and that extra virgin of smoothness to the skin. It even removes your finest hairs that cannot be caught in waxing. To say, it accurately removes even the shortest 0.5 mm short hair.Availability of pre-epilation wipes that comfort your skin for the gentler epilation. It even prepares your skin before you start the process.The strong and the killer 40 tweezers give a clear and clean definition to your skin by completely removing the hairs from the area. The close-grip outstanding technology provides superior performances with most of your hair getting removed.This is counted among the best epilator around. It is usually addressed as the wet and dry epilator produced by Braun which allows you to use dry or when you take shower or bath. The application is quite gentle in both ways.The head is structured with the pivoting technology which allows the smooth functions as per your body contours and the results are quite satisfactory as well.

Model Specifications

  • Adjustable speed capacity with two levels
  • Flexible and convenient pivoting head which gives maximum comfort and thoroughness
  • A smart light that illuminates on your skin to give you a clean and easy removal of the finest hairs.
  • The powerful tweezers lift the flat lying hairs in the gentlest manner

What we liked

  • Comes with various attachments, including one for the armpits, a shaver head and one for exfoliating.
  • It has a wider head.
  • Can be used wet or dry.
  • Less painful then older models.
  • Rechargeable battery. Can be used cordless.
  • Comes with a nice storage bag.
  • Has two speeds. The faster one is more efficient and less painful.
  • Has a smart light, so you can see even the tiniest hairs.
  • Comes with a stand.
  • Removes hair nicely (and I have very coarse thick hair thanks to PCOS).

What we didn’t like

  • Takes an hour to charge.
  • It doesn’t pluck the hairs immediately.
  • Removes about 95% of the hair only.Painful but it goes away.

#7. Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401, Compact Hair Removal Epilator

The epilator with high-tech features enables you to evade the painful waxing as it can remove event the minute hairs of 0.5mm or even shorter.It is accessorised with massaging rollers which stimulate your skin for more comfort and shields your skin.A trimmer cap and an efficiency cap are also provided with the kit.The cooling glove initializes with the soothness after the epilation which makes the process more easy and quick.This being the best epilator, its speed can be adjusted as your requirement. You will not miss any small hairs as it is embedded with smart lights.

Model Specifications

  • Flexible and convenient pivotal head which rotates up to 15 degree
  • Perfect and mostly appreciated exfoliation technology is added to this product. With approximately 3000 micro vibrations micro vibration in a minute, the skins wastes and dirt are exfoliated with ease.
  • The efficiency pro-Cap is provided for hair removal to cover quite a larger area in a single stroke.
  • The perfect striking massage roller is an asset to your model kit which ensures you with maximum comfort.

What we liked

  • Removes hair from the root (no more shaving)
  • Slows the regrowth of the hair down over time
  • Leaves your skin nice and smooth
  • No more “stubs” and “prickles” on the skin after a few days
  • Smoothness lasts at least 23 weeks
  • Inexpensive and easy

What we didn’t like

  • It hurts A LOT! (It’s different for others, i’m sure)
  • Skin got irritated afterwards
  • Took a long time to remove every single hair

#8. Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator, White/Champagne

The product Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator, White/Champagne is textured with ceramic discs to remove event the finest hairs. It is hypoallergenic as well.The massage roller stimulates your skin to become smoother and softer than before after the epilationThe high-tech model can perform the function of the shave, trim, and style for ultra-clear and soft results.The head is washable and this creates hygiene to the setThe smooth skin lasts for weeks and the epilator removes even hairs from sensitive areas like under the arms, bikini line to name a few. Even the facial hairs and the hairs around knees and ankles can be removed with this wonderful product.Your skin is defined with clean, smooth and glowing softness as even the hair that is lying is removed without you realizing the pain.Light weighted ceramic discs captures and clears even the finest hairs as it has 32 textured discs. This prevents from slipping of hair strands as well.It is cordless which makes your movement on the skin very quick and easy. The usage can be done anytime or anywhere. Such factors contribute for it being listed among the best epilator of 2020 around.

Model Specifications

  • Cordless for easy usage and convenience
  • Provided with smooth, shielded ceramic discs for fine and smooth skin
  • The head is removable for cleaning which makes them easy for maintenance
  • The deluxe modeled best epilator is loaded with 32 textured ceramic discs
  • The availability of the option – light
  • Adjustable speed setting to the individual needs for smooth and soft skins during epilation
  • The head is extra-large which really pampers your skin with more comfortable strokes for removing the hairs.
  • Usage time is 40 minutes, the time required for complete removal of the unwanted hairs.

What we liked

  • Quick and Efficient
  • Luxury tweezer in a little lipstick like tube and has a bright LED for plucking.
  • Bright light on the shaver/epilator helps see so many hairs that would get missed otherwise.
  • Power. It’s quite powerful and has two speeds.
  • Can use while charging.
  • Two year warranty
  • Love the extra Shaver Head

What we didn’t like

  • Not waterproof
  • Hurts like hell

#9. Braun Silk-epil 9 9-521 Women’s Epilator

The popular model Braun 7681 Silk-Epil 7 Xpressive Pro Epilator is quite efficient and the best wet and dry epilator that can be used during a bath or directly. Both provide you with the experience of smoother and gentle experience.You will never miss even the smallest strands of hairs as the Braun’s highly branded model has tweezers that have a 40 close grip.You can assure yourself free from hair growth for nearly 4 weeks.For better convenience and flexibility, the model is cordless. It can be carried freely as no electric connection is required.

Model Specifications

  • The accessories consist of 5 attachments. The shaver head, a sensitive area cap, facial cap, an efficiency cap which gives you a complete solution for removing unwanted hairs.
  • Pre-epilation wipes are provided
  • The hairs are completely removed in one stroke of epilation and hence this product is subjected to the best epilator list.
  • Adjustable speed for perfect epilation
  • The pivoting heads gives you a comfortable movement of forward and backward at ease which assures you with maximum comforts.
  • The presence of smart light gives you the most elegant method of removing the hairs that are hardly visible for the lights to reflect.
  • A wet and dry epilation recommended giving your skin that perfect glow and smoothness. The warm water increases the blood circulation and your epilating experience becomes more generous with smoothness and softness.

What we liked

  • Nice looking product with several attachments.
  • Has attachment to clean face/buffing type brush.
  • Cordless.
  • It plucks even the smallest hair.
  • You don’t feel much pain.
  • The cordless instrument makes it easier to use.

What we didn’t like

  • Painful
  • Legs not smooth after use.
  • Irritated skin.
  • Takes longer time than shaving.
  • Expensive.

#10. Emjoi AP 18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator, Violet

The glossy and excellently carved Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator, Violet gives the elegant touch of smoothness and softness within a short span of time.The highlighted and the unique feature of this model is that it has 72 tweezers with technology initializing patented glide to match your demands.Perfectly modelled and designed for easy holding and it is lightweight too.The speed control has two optionsThe product is cordless which make your work easier as you do not have to search for the sockets to plug in.Rechargeable battery with extra efficiency and caring for your personal needs removes the hair with the single stroke of application.

Model Specifications

  • This Emjoi imagine epilator is lightweight and easy to carry to any place.
  • To increase your comfort level, the disc has opening of 17mm which remove hair effective
  • The epilator causes you very less irritation.
  • It is provided with the dual opposed head which enables you to cover the wider area and remove all hair strands.
  • It balances within your hands to make the movements more comfortable and elegant.

What we liked

  • About a month at a time of hair-free worry
  • Easy to contour curves
  • Fairly painless, even with sensitive skin (let’s be realistic, beauty requires some pain)
  • Product lasts a long time without damaging your skin (as razors do) or becoming dull

What we didn’t like

  • Can take some adjustment time (approx. 5-10 minutes) for those with sensitive skin
  • Can take a long time to get a clean look (up to 30 min per leg)
  • Hair has to be at least 1/2” long to be pulled out successfully

Best Epilators – Ultimate Buying Guide 2020


An epilator is an electrical device that is used to remove hair mechanically. The device grasps the multiple hairs pulling them out simultaneously. The do not remove the cell from the epithelium of the upper dermis like waxing. The parts of the epilators consist of corded, cordless, rechargeable battery that makes the product more in demand. Spring type epilator parts do not require regular replacement as well.The Spring type epilators were first introduced in Israel – Epilady which was manufactured by Mepro, Kibbutz Hagoshrim in the year 1986. It functioned on a coil spring which bowed into a curve with the coils on a single side and pressing the other side tightly together. The spring was rotated by the motor of the epilady which removed the hair as it rotated.The spring epilators had many defaults which made the spring’s continuously getting flexed. The replacement parts were sold separately due to these occasional failures.The present scenario has changed with the introduction of the manual epilators. It is specially designed for the face with the depilating spring which does not require the power supply. The product is manufactured in the USA and the design consists of simple coil springs and two handles. The unwanted hair is removed using the spring parallel to turning the handles. The other types of epilators were the “Rotating disc type” and the “Tweezer type”. One must go for nothing less but the best epilator in the store.


Epilators can sometimes be painful for people having long and thick growth of hair as they pull out the hairs from the roots to give you a clean and smooth skin. Fear of pain, some people prefers to do waxing initially and then opt for epilation to restrict the regrowth of long hairs. It is important that for such a sensitive thing, you choose nothing but the best epilator for the purpose.The interesting aspect of the epilation is that it provides lasting smoothness that can last up to 4 weeks. As the best quality epilators remove the hair from the deep root the regrowth time is comparatively very low.Epilators with different types of attachments are available for different parts of the body. The preferable model with the attachments offer specific designs and a superior quality results.The main benefit of utilizing the epilators is that it provides smooth skin even during cold or dry seasons, when normal hair removing methods can cause irritation to your skin.


In this age, looks matter a lot. There is a saying, “First Impression is the Last Impression”. Nowadays, people judge others by their look and outward presentation rather than their inner qualities. Presentation includes the way one looks, how one dresses and how one behaves in gatherings.Skin plays an important role in making a person look good. As everyone knows, there are a number of beauty products that only relates to skin, be it treating skin lesions or making one fairer. Everything is done to make one more presentable than they seem they are. Though these things are important to both guys and girls, still, girls are much more conscious about their looks. Most of the females prefers using these products to take care of their skin.One of the processes that not only take care of the skin, but is also mainly used for removing body hair is Epilation. In this article, we’ll learn about the pretties that should be seen in an epilator. These are the 5 qualities that are most for a person to look for in an epilator before buying it:

#1. Power and Working Conditions

The power of the epilator and how it works is one of the most important things that should be seen in a good epilator. Firstly, it is known that epilators work their best on dry skin that is in dry conditions. On the other hand, there are some highly reputed companies that make epilators that can be used in showers too, i.e., waterproof epilators.These models basically cost a bit more than the simply dry versions. The main advantage of waterproof epilators are that, since they can be used in water, one does not need to buy and lubricate the body with special cream to reduce the pain and make the epilation process smooth. Wet epilators have a special safety property; it automatically stops working when it encounters live current. That means, one cannot plug it and use it at the same time. It needs to be charged and then used.On the other hand, power system in epilators can be corded as well as cordless. Cordless Epilators work on batteries, which have to be replaced as soon as it stops working. Corded epilators are usually rechargeable. On an average, it is seen that corded rechargeable epilators last longer than the battery operated cordless epilators.

#2. Tweezers and Special caps

One of the most important parts of the epilator is its tweezers, the working unit of epilators. Epilators are available having one tweezer as well as multiple tweezers. Emojoi Emagine is the epilator having the maximum number of tweezers, 72 in number. More tweezers mean much more working surface area covered in a single pass. Thus, more the number of tweezers, better and faster the epilating process. On the other hand, more the number of tweezers, more the number of hairs are pulled out in a single pass, thus more pain.The remedy to this pain resides in the epilating head. There are a few companies that offer a special massaging head to ease off the pain. What these special massage heads do is that, before and after the tweezers take the hair out from the root, they massage the skin around the hair. Though it still involves a certain level of pain, but the massage lowers the initial level significantly.

#3. Usage and Comfort

For every type of product, one needs to first analyze the use and the working comfort of the product. First, let us discuss use. In case of epilators, one needs to see how efficiently a product can remove the hair. Next comes the location or body part from which hair is to be removed. Efficiency of the product depends on the power and number of tweezers, mentioned in the earlier points.To remove hair from different portions of the body, one needs to have different head attachments. It can be rightly said that the head that smoothly remover hair from the leg, cannot do the same if one needs to remove hair from their armpits. Sometimes, one needs to use it on the face. For this, a much more delicate and precise epilator should be used.Another important aspect is comfort. One can be never be satisfied with a product that does not bring comfort to them when they use it. Epilating is a long process, thus the epilator should have a comfortable holding style, so that the hand does not ache only by holding it for too long. Moreover, it also should not be heavy. Massaging heads bring more comfort to the skin during the epilation process, thus they are much more comfortable.

#4. Price

An epilator should be priced properly. One should see if the chosen epilator they want to get is within their price range or budget. Epilators can cost as low as $30. These are some standard epilators but there are much better quality products. On an average, Epilators costing $100 on an average are not only quite affordable, but of very good quality. They can be used easily and works quite efficiently. Basically, the whole matter is, more the comfort level and features a client asks for, more is the cost of the epilator.

#5. Bonus Material

This is basically something extra offered with the epilators, and are usually free. Big companies like Panasonic and Braun offer a number of extra products with the main package to make the deal more attractive. Some of the extra material are:

  • Wet Wipes: Wet wipes are special wet cloth type material which brings relief to the skin after the epilation process.
  • Ice Gloves / Towels: Same as wet wipes, but provides with a cool sensation. Again, this product reduces the pain substantially. This also lubricates the skin and makes it glow.
  • Various lotions: Sometimes lotions and creams need to be applied to the skin to make the epilation process more comfortable and smoother. Moreover, some creams are to be applied after the process to make the skin glow and look smooth.


Epilator is one of the most important gadgets a woman use. They are used to remove hair from the body via a mechanical trimmer. Other than epilators, one can wax or shave. Still, epilating is one of the most efficient methods to remove body hair. Some women, who are beginners to this gadget, have problems using it. This article talks about how best to use an epilator. Here are some of the basic steps and some special tricks to be kept in mind while using an epilator:

  • Skin exfoliation is the first step one should take before epilating. One must exfoliate before they epilate. Either on the day before, or on the day of epilation. It is very important to epilate on dry skin. That ensures that all the hair will be removed from the root. Showers are also advised, as they help to open up the pores of the skin and make the hair softer. One can easily use a regular scrubber or a loofah to exfoliate. Sometimes, coarse scrubbers make the epilating process easier.
  • It is advised to epilate sometime before one plans to show off their smooth skin. As in one can epilate the night before or the day before they want to show off. The reason is that after epilating, the skin usually forms a reddish hue. As the tweezers pull off the hair from the root, the hair follicles redden a bit. Slowly, the skin gets used to this process and later on, it doesn’t get affected much.
  • It is quite important to hold the epilator at a 90 degree angle from the skin. This helps to pull off each and every hair from the skin. Moreover, one must always move the epilator against the direction in which he hair is.
  • Also, one must keep the epilator as close to the skin as possible. Sometimes, one needs to go over a certain area of skin more than once to take off all the hair. It is quite hard to pull off hair if the skin is wrinkled. So, one needs to stretch the skin at the places they want to epilate for the best result. For difficult places, using the mirror is the most efficient way. For example, the back side of legs or the hand is difficult to see. For these reasons, using a mirror is important.
  • Epilating process involves tearing off the hair from the root, thus, it can be said that is quite a painful process.
  • In these cases, one can use ice packs after epilating to comfort the skin. Using ice packs basically numb the skin and lessen the pan to an extent. A regular user doesn’t feel the pain after a point of time but for beginners, using ice packs make it a much less painful process. If one doesn’t have an ice pack, they can easily use ice-wrap it up in towels.
  • It is easier to epilate when the hair is shorter than when they are longer. If a woman has grown the hair a bit longer than usual, it is advised to first shave off the hair and then start epilating. This ensures total removal of hair.
  • Sometimes, beginners end up with stubbles when they epilate initially. There is nothing to worry about this as this is a normal occurrence. As one regularly epilates, they start having better results and in no time, end up with smooth skin, without any stubbles.
  • The epilating process takes a longer time than shaving or waxing, but it is more efficient. So, it is important to start the epilating process when one has enough time to finish it.


Epilator is a device that can remove unwanted hairs from the body. Most of the women use epilators. With the help of best epilator, one can easily remove the unwanted hairs from legs, arms, underarms, bikini line even face also. It de-roots hair and gives smooth, soft even skin. Initial stage of the plucking may be bit painful, but a good quality epilator can smoothly finish its epilation process painlessly, even in the sensitive areas also.

In this writing, we want to highlight benefits of the best epilator :

  • Once you finish epilating, it stays almost for one month, so within a month users get to enjoy smooth, soft skin.
  • But if you shave, within a few days you can see your hairs that may cause of your irritation. So epilating gives long term solution than shaving. Apart from long lasting solution, epilation process makes hairs thinner and rate of hair growth is reduced.
  • Epilating is economical in the long term process. As the price of the good quality epilator may get a bit expensive, but once you buy it, there is no need to add anything extra. But in case of shaving, you have to change razor, buy new razor pack, or if you want to do waxing, you have to purchase wax. So in case of shaving or waxing, users have to spend money weekly to continue this process, but epilator is permanent, you just charge it up and use. It is very safe and hassle free method as well.
  • There is a general misconception about epilators that it can be used only for legs. But it is not true, as best quality and branded epilators contain different types of heads such as head shaver, trimmer cap, efficiency cap, sensitive area cap, facial cap etc. These are specially manufactured for different parts of body. So users can safely use them as per their need and requirements.
  • This electrical instrument is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. So if there is someone who is confused for whether the epilator is suitable for her skin or not, then she can use the branded and best quality epilator without any hesitations. It is perfectly ok for her skin. So, normal skin as well as sensitive skin both skin type people can use epilator.
  • After completing epilation, you see, your hair becomes thinner. As epilator plucks your hair from root and your skin would be smooth and soft. Actually after finishing epilating once or twice, you also notice your hair growth rate of that area is reduced and hair would be thin and fine.
  • Epilator is a safe option for the users, the way it has been manufactured; it does not harm your skin but gives you smooth skin. Its advance and new technology completely offers a painless epilating experience, it is also very hygienic and its cleaning process makes it safer, so users do not have to face any rashes or any reactions.
  • But in case of waxing or shaving, often women face unpleasant experiences, rashes or allergic reactions can occur. So it is a bit risky and unsafe. Therefore choosing the best epilator is a convenient and safe option for epilation.

Therefore if anyone want to use best quality epilator can use, there are a lot of advantages and benefits that you enjoy while you try it.


Epilator – a hair remover machine, is driven by electricity. With this device, one is able to remove the shortest and finest unwanted hairs. Even epilator is useful tool for trimming hairs.Generally women use epilator for removing unwanted hairs from their body, but often they can’t decide which epilator is harmless and good for their skin, because there are a number of substandard epilators, which may damage your skin. So before purchasing epilator, women should look a few things.

Basic criteria should be followed, while you select epilator :

  • While you are selecting an epilator, always try to access less tweezers epilator. Normally you find 21 tweezers and 80 tweezers epilator, you should try 21 tweezers epilator. Though you may think more tweezers mean more efficient, but it is not true. Users should keep eye on the mechanism of tweezers rather its number. So a number of tweezers are not important, its mechanism and efficiency is important and vital. Therefore while you are planning to purchase epilator, should emphasize on the quality and efficiency of epilator.
  • Always try to purchase a battery driven epilator. Rechargeable battery is attached with this tool, so once you charge it up, it can be operated almost one hour, and as it is battery operated, it can be moved freely and you can use it anywhere. So this is convenient for the users.
  • There are a lot of epilators those are multi-purpose, but some of them are specially customized for different parts of the body. So when you go for epilator, you must decide the basic purpose of the epilator or what kind of epilator do you want? As some epilators are efficient in flat surface, some of them are ideal for nook of the body, some of them are perfect for bikini line, so before purchasing, you should clear that why are you purchasing it.
  • If you are planning to buy epilator, do not try cheap and low quality epilator. Users should not compromise the quality of the epilator. But if you find two epilators, which are same and standard tool, then you can select comparatively less pricey epilator. But normally users should maintain standard epilators, and if you have to pay little more to obtain it, you should pay for it. But never select low priced epilator, as sub-standard epilator can damage or injure skin.
  • Users should use branded or well-known company’s epilator like Panasonic, Braun, Philips, Emjoi, Remington etc. All these brands are genuine and trustworthy, so it is expected they never offer sub-standard or low quality products to their customers. So if you want to buy an epilator, should use branded product.

So if you are looking for best epilator you should keep an eye:

  • At first you need to know why are looking for an epilator.
  • Try to avail adjustable epilator, which has contained a lot of options, but yet it gives painless plucking experience.
  • Epilator should have a cleaning tool, so that you clean epilator’s head.
  • Ergonomically formed handle with good griping facility epilator is convenient for smooth epilation.
  • Try to access rechargeable battery operated epilator, which is very handy and useful.

All these matters have to be noticed, while you think of buying an epilator.

In Conclusion To Choosing The Best Epilators

These best epilators are widely in demand in today’s market. The product comes in wide range and varying models. Any person would like to add this asset to their beauty kit as it can be easily carried from one place to another without any disturbance.The utility of the product is on the higher side as it evades the pain of waxing and allergies caused by any creams or solutions. The cost –effective product has a good warranty period which allows the consumer to get it replaced from the buyer at no extra cost.The perfection, quick and easy removal of unwanted hair from any part of your body gives the epilator a name and a class of uniqueness as one of an essential beauty products.When compared to the cost and its utility, one should definitely go ahead with the option for owning the product as it’ll have a tendency to be used continuously. The innovative technology of removing unwanted hairs is being really incredible by most of the saloons or parlors and even individuals who wish to make themselves more presentable and clean.We have tried to offer you with the best reviews of the year 2015 which are specifically designed for your needs and demands. It would surely match your requirements of removing unwanted hair strands without investing more or separate time.One can strongly recommend these best epilators to anyone. The product is sold by online vendors who definitely seeks that your product reaches your hand in the safest manner.

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